Friday, July 26, 2019

Supermodel's surprise (Stéphane meets Leo and Ben)

Special thanks to Stéphane for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the aspiring supermodel!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Ben and Leo with a cameo appearance by Xander (click for pictures)

“Ugh.” Stéphane looked like he was about to throw up. “You can’t be serious.” He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. “You. Can’t. Be. Serious.” He raised his hands and placed his delicate middle fingers on his temples, adding a little pressure as he bit his lower lip in a display of subdued yet unconditional indignation. “Seriously, you can’t be serious.”

He was 21 years old, with green eyes and blond hair and a lean, slender frame that bordered on haggard – a perfect disposition for the international modeling career that Stéphane was pursuing with the determination of a lion with his eyes on a gazelle. He had come a long way, leaving his working-class home behind, cutting ties with his childhood friends who weren’t hot enough for a supermodel clique, learning the mannerisms and the lingo that people expected from him, making friends with people that were incapable of being friendly and learning to use his body to get ahead.

Stéphane was gay, which was a good thing because otherwise letting a photographer fuck him in his cute, little butt to make him spend a little more time on the quality of his pictures would have been a bit of a problem. He knew how to take two dicks at a time (very convenient when there’s a photographer and a booker on set) and he was a very talented cocksucker who wore the cum of famous men on his face with pride. He had made a name for himself as a bona fide cum slut after being the star attraction of a famous fashion designers launch party turned bukkake orgy.

That designer had been the one to send Stéphane to this model training camp after one of the party guests had suggested it. At first Stéphane had thought it was a joke. Surely “model training camp” was a euphemism for “weekend fuck party”? He had been disappointed but a little relieved when “model training camp” turned out to mean “model training camp” (disappointed because he hated camps, and relieved because a weekend with the designer who was just as insufferable and narcissistic as Stéphane himself would have inevitably led to some tension and probably to a rift that would have been somewhat less than ideal for Stéphane’s career).

Now he was at the camp – and it was just as horrible as he had imagined. Granted, the rooms were clean and spacious, and the training rooms were awesome (there were several photo studios and three different runways) – but nevertheless he had to share the room with two guys.

They had introduced themselves as Ben and Leo.

Leo was a 19 year old skater’s curly black hair was ruffled and rumpled and he looked like he slept in the car until just a moment ago. He was wearing baggy pants and a 5XL t-shirt that was far too big on his lanky frame. Stéphane’s very sophisticated sense of smell detected a very odd mix of marijuana and body odor with a hint of unwashed socks – absolutely disgusting and utterly revolting.

Ben smelled better. He was 20 years old, and his awesome muscles left no doubt that he cared for his body and knew a thing or two about personal hygiene and grooming. He smelled of testosterone and after shave – a combination that Stéphane liked very much. He didn’t think that Ben looked very intelligent – then again Stéphane wasn’t looking for someone to discuss the artistic merit of the works of Serge Gainsbourg with him. But a little joyride on Ben’s undoubtedly massive cock – he was a model after all – wasn’t to be ruled out.

But that certainly wasn’t going to happen with that disgusting, filthy skater in the same room.

Stéphane bit his lower lip. “You can’t be---”

“Oh, shut up”, Leo chuckled and cheerfully slapped Stéphane on the back.

 “Don’t touch me”, Stéphane raised his hands, every fiber in his body tensing. “Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me.”

Leo chuckled. “Sorry, man”, he said, playfully smacking Stéphane in the nuts.

“God!” Stéphane gasped, trying to react to this juvenile transgression with dignity.

He failed.

He had to grab his crotch and double over even though the shock was greater than the pain.

“You hit me in the---” Stéphane moaned. “You touched my privates!”

Stéphane wasn’t used to these kinds of shenanigans. He had been groped and fondled, grabbed and manhandled before – but never without a sexual context.

“Yeah, that was a sacktap”, Leo grinned. “It doesn’t count as touching, though.” With a cheeky grin he reached inside the front of his pants, pulled out his hand and brought it up to Stéphane’s nose.

Stéphane’s face scrunched up in disgust as the very intimate scent of Leo’s privates reached his nostrils.

“That doesn’t count as touching either”, Leo said cheerfully before delivering another perfectly timed sack tap to Stéphane’s testicles just when he was about to object, making him deliver his enraged protest note in a completely inappropriate und utterly hilarious girlish whimper.

Leo roared with laughter and jumped onto his bed, lighting a joint as he watched Stéphane grab himself and moan in pain.

Stéphane looked at Ben for help. “Why don’t you say something and stop this filthy bastard from molesting me?”

Ben chuckled and walked over to Stéphane. The muscular stud smiled at Stéphane for a moment. Then he grabbed Stéphane’s arms and forced them behind his back.

“I think watching the filthy bastard molest you is pretty funny”, Ben grinned, much to Stéphane’s dismay. He made Stéphane move a closer to the bed where Leo was lying. Then he grinned at Leo. “Why don’t you molest him some more?”

Stéphane opened his mouth to say something but before he could Leo took of his sneaker and threw it at Stéphane’s crotch, nailing him straight in the nuts.

Ben and Leo roared with laughter.

“Bullseye”, Ben laughed. “That’s gotta hurt…”

Stéphane moaned in pain. He tried to escape Ben’s iron grip but the muscle stud was stronger than him, and Stéphane’s groin was undefended and open for another attack.

“How do you like my filthy feet?” Leo quipped, raising his stinking foot up to Stéphane’s face. His erstwhile white sport socks looked disgusting – and they smelled disgusting, too.

Stéphane gagged as the strong scent of Leo’s foot hit his nostrils, causing Leo and Ben to laugh out loud.

“God, that’s revolting!” Stéphane squawked, his face contorted. “I---”

Stéphane’s voice turned into a pathetic gurgle when Leo’s other foot snapped up between his thighs, hitting his nuts dead on.

“Owwww”, Ben laughed in mock-sympathy. “Right in the red light district!”

“I think I got the little pimp dead on, I felt it on the tip of my toes ”, Leo chimed in cheerfully. “Let’s see if I can get the hookers, too”, he added with a laugh before kicking Stéphane in the nuts with his dirty socked foot once again, eliciting all kinds of gurgling, grunting groans from the handsome supermodel.

Stéphane looked like he was going to be sick all over himself.

“Yup”, Leo announced proudly. “That was the hookers. Both of them. I don’t think they’ll work tonight…”

“Call the vice squad!” Ben yelled, laughing riotously.

“You’re revolting!” Stéphane whimpered, his face contorted in pain and disgust.

“You think so?” Ben chuckled, moving his mouth closer to Stéphane’s ear from behind. “Do you think so, supermodel?”

“Yes, you are!” Stéphane whined.

“You know what would be really revolting?” Ben whispered with a mean grin. “If I burped in your ear.” Not surprisingly, that was exactly what he did a moment later, making Stéphane’s handsome face turn white as a sheet.

Leo roared with laughter and smashed his foot into Stéphane’s crotch once again, crunching his nuts and eliciting a long, high-pitched wail.

“You are insane! Who are you?!” Stéphane shrieked, completely out of his mind. “You are definitely not models!”

“Yes, we are”, Leo smiled at him and leaned back, not without slamming his foot into Stéphane’s nuts one more time, though.

Stéphane howled in pain, his body convulsing.

He broke free from Ben’s iron grip and collapsed on the ground.

“We are models”, Leo continued with a smile. “Right, Ben?”

“Definitely”, Ben chuckled, looking down at Stéphane with a wide grin on his face.

“Maybe not fashion models”, Leo continued as he sat up, letting his feet dangle off the bed and making them hover over Stéphane’s head.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t call us that”, Ben chuckled, playfully kicking Stéphane’s butt with his foot.

“What would you call us?” Leo asked with a grin.

Stéphane was on the ground on his back.

Leo put his feet down on Stéphane’s face and grabbed his ankles, spreading his legs in a wide V. “Fetish models?”

“Fetish models doesn’t sound right”, Ben said, brought his foot up. “Ballbusting models, that’s what we are.” With that, Ben stomped down on Stéphane’s nuts hard, crushing his balls under his sole and eliciting an anguished wail.

“Ballbusting models”, Leo repeated with a smile, his dirty socked feet massaging Stéphane’s face as he held his legs open for Ben.

“Ballbusting models”, Ben grinned and brought his foot down on Stéphane’s manhood once again. “Yeah, I like the sound of that.”

Stéphane was whimpering and moaning, grunting and groaning as Ben crushed his nuts again and again and again, stomping down on the handsome young man’s tender testicles as if he was trying to put out a raging wildfire in his loins.

Judging from the sound of Stéphane’s voice he was very close to succeeding because every stomp made the handsome young man sound less than a man in full command of his sexual prowess and more like a prepubescent schoolgirl who hadn’t yet realized that her dolls weren’t quite anatomically correct in a few places.

Ben and Leo had the times of their life busting Stéphane’s balls in various positions. They took turns holding him in place, allowing the other to kick and stomp and knee Stéphane in the nuts.

Stéphane cried out and begged for them to stop, abandoning his snooty, posh persona in favor of a pathetic, embarrassing, humiliated role of a total bitch for his room mates’ antics.

Ben and Leo worked up a bit of a sweat, and they made sure to rub it off with Stéphane’s bedclothes, a fact that would have irked Stéphane a lot if he hadn’t been in so much nut pain…

“Why are you doing this to me?” Stéphane whimpered, his face pale, his eyes sore, his nuts bruised and swollen. 

Ben made Stéphane stand up straight, his legs spread apart as Leo took a running start and kicked his nuts as hard as he could.

“Xander says hello”, Leo said as Stéphane collapsed on the ground.

Stéphane let out a pitiful whimper as he curled up on the floor, clutching his crotch. “Who?”

“A mutual friend”, Leo said as he pried Stéphane’s hands away from his manhood to allow Ben a shot at his nuts.

“Well, not really a friend”, Ben added before delivering a nut-crunching punch to Stéphane’s traumatized testicles.

Stéphane howled in pain.

“More like a frenemy”, Leo said, sitting on Stéphane’s face and muffling his screams with his butt.

“Or just an enemy”, Ben said before stomping down on Stéphane’s nuts, crunching his nuggets hard and making him let out a muffled wail.

Leo laughed. “Do that again! He’s tickling my butthole!”

Ben did as he was told.

Stéphane screamed and Leo let out another laugh that was immediately followed by a very embarrassing noise and a sheepish. “Ooops. Sorry.”

“Did you just fart in his face?!” Ben laughed.

“I said I’m sorry”, Leo chuckled.

Stéphane sounded like he was about to suffocate so Ben kicked him in the nuts again, drawing his attention to the two throbbing testicles in his pants.

They continued for a while, kicking and hitting, punching and squeezing Stéphane’s nuts until the young man brought the attention to Xander again. He had never heard the name.

“Platinum blond? Dresses in white all the time?” Leo said as he slapped Stéphane’s nuts. “Arrogant asshole?”

Suddenly, it dawned on Stéphane. “He was at the party”, he moaned. “He was the one who suggested this.”

Ben shrugged his shoulders and stomped on Stéphane’s nuts. “He paid us. You probably did something to him.”

“He paid us to gross you out and bust your balls tonight”, Leo said, looking at his watch. “We have four more hours to go.” With that, he punched Stéphane’s nuts hard, eliciting a gurgling grunt.

“We’ll definitely give him his money’s worth”, Ben chuckled and followed up with a nut-punch of his own.

“But after that we are open for business”, Leo said with a grin, taking off his sock and stuffing it into Stéphane’s mouth. “We’ll bust his balls if you want us to.”

“If the price is right”, Ben grinned and kicked Stéphane in the nuts.

“After we are done with you”, Leo added, punching Stéphane in the balls.

“Consider this our business card”, Ben grinned, delivering another hard kick.

Stéphane screamed from the top of his lungs.

The night went on to be very painful for Stéphane.

The next day was a challenge for Stéphane. Walking the runway was very painful, and his swollen balls looked obscene in the photos.

He never quite got over the embarrassment and the humiliation he had suffered at the hands of Ben and Leo – but that didn’t stop him from engaging their special services a few weeks later to give Xander a taste of his own medicine…


Nud said...

So fucking hot to have Ben being the buster. I'd love to see more of your usual victim, Ben and Logan, as a buster like this. I know this is a be our guest story and it was by request, but please consider writing more of this. Shaking up the roles a bit, you know? I'll give my balls for it, man.

I bet you're not surprise to see me loving this so much after me bitching about wanting Ben doing the busting instead of being busted all the time. Thank you so much, Alex.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Vili! When you posted your comment on "Spring Break diary 4" asking for more stories featuring Ben and/or Logan busting other people‘s balls I was just writing this story. What a funny coincidence! Of course I kept your comment in mind while I was writing it, and I‘m very glad you enjoyed it! :-))

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings toward this story. Most of it was very good, but the parts about farting and belching and stinky feet were a huge turn-off. I assume those aspects were specifically requested by Stéphane, but personally I'd appreciate it if those gross things were never included in stories again. Or maybe if you include them, you could put a warning at the beginning, like you do with cum sometimes? I know everyone has different tastes, and I'm not trying to belittle other people's interests. And as I said, other than those parts, it was very good. :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You are right: The things you mentioned were part of Stéphane‘s request. But I wouldn‘t have included them if I hadn‘t thought they were good for the story. I understand your concerns, though, and I‘ll think about them. I really appreciate your feedback! :-))