Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Video links: Corn nuts

A few years ago we discovered a wonderful (and painful) variant of the popular lawn game of cornhole. Since then its popularity has grown significantly, and while it hasn't reached olympic level enthusiasm yet, there's an ever growing number of players (with ever shrinking chances of reproducing) that enjoy hurling bean bags at each others' bean bags.

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring guys playing corn nuts.

Let's get right into the action and start with a short clip that perfectly captures the joy of corn nuts. It's a perfect hit, a bull's eye, and it's celebrated with unabashed glee. Well played!

You enjoyed that? Here's another one in the same vein, a straight hit to the nuts followed by a groan (from one of the players) and laughter (from the other player and the spectators).

The guys in th next vid are taking things a bit further, professionalizing the game by playing in teams. It's a good match - but I guess in this game there are only losers. (By the way, I think it's hilarious that they are trying to make things a little more comfortable by sitting on pillows - only to be hit in the nuggets a few times...)

Here's a game played on live radio. It could have been boring - but it's just awesome!

Finally, here's the Boy Friends posse (which seems to consist of some of the guys that used to work with the Dudesons) playing a game they affectionately call dick hole. Get ready for a few nice, hard hits to the dick.

Skip to 7:45 for the beginning of the game, and to 8:40, 9:00 and 9:10 for some good hits

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Anonymous said...

Is there a mirror for the second video?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I think that clip is lost for good. I‘m sorry. :-/

Jack said...

Maybe for the next “corn nuts” I noticed this beauty uploaded recently they start playing at 2:15

Alex said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the link with us, Jack! :-))