Monday, May 6, 2019

Toby's ballbusting workout - Your opinion

Our latest clip has turned out to be one of our most popular clips yet! That's amazing, and we'd love to know what it is about this clip that you enjoyed so much!

We will be shooting a couple more clips this season, and your input is very much appreciated!

Toby’s ballbusting workout
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99 $13.99 (because a few times the image is a little blurry)
Quality Guarantee:
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Kickran said...

Hey :)

What i enjoyed:

- The kicks and knees. Toby always kicks well, but this time he improved with the knees a lot. I just wanna see more now :D

- The new setting. Was refreshing to see a new, especially one where the wall could be used.


- Don't hit so hard. This might seem like a strange suggestion, but bear with me...

One of the biggest selling points for Toby and Fluffy is how hard they go (and Fluffy can take some serious shit). However, super hard hits don't really come across well on camera - so it's kinda pointless.
Lance Hart said this in one of his vids, and after seeing that knee which made Fluffy call for time out, i agree with Lance. It didn't look great, and it was unnecessarily painful for Fluffy.

I'd rather see more hits for longer, than Fluffy crushed and calling for time outs. Maybe start lighter, then progressively go harder.

- The benefit of not going so hard leads to my next suggestion - shoot multiple clips per session. Spend more time doing different busts and offer them as individual clips.

There's still a lot of people who aren't engaging because they like sacktaps or squeezing, and don't wanna sit through kicks and knees (and vice versa).

- Personal request... please put some shorts on Fluffy. Does he have to be naked EVERY TIME??? D:

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Kickran! I appreciate your feedback and I‘ll think about your suggestions. :-))

Anonymous said...

I wanna see a vid with just knees and gas pedalling

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!