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Chastity fuck wrestling (Wyatt meets Zach and Logan)

Special thanks to Wyatt for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves the silly title of this naughty story!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“The match ends when the chastity cage is forced on one of the contestants”, Logan explained with a grin, holding up a shiny little device made out of steel and designed to make life pretty miserable for the poor man who had to wear it.

He was 18 years old, blond and blue-eyed, hot and handsome. Logan was one of the most popular guys at his high school, a prize-winning wrestler, and a nice guy to boot.

“And then the fun starts”, Zach chimed in, chuckling. “Cause the winners get to fuck the loser.”

Zach looked like Logan’s older brother. Equally blond and blue-eyed, the 20 year old was a little taller, and his body was a little more muscular and athletic than Logan’s.

Logan grinned. “How does that sound?”

They were standing in the gym of Logan’s High School. There was nobody there except for Logan, Zach and Wyatt.

“Sounds okay, I guess”, Wyatt said with a weak smile.

He was 20 years old, a handsome if a little skinny young man with light brown hair with strands of blond. He was shorter than Logan and Zach, and he seemed shy and introverted. Even though his reaction wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, the very obvious erection in his singlet told a different tale…

“Sounds okay, I guess”, Logan repeated, winking at Wyatt as he playfully slapped him in the nuts, eliciting a gasp and some laughter.

“Sounds okay, I guess”, Zach laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s do it!”

The match had been a silly idea from Logan while brainstorming ideas for Wyatt’s birthday. Somehow, they had ended up offering Wyatt this private high-stakes wrestling match – even though Logan and Zach were certified straight guys, and nobody really knew about Wyatt’s sexual orientation.

Naturally, they all thought it was going to be an easy fight for them, and that they’d end up dipping their dicks in a buddy’s hole by the end. Inevitably though, for one of these horny young men the fight was going to end with his dick locked in a chastity cage, and his holes stuffed with his buddies’ dicks.

They were wearing singlets that left nothing to the imagination, and they were all rock-hard.

Wyatt’s dick and balls were average sized, considerably smaller than Logan’s hefty dong – but it was Zach who took the cake with a gigantic boner that was fat and meaty, a truly colossal cock of incredible proportions.

Wyatt couldn’t take his eyes off it, and it looked like he shot a little load inside his singlet at the pure sight of Zach’s mammoth member.

The match started with the three young men circling each other.

“Nobody wants to make the first move, huh?” Zach chuckled, rubbing his hands. “Well, maybe I---”

He was rudely interrupted by Wyatt’s foot that connected with Zach’s oversized testicles.

It looked like a dwarf was trying to take down a giant, and Wyatt’s sneak attack worked just fine.

Zach’s eyes crossed and he let out a surprised yelp as his hands found his aching nuts and he sank to his knees.

Wyatt let out a triumphant giggle that was cut short by a vicious kick to his balls from behind.

“Oh god”, Wyatt croaked, joining Zach on his knees.

Logan laughed. “How do you like that?” he grinned. “I thought I’d---”

Zach brought his fist up between Logan’s thighs, hitting his nuts dead-on in a devastating uppercut that knocked the wind out of Logan’s lungs and made him groan in agony.

Now all three were on their knees, and it was obvious that neither of them shied away from a cheap shot.

They started grappling with each other, and soon the three guys were an indistinguishable mass of limbs, legs, arms and other bits.

Zach was squealing form the top of his lungs as Logan had his hands wrapped around his bulging manhood, squishing and squashing Zach’s nuts with all the force he could muster while Wyatt was punching Logan’s balls like a prizefighter, throwing punch after nut-crunching punch at Wyatt’s poor manhood. At the same time, Zach was pounding Wyatt’s manhood, his large hands brutally attacking Wyatt’s tender testicles.

It was a truly ghastly sight, and neither of them wanted to quit.

Somehow, Logan managed to break free and get up, spreading Zach’s legs in a wide W before stomping down as if he was trying to crush the most resilient bug on the planet. Zach screamed from the top of his lungs and his hands closed around Wyatt’s manhood, squeezing it relentlessly.

Wyatt let out a high-pitched wail, his arms flailing. With a lucky shot he got Logan square in the balls, and his hand grabbed hold of Logan’s singlet, ripping it apart.

Logan howled in pain, his dick and balls flopping about.

He reached down and grabbed a good handful of his opponents’ singlets, ripping them clean off their bodies and causing their erections to break free from their textile constraints.

Zach was clutching his nuts, his face contorted in pain. Now Logan focused his attention on Wyatt and gave him a dose of the medicine that had worked so well on Zach.

He stomped down on Wyatt’s nuts, crushing his balls under his bare foot.

Wyatt was screaming from the top of his lungs as his balls were crushed flat.

Suddenly, without warning, a huge spurt of cum sputtered out of Wyatt’s dick, as if Logan was squishing it out of his testicles.

Nobody paid attention to poor Wyatt’s involuntary ejaculation, and the fight went on as if nothing had happened, except for the fact that Wyatt’s creamy load made their bodies stick together a bit whenever they touched.

Logan ground his foot on Wyatt’s manhood, flattening his balls like pancakes and making sure that every last drop of spunk was forced out of his Wyatt’s marbles.

But unbeknownst to him, Zach had recovered enough to kneel behind Logan and bring his fist up between Logan’s thighs.

“Motherfucker!” Logan wailed as the pain exploded in his nuts. He collapsed, landing head-first between Wyatt’s thighs and dealing another blow to Wyatt’s manhood.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain and a trail of Wyatt’s love juice was smeared on his forehead, as Logan grabbed his legs and lifted him off the ground in a wheelbarrow position, only to power a hard kick to Logan’s balls that made the handsome high-school wrestler scream from the top of his lungs.

Wyatt managed to crawl out from underneath Logan, and he did what seemed only natural in his position: attack Zach’s gigantic equipment. His hands grabbed Zach’s enormous globes, one in each hand, and started squeezing.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs, and he let go of Logan who crashed down to the ground, landing dick-first and hurting his hard member in the process.

As soon as he had recovered, he reached between Wyatt’s thighs and grabbed hold of the young man’s most precious possessions. Wyatt’s equipment didn’t require Logan to use both of his hands, so Logan used his free hand to grab Wyatt’s hard dick and give it a good squeeze as well.

Now both Zach and Wyatt were screaming, and their anguished duet of testicular agony filled the air in a peculiar, cringe-inducing lament to their manhood.

The harder Logan squeezed Wyatt’s nuts, the harder Wyatt squeezed Zach’s.

Zach’s huge dick was throbbing and twitching as Wyatt pressed his fingers into the tender flesh of his testicles. Wyatt’s dick – while not as big and fat as Zach’s – was twitching and throbbing just as wildly.

In an ironic moment of improbable coincidence, they both came at the same time.

A huge splosh of Zach’s cum splattered into Wyatt’s cute face, covering it in a very generous amount of stud cream, just as Wyatt’s dick spat out his own seed that quickly dribbled to the floor.

Wyatt gasped for breath, groaning in pain and gurgling, swallowing a good amount of Zach’s semen that kept hitting him in the face.

Logan let go of Wyatt’s nuts and picked up the chastity device.

Now, with both of his opponents caught in the middle of a mind-blowing, nut-draining orgasm, was the time to end this fight.

As both Zach and Wyatt moaned and groaned, screamed and panted as their balls were drained, Logan pondered which dick to lock up.

Naturally, Logan took the path of least resistance: Instead of trying to cram Zach’s huge fire hose into the tiny little chastity cage, Logan grabbed the more manageable dick that was dangling between poor Wyatt’s thighs.

It took a little tugging and pressing but when Wyatt’s painful orgasm ended, he found his poor dick imprisoned, with Logan waving the key at his friend, a huge smile on his face.

Wyatt blinked. “But--- What---”

“Looks like the fight is over, buddy”, Logan grinned, throwing the key away. It landed with a plink somewhere at the far end of the gym.

“Damn, that little fucker did a number on my nuts”, Zach moaned, examining his beet red balls. They were considerably swollen and a little bruised, and Wyatt didn’t look at all guilty about it.

In fact, he had a sheepish smile on his face as he said, “I’m so sorry.”

Logan chuckled.

“If it’s any consolation, my nuts don’t look any better”, Wyatt said, biting his lower lip as he gingerly touched his nutsack that was just as red and swollen and bruised as Zach’s. His nuts were still smaller than Zach’s gigantic globes - but not by too much…

“That’s no consolation at all”, Zach said.

Logan grinned. “Well, it’s time to fuck, Wyatt.” He turned to Zach. “If you want to waive your fucking rights---”

“No fucking way!” Zach interrupted him. He grabbed Wyatt’s head and pushed him down onto his knees. “Get your mouth on my fucking dick and make it feel good!”

Logan burst out laughing as Zach shoved his meaty monster into Wyatt’s mouth.

Then he scooped up some of Zach’s spunk and lubed up his dick before shoving it into Wyatt’s hole.

Wyatt was retching and gagging, his mouth filled to capacity with Zach’s huge cock while Logan was pounding his butt like a pro.

After a while, they changed positions, turning Wyatt onto his back and allowing Zach to slap Wyatt’s nuts around as he drove his huge dong into Wyatt’s hole.

Incredibly, Wyatt climaxed once again, for the third time, in this position, despite the fact that his dick was locked up.

“Oh my fucking god”, Zach laughed as he powerfucked Wyatt. “Look at that dick!”

Logan burst out laughing. He was shoving his dick deep into Wyatt’s throat, reaching forward to wiggle Wyatt’s chastity cage.

A watery load of cum was dribbling out of the cage, but it didn’t look like Wyatt was enjoying his orgasm very much…

Soon, Logan planted a load inside Wyatt’s mouth, and Zach came in Wyatt’s ass.

They took a break during which they played a little game: Whoever found the key to Wyatt’s cock cage would be able to decide what to do with it. Zach won, and to Wyatt’s dismay, he took a weight from the weight room and crushed the key with it.

Then they fucked him again.

When they were done and got dressed, Logan couldn’t help but see the smile on Wyatt’s face.

“What is it?” Logan grinned.

Wyatt chuckled. “Best birthday gift ever…”


Mickey said...

I love it when Logan fell onto Wyatt's balls after being hit by Zach <3

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Mickey! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))