Friday, March 1, 2019

Studcracker (written by Jonas)

This aweseome story is the ballbusting writing debut of Jonas, a longtime reader of this blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

A goalpost was sloppily shoved into an already full storage room.

“And… that should be the last of them.”


Arthur and Will, both 17 years of age and on their third year of high school, had just finished cleaning the gym after their Monday P.E. class. The coach had ordered the two guys to handle the cleanup of their indoors soccer class on their own as their pair work had been uncharacteristically poor today.

They locked the door and the left the gym, having disassembled the goals and gathered all the scattered soccer balls on the floor. The locker room was empty as everyone else had already showered and left school.

“Man, why’d he have to leave that shit to just us, huh? I mean that wasn’t exactly our best game, but everyone has bad days. And we always clear up the gym with the whole class.” Arthur complained upon taking off his shirt and running his hand through his ruffled blond hair.

“Don’t care.” The brown-haired Will answered coldly as he began to undress as well.

Both young men had athletic builds and looks that would leave most guys second in comparison. They were average or slightly below average in height, Will a bit shorter than Arthur, but the bulges in their shorts revealed their clearly bigger than average equipment.

Will couldn’t keep it in any longer. They were alone in the locker room, the school should be about empty by now, so this was as good a moment as any. He threw his shirt on the bench and turned towards Arthur.

“You think I wouldn’t find out?”


“You know know what I’m fucking talking about.” Will said and gave Arthur an aggressive push that made him take a few steps back.

“Oooh… fuck.”

Arthur had indeed hoped that Will wouldn’t find out. They were best friends and Arthur didn’t want this to come between them. Plus, it was kind of an accident… right?

“Look, man, I didn’t mean to. I…”

“You didn’t mean to? So you just accidentally shoved your dick where it doesn’t belong!?”

Will was getting angrier by the second, adrenaline flowing in his veins. Arthur was his friend, but right now he felt that this dumb jock needed to be taught a hard lesson.

“I’m going to punch you.”

“No, come on, dude.”

“In five seconds I’m going to smack your face. Get ready.”

Arthur knew Will was serious. He didn’t want to fight but he wasn’t just going to take a fist to the face.

Will looked Arthur dead in the eye for five seconds and then lunged forward.

Arthur blocked the fist flying towards him and was pushed against the wall. Will reacted quickly and grabbed his friend’s arm with his other hand as well, spun around and twisted Arthur’s arm behind his back.

“Aww, fuck!”

Arthur was in a vulnerable position, his chest against the wall and back facing his opponent. Will smacked his fist into Arthur’s back five-or-so times before Arthur’s free elbow hit him square in the forehead, releasing the teen’s captive arm.

Arthur was conflicted. Though he wasn’t enthusiastic about getting beaten up by his friend, he knew he was in the wrong here, so he didn’t feel like he had the right to fight back against Will.

“You crossed the line there… you’re fucking dead.” Will groaned while holding his head.

Will jumped at Arthur, causing both of them to crash down to the floor. The brawl turned into a wrestling match as both guys tried to gain the upper hand.

Will was the more agile of the two, but in a contest of raw strength he was slightly outclassed due to his shorter size. Arthur began to gain the upper hand and managed to wrap his arm around Will’s neck from his backside, increasing pressure little by little.

The shirtless boys were in deadlock for a while. While Will was slowly but surely running out oxygen, Arthur’s hold was at the same time slipping. He leaned back and lifted Will up from the ground to get a better hold, both now sitting, Arthur still strangling Will. This was, however, a mistake.

Arthur’s legs were now spread out, the whole weight of Will’s body holding down one of them. Will, who realized this, raised his fist as high in the air as Arthur’s bicep wrapped around his neck allowed, and smacked it perfectly into his friend’s junk.

Arthur’s eyes crossed and he let out a loud groan. Will smacked his fist into Arthur’ balls again and managed to escape the pincer hold, leaving Arthur on the ground holding his crotch.

“Fuck man, my fucking balls..!”

Both teens were sweating. Arthur was writhing on the ground, slowly pushing himself up. Will was on his feet panting, trying to his breath.

“Your balls are what got you into this mess… seems about right that they’d be a mess by the end of it!”

Arthur was on all fours trying to get up as Will kicked the dangling nutsack between the boy’s legs as hard as he could, sending Arthur straight back down with a low grunt.

“Oh fuck…”

“Yeah… you’re fucked now.”

Will grabbed the injured Arthur’s arm and lifted him to his feet, immediately slamming him against the wall before he had a chance to recover. He started pummeling the shirtless stud’s stomach to soften him up, eventually moving down to abuse the life out of his junk.

Arthur was in hell.

Will kept owning Arthur’s manhood, eliciting high, soft moans from his mouth, much to the stud’s embarrassment.

“Fuck, man… I’ll fucking.. uggh..!”

The teen was interrupted by another surprisingly strong punch to his abs that made spit fly out of his mouth.

Sweat was running down the handsome boy’s face and chest and he was drooling from the corners of his mouth. His balls had taken so much damage there wasn’t much fight left in him.

Will kept hammering the bulge in his opponents shorts, displaying his superiority and enjoying his revenge.

Arthur could take no more. A particularly brutal uppercut flattened his balls and sent him over the edge. The teenager shot his load as his opponent kept abusing his manhood.

“Are you fucking creaming your pants!?” Will said upon noticing the throbbing and the rapidly growing stain of cum in Arthur’s crotch.

“Fuck me… fuck my life..!”

Despite being in a world of pain, Arthur’s hips kept thrusting straight into Will’s fists as his dick kept shooting due to the involuntary orgasm. Will was milking the boy dry against his will and there was nothing Arthur could do about it.

Batch after batch of creamy cum unloaded into Arthur’s underwear as Will kept making him shoot more and more by continuing to abuse the teen’s junk.

“You’re a fucking stud, dude. Don’t think I could shoot this much in one go.” Will said.

“AahhHhh.. Agghghgh…… fu.. ckkk….!”

Finally Arthur’s body went limp and he fell to his knees and to the ground. Arthur lay there, sweaty, humiliated and milked.

Will turned him to his back and stripped the stud’s shorts off to admire his handiwork, chuckling at the huge wet cumstain in his boxers.

“Seriously, man. Who shoots that much cum just from having their nuts messed up? Might as well bare it all…”

Arthur, in his post-orgasmic daze, was too weak to resist as Will began taking off his boxers as well, stripping the stud completely naked.

Arthur’s crotch was a mess. His dick had gone limp and his balls were somewhat bruised and severely swollen – not to mention the explosion of cum that was covering his junk and pubes.

Will had an idea. “Think there’s another load in you?” He asked.

“Wha..? No, dude, I… hmgnh!”

Will silenced Arthur’s protests by stuffing his own boxers in his mouth. Arthur tasted his own seed for the first time in his life and he didn’t like it one bit.

Every guy needs a moment to recover after an orgasm, but Will gave Arthur no such thing. He started aggressively jerking Arthur’s young cock, eliciting guttural groaning from him.

“Hmpgh..! Ghhmbghrh..!!”

“What? Oh, right, can’t forget your nuts. Thanks, dude.”

While jerking Arthur’s dick with this right hand, Will started hammering his emptied balls with his left one. It didn’t take long for Arthur to grow hard again.

Arthur’s muffled groaning kept getting progressively louder as Will worked his manhood. Arthur kept experiencing new levels of humiliation he never even knew were possible as he had to constantly keep swallowing his own cum to not choke on it.

Will pulled Arthur’s uncut foreskin as far back as he could, revealing the giant sensitive head of the young stud’s cock. Arthur’s balls got a moment of rest as Will turned his attention to breaking the boy’s dick instead.

Arthur couldn’t believe any of this. Yesterday had been amazing – he had been partying hard, got drunk and had sex with three girls at once. Unfortunately, one of them happened to be his best friend’s girlfriend and he was now paying the price. He was sweating like never before, literally having his dick smacked in by his best friend. Arthur was proud of his impressive equipment so having it all laid bare and messed up by another guy was the worst kind of humiliation for him.

Suddenly the locker room’s door swung open and an eighth-grader named Alex stood at the door.

“Uhh… I forgot my bag and came to pick it up…”

He started explaining the reason for his intrusion to the shirtless upperclassman but drifted off upon noticing the naked, fully erect Arthur laying on the ground spitting out a pair of boxers.

“…The fuck?”

“Oh, we were just having a minor property dispute. Dude fucked my girlfriend.”


Alex examined the naked man further. He recognized Arthur as the captain of the school’s soccer team. The sight of this studly senior laying there spread eagle with his eyes crossed, panting, sweat covering his muscular chest and running down his face was amusing on its own, not to mention his fully hard cock and ridiculously swollen balls, which seemed to be covered in semen.

The 15-year-old Alex wasn’t yet fully familiar with the anatomy of a post-adolescent male, so he let his gaze wander upon every inch of Arthur’s naked body. He noted the hair in the senior’s armpits and legs and lamented not yet having much of it himself, but what really amazed him was the display of young male virility in front of him.

“He’s fucking hung, dude.”

“Ehh, he’s above average, I guess. You should see mine, though.”

“Wait, you’re even bigger!?”

“No, he’s not…” Arthur groaned truthfully.

Will walked over to Arthur and stepped on the stud’s nuts, eliciting a low, anguished moan and shutting him up.

“You keep your treasonous mouth shut, fuckboy.”

He turned to Alex.

“You’re kind of in the way here, so you can either help me out or run home to your mom. What’s it gonna be?”

Alex didn’t have to think long. His first orgasm had been while ballbusting himself and ever since then he had fantasized about doing it to someone else, preferably an unwilling upperclassman who would be powerless before him. And what the hell, it sounded like Arthur deserved it too.

He walked in and over to Arthur as Will took a few steps back.

“So, what do I…”

“Fuck him up.”

Alex shrugged, picked up Arthur’s legs and stomped hard on his exposed balls.

About 30 minutes and three loads later.

“Holy shit, dude. I didn’t even know a guy could blow four loads back-to-back.”

“Well it’s not normal. This piece of shit’s just horny as fuck.”

Arthur’s dick was shooting yet again, though his fourth orgasm wasn’t nearly as big and creamy as the first one. The teenager’s masculine body was gleaming with sweat and cum and his eyes were crossed as his hips kept thrusting into nothing.

“Fuck me… I can’t… anymore… hrblrgh!”

His half-baked protests were once again interrupted by a spurt of his own cum flying into his mouth.

Arthur was a wreck. The 17-year-old stud never thought he would pay this dearly for his drunken sexual exploits. Two guys had been busting his naked balls and milking his dick raw for what felt like an eternity in hell. He knew he wouldn’t be able to fuck for weeks, but right now that was the least of his worries.

“I say we finish him off.”, Will decided. “You break his abs and I’ll keep wrecking his junk.

“Got it!”

Alex sat on Arthur’s chest and started pummeling the stud’s muscular abs with his fists, knocking the wind out of him and eliciting guttural groaning. Meanwhile Arthur’s orgasm had just subsided, but Will immediately started aggressively stroking his still hard cock.

The post-orgasmic torture was too much for Arthur. His voice went up multiple octaves as he tried to plead for mercy with what little breath he had.

“NO, DUDE, I… come on, man… aAAHAAAghhh…! I need… a minute..!”

“Fuck you.”

Will raised fist high in the air and while violently jerking his hard cock, sent it down to the teen’s battered balls with full force. That did the trick.

Arthur’s dick started throbbing again and a single spurt of cum shot out as if toothpaste being squeezed out. Though his orgasm continued, that was all the cum he had left to release. Arthur was wailing with a high soprano voice, gasping for breath as the involuntary orgasm rocked his body.

“Oh, you’re actually dry, huh? Let’s see how long you can handle this then..!”

Will kept jerking the teen’s throbbing cock and massaging its head, adding to the severity of his dry orgasm. He also kept pounding Arthur’s balls flat with fist, despite nothing coming out.

Arthur’s mind was gone. The flow of oxygen to his brain was mostly cut out by Alex continuously smacking his bruised abs, but that was nothing compared to the pain Will was causing by violently stroking his dick raw and keeping the all-pain-no-pleasure dry orgasm going. His balls had swollen to twice their original size and kept painfully contracting despite nothing coming out.

Arthur’s body was convulsing and white foam was coming out of his mouth. Finally the young stud couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes rolled back in his head and the teenager mercifully passed out.

Will went to his backpack and pulled out his phone. He stepped on Arthur’s broken balls, flattening them one last time.

“I’m gonna take a few shots for my girlfriend, make her see what kind of loser she let inside her…”

“Dude, that was so fucking rad!” Alex exclaimed.

“Yeah, well, he won’t be messing with my girl aga…”

Will was interrupted by a mean kick from behind that hit his balls so hard he was slightly lifted off the ground. He screamed off the top of his lungs and fell to his knees.

“What the fuck are you…”

He was yet again interrupted by another kick that made his vision go blurry. Alex pushed the teen flat on his back, lifted his legs in a wide V and started stomping on his crotch as if trying to put out a fire.

“AAaaagfhhg… you… fucker… ghhnrnrgghh!! I’ll fucking… murder.. ooOOOOoohhh…!!”

Will was spitting out empty threats between his grunts and groans, but Alex was the one in control and he knew it. Will’s balls were flattened again and again and again and again and again and his dick was slowly getting harder and harder.

“Haha, he was right. You’re not bigger than him.” Alex chuckled.

Will’s face was beet red. He would’ve never guessed that he would be mocked for the size of his dick by an eighth-grader, much less that this 15-year-old piece of shit would grind his nuts flat. He was praying he wouldn’t jizz all over himself like Arthur, but that seemed more probable by the second. He was sweating and panting and his balls were taking some serious damage.

“Man, this is so much fun!” Alex was having the time of his life wrecking the manhoods of these two studly seniors.

Alex noticed the cross-eyed Will drooling from the corners of his mouth and knew it was time to go for the kill. He crouched down on his knee and started pummeling the stud’s bulging crotch with all the strength he had.

Alex cracked up at the pathetic faces Will was making as the teenager blew his load into his underwear. Though his dick wasn’t as big as Arthur’s, his balls had just as much creamy stud sauce to unload.

Alex kept assaulting the raging orgasm in Will’s pants, making the poor stud whimper in unimaginable sexual pain. The wet stain in his green sportswear was clearly visible and kept getting bigger as more and more cum continued to squirt out.

“Game over, man.”

Alex picked up Will’s phone and took selfies with both Arthur’s unconscious body and the dazed Will lying on the background, as well as more detailed photos zoomed in on the two teenagers’ messed up crotches. He typed in a hashtag and sent the photos to the third-years’ private chat group that was open in another tab.

“#AStudcrackerIsBorn. Haha! :D”


Anonymous said...

Beyond some small typos, this story rocked. I enjoy stories where there are consequences for actions. Also loved the double-cross even if it ended way too soon.

Jonas said...

Thanks for the feedback! I too enjoy stories where the victim deserves having the cum beaten out of their balls. ;) I could've made Alex bust a few more loads out of Will but I sort of felt like the story would just be repeating itself at that point.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the models you chose for representing characters in this beautiful story (I know them and, in particular, I love the one for Will). The story is simple but apreciable (I gave 4). The part I prefer is the final plot twist that gives some exciting details. I hope to see more about Will, maybe in a story all for him :)

Jonas said...

Glad you liked it! I don't have any plans for a sequel to this particular story, but I may very well write new ones with at least some of the same characters in them in the future. ;)

Unknown said...

That was such a fun story! Thank you for trying it out as writer and Alex loves new stories, as we all do. Keep it up!




Harry said...

Jonas, I second what Jimmy said. This story is rad! I hope you keep it up, because there are surely more studs who deserve to be cracked!

Jonas said...

Thank you for the encouraging feedback, Jimmy and Harry! I don't have a timeframe in mind, but with such a positive response I doubt this will be the last story I end up writing!

Alec K said...

Insanely hot!! Great job!!

Jonas said...

Thanks Alec, I try! ;)

Lazarus said...

Don't I know you?