Monday, May 14, 2018

Video links: Flick those nuts!

Testicles are funny. A tiny little flick can hurt just as much as a good, hard kick. Has nobody ever told the little suckers that they should just stop overreacting like that?

Here are some of my favorite videos featuring guys getting their nuts flicked.

If you close your eyes during the first clip you might think that you are playing a sports video. "Come on!" - "Hit that ball! Hit that ball! Hit that ball! Hit that ball!" - "Go on!" - "Do it again, man!" - "Flick that ball!" - that's the spirit that will turn a nobody into a (sterile) hero!

The next video is very short, and it's not as loud as the first one. It's very quiet, in fact. So enjoy this moment of silence that is just interrupted by the sound of a finger flicking a nut. Beautiful, isn't it?

Flicking a man's nuts while he's lying on his bed is a very mean thing to do - but flicking a man's nuts while he is lying under his truck changing the oil? That's just wrong. And funny as hell.

Here's a rare bare ball flick. The poor guy thinks he'll get a kiss on the ball. Instead, his nut gets flicked. There's a thin line between love and hate...

Here's a particularly embarrassing nut flick. It's self-inflicted, it comes out of nowhere, and it happens live on TV. Ouch.

Finally, here's an awesome video from the guys over at Jogwheel. I have no idea why they decided it would be fun to flick Jory in the nuts with a whip for a bonus video - but who am I to complain? My favorite part is Jory offering to "put the meat out of the way of the potatoes" at 0:25. The nutshot happens at 0:58 right after Riley says that the whip is "losing its spring". Wrong. That spring is still there. Not in Jory sperm, though...

What's your favorite nut flicking video? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!



Signfres said...

Nut flick is fun. The pain is getting more intense when repeated.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Signfres! I agree with you: nut flicking can give you hours and hours of fun! :-))