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Husband and wife (Chad and Jessica meet Parker and Tristan)

Special thanks to Chad for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves a bit of f/m ballbusting now and then!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic sexuality and f/m as well as m/m ballbusting.

Featured in this story: Parker and Tristan (click for pictures)

Chad has sent me a hot picture of himself that he kindly allowed me to share with you:

Chad's wife Jessica looks a little like Lucy Doll from straight porn site

“I’m nervous”, Chad mumbled, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. He felt his wife’s hands on his shoulders and let out a groan.

Chad was bare naked, a handsome, slim 32 year old man with dark hair and a hot body. His pubes were shaved and he had a very nice pair of low-hanging balls. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was tense and turned on at the same time: His very shapely dick was hard as a rock and leaking precum.

“Relax”, Jessica replied gently, whispering into Chad’s ear.

She was 24 years old, a petite brunette with long hair and very nice curves, wearing navy blue hot pants and a very tight-fitting tank top that left nothing to the imagination. A sweet and energetic young woman who loved busting balls just as much as she loved taking part in competitions, she had entered her hot husband’s balls – her balls, to be precise – into a contest without his knowledge.

In fact, he had learned about it this morning when Jessica had told him to shave and prepare for a little adventure.

Now he was standing in the locker room, waiting for the show to begin.

The gym was packed with people, and the noise that came through the door, the excited chatter and laughter of the audience, did very little to calm Chad down.

The team that was competing against Jessica and Chad consisted of two young men, 19 year old Tristan and 21 year old Parker.

Tristan was a skater, a hot young man with a skinny-muscular body and dusty blond hair. He was bare naked, just like Chad. The younger man’s dick was a little bigger and a little harder than Chad’s, and his nuts were a little larger.

Tristan looked just as nervous as Chad, and his stress-boner was pointing at the ceiling.

Parker couldn’t help but laugh. The red-haired gymnast was wearing a rainbow-colored leopard print tank top and a pair of hot pants that looked identical to Jessica’s. They didn’t fit quite as good, though, probably due to Parker’s massive manhood that was bulging obscenely in the tight fabric, creating a very interesting visual that looked as if he had stuffed a pair of lemons and a cucumber into his pants.

Parker turned to Jessica and winked at her. “Good luck, honey”, he said in a conspiratorial whisper. “May the best ballbuster win.”

Jessica let out a laugh. “Yeah. This is going to be fun!”

Parker and Jessica shared a good-natured laugh as Chad and Tristan looked at each other, shifting uncomfortably.

Then the show began.

Loud music was blaring from the speakers as Tristan and Chad were led into the gym by Parker and Jessica. The crowd went wild with cheers and wolf-whistles as the naked contestants were tied to two large St. Andrew’s crosses, their legs spread wide apart, their hard dicks and plump balls exposed and vulnerable.

A cheerful, sonorous voice announced over the PA: “Welcome to American Nut Crush Warriors – Team Edition!”

The audience clapped and cheered.

“Meet our Nut Crush Warrior Teams for today: Team 1 - the Nut Crusher from this team loves to bust poor hubby’s balls whenever possible. She’s a natural born nutcracker and she’ll do her very best to make her husband proud today. Put your hands together for Jessica!”

The hot young woman took a bow, waving at the audience as she showed off her beautiful body.

“This team’s pair of nuts belongs to none other than Jessica’s hubby. Isn’t that sweet?”

The audience let out a collective “Awwwww!” followed by giggles and laughter.

“Yup. That’s love! Put your hands together for Chad and his brave pair of balls!”

Chad smiled weakly. There wasn’t much that he could do in his position: He was tied spread-eagle to the St. Andrew’s cross, unable to move his arms or his legs. He couldn’t even wave at the audience but his wife decided to help him out by grabbing his dick by the root and waving it at the audience that replied with wild cheers and wolf-whistles as Chad’s head turned crimson.

“Let’s hope that Chad has made a little deposit at the sperm bank because those nuts of his are going to get crushed tonight!” the announcer said cheerfully, eliciting riotous laughter from the audience. “Now let’s turn to Team 2, and another very experienced Nut Crusher. He’s here, he’s queer, and he’s ready to turn those nuts into peanut butter! Put your hands together for Parker!”

The flamboyant gymnast made a couple of very diva-like gestures before taking a deep, gracious bow to the riotous applause and laughter of the crowd.

“This team’s pair of nuts belongs to a guy who’s straight as an arrow – but his sexual orientation probably isn’t going to matter because his nuts will get wrecked by Jessica today! Put your hands together for Tristan and his brave pair of balls!

Tristan’s reaction was not unlike Chad’s, a timid smile was the only sign that the tied-up skater boy had heard the announcer’s dire prediction for his manhood.

Apparently, Parker had seen Jessica’s inventive way of having Chad greet the audience. Not to be outdone, he decided to follow her lead – and put his own little twist on it. With a flirtatious smile, Parker leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, flicking Tristan’s mushroom head and leaping up the little drop of precum that had oozed out the tip.

Tristan shuddered and moaned in pleasure, and his dick twitched violently, waving to the audience all by itself.

The room was filled with thunderous applause as Parker licked his lips seductively.

“The rules are simple: Jessica busts Tristan’s balls. Parker busts Chad’s balls. The first one to give up or pass out or shoot their load loses. And the best part: The winning team gets to have some fun with losing team for the rest of the day!”

Jessica and Parker looked at each other and smiled. They were going to enjoy this little competition far more than their team mates…

“When we’re done I’m going to fuck Chad, and Tristan is going to fuck you”, Parker grinned, adjusting his crotch. “Or maybe we’ll switch.” He winked at her. “I always wanted to bang a girl…”

Jessica smiled. “Not today, honey. My husband and I are going to tag-team you and your buddy. We’re going to fuck your cute little asses and your hot little mouths.” She leaned forward and whispered seductively, “I’ve got a brand new strap-on that’ll stretch your hole like it’s never been stretched before.”

Parker chuckled. “Kinky.” He smiled cockily and winked at her. “When we’re done maybe I’ll borrow it and use it on you.”

They looked at each other, their eyes filled with sexual energy.

The announcer raised his voice. “Let the games begin!”

Immediately, Jessica and Parker went to work.

They stood in front of their respective targets and brought their legs back. Then, in perfect synchronicity and with the elegance and the grace of a trained dancer and a professional gymnast, they kicked the two big ball bags as hard as they could.

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter as Tristan and Chad groaned in pain, their traumatized testicles swinging wildly between their thighs.

Parker showed off his flexibility by dropping into the splits and throwing a hard punch at Chad’s nutsack, making him gasp in pain as the male members of the audience cringed in sympathy.

Parker stayed in the splits position and started throwing a barrage of punches at Chad’s nutsack, treating the young man’s family jewels as his personal punching bag.

Chad was gritting his teeth, grunting and groaning as the pain exploded in his battered balls.

Again and again Parker’s fist collided with Chad’s rapidly swelling testicles. Occasionally, Parker threw a little punch at Chad’s rock-hard dick, flattening the meaty erection against his body.

In the meantime, Jessica was working over Tristan’s balls. She was standing in front of him, slightly bent forward, granting him a spectacular view into her ample cleavage while she kneaded his nuts with her neatly manicured hands. She buried her delicate fingertips into the soft flesh of Tristan’s bulky balls, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from the hot, hunky skater.

Her painted fingernails proved to be a particularly effective weapon of mass sperm destruction. Jessica made sure to press them deep into the tender tissue, making Tristan squeal from the top of his lungs.

Tristan’s shrill shrieks made Parker turn his head. The size of Tristan’s boner worried him. Apparently, Jessica was a far more efficient ballbuster than Parker had anticipated. Time to step up the game.

Parker got up and wrapped his fingers around Chad’s swollen ball bag. He leaned closer and started whispering into his ear. “Oh, baby, you’re so hot”, he muttered in a sultry voice. “I’d love to bend over right here and let you fuck me in the ass…”

Chad let out a moan as Parker started jerking his dick while tenderly caressing his swollen nuts.

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you?” Parker continued, intensifying the pressure on Chad’s nuts while gently stroking his fat boner. “Fuck my tight ass while your girlfriend is watching?”

It was obvious that Parker wanted to make Chad shoot his load quickly.

But Chad held steady. He gritted his teeth and locked eyes with Parker. “You’ve got to do better than that”, he said in a hoarse voice.

Parker kept eye contact with Chad, and a sadistic smile crept onto his face as he increased the pressure on Chad’s nuts further and further, squishing and squashing Chad’s tender babymakers in his strong hand while jerking his cock faster and faster.

The crowd was hooting and cheering. Yells of “Jessica! Jessica!” and “Go, Parker, go!” echoed through the hall. Oddly, the names of Tristan and Chad weren’t yelled at all. There seemed to be an unspoken consensus that the two hot men were not as interesting as Parker and Jessica. They were seen as nothing more than ballbearers, interchangeable representatives of the male species whose single role was to provide the balls for Parker and Jessica to show off their ball busting skills.

Jessica took a step back and admired her work.

Tristan’s nuts were black and blue, peppered with the beet red marks of Jessica’s beet red fingernails. His fat, meaty dick stood at full mast, throbbing and leaking precum.

Jessica winked at him. Then the brought her leg back and kicked his nuts with all the force she could muster. The tip of her fashionable sneaker connected with Tristan’s fat danglers, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a long, high-pitched wail as Tristan clenched his eyes shut, his face contorted in pain.

Jessica celebrated her awesome kick by jumping up and down cheerfully, her boobs bouncing happily, driving the crowd wild.

She turned to Tristan and kicked his nuts again, driving her foot up between his spread thighs.

Tristan’s eyes opened wide and he let out a hoarse croak.

The crowd went “Oooooooh!”, cringing in sympathy.

Jessica bit her lip, mockingly showing off an innocent smile. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry!” she cooed, batting her eyelashes. She turned to the audience. “I’m so sorry!” she repeated cheerfully, bringing her leg back and driving her heel into Tristan’s nuts as if by accident.

The crowd roared with laughter as Tristan screamed in pain.
“Ooops”, Jessica giggled, covering her mouth with her manicured hand that was responsible for the fiery red marks on Tristan’s nutsack. Then she drove her heel into Tristan’s nuts once again.

In the meantime, Parker had found a button that lowered the cross to the ground, bringing Chad into a horizontal position.

Parker towered over him, looking down with unabashed glee as he stomped down hard on Chad’s nuts. Parker’s sneaker-clad foot flattened Chad’s testicles, making him scream in agony.

Jessica was startled by her husband’s screams and decided to follow Parker’s example, bringing poor Tristan into the same position that Chad was in before straddling him and driving her foot down into his nuts.

Now, Tristan and Chad were screaming in unison, performing an oddly enchanting duet of testicular agony that was set to the beat of Jessica’s and Parker’s sneakers stomping down on their nuts.

The crowd hotted and cheered, clapping their hands to the rhythm of the stomps, drowning out Chad’s and Tristan’s screams for mercy.

Their dicks were rock hard and leaking precum, pointing at the ceiling like two flare guns ready to shoot their bullets high into the sky.

Again and again and again Jessica and Tristan stomped their hapless target’s nuts, eliticiting grunts and groans and screams of agony.

The two pairs of ridiculously swollen balls looked like they were about to burst any second, and yet neither Tristan nor Chad was ready to give up.

Parker and Jessica stomped down harder and harder, driving their sneakers into the tender babymakers, squishing and squashing them under their soles to the thunderous claps and the joyful cheers of the audience.

Finally, with an ear-piercing shriek, Tristan’s dick exploded with a huge spurt of cum that shot up high into the air before raining down, showering both Jessica and Tristan himself with sticky white goo.

“Ughghghg!” Jessica shrieked, covering her hair with her hands as Tristan’s cum rained down on her.

Tristan’s mouth was wide open, and a couple of spunky drops found their way onto his tongue, turning his high-pitched shriek into a wet gurgle.

“Damn!” Parker exclaimed, kicking Chad’s nuts in frustration. “I nearly had him!”

Chad screamed in a mixture of pain and relief.

Tristan’s orgasm seemed to last forever, and when he was done, Jessica was drenched in his cum.

The blond skater didn’t look any better. His naked, sweaty body was covered in a thick layer of salty jizz.

Tristan was breathing heavily, his eyes closed, his dick deflated, his nuts battered, bruised and bloated.

Jessica untied her husband and they were cheered and applauded by the enthusiastic crowd.

Chad’s nuts looked almost as bad as Tristan’s – but he still had a raging erection that he intended to put to good use.

The crowd demanded to see the losers’ punishment, and Jessica and Chad were happy to give it to them.

“I don’t think I’ll let you borrow the strap-on tonight”, Jessica whispered into Parker’s ear as she looked up his dick in a chastity cage. “Although you might feel like you need it because your little dick won’t be doing any work tonight…”

Parker looked down at his caged dick and grimaced. He let out a deep sigh. “Fuck”, he mumbled. Then his face broke into a weak grin. “Looks like I won’t fuck a woman for the first time tonight, huh?” he quipped, causing Jessica to laugh and smack his exposed nuts playfully.

They turned to Tristan who was gagging on Chad’s hard cock.

The blond skater was still tied to the cross, and Chad was deep-dicking his throat, fucking his mouth with the energy and the force of a man who had just endured the worst pain imaginable.

There was something positive and hopeful about the fuck, though. It seemed as if Chad was happy that his nuts were still in one piece, and he celebrated this fact by fucking Tristan’s mouth as hard as he could.

Tristan was retching and gagging, his throat bulging with the head of Chad’s cock whenever he drove it past his tonsils. His face was covered in spit, sperm and slime, his eyes glued shut. He was a loser if there ever was one, and now he was suffering the punishment and humiliation he deserved for being inferior to Chad.

“He‘s good“, Parker said slowly as he watched Chad pound his buddy‘s face. “Fucks that face like a pussy.“

Jessica let out a laugh. “You better believe he doesn‘t fuck my pussy like that. I‘d crush his fucking nuts if he ever tried...“

Parker shifted uncomfortably as his dick grew inside the chastity cage.

Chad thrust his cock balls-deep into Tristan‘s throat, holding it there until Tristan retched and gagged. Then Chad punched Tristan‘s nuts hard with his fist, causing the poor skater to let out a muffled scream with Chad‘s dick lodged deep inside his throat.

Chad punched Tristan‘s nuts again before pulling his rock hard dick out of Tristan‘s mouth. A wave of throat slime poured out of Tristan‘s mouth as he gasped for breath.

“Anyway, he looks like he knows what he‘s doing“, Parker mumbled. “Not bad. I bet you're proud of your husband...“

“Oh yeah“, Jessica said with a loving smile. “He's fantastic. I love him so much.“

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause when Chad pulled his dick out and blasted Tristan’s face with his cum, shooting jet after juicy jet of creamy cum all over his face, drenching him with his sperm.

“Okay, honey”, Chad said and smiled and Jessica. “Let’s move things to the locker room. I want to see you fuck him with your strap-on.”

Jessica giggled, and she and her husband shared a passionate kiss.

“Come on, boys”, Jessica giggled and grabbed Parker by the balls as her husband untied Tristan and shouldered the handsome skater.

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as the winning couple brought their trophies to the locker room, Jessica leading Parker by the nuts, Chad carrying a completely destroyed Tristan on his shoulders.

“I love you, baby”, Chad smiled as they entered the locker room, leaving the crowd behind. “Now let’s have some fun…”


Chad S said...

Love it, Alex! There were some surprises in there, but that's why you're the writer and I the reader.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Chad! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story. Your feedback means a lot to me! .. :-))