Friday, May 18, 2018

Snapshot (extended): The weightlifter

Due to popular demand I have written this extended version of a short story inspired by the picture above. I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to the readers who left their comments on the original post - your opinion means a lot to me! :-))

"Look at me!" Boone roared. "Look at me, bro!"

He was high as a kite and stark staked.

It was four in the morning. The room was a mess. Most of the guests had gone. Some were sleeping in the hallway. It had been one hell of a party.

"I'm the king of the world!" the handsome stud grunted as he lifted the weights over his head and placed them on his neck. "Fuck yeah!"

"What the fuck, bro", his frat brother Ryder mumbled, one hand holding a can of beer, the other one scratching his pubes inside his loose sweat pants. His eyes were fixed on Boone's perfect bubble butt.

"Thar's fucking unfair, bro", Ryder added. He felt his dick grow hard and grimaced.

Boone knew that Ryder was gay, and still he paraded around the frat house naked all the time, strutting his stuff and giving Ryder a serious pair of blue balls.

Boone chuckled. He was facing the wall, knowing full well that his buddy was ogling his perfect ass. "The fucking king of the fucking world!" he laughed. "Look at this!" He lowered his upper body, bending at the knees, pushing his butt backwards and exposing his little puckered hole. His limp dick and his heavy, perfectly round nuts were dangling low in his sack. "Look at this!"

Ryder's dick was hard as a rock. "Fuck you, bro", he mumbled, staring at his buddy's exposed pucker.

He wanted to fuck him so bad, to stick his big, hard cock into Boone's tight little hole and bang the shit out of him. He wanted to stretch that hole with his cock, to destroy that perfect ass with his huge rocket. He wanted to breed that hot stud, to seed his hole, to knock him up and flood him with his babies.

He brought his leg back and kicked Boone's nuts as hard as he could.

His bare foot smashed into Boone's low-hanging nutsack, ramming the two tender orbs against his body, flattening them like pancakes.

Boone was taken by total surprise.

He let out an anguished grunt as he collapsed on the floor.

The weights landed on his neck, pinning his head flat to the ground, and he didn't have the strength to push them up.

"Dude", Boone croaked, his face a mask of pain. "Help me!"

"Fuck yeah, bro", Ryder repeated with a mean grin as he pulled out his dick and spat into his palm. He knelt down and spread Boone's cheeks, lining the big head of his dick up with Boone's virgin hole. "I'm gonna fucking help you good, bro."

Boone's eyes widened and his mouth opened as Ryder shoved his dick balls-deep into his ass, stretching his tight little hole to its absolute limits.

"God, you're tight, buddy", Ryder grunted, his balls touching Boone's ass. "Let's work on that..."

"Bro!" Boone croaked as Ryder started plowing his ass, shoving his rock-hard dick all the way into Boone's butt again and again, his heavy, cum-filled balls slapping against Boone's ass.

There was nothing Boone could do. The weights were pinning him down in a very uncomfortable position, completely at the mercy of his buddy. And that buddy decided that mercy was for pussies.

"I'm gonna knock you up, bro", Ryder chuckled as he fucked his friend's ass. "I hope you're on the pill", he joked cheerfully as he railed his buddy's butt. "Cause I'm gonna flood you with my babies."

"Oh, come on, bro!" Boone groaned as his ass was stretched by Ryder's enormous cock. "Don't breed my hole! Please, bro. I'm sorry I teased you."

"Oh, don't worry about it", Ryder grunted, driving his dick deep into Boone's butt.

Boone let out a deep sigh as Ryder's dick banged against his prostate, causing his dick to swell considerably.

It didn't take long for Ryder to cum. He fucked him fast and hard until he delivered a prime batch of creamy cum deep into Boone's worn-out ass. After burying a couple of spurts of stud sauce deep inside his buddy, Ryder pulled his dick out, spreading the rest of his pent-up cum over Boone's bubble butt, coating his perfectly round ass cheeks with the contents of his balls. Then he lubed up his dick with his cum and drove it in again, breeding Boone's hole and shoving his seed deep inside.

"Done", Ryder grinned and smacked Boone's cum-smeared butt cheeks beofre pulling them apart and inspecting his red, raw, gaping hole. "Holy fuck", he laughed. "Damn, I wish you could see this. It's like a fucking canyon back here..."

"Bro!" Boone protested, unable to move as Ryder fingered his used hole.

"You got a great ass", Ryder said, getting up. "We should do this again sometime. Maybe I'll call some friends and we'll gang bang your ass."

Boone was lying on the ground, his legs spread, his ass covered in Ryder's jizz, his slightly swollen balls and his big, hard dick on the floor between his thighs.

"Bro!" Boone protested. "I got feelings, too, you know?!"

Ryder looked down at Boone's dick. Some precum had leaked out, creating a puddle on the floor. "Yeah, I can see that", Ryder grinned. He nudged the big mushroom head of Boone's cock with his toes.

Boone let out a soft moan.

"Looks like you need some relief", Ryder grinned. "Want me to help you out?"

Boone tried to turn his head but the weight was pinning it down. "What?! No!"

"Come on, it's alright, I don't mind", Ryder said cheerfully, raising his foot. "I bet those nuts are dying to give up their load."

Boone froze. "What?! What do you mean, bro?"

A second later, Ryder's foot came crashing down on Boone's manhood, crushing Boone's hard dick and his big, sensitive balls underneath and eliciting a high-pitched wail of agony.

Again and again, Ryder stomped down on Boone's dick and balls, squishing and squashing his buddy's balls and his big, fat boner flat under his sole.

Boone was screaming and squealing, squirming and struggling to no avail.

Ryder had never stomped a load out of a guy's nuts before but he figured that it couldn't be too difficult. He made sure to focus primarily on Boone's big, heavy balls and really give them a good pounding.

Judging from Boone's screams and the change in size and color of his testicles, he was doing a pretty good job.

It took only a couple dozen stomps until Ryder was rewarded with a huge load of cum. Jet after jet of spunk sputtered out of Boone's massive meat stick as Boone was wailing and screaming, moaning and groaning in a bizarre mix of pain and pleasure.

"Wow, bro, that's a huge load", Ryder chuckled as he placed his foot on Boone's spent balls and twisted it as if he was stomping out a cigarette, trying to make sure that every last drop of cum was squished out of Boone's bruised balls. "I bet that would have made some girl very happy..." He leaned down and scooped up some cum with his finger before licking it off and nodding emphatically. "Yup. Very happy. That's some prime sauce you got there, bro."

"Thanks", Boone croaked. "Now let me go, okay?"

"You learned your lesson, bro?" Ryder asked, smacking Boone's ass.

"That you're a great fucker?" Boone quipped in a strained voice. "Yup, got it, bro."

Ryder laughed and helped his buddy get the weights off his body.

"Fuck, bro", Boone groaned as he stretched his limbs before inspecting his bruised and spent manhood.

Ryder chuckled. "No hard feelings, bro."

Boone grinned weakly. "Not for couple of days, bro", he quipped, looking down at his junk.

Ryder laughed and playfully smacked Boone's nuts with the palm of his hand. "Let's call it a day", he said as Boone yelped in pain. "Great party, bro. Didn't think I'd get laid tonight..."

They looked at each other and laughed.


Anonymous said...

could you do the same for the The torturer's apprentice snapshot story maybe

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I can't promise anything but I'll think about it. :-))