Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Video links: Ooops! (2)

One of the funniest aspects of accidental nutshots is the fact that they come out of nowhere. Whether it's a miscalculated stunt move or a stray ball during soccer training or a foot that doesn't land where it should - suddenly, your balls feel like they have been replaced by a pair of hand granades that have gone off in your pants.


Here are some of my favorite accidental nutshots.

An accidental shot to the goolies is embarrassing when it happens in a private setting. Imagine what it's like to get whopped in the whoppers on stage? That's exactly what happens in the first clip - and the crwod loves it...

Skip to 4:25

Here's another very public accidental hit to the gonads: German soccer player (and World Champion) Mats Hummels taking a ball to the cream puffs during training. It's short but sweet and I just love his reaction.

Here's another soccer clip, and it probably doesn't get more public than this. I pity the poor guy. The moment his sex life ended is available on youtube for all eternity... It happens during a match and it looks like it has been staged for a comedy movie. Ouch.

If you think soccer is dangerous for your nether regions have a look at the next clip. I really like this one. The nutshot doesn't happen the way you think it will... :-))

Let's leave the world of sports and turn to the magical world of entertainment. In this behind-the-scenes-clip a little stunt goes horribly wrong. Maybe they should have hired a pair of stunt testicles?

Kudos to the owner of the damaged testicles: He really sells the painfully real nutshot.

Actor 1: Did I get you in the nuts?
Actor 2: Yeah, you did.
Actor 1: Fuck.
Actor 2: Mostly my left one. [...] The first one, you were okay. The second one - aaargh...

What's your favorite accidental nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!


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