Sunday, July 23, 2017

New link: M/M Ballbusting Booru

This is one of more than 1000 images on
M/M Ballbusting Booru
My friend Lenny has brought a website to my attention that's new to be even though it has been online for at least two years: M/M Ballbusting Booru.

It's a treasure trove of m/m ballbusting cartoons and drawings and it covers a wide range from funny to sexy, from crude to highly sophisticated, from simple drawings to multipanel stories. You can browse through more than 1000 images that are tagged conventiently according to their content. 

If you're into m/m ballbusting cartoons you'll love M/M Ballbusting Booru!

I've added a link to the links section in the right column of this blog. (Change from mobile to web version if you're accessing this site from your mobile device to view all the links.)


Anonymous said...

Great blog, lots of hot images! Many thanks for sharing.
By the way, Champ's blog is still missing... what's happening?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I talked to Champ and he's alright. He has given up the blog - but I won't give up hope that he'll put it back up sometime in the future. :-))

Anonymous said...

Given up the blog?? He just started it!! I don't understand, he's so talented and his images are so good...

Alex said...

I agree 100% - his work is awesome and I hope he'll be back soon. :-))