Sunday, July 16, 2017

Become a patron for Knave's drawings today!

My friend Knave needs your support. He is one of the most prolific creators of ballbusting art. Since 2005 he has created tons of amazing cartoons. They are funny and original and super-super-hot. (He usually does f/m but here's an awesome m/m drawing that he created for this blog.)

Yesterday, Knave published the following message on his blog:
I’m being laid off!
They’re downsizing and I’m low man on the totem pole.
I need to maximize my Patreon income ASAP while I look for a new job!
Please, if you’ve ever enjoyed my drawings, become a patron. You get every drawing for as low as $1 each!
If you already are a patron or can’t afford to become one, please spread the word in your kink community.
This came out of nowhere, I only have until August.
I have become a patron yesterday. The concept is easy and awesome: You pledge a small amount of money ($1 or $2 for example) per published drawing and your credit card or your paypal account will only get charged when Knave publishes a new piece of art. You can set a maximum amount per month ($5 or $10 per month for example) so there's absolutely no risk involved. You only pay when Knave publishes a drawing, and you never pay more than the monthly maximum you specified.

I know free porn is wonderful (and you'll continue to get it on this blog) but an artist needs to live, and this is a great way to support one of the most accomplished artists in the ballbusting community.

So if you enjoy ballbusting cartoons and if you can spare a couple of dollars a month become a patron for Knave today and support him.

Do it for him - Knave is a great artist and a wonderful person.

Do it for me - I really appreciate it.

Do it for yourself - you'll get awesome cartoons every month! :-))

Do it. It's the right thing.

Thank you!


Buster said...

Awesome post. Donating now. ;)

Alex said...

Fantastic! Thanks for your feedback, Chad! :-))