Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Video links: Animated agony (3)

Sometimes I wonder: If animated shows are (primarily) made for kids why do so many of them feature scenes that would surely have a very negative impact on fertility rates if they happened in real life.

But who am I to question their choices?

Here are some more of my favorite nutcrunching scenes from animated TV shows and movies.

First up we have a classic that I have seen dozens of times - but I just can't get enough of it. I have no idea what it is about but Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 has earned a place in my heart for the dick punch to end all dick punches. Everything about it is perfect. From "Weakness identified!" to the hilarious visual of two balls cracking, from the soprano squeal to the surreal flash-back, from the pain contorted face to "He punched me in the dick! Why? Why did he punch me in the dick?" - Goku's dick punch is pure perfection!

A football in the nuts can be a lot of fun - especially if you are not on the receiving end... Even the coach in this clip from Japanese anime TV show Whistle! can't suppress a laugh...

If you like squeezes the next clip is for you. It's from Japanese anime TV show Glass Fleet and it has a quite realistic and pretty funny prolongued spud squeeze in it. Turn the volume up for a wonderful high-pitched scream at 0:45 after the poor guy's nuts get twisted by his opponent...

Here's a clip from The Cleveland Show. I'm sure everybody wants to ring that fireman's bells, right?

And finally, here's a wonderful little compilation of nutshots from King of the Hill. Once little Bobby has learned about defeating attackers with a swift kick in the nards in self defense class, he goes on a rampage. "That's my purse!"

What's your favorite animated ballbusting scene? Let me know by sending me an email ( or leaving a comment!

Thank you!

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