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Crying at the discotheque (Jarret meets Kev and Logan)

Special thanks to Jarret for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to watch hot girls just as much as watching hot guys!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Sorry for the cheesy title by the way. I just couldn't resist...

Warning: Contains traces of cum. And there's some (brief) f/m ballbusting.

Featured in this story: Kev and Logan (click for pictures)

Tonight was the night. Jarret got hard just thinking about it. He mopped the floor, his big, meaty boner throbbing inside his pants.

He was 19 years old, a tall, muscular young man with brown hair and brown eyes. A couple of weeks ago he had started working as a maintenance man at the local college. The pay was miserable, but Jarret enjoyed his work nevertheless.

Nobody paid attention to the janitor. He was just there.

And Jarret was everywhere…

He was an equal opportunities voyeur, guys turned him on just as much as girls. And his job made it very easy to be turned on…

All those hot, horny guys and girls.

It was paradise.

Jarret had volunteered to look after the annual dance event. There was a lot of work to do, and everybody else on the maintenance team had breathed a sigh of relief when Jarret had offered to be in charge.

“You’re new”, they had said. “You don’t know what you’re getting into…”

Jarret knew exactly what he was getting into, and he had prepared meticulously.

Unbeknownst to everybody he had made a groove in the floor in one of the corners of the room. It had taken a lot of work to set it up, and he had been lucky not to get caught.

But, miraculously, nobody had found out about it.

Jarret looked at his watch. The ball was about to start. It was time to get into his position. He carried the mop and the water bucket to the broom closet.

When he returned, he was bare naked. He had brought a bathrobe – but nobody was here yet, and the possibility of somebody seeing him aroused him. His big, fat dick was hard as a rock as he made his way through the room.

Jarret was blessed with a nice 7.5 inch cock that got very, very hard very, very quickly. His balls were average sized. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be particularly proud of.

He felt his pulse in his balls and in his dick and in his chest and in his head as he climbed into his groove. This was going to be awesome.

He fit right in. There wasn’t much wiggle room and he had to hold his arms very close to the sides of his body. No jerking off for the next couple of hours. Just collecting memories. The sight of girls’ panties and guys’ bulges. Maybe a glimpse of a guy groping a girl or fingering her.

Jarret chuckled as he covered himself with the blanket. It was the same color as the parquet planks that he had taken out, and it had a hole for his eyes.

Jarret wasn’t stupid. Anybody who looked closely was going to discover his hiding place. But it was in a corner of a room. Nobody would come here. Nobody would discover him.

He sure hoped that some people would come close, though, so he could get a good look up their crotches.

Suddenly, the door opened and Jarret heard footsteps.

Jarret’s heart was racing. There was no way back now. He was trapped inside his groove. Naked.

So hot.

He heard the DJ who set up his equipment. Some people who probably worked behind the bar.

Then the party started.


“Here we are”, Kev chuckled when he entered the room. “Come on in.” The 20 year old stud wasn’t a huge fan of these college dances but since his friend Logan had begged him to go he had given in.

“Nice”, Logan said. “Right, babe?”

Ashley ignored him. She had been the one who had begged Logan to beg Kev to go. But now she was pouting.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Listen, we’re here to have some fun. If you’re not in the---“

She walked past him, her head held high, sashaying through the crowd and heading for the far corner of the room.

Logan looked at Kev and ran his hand through his short blond hair, an apologetic smile on his face. “I’m sorry, man, I---“

“Don’t worry”, Kev interrupted him, putting his arm around the younger man’s shoulder. “Girls are girls.”

“Well”, Logan grimaced. “I know you didn’t want to go in the first place, so---“

“Oh, don’t worry about me, buddy”, Kev chuckled, playfully smacking Logan in the crotch with his hand.

Logan let out a dry cough.

“Now that we’re here we’re gonna make the most of it, right?” Kev grinned, patting Logan’s back as he doubled over in pain. “I’m in the mood for dancing.” He let go of Logan and made a few clumsy dance moves that made Logan laugh out loud.

“Alright, let’s dance”, Logan grinned, joining Kev in a slightly gawky two-man conga line as they danced through the crowd, following Ashley who had taken a seat at the side of the room.


Jarret looked up from his hiding place, his eyes wide open, his dick rock hard and throbbing. It was better than he had ever imagined. Every now and then a couple of people came over, dancing right next to him, offering him titillating glimpses up the girls’ skirts and at the guys’ bulging packages.

A couple of times Jarret felt like cumming without ever touching himself. He had to close his eyes and inhale deeply in order not to spill his load.

It was heaven.

Suddenly he heard someone yell, “Hey, babe, come on, dance with us!”

Right next two him, two hot guys were stomping their feet and moving their arms, dancing like typical frat guys, obviously trying to impress a girl who was sitting on a chair near the wall.

Jarret’s dick twitched when he saw the guys’ bulges. The brown-haired guy was a stud. His tight slacks were bulging with what looked like a very impressive dick and nice, fat pair of nuts. He could make out the outline of each individual nut in the guy’s pants.

The blond guy who accompanied him was even hotter. He looked a little younger, with short blond hair and an almost ridiculously handsome face.

“God”, Jarret mumbled, licking his lips.

The guys were dancing maniacally, coming closer and closer to Jarret’s hiding place.

Jarret’s eyes were fixed on the guys’ hot bodies. His dick was throbbing and leaking precum.

“Come closer”, he mumbled as if he wanted to cast a spell on them. “Come closer. Oh yeah, come closer!”

He looked up at the dancing guys’ hot asses and bulging crotches, biting his lower lip as his dick was twitching wildly.

Just when he thought he’d shoot his load, one of the guys made a huge jump backwards, landing right on Jarret’s crotch, flattening his throbbing boner and his hot, pulsing balls.

Jarret’s face contorted in a painful grimace and he let out a muffled grunt.


At first, Kev didn’t realize that he had stepped on something soft. He was caught in the moment, stomping his feet down onto the ground again and again and again to the rhythm of the music.

But then he noticed that something was different. The ground he was standing on wasn’t solid and hard. Instead, it was soft and wobbly.

Kev looked down. “What the fuck?” he chuckled. It seemed to be a mat of some sorts. He stomped his foot down hard.

There was a muffled scream, almost inaudible over the loud, thumping music. But Kev heard it. He stomped down again, eliciting another scream, a little louder this time.

“Logan!” Kev laughed. “You gotta see this!”


Jarret was screaming in pain. The muscular jock above him was trampling over his body as if he wanted to crush it. His nuts were hurting like hell and his beautiful boner was badly bruised.

Right now, the jock was jumping up and down on his chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs and making Jarret cough and spit.

He heard riotous laughter as another person joined his tormenter.

“What’s up?”

“Come on over here – this is so fucked up!”

Now that two people were standing on Jarret’s body, one on his chest and another one on his crotch, Jarret couldn’t even scream in pain.

Sweat was running down his pain-contorted face as his juicy, cum-filled balls and his hard, bruised dick were flattened under a pair of hard soles.

“Holy shit!”

Jarret heard the guys laughing.

The music changed, and Jarret roared in pain as the guys started driving their feet into his body at a faster pace.


Logan and Kev were having the times of their lives, laughing and cheering while dancing wildly, stomping their feet down on their newly found living dance mat.

They knew that somebody had to be under their feet. They didn’t care who it was nor what he was going through right now.

“You have made your bed, now you must lie in it, right?” Logan laughed.

He didn’t know which body part was where – but he had a pretty good idea that the bulge on the ground was a boner.

Logan brought his foot down hard, flattening the bulge, while Kev twisted his feet to the rhythm of the music on what was probably a chest.

“Come on, jump on my back!” Logan yelled suddenly, making Kev roar with laughter.

Logan made sure that his feet were positioned in the middle of their dance mat and turned away from Kev, spreading his arms wide.

With a running start, Kev mounted his friend who continued to dance, giving Kev a piggyback ride.

Kev was hooting and cheering and swinging his arms wildly as Logan stomped his feet rhythmically.


Jarret felt the full brunt of his tormentors’ weight. His nuts felt like their were going to explode any second.

He was screaming from the top of his lungs as his rapidly swelling testicles and his bruised and battered boner were crushed under their feet.

Suddenly he heard a girl’s voice.

“What do you think you are doing?”

The click-clack of high heels was barely audible in the deafening mix of music, cheers and laughter.


Ashley looked at her boyfriend, an angry look on her face.

Logan turned to her, a bright smile on his face. Kev, still on his back, was cheering wildly.

“What, babe?” Logan grinned, twisting his feet on what he presumed was an all but ruined erection.

Ashley rolled her eyes. “I wanna go home.”

“Oh, come on, we’re having so much fun!” Kev laughed, jumping off Logan and onto the ground.


Jarret felt like someone had dropped a cement block on his chest.

His vision blurred and he let out a wheezing groan.


“Dance with us!” Kev grinned and grabbed Ashley’s hands, pulling her towards him.

“Kev!” Ashley shrieked as the ground under her started shaking. She tried to regain her footing by making mini-steps, holding on to Kev and Logan for support.

Logan and Kev roared with laughter.

Ashley let out a disgusted squeak. “What is this?!”


Under her feet, Jarret felt the high heels pierce his muscular abs.

With one guy standing on his chest, another standing on his cock and balls, and a third person tormenting his abs, Jarret was close to passing out.


“This is disgusting!” Ashley squealed.

“Catch me, babe!” Logan grinned.

“Logan!” Ashley’s eyes widened in terror as her boyfriend jumped into her arms.

“Holy shit!” Kev laughed.

Ashley was wobbling back and forth, trying not to fall while carrying the weight of her boyfriend.

She was a petite girl but she was stronger than she looked.

“Wait, I’m coming, too!” Kev yelled cheerfully.

“What?! Are you crazy?!” Ashley squealed.

A second later, Kev jumped on her back.

The shaky ground under her and the combined weight of Logan and Kev made Ashley let out an angry scream.


Jeffrey heard a scream. He didn’t know if it was his or the girl’s that was standing on him.

As if the unbearable weight of three persons focused on two tiny heels wasn’t bad enough, she was moving back and forth, trampling his entire body.

Unfortunately, when she adopted her balance, it was right on Jarret’s precious jewels.

With almost impossible precision, her high heeled shoes came to rest on Jarret’s bruised and swollen orbs, one heel squishing the right nut, the other heel squashing the left nut.


Kev and Logan were roaring with laughter while Ashley was trying to shake them off of her without twisting her ankle.

Finally, Kev and Logan jumped off her.

Ashley ran her hand through her long blond hair. She looked ruffled and sweaty, her face filled with rage.

“You fucking idiots!” she yelled, stomping her heel down hard.

There was a faint, high-pitched echo coming from beneath her.

She looked down, confused and puzzled, only to stare into a pair of tear-filled eyes.

She screamed from the top of her lungs and hurried away.

Kev chuckled. “I think she’s mad at you.”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “You think?”

Kev burst out laughing.


The look of terror in the girl’s eyes had brought Jarret back to reality.

He was fucked.

How on earth had he thought he would not be discovered? He’d be fired now. Maybe they’d even throw him in jail!

His body was hurting and he felt the bruises and the footprints on his abs and his chest, on his legs and his shoulders – but most of all on his crushed nuts and his broken boner.

And the weight of the two guys was still pressing onto his chest and his crotch.


“Oh, man, I wouldn’t want to be you right now”, Kev grinned, moving from side to side to the rhythm of the music.

“Why is that?” Logan said.

“Well, I’m pretty sure Ashley won’t let you get any for a while”, Kev grinned. “Sorry about that.”

Logan stared at him.

Kev was right.

He hadn’t thought about that.

“Fuck!” he grunted, stomping his foot down hard.


Jarret let out a miserable groan as his poor nuts were flattened like pancakes.

The music became a bit more hard beat, and he felt the feet that were tormenting him stomp down harder and harder.


“Fuck!” Logan repeated, letting out his frustration by stomping and jumping aggressively to the music. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Kev laughed and patted his buddies back. “Yeah, let it all out, buddy! Let it all out…”

Logan spent the next hour dancing frantically, stomping his feet all over the dance mat.

He heard grunts and groans and screams, and they made him dance even harder.

Finally, the dance came to an end.

Everybody left, except for Kev and Logan who waited until they were alone.

They made sure to stay standing on Jarret’s body to prevent him from leaving.

“What do you think, buddy”, Kev grinned. “Wanna have a look at whoever is hiding down there?”

Logan shrugged his shoulders.

“Come on, man, stop worrying about Ashley”, Kev said. “It is what it is. I mean, let’s have some fun right now.”

Logan’s face broke into a grin. “You are right.” He pointed to the floor. “Let’s have a look at the poor fucker.”

Kev laughed and patted his friend’s shoulder. “That’s the spirit!”

They stepped to the side and pulled the blanket away, revealing Jarret’s naked body.

“Holy fucking shit!” Kev howled when he saw the bruises that were covering Jarret’s body.

Jarret stared at them, his face filled with fear.

“Hey there, pervert”, Logan grinned and playfully ran his foot over Jarret’s face.

“He--- Hey there”, Jarret replied sheepishly.

Kev shook his head slowly, chuckling as he kicked Jarret in the ribs. “Fuck man, your body is ruined!”

Jarret bit his lower lip, too frightened to move.

“That’s my work”, Logan said cheerfully, walking over to Jarret’s crotch before playfully kicking Jarret’s bloated, bruised ballsack.

Jarret let out a dry cough.

“Hey, I did some of that, too!” Kev protested, stomping his foot down on Jarret’s sore abs and making Jarret groan in pain.

“Look at his fucking dick!” Logan grinned. “It’s still hard!”

He was right. Jarret’s cock was red, severely bruised and slightly bent – but it was rock hard and throbbing.

“Fucking pervert”, Kev grinned and spat into Jarret’s face, making him grimace in disgust.

Logan brought his leg back and kicked the head of Jarret’s hard dick like a soccer player trying to score a goal.

Jarret howled in agony as Logan and Kev roared with laughter.

“Serves him right”, Kev said before looking straight at Jarret’s spit-covered face. “You deserve that, don’t you?”

Kev’s voice made Jarret shudder.

“Don’t you?!” Kev repeated, kicking Jarret in head.

“Yes!” Jarret screamed. “I deserve it!”

“That’s right”, Kev grinned, delivering a hard kick to Jarret’s abs. “Kick his fucking cock again.”

Logan chuckled and kicked Jarret’s dick with all the force he could muster.

His black dress shoe connected with the head of Jarret’s throbbing cock and Jarret’s ear-piercing scream echoed through the empty room.

Logan and Kev burst out laughing.

Jarret’s face was a mask of pain, covered in spit, a nasty bruise developing on his jaw.

Logan brought his foot up and stomped down hard on Jarret’s nuts.

Jarret’s balls were flattened like pancakes, and a sickening SQUATCH! mixed with Jarret’s anguished wail.

To Kev’s and Logan’s amusement, a blotch of precum came out of Jarret’s dick, running down his bruised shaft and coating his swollen nutsack.

“Look at that!” Kev howled. “The fucker is enjoying this!”

Logan laughed and stomped down on Jarret’s nuts once again, coaxing another splotch of precum out of Jarret’s throbbing dick.

Jarret screamed from the top of his lungs, his face beet red and contorted in pain, his bruised body glistening with sweat.

“Pathetic loser”, Kev chuckled and followed up with a kick to Jarret’s dick that made his voice crack as he yodeled in pain.

Logan and Kev laughed, delivering kick after kick to Jarret’s ridiculously bloated balls and his beaten, bruised cock. They took turns tormenting his genitalia, making him scream and shriek and roar in pain.

“God, that’s so fucking weird”, Logan laughed as he brought his foot down on Jarret’s abused junk, crunching his hard dick and flattening his sore plums.

Kev chuckled. “Let’s see if we can stomp the cum out of the weirdo’s nuts.”

Jarret’s voice reached unknown heights when Kev and Logan started stomping his nuts as if they were trying to put out a fire.

The sound of Jarret’s nuts getting squished flat echoed through the room as Kev and Logan brought their feet down on his tender gonads again and again and again.

Jarret’s body tensed and his eyes rolled back into his head as a huge jet of cum shot out of his dick. It was followed by another, equally impressive spurt, then yet another and another.

Kev and Logan were roaring with laughter as Jarret’s dick erupted like a geyser, showering them with his salty spunk while they were wreaking havoc on his manhood.

To Jarret, it felt like forever until his orgasm was over, and Kev and Logan continued crushing his nuts until they were sure that Jarret’s balls were thoroughly drained and completely empty.

With a derisive laugh, Kev spat into Jarret’s face, making him wince and let out a measly whimper.

“Pervert”, Kev said before turning on his heels and walking away. “Fucking pervert.”

Logan followed him, but not before delivering one final kick to Jarret’s spent and battered balls.

The door slammed shut behind them and Jarret let out a miserable sob.

This had been the worst night ever.

He slowly got out of his groove, groaning and moaning, and sat on the ground for a moment, stretching his limbs. His head and his body were covered in nasty bruises and a sticky layer of sweat and cum.

Jarret ran his hand through his wet hair and let out a long, miserable groan.

He thought about tomorrow. How on earth was he going to explain the bruises to his colleagues?!

Then he thought about next year’s dance event, and his dick got hard as a rock.

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