Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Video links: Bollywood balls (4)

Once again it's time to have a look at the wonderfully whacky ballbusting scenes from Indian movies and TV shows. Special thanks, as always, to the anonymous reader who has provided me with a lot of links!

Today's first clip is from the popular superhero action comedy Ra.One. In the following scene, a father tries to impress his son by performing a dancing hommage to Michael Jackson. For the finale, he does the splits - and judging from the sound effect, he completely shatters his marbles... Let's just say that his son is less than impressed...

Skip to 2:58

There's another scene in Ra.One, and again it's the curly haired hero who's clutching his crotch: During the song "Right by your side", he gets hit in the nuts by a soccer ball. His reaction is priceless, and what makes the scene even funnier is the fact that he turned around, fearing for the safety of his family jewels - only to see the ball ricochet from the goal's crossbar and hit him straight in the nuggets...

Skip to 0:37

The following scene from the movie Burrraaahh! has three guys goofing and dancing around. When they all straddle an umbrella (?) a fourth guy yanks it up, crunching the three dancers' testicles. Granted, it's obviously fake and solely played for laughs - but it worked for me: I laughed my ass off... :-))

Skip to 0:32

What the previous scene lacked (namely brutal nutcrunching action) is found in abundance in the next clip. A guy on a rugby field gets overpowered by some guys. They hold his legs apart, allowing another guy to jump on his nuts. Ouch!

The next clip is a short promotional video for TV show Life lafde. The title of the clip is "When you teach her pool and she hits your tool" - and that's exactly what happens...

The trailer for the movie Saala Khadoos may not have the outrageous and hilarious qualities that we're used to by now. In fact, it's played completely straight. I know there are some fans of nut squeezes out there, and I hope you like the close-up view of a pair of testicles getting brutally squished by a boxer's hand...

Skip to 0:35

But let's finish on a lighter note, with a knee to the nuts that has it all: exaggerated reaction, crossed eyes, funny noises, hilarious sound effects. Oh, how I love Bollywood!

If you have any Bollywood ballbusting clips that you like let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (! And, once again, special thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me the links! :-))

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