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Mean machines: Sackwrecker Deluxe

Featured in this story: Kev and Vince (click for pictures)

“This is it, huh?” I mumbled, standing in front of a large contraption that looked equal parts dangerous and intriguing. It was a large cube made of acrylic glass. The cube’s edges were about three or four feet long. On the top side of the cube was a seat shell with a hole of about two inches in diameter in it. Inside the cube, several cogs and gear wheels were connected to a variety of strings, paddles, tongs, and spring-loaded tools. On the left side, there was a control panel with a large lever and several buttons and switches.

Vince nodded. He grinned proudly. “It’s perfect. Trust me, you’re going to love it.”

I nodded slowly. “I’m sure I will.”

20 year old Vince was one of the most talented people I knew. He was our technician and prop master, and I relied on him whenever I needed an effective, innovative way to hurt testicles. Vince was a shy guy, a bit of a nerd, with brown hair and green eyes. Lately he had begun trying to grow a goatee because people always thought he was younger than he actually was. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite have the desired effect. In fact, it made him look even more like a cute teenager.

“How does it work?” Kev mumbled, scratching his chest.

The 20 year old jock was wearing nothing but a pair of sweat pants. He was taller than Vince, and more muscular. His tanned body was sculptured like a Greek god’s, with strong arms and legs, perfect six-pack abs and a muscular chest.

Vince smiled. “Have a seat”, he said, pointing at the seat shell on top of the cube. “I’ll show you.”

Kev grimaced and adjusted his crotch. “This is going to be painful, huh?”

“Take your clothes off, please”, Vince said, ignoring Kev’s question.

Kev sighed and slipped out of his sweat pants, revealing his massive cock and his big pair of low-hanging testicles.

Vince leaned over and took a closer look at Kev’s nutsack, lifting Kev’s heavy, limp cock up with the help of his pen to inspect the neck of Kev’s nutsack. “A 5/8 inch should do”, he mumbled before turning away and rummaging around in his tool box.

Kev let out a nervous laugh as Vince held up a shaft collar and unceremoniously attached it to Kev’s nutsack, closing the collar tightly around the neck of his scrotum before screwing it shut with a little screwdriver. Kev had an almost amused expression on his face as Vince fumbled with his nutsack.

His facial expression changed, though, when Vince grabbed the metal collar and yanked it down sharply, trapping Kev’s juicy nuts at the bottom of his sack and making him yelp in pain.

“Okay”, Vince said with a smile. “It works.”

Kev grimaced in pain, massaging his ballsack.

Vince smiled at him and pointed at the seat shell on top of the cube.

Kev groaned and climbed onto the cube. He sat, his legs spread apart, his feet dangling from the cube. Between his thighs, his testicles were swinging gently from side to side, the collar holding them at the bottom of his sack.

Vince opened a little door at the side of the cube and reached inside, pulling up a steel cable from the apparatus at the bottom, and attaching it to collar around Kev’s sack.

Kev looked down, shifting uncomfortable as he watched Vince connect his nutsack to the mysterious mechanic. He cleared his throat. “Umm”, Kev said. “Would you mind telling me what you’re doing?”

Ignoring Kev, Vince closed the little door and pulled the lever on the cube’s side.

The steel cable pulled tight and yanked down Kev’s nutsack, making him yelp in pain as his testicles were pulled to the bottom of his sack.

“Oh my fucking god!” Kev groaned, looking down between his thighs, grimacing at the sight of his stretched nutsack.

Vince pulled the lever again, pulling Kev’s balls down another inch.

Kev screamed from the top of his lungs as his balls were yanked down in his sack, effectively trapping him on his seat without any wiggle room.

“One more inch and we’re good to go”, Vince smiled and pulled the lever one more time.

Kev’s voice rose an octave as his nuts were viciously pulled down another inch. The two big orbs were pressed against the skin of his nutsack by the metal collar, making them bulge obscenely. The skin of his scrotum was stretched thin, making his nuts look red and shiny.

“Okay”, Vince said, turning to me as Kev was panting and grunting in his seat. “Basically, I could go on and on until his testicles come off”, Vince explained, smiling at me. “I thought about putting in an emergency release mechanism.” He shrugged. “But it’s difficult to adjust it to the various scrotum lengths, so I guess we’ll just have to be careful.”

I grimaced. “Yeah.”

“On the other hand”, Vince said casually. “Nut cords are pretty strong.” With that, he pulled the lever once again. There was a cringe-inducing creak as Kev’s nuts were pulled down another inch, but the creak was nothing compared to Kev’s ear-piercing scream.

“I think that’s enough”, Vince said with a satisfied nod. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me. “Unless you want me to---“

“No”, I interrupted him, images of Kev’s beautiful, fat nuts getting ripped off his body flashing before my eyes. “No, that’s definitely enough.”

Kev was breathing heavily, grunting and groaning in agony, his face contorted in pain, beads of sweat running down his face.

Vince nodded. “Okay, I guess we don’t want to push him too far.”

I grimaced. Vince’s assessment of “too far” was a little different from mine, apparently. In my view, we were well past the “too far” mark. And, judging from Kev’s facial expression, I was pretty sure he agreed with me.

“Now we get to the fun part”, Vince smiled.

“Oh god”, Kev groaned.

Vince pointed at the control panel and I took a step closer to have a look at the various buttons and switches. “The Sackwrecker Deluxe”, he said, “is---“

“Sackwrecker Deluxe?” I raised my eyebrows.

Vince smiled proudly. “You like the name?”

I chuckled. “Well, actually I do.”

“Then you’re gonna love what the Sackwrecker Deluxe can do”, Vince said, beaming with pride.

As he explained the different functions, I couldn’t help but smile. It was obvious that Vince had put a lot of effort into this vicious contraption, and it was positively heartwarming to see him talk about hit. Vince’s creativity and his love for the job was astounding. I don’t think I have ever met someone who was as enthusiastic about ruining another man’s sex life as Vince.

“…and that way you’ll have an exciting machine that’s full of surprises”, Vince concluded his elaborate explanation. “We can start right away if you’d like. A test run, so to speak.”

I looked at Kev whose eyes had widened during Vince’s speech.

“You haven’t done a test run, yet?” Kev grunted hoarsely.

Vince smiled sheepishly. “Not on real testicles. I tested it with a couple of plums in a nylon stocking.” He scratched his head. “But that’s not the same. I went through several pounds of plums because they kept bursting at some point or another.” He shrugged.

Kev gulped.

“What do you say?” Vince smiled, turning to me, obviously eager to demonstrate what his invention could do.

I looked at my watch. “Sure”, I said. “You don’t mind, Kev, right?”

Kev stared at me, his face a mask of pain. “Actually, I---“ He stopped when he watched Vince’s hand move towards the lever. He inhaled sharply.

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind”, Vince said him with a smile, running his finger up and down the lever.

I chuckled. “Okay.”

“Awesome!” Vince smiled, looking like a kid in a candy store.

Kev, on the other hand, looked like the owner of said candy store. And there was no way he could defend his two most delicious pieces of candy…

Vince whistled happily as he walked into our storage room and came back with what looked like an old bingo machine.

I raised my eyebrows. “I didn’t know we had one of those.”

Vince smiled brightly. “I got it at a garage sale.” He plugged it in and started the machine. As the bingo balls were whirling around inside the chamber, Vince pointed to the control panel of the Sackwrecker Deluxe. Each of the buttons and switches had a little number on it.

“Oh, this is exciting”, Vince grinned, clapping his hands like a little child. “What’s it gonna be?”

He picked up the first ball that the bingo machine spat out.

“B 7”, Vince announced like the host of a retirement home’s afternoon activity. “B as in ‘Big, beautiful balls will get bashed, and 7 like the lucky number!”

I couldn’t help but smile at Vince’s enthusiasm.

He pressed the button with marked ‘7’.

Immediately, a large wooden paddle swung up and smashed Kev’s balls hard. The two trapped orbs were crushed flat against the metal collar that was holding them down, making Kev’s eyes bulge as his face contorted in agony.

After the impact, the paddle folded back into the apparatus with a subtle whirring sound that was drowned out by Kev’s agonized scream.

Vince looked at me with a big smile, watching my reaction.

I couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of Kev’s poor balls, trapped at the bottom of his sack, getting flattened like two meaty burger patties.

“Impressive”, I mumbled, grabbing my own crotch in sympathy.

Vince picked up the next ball.

“I 18”, Vince announced. “I as in ‘Impressive’, and 18 like the legal age if you want out the Sackwrecker Deluxe!”

Vince pressed the button marked ‘18’, which prompted a stun gun to shoot up below Kev. The contacts dug deep into the tender flesh of Kev’s balls before they sent a sharp jolt of electricity through Kev’s babymakers, eliciting a soprano scream that would have made an opera singer proud.

“O 9”, Vince read from the next ball. “O as in ‘Oh my god, those poor balls!’, and 9 like cloud nine, which I’m sure you wish you were right now!”

Kev was panting heavily, beads of sweat running down his face.

As soon as Vince pushed the 9 on the control panel, Kev’s balls were smacked by a plastic fly swatter. Kev screamed from the top of his lungs.

I let out a laugh. Kev’s big, bulging nuts getting slapped like that looked positively ridiculous.

“You like that?” Vince smiled. “I added it to add some variety, you know, add a different kind of pain.”

“Great, thanks”, Kev croaked. “It stings like hell…”

Vince nodded proudly and pressed the 9 button again, causing Kev’s balls to get slapped by the fly swatter once more.

I chuckled as Kev let out a gurgling squeal.

“What do we have next?” Vince smiled and picked up another bingo ball. “G 12! G as in ‘Gee, my balls hurt!’, and 12 like the dirty dozen!”

When Vince pressed the 12 button, two pieces of wood came up on either side of Kev’s balls before clapping together with Kev’s nuts getting squashed flat between them.

“One!” Vince yelled as Kev squealed in agony. He pressed the button again and again, making Kev’s voice go higher and higher, and louder and louder as his nuts were smashed hard a dozen times. “Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven!”

Vince looked at me and winked.

Kev was screaming from the top of his lungs. His balls looked fiery red and swollen.

“Twelve!” Vince shouted, pushing the button one more time, squishing Kev’s nuts flat between the hard pieces of wood.

Kev let out a blood-curdling scream as the vicious nut clapper disappeared inside the contraption’s miraculous mechanism.

Panting heavily, Kev was trying to catch his breath. His face was a mask of pain, beet red and wet with sweat. His stretched nutsack and the two swollen, red orbs at the bottom of it looked gruesome.

“I bet you’re waiting for the BINGO”, Vince smiled and picked up another ball. “Oh no, it’s another O! O 20! O as in ‘Ouch!’, and 20 like the number of sperm cells that are dying with every hit to your nuts.” Vince moved his finger to the button that was marked 20. He hesitated. “Approximately”, he added after a moment.

Then he pushed the button, and a little boxing glove shot up, connecting perfectly with Kev’s nuts and making the handsome jock shriek like a little girl.

Vince picked up the next ball. “N 2! N as in ‘No kids for you!’, and 2 like the number of balls that are causing you so much pain right now.”

He pressed the 2 button, causing a little toothbrush to rise from the bottom of the contraption. As soon as it touched Kev’s swollen, bruised balls, it started moving back and forth and from side to side, scratching the skin that was stretched around Kev’s bulging plums and making him scream in pain.

After a good minute of frantic brushing, the toothbrush disappeared.

Kev looked miserable. His balls had assumed the color of ripe tomatoes. In stark contrast to that, his face was white as a sheet. He looked like he was going to pass out any second.

“I think it’s enough for today”, I smiled. “Let’s call it a BINGO.”

Vince looked disappointed. “But there’s so much you haven’t seen yet!”

I smiled at him. “I love the Sackwrecker Deluxe, I really do, and I’m sure we’ll have a chance to use it again, soon.” I patted Vince’s shoulder. “Great work.”

Vince was beaming with pride. “You know, it’s a modular construction. You can put in anything you like.”

“It’s excellent”, I said. “Reminds me of a Swiss knife. There’s all kinds of useful things hidden in there.”

Vince’s eyes widened. “Oh yeah, we could put in a blade as well!”

I cringed. “Yeah, maybe we won’t go that far.”

Vince smiled. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.” He looked at me and grinned. “But there’s one last thing I have to show you. Okay?”

I looked at Kev. He looked miserable. I was pretty sure that one more hit would probably not make a big difference. I smiled at Vince. “Sure.”

Vince grinned and pulled a switch on the contraption.

There was a loud BANG! as a little rubber stamp hit an ink pad. It was followed by a SPLOTCH! as the rubber stamp hit Kev’s trapped nuts, squashing them flat. Then came an ear-piercing YOWL! as the pain reached Kev’s brain.

The rubber stamp moved back down, leaving a series of letters on Kev’s nuts.

I leaned forward and squinted at the writing.


I chuckled. “Probably true”, I quipped, grinning at Vince who smiled proudly.

“I thought it would be nice to have the guys run around with ‘useless’ written on their scrotums”, Vince explained.

I nodded. “Yeah, I got it. Nice idea.”

“Because their nuts are pretty much useless after they have experienced the Sackwrecker Deluxe”, Vince continued with a smile.

I nodded again. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s funny.”

“That way they won’t have to explain anything to their girlsfriends, you know?” Vince went on. “They just drop their pants and point at the inscription. Useless.”

I chuckled. “Yeah.”

“And it’s clear that they won’t have sex”, Vince smiled. “You know?”

“Yeah”, I smiled. “I got it.”

“Guys!” Kev croaked. “Could you please let me down?”

“Sure”, Vince mumbled and pulled the lever.

Kev let out a retching cough as his tortured, battered balls were yanked down another inch. His eyes crossed and his jaw dropped.

For a moment I thought he was going to throw up.

“Ooops”, Vince smiled sheepishly. “Sorry.”

He quickly flipped another switch and the steel rope that was pulling down on Kev’s nuts loosened.

Vince reached inside the cube and freed Kev’s nutsack.

Kev groaned and grimaced in pain as he climbed off the cube.

He looked down at his crotch, examining his genitals. His balls were red and bloated, and they hung considerably lower than before. The “USELESS” stamp was definitely a correct label…

Kev let out a frustrated groan as he tentatively fumbled with his testicles. He grinned weakly, pulling up his balls by tugging on the skin of his nutsack. “How’s that for a pair of low-hangers, huh?” he mused, grimacing in pain.

Vince and I laughed politely.

“I’m sure your nutsack will pull up again”, I said half-heartedly. “Eventually.”

Kev let out a deep sigh. “Yeah, I sure hope so…” He turned to Vince. “What’s that machine called again?”

“The Sackwrecker Deluxe”, Vince said.

Kev grimaced and nodded. “Certainly lives up to its name.”

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?” Vince smiled, beaming with pride. “I can show you another one”, he added, his eyes suddenly filled with excitement. “It’s called ‘Stud Squasher’ and it’ll turn your testicles into---“

“No thanks”, Kev said hastily, grabbing his clothes in a sudden hurry. “I gotta go and…” His voice trailed off as he put on his clothes. “I gotta go.” He limped out the door. “See ya!”

“The ‘Stud Squasher’?” I smiled at Vince.

Vince nodded. “Yeah.”

“Sounds intriguing”, I chuckled. “I can’t wait to see it…”


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Hey Alex, you should check this video:

Alex said...

Thanks for the link! I love it! :-))

Unknown said...

hot story, super cool ideas and written, can't wait for the stud squasher , please write more and more heavier

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Michael! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I haven't started writing "The Stud Squasher" yet but I have a few ideas... :-))