Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Video links: Game show ballbusting - The Netherlands

Yes, that's a rake handle smashing a guy's nuts
with egg matter flying around.
We'll get to that in a moment.

In our ongoing quest to compile The Comprehensive History of the Chinko Machine (if you have relevant information please share them in a comment of by sending an email to we have learned the Dutch - just like other nations - don't have any qualms to hit a guy where it counts for the sake of quality entertainment. Now, not every game show producer has a chinko machine at their disposal, so they have to come up with other ways to reduce their contestants' sperm counts. Which brings us to The Pain Game.

The name itself brings tears of joy to any ballbusting game show enthusiast's eyes. And the show's writers have come up with a couple of other great names, too: Today we'll take a look at some awesome clips called Ei tussen de benen (= "egg between the legs"), Ballen bungee (= "ball bungee"), Champagnekurk (= "Champagne cork"), Theezak (= "tea bag"), Ballenknjiper (= "ball pincher") and the - slightly unimaginatively titled but very entertaining - Nutshot (= "nutshot").

Before we take a look at the clips we should probably talk about the concept of the show. But since it doesn't matter anyway, we won't. There are questions, there are losers, there is pain and humiliation. Let's leave it at that.

The following clip is titled Nutshot and it features hot young Dutchman Sebastiaan who pulls down his jeans to have an assistant hit him in the balls with a champagne cork.

Since alcohol and nutshots are a perfect combination for a game show, this wonderful idea popped up again in another episode under the title Champagnekurk (which is just as unimaginative as Nutshot by the way...). Again, the contestant is hot, and he's also funny: His underwear sports a skull and crossbones (he's probably hinting at the fact that his sex life will be dead soon...) and he shows us a bit of twerking action before getting bashed in the balls.

They say what goes up must come down. And they were probably referring to the balls of this show's contestants. In a delightful little segment called Ballen bungee we get to see a contestant's balls drop. Well, technically it's a weight tied around the contestant's balls. But let's not dwell on technicalities...

Again, the contestant is smoking hot. And again, he's funny: When the host asks him if he has any last words, he says "de ballen" which can mean "See you" and "balls". And he's clever: After the balls have dropped, one of his mates tries to give him a high five to make him drop the weight again. But our handsome hottie sees right through the plan and says, "Not today".

Maybe by now you have noticed a recurring theme. Apart from the throbbing pain in the contestant's balls. I'm talking about the fact that these are some very hot guys! Apparently, hot guys in the Netherlands like to hurt their balls on television. God bless them!

The next guy may not be as hot as the other ones. But the cup of water that he has to dip his nutsack into is. The challenge is called Theezak.

Before we come to one of my all-time favorite game show ballbusts, I want to show you another clip. Unfortunately, I didn't find it in the version that was on TV. Here is some footage that was filmed with a mobile phone by a member of the live audience during the taping of the show.

The challenge is called Ballenknjiper. The contestant has a rope tied around his ballsack. At the other end of the rope is a remote-controlled car. Hilarity ensues.

Now, last but not least: Ei tussen de benen. It involves two guys who each put hen's egg into a pair of mesh thongs they wear over their underwear. Within ten seconds, their mate has to crack the eggs by stepping on the rakes between the guys' legs.

I can't decide what I like best about this clip...
Is it the audience that goes wild with cheers and applause?
Is it the way the guys carefully place the eggs between their balls?
Is it the piece of advice the host gives right before the time starts (which roughly translates to: "You have ten seconds. If the eggs don't crack you won't get the money and you'll have black and blue balls for nothing.")?
Is it the enhanced sound of the eggs breaking?
Is it the insanely hot visual of egg yolk dripping from the guys' crotches?
Is it the third guy's genuinely joyful roar of jubilation after he has successfully cracked the two eggs and while his mates are cupping their own two eggs in pain?
Is it the fact that we get no less than three different slow motion repeats, all from different points of view, one in close-up?
I don't know. But I know that the clip is awesome. See for yourself:

That's it for today. If you happen to know of any more clips from The Pain Game (it ran for two seasons on two different TV channels) please let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email (! I'm pretty sure that I have seen another version of the egg/rake thing on another episode but I just can't seem to find it...

Please let me know if you are from the Netherlands and remember another ballbusting game show segment!

And if you're not from the Netherlands: Have your country's television stations ever busted a guy's balls to entertain the masses? Please let me know and I'll feature it in this series.

We'll be back with more ballbusting footage from game shows all over the world... :-))


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is beautiful :') Thanks for sharing these Alex. - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ibi! I'm glad you enjoyed the clips! :-))

Anonymous said...

gotta love the Dutch, tx for sharing this :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, kanickies! Yeah, the Dutch know how to make game shows interesting.... :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex maybe I'm a little late but here is another segment involving a champagne cork:
And a better shot of Theezak:

Alex said...

Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these links with us! :-))