Friday, November 7, 2014

Diagnosis Softballs: Heavy lifting

Featured in this story: ChadSammy and the twins (click for pictures)

Chad looked miserable. The handsome 30 year old stud was standing in the middle of the studio, bare naked, his hands behind his back. His brown hair was unkempt and he looked like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days.

“You have been punching them like I told you?” Sammy asked. The lanky 18 year old redhead was kneeling in front of his patient, examining his bruised, swollen genitalia.

“Yes”, Chad mumbled.

Sammy sighed as he rolled Chad’s enlarged balls between his fingers. The lightest touch made Chad wince and groan.

“They don’t look good”, Sammy said.

“Tell me something new!” Chad barked.

Sammy clicked his tongue and twisted Chad’s nuts sharply. “Watch your tone”, he said softly as Chad let out a pained yelp.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Chad. My cameraman tended to be moody and cranky, and he was an asshole sometimes, but I felt things were going a bit too far here… A couple of weeks ago, we had learned that Chad had a serious problem: He hadn’t had an erection or shot his load for months. Sammy had diagnosed an acute case of Softballs and dick shrinking, and Chad had undergone some rather inventive alternative therapy that involved nut punching, shock treatment and kicks to his balls among other things.

When Sammy had told me what he had scheduled for today’s “therapy session”, I had tried to talk him out of it. Let’s just say that Sammy had been very persuasive. Now I was sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee and a pair of sore, swollen nuts, trying to focus on my work.

“It looks like Little Chad has shrunken further”, Sammy said, pulling at Chad’s limp, shrunken stump of a dick.

“Yeah”, Will chimed in. The 22 year old blond gymnast had a huge grin on his face. “He has almost vanished.” He chuckled. “Pathetic.”

His twin brother Michael looked at him, an awkward expression on his face. “Will”, he said under his breath, “please…”

“What?” Will grinned at Michael. “Why beat around the bush? His cock is tiny. A pathetic little stump. A three year old would be embarrassed walking around with that thing between his legs!”

Michael shifted uncomfortably.

“You disagree?” Will raised his eyebrows.

Michael leaned forward and squinted. “It’s small”, he said reluctantly. “I mean, the girth seems alright, almost normal - but it's just so incredibly short...”

“Tiny”, Will said. “Pathetic.”

Michael sighed. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Chad looked like he wanted to disappear.

During the twins’ exchange, Sammy had tied Chad’s hands behind his back and leaned him against a wall.

“Let’s get to work”, Sammy smiled and gave Chad’s nuts a playful slap, making the handsome hunk double over and let out an anguished grunt. “Last week we tried to kick start your system with some shock therapy”, he said, unfazed by his patient’s groans of pain. “This week we’ll focus on some endurance methods.” He produced a black leather collar and tightened it around Chad’s sack at the base of his little cock.

Chad inhaled sharply as Sammy fastened the buttons. At the back of the collar was a little hook and Sammy quickly hooked a metal tray to it.

Chad gulped, staring at the tray that was dangling between his legs.

Sammy winked up at him and yanked down on the tray, pulling Chad’s nuts down sharply and making him groan in pain.

“Great”, Sammy chuckled. He looked at the twins. “Hand me the weights, please?”

Michael and Will opened two large boxes that contained little lead bricks that weighed one pound each.

Sammy started stacking the bricks on the tray, causing Chad’s nuts to be pulled down between his legs.

Chad’s eyes widened in pain as his nuts were squished to the bottom of his sack.

When Sammy put the tenth brick on the tray, Chad let out a miserable moan.

Sammy chuckled. “If this is hurting you, wait until we’re finished…”

Chad groaned.

Brick after brick found its place on the tray, pulling down Chad’s balls further and further and stretching his nut chords to their absolute limits.

Chad was panting, his naked body glistening with sweat as he gritted his teeth, his eyes clenched shut.

After Sammy had placed more than thirty bricks on the tray, he paused and looked at his handiwork.

Chad’s nuts were stretched far away from his body, bulging obscenely at the bottom of his hairy sack.

“That looks like it hurts”, Will grinned. “You think that his chords will snap?”

Michael cringed in sympathy, cupping his own crotch.

“Fuck”, Chad hissed between his clenched teeth.

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “You know what that means…”

Chad opened his eyes and shot Sammy a pleading look. “Come on…”

Sammy shook his head. “You curse, you punch yourself in the nuts…”

Chad let out a miserable groan. “But I---“ He looked down at his crotch where the heavy weight was yanking on his aching nuts.

Sammy followed his gaze. “Okay, I understand. It’s difficult in this situation…”

Chad nodded, looking relieved.

Sammy grinned at Will. “You wanna do it?”

Will rubbed his hands. “My pleasure!”

Chad’s eyes widened as Will knelt in front of Chad’s stretched nutsack and balled his fist.

Chuckling, Will powered a mean, hard uppercut into Chad’s poor, swollen nuts that were trapped at the bottom of their sack with nowhere to go.

Both Chad’s nuts and the weights that were attached to them swung wildly as Chad let out an anguished roar.

“Fuuuuuuck!” he yelled through his clenched teeth.

Michael grimaced in sympathy as Will and Sammy burst out laughing.

“Go again”, Sammy chuckled.

Will didn’t have to be told twice. He smashed his fist into Chad’s dangling nuts, crunching them hard and making Chad yell in agony.

This time, Chad managed to bear the pain without cursing, and Will looked almost disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to pummel poor Chad’s babymakers for a third time.

The guys looked at Sammy.

“And now?” Will asked.

Sammy raised his eyebrows. He looked around the room, obviously trying to come up with another way to hurt poor Chad's stretched balls. 

I took a sip from my coffee mug.

Sammy's face lit up. “I’ll be right back”, Sammy grinned and walked into the kitchen, whistling cheerfully. When he returned a couple of minutes later, he was carrying a dinner tray with three large coffee mugs. Apparently, the cups were filled with liquid, and Sammy carefully put the tray down on the floor.

“We’re going to try something new today”, Sammy explained with a gentle smile. “I have consulted with a couple of experts on Softballs, and they told me that they had very good success rates with this.” He pointed at the cups. “Hot chocolate, ice water, and lemon juice.”

I almost spat out my coffee.

“Oh fuck”, Chad grunted.

Will’s face broke into a huge grin and he balled his fist.

“Wait a moment”, Sammy said, lifting his hand. “I’m pretty sure he’ll be cursing a lot, and I don’t want to interrupt this session every time he swears.” He turned to Michael. “Why don’t you keep a tally?”

Michael grimaced. “Sure.”

Sammy smiled. “Okay, let’s start with the hot chocolate”, he said cheerfully and grabbed the first mug. Steam was rising from the hot liquid.

Chad’s eyes were wide open as he watched Sammy bring the cup closer and closer to his stretched ballsack. His nuts were held firmly in place by the weights.

“No”, he hissed when the steam from the chocolate reached his exposed testicles.

Sammy grinned. Slowly he dunked Chad’s swollen balls into the hot fluid until they were completely engulfed by it.

Chad howled from the top of his lungs, cursing and swearing as his nuts were swimming inside the boiling hot chocolate.

Michael had trouble keeping track of all the swear words as Chad grunted and groaned and bawled in pain.

After about 90 seconds, Sammy withdrew the cup and placed it on the floor.

Chad was panting heavily as hot chocolate was dripping down his steaming, lobster-red nuts.

“Oh my”, Sammy chuckled. “Talk about chocolate salty balls…”

Will laughed.

“I think we have to cool them down”, Sammy grinned and reached for the cup filled with ice water.

“Oh no”, Chad whimpered. “Fuck, no!”

Sammy winked at him and dipped his balls into the ice-cold water.

There was a loud fizzling noise as Chad’s hot balls made contact with the ice water.

Once again, Chad yelled through his gritted teeth as his testicles were cooled down almost to freezing point.

Michael was busy making notes as Chad let out a series of profanities.

After Sammy had let Chad’s nuts out of the cup, he inspected them for cracks in the skin.

Chad was panting and moaning. The weight was constantly pulling on his hurting nuggets, and now they had been boiled and frozen in rapid succession.

“Hmm”, Sammy mumbled. He looked at his fingernails and smiled. With a mean grin, he ran his fingernails over the fragile skin of Chad’s taut sack, making sure to leave scratch marks and perforate the skin.

Chad was yowling like a werewolf, screaming obscenities, as Sammy prepared his nutsack for the next challenge.

Winking at Chad, Sammy took a sip from the lemon juice. His face squinched up at the sour taste. “Perfect”, he said, shuddering.

When Chad’s nuts were dunked in the juice, he blinked. He looked almost relieved. “I don’t feel any---“ He stooped mid-sentence. “Oh fuck”, he whispered. “Oh fuck!” His voice grew louder and louder. “Fuuuuuck! Son of a bitch! Fucking hell!”

Sammy and Will chuckled as Chad’s manly voice cracked and he let out along, wheezing groan while his nuts were marinaded in the acidic juice.

Sammy made sure to let Chad’s nuts swim in the cup more than three minutes. When Chad’s screams turned hoarse and throaty, Sammy had mercy and pulled the cup away.

Chad looked at down at his stretched scrotum and the two squished plums at the bottom of the sack. “Holy fuck”, he whimpered when he saw the deep red scratch marks that had intensified considerably after the lemon treatment. His nuts were bloated and swollen, and they looked as if they were going to burst through the skin of his sack any second.

“Fuck”, Chad sobbed.

Will looked at his brother expectantly.

Michael grimaced. “One hundred and nine”, he said.

“Fuck!” Chad yelled.

“One hundred and ten”, Michael said.

Chad’s eyes filled with tears as Will knelt in front of him, balling his fists.

With Chad’s balls stretched to the absolute bottom of his sack by the heavy weights, they were a perfect target.

Will started pummeling Chad’s nuts with both of his fists as if he was working a punching bag. Left, right, left, right. He made sure that every nut received their fair share of hits, alternating between the two testicles and occasionally hitting both of them at the same time.

Chad was screaming and wailing from the top of his lungs.

Finally, Will had arrived at the 110th punch. He opened his hands and held them apart, Chad’s nuts hanging low in the middle between them. With a thunderous clap, he brought his hands together, catching Chad’s bulging balls between his palms, flattening the two tortured testicles like pancakes and making Chad retch and gag.

“Ooooh”, Sammy cringed in mock-sympathy.

Michael grimaced. “Ouch.”

Sammy took his time taking off the weights and unfastening the leather collar around Chad’s bruised sack.

Chad was grunting and groaning as Sammy untied his hands and allowed him to sink to the ground, sobbing in pain.

An hour later, Sammy and the twins had left the studio. Chad was sitting on the couch, trying to close the fly of his jeans. His nuts were so swollen that this proved to be a serious challenge. In addition to the swelling, the big, bloated orbs were hanging ridiculously low in their sac. Chad had decided to not even try and put on his underwear - but that meant that he had to keep his balls from slipping down the legs of his jeans.

“Fuck!” Chad grunted, pulling them up by the skin of his sac and trying to gently close the buttons of his jeans.

Then he realized his mistake and threw his head back, letting go of his balls and making them drop to the bottom of their sac. “Oh no, not again”, he groaned. He looked down at his naked nuts that were held in place by the fly of his jeans. He sighed and balled his fist before sending a nut-crunching punch at his hurting balls that made me wince in sympathy.

Chad screamed in pain from his self-inflicted nutshot and curled up in a ball.

A couple of minutes later I looked up and saw him sitting at his desk and working on the computer, his balls hanging out of his jeans. The two big, swollen globes were dangling so low between his wide-spread thighs that I almost feared to step on them when I stood next to him.

“You gave up?” I grinned.

He shot me an angry look. “They don’t fit into my pants”, he grumbled. “Fucking Softballs.”

“Chad”, I said slowly. “Have you thought about the possibility that the boys are just having fun with you?”

Chad jumped up, his balls swinging back and forth between his thighs. “You want me to do nothing and lose my fucking cock and balls?!” he yelled. “You fucking bastard!” He abruptly sat down, apparently underestimating the new range of his low hangers. He sat down on them with an almost comical squashing sound. His eyes widened and he howled in pain. "That's your fault, you fucking fucker!"

I inhaled deeply. “That’s four punches, Chad. Make them hard ones.”


Carter said...

I'm actually feeling a little bad for him right now. Still, hot story.
Those guys seem mind of mean. I wonder what they'd have to say about my equipment.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter!

I'm afraid the guys would mock you and humiliate you and they'd probably bust your balls so hard that you'd walk funny for a week... ;-)

BB_Daddy said...

What? His equipment's shrunken further?
I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's really humiliating :(
Damnit Sammy! This treatment didn't go anywhere! I seriously think the one who save his day should be Manuel instead lol

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BB_Daddy! I guess Chad is as frustrated with the development as you are. But therapy isn't over, yet... :-))

BB_Daddy said...

Oh you're such a teaser 😈
I like the 110 punches part though.
He did endure much more than I expect.

Alex said...

Yeah, Chad works very, very hard to get better... ;-)

Chad Fan said...

Poor Chad (:

His stubby cock and big sore balls must be so frustrating for him, as a self proclaimed lady's man...

It seems like Sammy is getting creative in his "treatments." I suppose he'd have to- as Chad's little problem is only getting worse. God speed Sammy! Save those balls (:

Great work- it's always nice to see what Chad has been up to.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Chadfan! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!