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Big day for a little dick (Carter meets Logan)

Special thanks to our devoted reader Carter for providing us with a lot of personal information.

If you (yes, I mean you, the one with his pants down, his dick in one hand and that wonderful pair of low-hangers in the other!) would like to be our guest, meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Nice to finally meet you”, I said and shook Carter’s hand.

“Thanks”, Carter mumbled. His hand was slightly moist and he looked a bit nervous.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

“You have been a member of our site for ages, right?” I said.

Carter nodded. He was a handsome 23 year old guy, with short black hair and beautiful dark eyes. His body was lean, almost scrawny, and he had a great tan, probably due to his partly Hawaiian background.

“Well, we certainly appreciated all your input over the years”, I continued. “You must have commented on at least one hundred videos.”

Carter smiled at me. “I hope I haven’t been annoying.”

“No, nonono”, I said quickly. “Definitely not. We love to get feedback from our members. It makes us want to become better and better.”

Carter nodded, looking relieved.

I looked at my watch. “Logan should be here any minute”, I said.

Carter bit his lower lip.

“No need to be nervous”, I smiled. “Logan is a nice guy.”

“He’s my favorite”, Carter said.

I chuckled. “Yeah, he’s great. Nice, friendly, kinky – and he has a great set of balls.”

Carter blushed and snickered.

Carter was one of the first members to visit us. In an attempt to get them more engaged in our activities we had started a contest, inviting our members to apply for a guest appearance in our studio where they’d meet their favorite model and have some fun with them.

Carter was a handsome guy, but he seemed a bit shy. Right on the outset he’d mentioned that he wasn’t sure if his equipment met our standards. He was wearing jeans and a shirt, so I hadn’t been able to evaluate it for myself.

The door opened and Logan burst into the room. The 18 year old high school wrestler was shirtless, wearing just a pair of sweat pants. His chest was tanned and muscular, just like the rest of his body. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and smiled.

“Hi”, he said, a big smile on his handsome face, “you must be Carter.”

Carter cleared his throat. “Nice to meet you”, he said politely. “I’m a huge fan.”

“We’re going to have a lot of fun”, Logan chuckled and playfully slapped Carter’s bulging crotch.

Carter winced and let out a groan as he doubled over, rubbing his crotch.

“No time to waste, right?” Logan chuckled, putting his hands on his hips.

Carter looked up and blinked. His eyes were at Logan’s crotch level. He grinned and slapped Logan’s groin.

“Ooooh”, Logan moaned hoarsely, grabbing his nuts. “Nice shot”, he said in a strained voice, “you got them both dead-on.” He grinned. “I guess we’ll both be singing soprano when we’re done here, huh?”

Carter chuckled.

“Alright”, Logan smiled, “let’s get the balls rolling.” He took off his sneakers and slipped out of his sweat pants, revealing a tightly packed jockstrap.

Carter looked at Logan’s crotch.

“Don’t worry”, Logan grinned. “I’m not wearing a cup.” He grabbed his crotch and squeezed the soft contents of his jockstrap. “I’m playing fair. May the toughest nuts win…”

Carter gulped.

“Wanna take your clothes off?” Logan grinned. “Let me see what I’m dealing with…”

Carter blushed. “Sure”, he said hesitantly before stripping off his shirt and his jeans. He was wearing a tight pair of Calvin Klein briefs that left very little to the imagination.

 “Well, didn’t you say you were a ‘huge’ fan?” Logan chuckled cheekily.

Carter shifted uncomfortably and put his hands in front of his groin which seemed to greatly amuse Logan.

“I don’t see anything huge there”, Logan grinned.

Carter looked mortified.

“Let’s have a look”, Logan winked at Carter and pried his hands away from his groin.

Carter looked down at his crotch, biting his lower lip, as Logan pulled down his underwear to reveal a small set of balls and an equally sub-standard dick.

“Oh my god”, Logan laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick as small as that one.” He gingerly grabbed Carter’s cock with his thumb and index finger, wiggling the limp little thing and chuckling. “Does it even work?”

Carter’s head was beet red and he looked like he was about to faint.

“I’m just pulling your leg, buddy, you’re fine,” Logan grinned and pulled Carter’s underwear up again. He playfully patted the small bulge in Carter’s Calvin Klein’s and chuckled as Carter moaned in pain and doubled over.

“My balls”, Carter whispered, grimacing.

“Oh, small dick and weak balls”, Logan laughed. “Perfect combination…” He casually adjusted the big bulge in his own crotch and winked at Carter.

I cleared my throat. “Okay, guys”, I said. “We’re going to play a little dice game. And we’re going to keep it simple: You roll the dice and the number determines how many times you can bust your opponent’s balls.”

Carter nodded, grimacing as he rubbed his groin.

“Sounds fun”, Logan grinned. “You have much experience, Carter?”

Carter shook his head. “Not exactly…”

“Then you’re in for a ride”, Logan chuckled.

I handed Carter the dice. “You go first.”

Carter rolled the dice. Five.  The bright smile on Carter’s face made me chuckle.

“Ouch”, Logan grimaced in anticipation. “You’re off to a good start…” He put his hand behind his head and spread his legs.

“I can do whatever I want, right?” Carter looked at me.

I nodded. “Whatever you want.”

Carter thought for a moment. “I think I’ll start with some kicks from behind…”

“Damn”, Logan mumbled.

I clicked my tongue. “Logan! Be nice to our guest!”

Logan shrugged, sighing. “Good choice, Carter”, he grinned weakly. “Make sure you really kick my nuts as hard as you can! Want me to bend over so you have a better shot?”

“Umm, sure”, Carter’s eyes lit up.

“Alright”, Logan grinned and bent over, his fingertips touching the ground.

Carter was standing behind him, his eyes fixed on the big bulge between Logan’s muscular thighs.

Carter drew his leg back and kicked Logan’s nuts. It wasn’t a very hard kick but it definitely made contact with both of Logan’s hefty plums.

Logan let out a groan. “Nice”, he said in a strained voice, “but you can do better than that… Don’t hold back! Give it all you can!”

“Alright”, Carter nodded.

He took a step back. Then, with a little running start, he kicked Logan’s nuts as hard as he could. His bare foot collided with Logan’s testicles, ramming them into his body and making Logan let out a guttural groan. His knees turned inward and he struggled to stay in position.

“How was that?” Carter said with a shy grin.

“Pretty good”, Logan coughed, slowly spreading his legs again and presenting his nuts to Carter. “Pretty good…”

Carter chuckled. There was a small yet conspicuous tent in Carter’s briefs. He definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. When he noticed my grin, he blushed and adjusted his crotch, trying to hide his erection.

He bit his lower lip and concentrated on the next kick. Again, he took a running start, and again he hit both of Logan’s nuts dead-on. His instep slammed into Logan’s meaty balls, flattening them against his body.

Logan let out a scream, his arms and legs trembling. “Fuck”, he whispered.

“That was pretty good, too, huh?” Carter grinned.

“Yup”, Logan mumbled, grimacing in pain. “You’re getting better and better at this… Now see if you can make me sing soprano…”

Carter chuckled. “I’ll certainly try…”

Logan grimaced and nodded. “Yeah, I thought so…”

Carter’s fourth kick was as devastating as the previous ones, colliding with Logan’s nuts with a resounding thud, lifting him a couple of inches off the ground and making him scream in agony.

I chuckled. “Sounded more like alto to me”, I mused.

Carter laughed. “Yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement.”

I grinned. Shy young Carter was certainly warming up.

Logan was breathing heavily, struggling to stay in position as his knees closed and he whimpered in pain. “One more”, he said hoarsely.

Carter grinned and drew his leg back. With devastating force and admirable precision he slammed his instep into Logan’s crotch, ramming his poor testicles into his body and eliciting a long, high-pitched squeal from Logan’s lips as he collapsed on the ground and curled up in a ball.

“Yes!” Carter laughed.

I chuckled.

Carter turned to me, a huge smile on his face. “He’s got a beautiful singing voice”, he quipped.

Logan was moaning and groaning, clutching his nuts and rolling around on the floor.

“Well, seems like you bring out the best in him”, I grinned. Glancing at his crotch, I added, “And it looks like you are enjoying yourself quite a bit, huh?”

Carter let out a laugh, shrugged and adjusted his crotch.

I looked at Logan. “You ready for your turn?”

Logan looked up, grimacing in pain. “Yup”, he whispered. He got up, groaning, and slowly straightened.

I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that this scrawny guy had brought down that muscular hunk with just five well-placed kicks.

Logan grinned weakly and adjusted his crotch. “Man, you really rearranged my junk. I swear I could feel them in my throat.”

Carter let out a laugh.

“Time for revenge, my friend”, Logan grinned and rolled the dice.

Carter gulped.


It was quite obvious that Logan was disappointed.

Carter, on the other hand, grinned happily.

Logan shrugged and reached inside Carter’s underwear. “What’s that? Oh, that’s your little dick”, he grinned as he moved past Carter’s hard cock and wrapped his hand around Carter’s balls and making him inhale sharply.

Logan looked him in the eyes and winked. “Let’s see if I can smush your raisins…”

Carter’s eyes widened as Logan started squeezing hard. The veins on Logan’s forearm stood out as he crushed Carter’s little balls with all the force he could muster.

Carter’s eyebrows rose and he let out a pitiful whimper as Logan kneaded his nuts between his fingers.

“Oh, oh, oh”, Carter wheezed, his eyes slowly crossing.

Logan chuckled. “I like that look in your eyes”, he said cheerfully. “Very attractive…” He moved his wrist, cruelly twisting Carter’s nuts and making him squeal like a pig before he let go, allowing Carter to clutch his manhood and double over.

In took a little time until Carter was ready to continue.

“Wow”, Logan grinned, “those little things seem to hurt pretty easily…”

Carter groaned. “Yup, they do.”

He rolled the dice and got a Two.

Smiling weakly, Logan adjusted his package, spread his legs, and put his hands behind his back.

Carter stood in front of him, putting his hands on his shoulders. He was still grimacing from the pain in his balls when he jerked his knee up, slamming Logan’s fat nuggets into his pelvis and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

“Ooof!” Logan coughed and stumbled backwards, grabbing his crotch and doubling over. “Ow, that hurt”, he groaned.

Despite the throbbing pain in his own nuts, Carter managed to smile.

The second knee lifted Logan off his feet. Carter’s bony kneecap crunched Logan’s juicy balls hard, flattening them like pancakes and making him yowl in agony.

“Fuck”, Logan shrieked from the top of his lungs. He jumped up and down, clutching his crotch, before he relaxed his legs, grimacing. “My turn”, he said and rolled the dice.

“A six!” Logan yelled triumphantly as the color left Carter’s face. “Oh, this is good, this is good!” Logan laughed and cracked his knuckles. “Spread your legs, my friend, this is going to be painful!”

Carter gulped and did as he was told.

Logan looked at the little tent in Carter’s briefs and chuckled.

Carter blushed.

Without further ado, Logan kicked Carter’s groin as hard as he could. His toes slammed into the bulge in Carter’s briefs, brutally flattening it and making Carter shriek from the top of his lungs.

With an ear-piercing squeal, Carter collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and curling up in a little ball.

“Ouch”, Logan chuckled, massaging his own aching nuts. “Right on target…”

He watched Carter squirm on the ground a couple of seconds before turning to me and quipping, “You would have guessed that those little marbles would be harder to hit, huh?”

I couldn’t help but laugh along with Logan as Carter was moaning in pain, nursing his battered testicles.

“Get up”, Logan smiled. “Five more kicks.”

Carter looked up, his eyes glassy, his handsome face glistening with sweat. “Damn”, he whispered.

Logan chuckled. “Don’t chicken out now, my friend. Get up and spread your legs so I can kick your little balls into orbit…”

Carter groaned and slowly got up. His boner hadn’t vanished and there was a little moist spot where the tip touched the fabric.

With a cheerful smile, Logan kicked Carter’s nuts again. His instep crunched Carter’s nuts hard, making Carter gag and retch.

“I would have said they’re flat like pancakes”, Logan quipped. “But I guess there’s not enough dough for that…” He laughed. “Flat as a two cent coin, maybe…”

Carter fell to his knees, clutching his groin, groaning in pain and nursing his aching testicles.

“Oh, you can stay like that”, Logan said. “Just take your hands away from your balls…”

Carter grimaced and moaned, slowly bringing his hands behind his back, kneeling on the ground with his thighs spread wide.

Logan took a couple of steps back, making Carter’s face turn into a frightened grimace. With a running start,
Logan kicked Carter’s nuts as if he was trying to kick a football beyond the horizon, making the scrawny young man sound like a Hawaiian opera diva singing a slightly dissonant, yet oddly entrancing aria.

Carter’s lean body was lifted off the ground and he fell onto his back, clutching his balls as he continued his soprano performance.

Logan was laughing his ass off.

“Ow, man”, he laughed, clutching his crotch in mock-sympathy. “That must have hurt!”

Carter was squirming and kicking his legs, screaming in pain and clutching his battered balls.

It took a couple of minutes until Carter was standing again, his face a mask of pain. His short black hair was wet and sweaty, and his eyes were glassy.

“Ready for number four?” Logan asked with a wink.

Carter groaned. “I don’t know.” He looked down at his crotch pulling the waistband of his Calvin Kleins away from his body.

It seemed that the bulge below his persistent erection had grown quite a bit, and judging from the expression on Carter’s face, his balls were not only swollen but slightly bruised as well.

“Show us”, Logan grinned.

Carter gulped and pulled his briefs down, revealing his small boner and a pair of beet red, swollen testicles.

Logan let out a laugh. “Well, they are almost normal size now”, he chuckled. “And the color is pretty original, don’t you think?”

Carter groaned and pulled his briefs up again.

Without hesitation, Logan powered his foot between Carter’s thighs, smashing his bruised, battered balls hard and making Carter yodel from the top of his lungs.

“We’re moving from opera queen to yodel queen”, Logan quipped before bursting out laughing.

Carter had collapsed on the ground again, clutching his nuts and screaming like a banshee.

Logan looked at me and grinned. “Do you think he’ll get up again?”

I shrugged.

We both watched poor Carter rock back and forth, clutching his crotch for a couple of minutes.

“I’m gonna go get something to drink”, Logan chuckled and disappeared in the kitchen. He returned with two bottles of beer, handing me one bottle.

“Cheers”, he said and took a big gulp. He held the cold bottle against his jockstrap, sighing at the cool sensation on his balls.

After what seemed like an eternity, Carter was standing again, grimacing in agony, his legs trembling, his toes curled up.

Holding the bottle of beer in one hand, Logan unceremoniously kicked Carter’s balls hard. His instep collided with Carter’s bruised testicles, ramming them into his pelvis.

Carter froze. His eyes slowly crossed and his eyebrows rose. His nose started twitching and drool was running out the corners of his mouth.

At the same time, there seemed to be an explosion going off inside his Calvin Klein briefs. The main pole of the little tent was moving rapidly as the fabric dampened with spurt after spurt of creamy cum, creating a very odd visual.

Logan raised his bottle, staring at Carter’s groin. “Wow.”

Batch after batch of creamy cum unloaded from Carter’s bruised balls, quickly wetting the fabric of the briefs and dropping to the ground, creating a slimy puddle of jizz on the ground between Carter’s trembling feet.

“Wow”, Logan repeated, chuckled. “Who would’ve thought that there was so much spunk hidden inside those little balls…” He took a big gulp and grinned. “Congrats, my friend! That’s very impressive!”

Carter didn’t seem to be very receptive to Logan’s compliment. His cock was sputtering jet after jet of his stud sauce into his underwear as his face slowly scrunched up. Simultaneously, a low, guttural groan emanated from his lips. The groan turned into a scream, and the scream turned into a wail as the spell on Carter’s body was broken.

His knees slowly came together and his hands found his crotch, slowly clasping the wet bulge as his dick continued shooting like a geyser inside his underwear.

He fell to his knees and curled up in a ball, screaming from the top of his lungs.

Logan looked at me. “I got one left.”

I grimaced. “I guess you don’t want to spare him?”

Logan laughed. “Of course not!” He walked up to Carter, rolled him on his back and pried his hands away from his crotch. Lifting his foot high above his crotch, he looked Carter in the eyes and winked at him.

Then he stomped down hard on Carter sore balls, driving the ball of his foot into them and twisting it as if he was putting out a cigarette.

Carter’s voice went up a notch and he let out a high-pitched wail as his bruised, swollen, spent balls were crushed underneath Logan’s foot.

Logan took another sip from his beer and smiled cheerfully before lifting his foot and allowing Carter to curl up in a ball, sobbing and moaning.

Half an hour later the three of us were sitting on the couch with a bottle of beer in our hands.

Carter’s face was contorted in pain as he pressed the cool bottle against the bulge in his wet, drenched underwear.

“I gotta say”, Logan grinned. “You shot quite a load…”

Carter looked at him. “Um, thanks, I guess”, he said.

“So, did you enjoy your little visit to our studio”, I asked.

Carter cleared his throat. “Well…”

“I certainly did”, Logan said, chuckling. He clinked his bottle against Carter’s, making Carter scream from the renewed pain in his nuts.

Logan burst out laughing.


Carter said...

That was amazing, thank you so much.
I really felt like my nuts were getting smacked around.

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm kinda sorry about the humiliating things Logan said about the size of your equipment - I hope he didn't go too far... :-))

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Alex doesn't get in trouble for supplying alcohol to minors. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great story and a good lesson for Carter...don't mess with the ballbusting boys!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

You mean trouble as is Logan's dad storming in to bust my balls? I sure hope Logan doesn't tell him... ;-)

Oh yeah, the boys can be pretty brutal... :-))

Anonymous said...

Really awesome story Alex, and a great intro into a new set of stories! I cant ever read one of your stories and not get horny! lol

Alex said...

Thank you! Your comment makes me very, very happy! :-))

Anonymous said...

Was it any different writing a character with a small dick instead of a big one? Did it like, affect how much fun you had? Or was it pretty much the same?

Alex said...

Thanks for your question! I really like writing about guys with big dicks but there are many more possibilities if you throw in a guy with smaller equipment - like humiliating comparisons, good-natured jokes at the smaller guy's expense, or just plain mean bullying. I like to mix it up, and I really enjoy writing about small dicks meeting big cocks... :-))

I can't say what is more fun to write. Generally, I have a lot of fun writing stories, and the "Be our guest" series is particularly enjoyable because I love the challenge of taking readers' thoughts and turn them into stories.

Hmm. Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Same anon here. Thanks.
Did you get to go all out with the insults and humiliation or did you find yourself holding back because a real person was involved?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment!

Well, you are right, I held back on the humiliation - but not because of Carter but because of Logan... :-))

I think it would be out of character for Logan to humiliate the hell out of someone he's just met - unlike some of the other guys who'd so so without hesitation... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Carter really got it good. He ain't getting laid anytime soon. Then again, with a dick that small, dude probably wasn't getting any anyway.

Alex said...

I hate to say it (considering that Carter may be reading this) but I have to agree with you. That small dick of his is just embarassing. And those little balls - well, I guess he didn't deserve any better...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that some guys were willing to admit they were so lacking in that department. Did that shock you at all when you started writing this?

Alex said...

I don't judge guys by the size of their equip--- Wait. That's not true. I do. Everybody does. So yeah, I was quite surprised that someone was so open about his shortcomings. I'm really glad he met Logan and not one of the other guys who would have had a field day laughing about his little dick and balls. And I'm sure that Carter is glad, too...

Carter said...

I'm kind of used to it from gym class teasing. I remember once I was taking a piss and one of the other guys said he had pubes bigger than my cock. That got a kick out of everyone. He was really popular too, because he was on the football team.
To be honest I was surprised there weren't more comments laughing at my size when this was posted.

Alex said...

I have to admit that comment by the football captain is hilarious! I'm sure the whole school had heard it by the end of the day, and everybody was laughing at you... Did you have a nick name in high school?

Oh, and I'm sure that every reader laughed at your size when they read the story - they were just too polite to leave a humiliating comment... :-))

Carter said...

Well, some of the guys called me Toothpick.

Alex said...


Well, I'm sure they meant it as a compliment...

Carter said...

I remember this one time I was talking to a hot girl and she asked me why my nickname was Toothpick. I was trying to come up with a convincing lie when the same dude showed up and decided to explain it to her. She wouldn't stop laughing, I was so embarrassed.
Then he asked her out and she said yes.

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing that funny little story, Toothpick! :-)))

Carter said...

I'll see if I can remember any other funny ones.

Alex said...


Carter said...

Pretty sure she actually knew why it was my nickname, actually. Think she just wanted to embarass me.

Anyway if you're wondering, yes it was the football jock who gave me that nickname.
It was during a basketball game for gym. He was calling out team mates but he didn't know people's names so he called out "Okay I'll take four eyes, and freckles, and so forth." At the end he pointed at me and said "Okay Toothpick, you're on my team."
He made sure to explain it so every one understood. I think he got a kick out of explaining it whenever he got the chance.
Anyway from that day forward, it stuck. Even the teach called me Toothpick a couple of times. "Yo, Toothpick, quit actin' like you got icy hot in your jock."

Don't get the wrong idea about the dude though, he wasn't all bad. He and I were, well, not friends. But he did try to help me out with my sports technique a few times. Never really did any good though.

You know what they say about us guys with tiny equipment. We suck at sports.

Carter said...

Anyway, hope you don't mind me talking about my teeny weeny so much.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter. I'm sure all your highschool friends remember you for your little dick... :-))

Carter said...

Yeah. I know my ex girlfriend does at least.

Alex said...


Carter/Toothpick said...

I like rereading this story every now and then
It's really fun
Do sometimes wish I got someone a little meaner than Logan though
He really let me off easy with his comments and teasing