Sunday, August 24, 2014

In a manner of speaking

You probably have noticed that certain images return again and again in my stories (prime example pictured above). I guess it comes with the subject: There seems to be a limited amount of metaphors that come to mind when you want to describe a pair of balls getting busted - so it's not a surprise that peanut butter, scrambled eggs and pancakes (to name just a few) make regular appearances on this blog...

(I don't know if it's just me but most of these images seem to be in reference of food. Except for soprano singers.)

I try very hard not to write the same story again and again (and again and again) but I know there are certain phrases, certain images and certain comparisons that you'll find in a lot of my stories.

As always, I'm interested in your opinion: Are there particular images or comparisons that you absolutely love or passionately hate? Is there a particular phrase that makes you roll your eyes whenever you read it in my stories? Or one that makes your balls tickle the second you read it? Is there anything (linguistically speaking) that always annoys you or that makes your heart (or other body parts) jump?

I'd love to hear your opinion! :-))

Update 08/25/2014:

D'oh! If forgot to the most important question (and the one that made me write this post in the first place...): Do you have any suggestions for hot imagery or expressions that you'd like to read in a story?

P.S.: I recently discovered this ancient 80s classic that's the reason for the title of this post. It's completely off-topic, not remotely related to ballbusting - just a beautiful, beautiful song...

TUXEDOMOON: In a manner of speaking


Carter said...

I'm quite fond of singing soprano.

Alex said...

Oh yes, that's a wonderful sound. I like that quite a bit, too! :-))

Anonymous said...

The metaphors you mention are really nice comic touches and that's definitely something that distinguishes you from most other writers of the genre :-)
I have to admit also a liking for the more brutal / realistic reactions to a solid blow between the legs. For example the initial look of shock/horror, doubling over, bravely trying to stay standing, retching / coughing, falling to the knees, clutching manhood, writhing on the floor, sweating, muscle spazms, veins popping out. Even puking can be hot.

And of course these are perfect moments for deep philosophical musings such as "Ah Fuck!...My fucking balls!...Ugh fuck, I'm gonna puke! fucking bastard/prick/fag!...oh god my nuts"

In particular i find a deep lung-emptying cough to be a great confirmation of a pulverized manhood. So hot!

Great question by the way...i hope there will be many reader comments.

Alex said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I don't think there has been a character in my story that has puked from ballbusting - but maybe that can be arranged... I'll think about it... :-))

Chad Fan said...

I think the casual attitude busters bring to their work is what makes the stories so great. Terms and all. If things got too serious, it might start teetering into grim territory.

Those "moments of reflection" are always great post-bust, for the guy on the receiving end. Giving him time to process what just happened to him.

What I would say though, is perhaps most jocks/frat/regular guys wouldn't know the soprano reference, or be confident enough to make it. More likely they'd make a joke about affecting another guy's sex life, how much a bust might hurt, or what other guys will think of the guy receiving the bust.

Great stuff, as always!

Alex said...

Thank you, Chad Fan! You may be right about the soprano rerences and the jocks. That's a good point. I'll try and remember it - or I'll get David to make them listen to opera music so that they know what they're talking about... ;-)