Friday, August 15, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 3: The ejaculation

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Welcome”, Logan said to the 30 students who were sitting in the class room, “to the third lesson of our sex ed program.” The 18 year old blond smiled. “It’s been two weeks since we met. Anybody remember what we did last time?”

Leroy, a handsome African-American with curly black hair, raised his hand. “We talked about the ‘blue balls’ phenomenon.”

“That’s right”, Logan nodded. “You did a very good job punching and kicking Zach’s ‘blue balls’.”

Leroy smiled proudly.

“Now, let’s see where we are”, Logan said and looked at Zach. “How are you?”

Zach gulped.

The past two weeks had been hell.

The hunky 20 year old stud had been fit with a nasty chastity device by the class, a cruel instrument that bent his huge, meaty cock in a way that prevented him from having an erection.

Two weeks he had worn this ghastly device. Two weeks without sex, without the chance to shoot the giant load that had built up in his supersized testicles. The worst thing: Last weekend his buddies had celebrated their annual “Porn is life” spectacle at the fraternity. With a couple of hot and eager Triple-D-cup girls offering themselves for entertainment, the guys spent the weekend watching porn and engaging in a 72-hour-fuckathon that left every testicle in the house drained and completely empty – every testicle except for the two prime examples that Zach was carrying between his thighs.

He’d tried to come up with excuses, but eventually his buddies stripped him naked and found his famous gargantuan cock locked away in the chastity cage. At first, they were shocked, but that didn’t last very long. Soon, they were making fun of him, and they came up with a couple of ways to use Zach’s plight for their enjoyment.

Friday night, Zach spent chained to a chair, watching his buddies gangbang a very outgoing blond chick with remarkably stretchable orifices.

Saturday night, Zach was on pussy duty. His buddies made him eat out the girls after they had been fucked, making sure they were nice and clean for the next cock. Due to a regrettable misunderstanding of the exact nature of “pussy duty”, one of the girls, an intellectually-challenged blond with amazingly oversized fake breasts, fucked Zach’s ass with a strap-on for almost an hour until the guys realized the mistake. Of course, they sincerely apologized to her and had Zach make it up to her by pleasuring her with the strap-on for the rest of the night.

On Sunday, the frat guys organized a girls-vs-boys nut-kicking competition centering around Zach’s big and swollen balls that was a huge success with almost all the participants. The boys won narrowly, and they celebrated their victory by banging the shit out of the losers, making Zach watch with a broomstick pressing against his prostate.

The past two weeks had been hell.

“I’m fine”, Zach mumbled.

Logan chuckled. To keep the element of surprise, he had wrapped a towel around Zach’s waist. Except for that Zach was stark naked, his tanned, muscular body on full display.

“Great. Now this”, Logan said with a grin, “is what blue balls look like.” He pulled the towel away like a Las Vegas magician, exposing Zach’s genitalia, his locked cock and the two extremely swollen gonads below them.

The students gasped in unison.

“Yeah”, Logan nodded. “I know. It looks terrible. I’m showing you this so you know why you have to be very diligent with your fucking. It’s absolutely vital that you empty your nuts a couple of times a week or your stuff will look like this. If there’s no hole available you might have to take matters in your own hands. That’s cool, don’t be ashamed about it.” Logan smiled. “Just make sure you don’t let it come to this.” He pointed at Zach’s bruised, sore and swollen meatballs.

The boys nodded gravely, staring at Zach’s groin. Some of them made notes so they didn’t forget Logan’s valuable advice.

Logan waited a moment until he was sure that the image of Zach’s poor balls was engraved in every student’s memory. “Before I unlock Zach’s cock and we’ll finally be able to concentrate on today’s lesson, all of you will get a chance to feel Zach’s nuts for themselves. Stand in line, please.”

One by one, the students walked up to Zach and groped his sore, swollen nuts, making Zach wince and shift uncomfortably.

“Notice the texture?” Logan said. “They feel more squishy than they used to, right?”

The boys nodded.

“Like overripe tomatoes”, one boy said.

“Our dog’s toys feel exactly like this”, another added.

“Fells like you can squish them with your bare hands”, yet another one chimed in.

Zach yelped in pain as his bloated balls were viciously squeezed and wrung by the students.

Finally, they boys went back to their seats and Logan knelt in front of Zach to free his dick.

Logan opened the padlock and wrinkled his nose. “You did shower, didn’t you?”

The class burst out laughing.

Zach shot Logan angry look.

Logan carefully examined the metal tube that was jam-packed with Zach’s incredibly huge dick. He raised his eyebrows when he saw some huge dents and bumps in the tube. “Zach”, Logan shook his head, clicking his tongue, “this thing is completely useless now. I’m afraid you’ll have to reimburse me, buddy. What have you done with it?”

Zach frowned at him. “I just---“

Logan grabbed the tube and yanked down hard, causing Zach to stop mid-sentence and scream from the top of his lungs.

It took a lot of effort until Logan was finally able to pull the tube off of Zach’s huge, meaty dick with a resounding PLOP.

“There we are”, Logan mumbled as Zach screamed in agony. “Now the ring…” He bit his lower lip. “This is going to be a little difficult…”

With a dauntless look in his eyes, Logan grabbed the tight metal ring that enclosed the neck of Zach’s sac. Pressing his thumbs into the soft meat of Zach’s testicles, Logan tried to pull it off of Zach’s sack.

Grunting with effort, he squished and squashed Zach’s tender, swollen balls, eliciting shrill shrieks and agonized yells from Zach’s mouth.

“Phew”, Logan wiped his forehead. “I guess we’ll have to do it one at a time…”

Zach was whimpering in pain, staring down at his crotch in sheer horror as Logan concentrated on Zach’s right nut first.

The bloated, swollen orb looked like it was twice the size it used to be. It looked severely bruised and had taken on a decidedly unhealthy bluish red color. It certainly didn’t help that Logan was now digging his thumbs into the tender flesh, trying to squeeze it through the ring.

It took him a couple of minutes until he had freed both of Zach’s balls, a couple of seemingly endless minutes that Zach spent shrieking and screaming.

Zach was sweating from all pores, his muscular body glistening.

Holding the metal ring in his hand, Logan looked up at Zach and shot him an annoyed look. “Stop the screaming already”, he said, slapping Zach’s swollen nuts with the palm of his hand, ironically eliciting another high-pitched wail from Zach’s lips.

Zach doubled over, cupping his oversized, swollen genitals. His cock and his balls looked sore and miserable. “My beautiful dick”, Zach whispered, looking at the red, limp monster and gently caressing it.

The first gentle touch in two weeks had a very immediate and obvious effect on Zach’s sore schlong: Within seconds it stood at attention, pulsing and throbbing as Zach continued examining his genitals, gently rolling his bloated balls between his fingers one at a time.

“There it is, folks”, Logan grinned. “The baby batter blaster is back in action.”

The students clapped politely.

Zach looked down at his rock-hard monster cock. The relieved smile on his face couldn’t mask the pain he was feeling.

“And we’re right in the middle of today’s lesson”, Logan said cheerfully. “There must be gallons of spunk stored in Zach’s big, blue balls that are just waiting for us to coax them out.”

Zach’s smile vanished immediately. “Umm, you know”, he said, “maybe it’d be better if we gave it a rest for the time being?”

Logan grinned. “Don’t worry, we won’t touch your dick.”

Zach exhaled slowly. “Okay, good.”

“I guess it must be pretty sensitive after it’s been locked away for two weeks”, Logan smiled sympathetically.

Zach nodded, a pained expression on his face.

“And besides”, Logan added, “that’d be pretty gay.”

Zach was fumbling with his balls. The slightest touch of his genitals caused his dong to twitch in reaction. Its tip was wet and shiny and dripping with precum.

“No”, Logan continued, “we’ll be concentrating on those huge blue plums of yours.”

Zach looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“We’ll make sure to milk every last drop of pent-up jizz out of those monsters”, Logan smiled. “You’ll be thoroughly drained until your big balls are completely empty.” He looked at the class. “Now who wants to press out the juice?”

Almost all of the students raised their hands, jumping at the chance to get their hands on Zach’s gigantic balls again.

“CJ”, Logan smiled and pointed at a cute redhead with a nose piercing.

“Yes!” CJ exclaimed jubilantly.

“Most of you guys know that CJ has a bit of experience”, Logan chuckled. “You have milked a guy or two in the past, huh?”

CJ grinned. “Yeah, a couple of times…”

Some students blushed.

“So what’s your technique?” Logan asked.

CJ shrugged. “I’m pretty good with my mouth.”

“But”, Logan smiled, “the cock’s off limits today.”

CJ nodded slowly. “Yeah. Well, I think I’ll concentrate on squeezing and kneading today.”

“Squeezing and kneading”, Logan repeated, “Good choice. I’m sure you’ll be able to get that pent-up load out of him in no time.”

CJ cracked his knuckles and knelt in front of Zach.

Zach looked down at the cute redhead who winked at him and grinned.

“Relax, this might hurt a little bit”, CJ said.

Logan chuckled and handcuffed Zach. Then he placed a big glass pitcher on the ground next to CJ.

“Thanks”, CJ said. He licked his lips and grabbed Zach’s swollen nuts with both of his hands, causing Zach to inhale sharply.

Separating the two huge testicles was more difficult than it looked. Both of them were absurdly swollen, and there was barely enough room in the scrotum to fit them both in, let alone get some space between the two massive orbs. But CJ didn’t give up. He pulled and yanked on Zach’s nuts, making the blond hunk whimper and groan, until he had a good, firm grip on both of his testicles.

Then CJ started squeezing.

Zach let out an ear-piercing wail as CJ’s slender fingertips dug into the soft flesh of his nuts as deep as they could. With a satisfied grin, CJ twisted Zach’s nuts, squeezing hard and causing his fingertips to whiten from the pressure.

Zach’s dick twitched and jumped as CJ tortured his tender globes, squishing and squashing them with his bare hands, alternately yanking up and down, causing Zach to let out all kinds of bizarre noises.

Precum ran down the thick shaft of Zach’s oversized dick, coating it in a sticky layer of juice. CJ had to fight the urge to lick Zach’s splendiferous tool, so he doubled down on Zach’s nuts.

CJ let go of the two orbs and grabbed the neck of his sack with his left hand, pushing Zach’s tender gonads to the bottom of the sack. Then he balled his right fist and used it to grind his knuckles into Zach’s nuts.

That technique proved to be very effective: Zach’s screams grew louder and louder as CJ twisted his fist, crushing Zach’s meaty nuts into peanut butter.

Zach was moaning and screaming, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open, as CJ wreaked havoc on his poor, tender gonads.

CJ was panting, gritting his teeth as he applied as much pressure as he possibly could, trying to squish the spunk out of Zach’s nuts.

“Damn”, CJ said, gritting his teeth, “these bastards are tougher than I thought…” He lifted his fist and smashed Zach’s nuts with a well-placed punch.

Zach’s screaming stopped and he let out a throaty gurgle as his eyes slowly turned inward.

“Now we’re getting somewhere”, CJ mumbled and repeated the maneuver, punching Zach’s bloated balls as hard as he could, flattening them between his hands.

“Urgh”, Zach grunted, his mouth hanging open, his eyes crossed.

CJ punched Zach’s nuts again and again, smashing his fist into them and making sure to twist his knuckles on impact, doing as much damage as possible.

Drool was dropping down from Zach’s lips, landing on his twitching cock and mixing with the precum on his wet dick.

CJ fired another dozen of punches at Zach’s poor, swollen babymakers, before his cock exploded with a huge jet of spunk that sputtered up high into the air and came down landing right in the pitcher sending drops splattering against the glass wall.

“Yeah”, CJ smiled in satisfaction. He carefully grabbed Zach’s cock and pointed it at the pitcher. “We don’t want to waste a drop”, he mumbled, licking his lips.

A second huge spurt of cum shot found its way into the pitcher with a wet splat.

With the other hand, CJ grabbed Zach’s nuts and squeezes them. He alternated between the two big plums, and it looked curiously as if he was milking a cow with one hand.

Zach’s cock spat out jet after jet of creamy jizz that landed in the pitcher thanks to CJ guidance. Within seconds, the bottom of the pitcher was coated in white, sticky cream.

CJ continued squeezing Zach’s bloated balls, making sure that the flow didn’t stop. Indeed, the amount of cum shooting from Zach’s pulsing dick was incredible. Dozens of spurts of sticky semen landed in the pitcher, slowly filling the glass container, the level rising and rising without an end in sight.

Finally, the spurts grew less frequent and less rich. CJ looked up at Logan. “Would you?” he asked.

Logan grinned and lifted the pitcher so that the head of Zach’s cock submerged in the collected ocean of jizz. His continuing spurts caused the viscous liquid to bubble with evey shot.

CJ clamped both of his hands around Zach’s balls, squeezing as hard as he could, trying to drain his balls as thoroughly as possible.

Zach let out a long, wheezing moan as CJ interlocked his fingers and pressed his hands together, squashing both of his nuts between his palms.

Finally, CJ wrung Zach’s ballsack like a cleaning cloth, causing Zach to choke and gag.

“They should be all empty now”, CJ said. “Phew.” He wiped his forehead with his lower arm and started licking his fingers that were sticky with Zach’s precum.

Zach let out a whimpering yelp before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground.

“You’re welcome”, CJ said, noisily sucking of Zach’s precum from his fingertips.

Logan looked at the pitcher, raising his eyebrows. “Wow”, he said slowly. “Not bad.”

CJ looked at the pitcher and licked his lips. “Now, what are we going to do with it?” he asked, smiling innocently.

Logan grinned. “You know, after an ejaculation like that, there’s an acute danger of dehydration.”

CJ looked disappointed. “I see.” He sighed and looked at Zach who was lying on his back, whimpering in pain. “Lucky bastard”, he mumbled.

He watched, his eyes glowing with envy, as Logan lifted Zach’s head and poured the slimy jizz into his mouth.

At first, Zach swallowed like a baby. But suddenly, his eyes opened wide and he started struggling.

“Easy”, Logan said, “easy.” He turned to CJ. “Hold his nose.”

CJ mumbled something unintelligible and did as he was told.

Zach gasped for air, allowing Logan to pour the rest of his sperm into his mouth. He gulped and gulped until the pitcher was empty.

“Okay”, Logan smiled, handing the slimy pitcher to CJ. “You can lick it clean if you like.”

CJ grinned and scooped up Zach’s spunk with his finger, thoroughly cleaning the glass pitcher and slurping down Zach’s cum.

Logan turned to the class.

The guys were staring at the spectacle, their mouths hanging open.

“That’s it for today”, Logan smiled. “Now you know everything there is to know about the ejaculation. Practice what you’ve learned on your friends. And maybe you want to prepare in advance for next week’s topic.” He held up his index finger and wiggled it with a cheerful smile. “Next Friday, we’ll take a close look at the prostate.”


Carter said...

This is awesome, but now I kind of feel bad for Zach.
Still, great story. Can't wait to see what's next.

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter! Yeah, Zach does seem to be out of luck in this story... :-))