Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Logan’s high school diary 2

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After Logan had joined our team a few weeks ago, he had suggested to borrow one of our cameras to take it to his school and shoot some stuff for a video diary. The blond 18 year old high school senior was very popular with our members, and I liked the idea.

Today, he sent me the second part.

I poured myself a cup of coffee, popped the DVD into the player and leaned back on my chair.

“Hi, guys”, Logan said, smiling into the camera.

Apparently, one of his friends was filming. The camera was shaky as they both were walking down their high school’s hallway.

“It’s me, Logan. I’m here at Josiah E. Bartlet High School with my buddy Cody behind the camera…”

The cameraman turned the camera around and smiled into the lens.

I recognized Cody. He had been at our studio along with a couple of friends to cheer for Logan in his very first fight for us.

Cody had a cute face, with a nose piercing and a cheerful smile. His red hair was cut in a stylish haircut.

“Come on, back to me, Cody”, Logan laughed.

Cody raised his eyebrows and shrugged before turning the camera around again, focussing on Logan.

The hallway was crowded with students.

Logan stood in front of one of the lockers and opened it.

He ran his hand through his short blond hair, grabbed a couple of books, and closed the door again.

Smiling at the camera, he said, “Cody is one of my best friends. We are neighbors and we used to play with each other when we were kids, right, Cody?”

“Yup”, Cody said behind the camera.

Logan grinned. “He’s the one who told me about the birds and the bees when we were ten. We did quite a bit of experimenting together, didn’t we?”

Cody laughed. “Oh, yes… You were the first dick I sucked.”

“Shh!” Logan put his forefinger in front of his lips, grinning. “Don’t tell anybody…”

“Logan was the first dick I sucked!” Cody shouted, causing some other students to laugh.

Logan chuckled. “Out and proud, Cody, huh?”

Cody laughed.

Behind Logan, a blond guy with a spiky haircut appeared, sneaking up on Logan, carrying a field hockey stick. I had seen him in the first video, his name was Speedy.

Logan didn’t notice him and kept on teasing his best friend. “Did you ever get a better dick in your mouth, Cody?”

Cody chuckled, knowing that his buddy was in for a painful surprise. “Never, man. You are the best. Cream of the crops…”

Logan laughed. He shifted his weight, standing with his legs slightly apart, now. He was wearing blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. “I bet you---“

Behind him, the spiky haired boy had placed the business end of the hockey stick between Logan’s feet. He yanked it upwards, ramming it into Logan’s bulging package.

Logan yelped in surprise and doubled over.

“Did I get you?” Speedy laughed.

Cody and a couple of other guys joined in, laughing their asses off.

They formed a circle around Logan and Speedy.

Logan groaned. “Speedy, let---“

Speedy yanked the hockey stick backwards, causing Logan’s eyes to bulge as his nuts were rammed into his crotch.

The hockey stick fell to the ground and Logan coughed, clutching his nuts.

“You fucking broke my balls”, Logan moaned, falling down to his knees.

The crowd laughed and clapped, while Speedy did a little victory dance.

“Teabag him!” someone shouted.

Speedy laughed.

Other guys joined in, chanting, “Teabag! Teabag! Teabag!”

Speedy looked up and down the hallway, making sure that no teacher was in sight.

He unzipped his jeans and reached inside, pulling out a pair of plump, meaty testicles. He grabbed the base of his sac and walked up to Logan on his tip-toes, letting his hairy gonads dangle above his head.

Logan looked up, grimacing in pain, just in time for Speedy’s sac to touch his forehead.

“Eww”, the crowd laughed, clapping and cheering.

Speedy moved up and down on his tip-toes, bouncing his balls on Logan’s face, laughing.

Behind the camera, Cody said cheerfully, “Careful, Speedy, he’s gonna---“

Suddenly, Logan’s right hand shot upwards between Speedy’s thighs.

The crowd cringed in sympathy as Logan’s strong hand grabbed hold of Speedy’s nutsack.

Speedy inhaled sharply as Logan’s fingers closed around his fat, meaty nuts.

“Fuck”, he whispered.

Logan grimaced. He clamped his hand shut and squeezed Speedy’s nuts with all the force he could muster while cupping his own aching genitals with his left hand.

Speedy let out a wheezing moan.

The crowd watched in silence, most of the guys grinning from ear to ear.

Speedy’s eyes widened as Logan squished his poor nuts between his fingers.

Cody chuckled.

“Logan”, Speedy groaned. “Please don’t---“

Logan looked up and grinned, twisting his hand and making Speedy scream in pain.

“Try and tie a knot in his balls”, Cody laughed.

Some guys in the crowd chuckled.

Speedy started whimpering in pain, trying to pry Logan’s hands away from his precious testicles.

But Logan had a vice-like grip on Speedy’s balls and, apparently, he didn’t plan on releasing them from it.

Cody zoomed in on Speedy’s balls and the strong hands that were squashing them.

Logan’s fingertips dug into the soft flesh, making the skin of Speedy’s sac whiten from the pressure.

“Please”, Speedy whimpered. “Logan, you---“

Logan gave Speedy’s nuts a hard tug, making Speedy shriek in pain. His screams were drowned out by the laughter and cheers from the guys watching.

“Well, Speedy”, Logan grimaced, rubbing his own gonads while squeezing Speedy’s balls as hard as he could. “Maybe you should think about giving up hockey…”

Speedy whimpered.

Logan chuckled and let go of his testicles.

Speedy groaned and collapsed on the ground, curling up in a ball, cupping his crotch and whimpering in pain.

Logan grimaced and got up, clutching his own groin in pain.

“Hey, Logan”, someone shouted. “Teabag him!”

Logan laughed. “Not today, Hector…” He looked at the camera and grinned. “See you, guys…”

The screen turned black.


Anonymous said...

OK, maybe I just noticed this... but Josiah E. Bartlett high school? Love the name - nothing like naming it after a great fictional president!

Anonymous said...

I am loving these short stories about Logan, I hope he gets it good in the next one!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm thinking about having the third part take place in the wrestling team's locker rooms... We'll see...

@ anonymous (1):

Anonymous said...

well, apparently someone watches The West Wing ;)
And I loved this story.

Alex said...

Thanks! :-))

Carter said...

I love when guys get busted by sports equipment, it's so hot. And I love when they're moaning in pain about how much their balls hurt.
Logan is definitely one of my favorite guys, I hope he gets busted hard over the course of this series.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I'm glad you like the story!