Friday, March 13, 2009

Zach the cheater: Zach and Stephanie

Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality.

Featured in this story:  Zach (click for pictures)

My cameraman Chad and our new technician Vince had left the studio a few hours ago. I was working late, crunching numbers.

A few minutes before midnight, just when I was ready to leave, the door bell rang.

I looked at my watch and sighed.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see Zach leaning against the wall.

The 20 year old frat guy looked miserable. His face was hot and glistening, and his blond hair was wet with sweat.

“Zach”, I said, raising my eyebrows. “What’s up?”

Wordlessly, he limped past me and sat down on the couch, groaning in pain.

I sat down opposite him and waited.

He had his eyes closed, his head leaning against the wall. His white t-shirt had sweat stains on his chest and under his arm pits.

“Zach?” I said softly.

Another minute passed.

Finally, Zach said in a weak voice, “Could you get me a glass of water?”

“Sure”, I said quickly and walked into the kitchen.

When I came back with a pitcher of water and two glasses, Zach was leaning forward, his elbows on his knees, his legs spread wide apart.

I noticed that his fly was unbuttoned. His jeans were bulging with his manhood, the white fabric of his underwear visible between his thighs.

Zach was one of the best-endowed guys I had ever seen. And that included numerous porn stars that ranked well below average. He had a pair of extralarge, juicy testicles filled with an amazing amount of first-class semen, and a very big cock, an one-in-a-million schlong that looked like it was built to inspire envy and jealousy in the poor guys who were afflicted with ordinary, average sized penises. To add insult to injury, he knew how to use it…

A week ago, I had seen him fuck Leo’s sister in what turned out to be a very unfortunate coincidence: Someone had sent me a letter asking Zach to seduce a girl depicted on a photo. Zach had agreed to do it, mainly because he was offered quite a bit of money for it. As luck would have it, we were watching the taped footage of the successful mating just as Leo walked into the room, recognizing his sister and wreaking havoc on Zach’s proud babymakers.

Anyway, he had gotten 500 dollars for it, and, while I wasn’t sure whether it was worth getting his balls busted for that kind of money, he had agreed to take on another assignment that promised to earn him 1000 dollars if he fucked another girl.

Zach looked up and took the glass of water. His hand was shaking. He took a sip and sighed, leaning back.

“What happened?” I asked.

Zach grimaced and tentatively touched his package, wincing when his fingertips made contact with the fabric of his jeans. “Things didn’t go too well”, he whispered.

I shot him a sympathetic smile. “You didn’t fuck her?”

Zach groaned. “Oh, I did, but---“ He sighed and handed the camera that I had lent him. “Wanna see for yourself?”

I took the camera and connected it to the computer.

“You want to watch it with me?” I asked.

Zach just groaned and lay down on the couch, covering his face with his arm.

I started the tape.

“---so you can watch it over and over again”, Zach said, walking away from the camera.

A girl was sitting on a queen size bed.

The room was vast and luxuriously furnished, with pricey carpets and modern art on the walls.

The girl was in her early twenties. Her blond hair was long and wavy, her face was so perfect that I wondered whether there had been some surgery involved in the creation. But whatever the reason – she looked beautiful, and she definitely knew how to dress. She was wearing an elegant black gown that accentuated her long legs and her voluptuous breasts.

“Oh, I will”, she said, looking at Zach and smiling.

Zach grinned and took off his shirt, revealing his tanned, muscular, smooth chest. He threw his shirt away and walked over to the girl, taking her hand and pulling her towards him.

They kissed and Zach grabbed her ass with both of his hands, squeezing and pulling her upwards.

The girl giggled.

Zach broke the kiss and grinned at her. “So this is your place, Stephanie”, he said, looking around. “Are you some kind of a celebrity? Should I know you?”

The girl giggled again. “My husband owns it.”

Zach chuckled. “Rich old fart, huh?”

“Not quite”, the girl said, running her hand over Zach’s muscular back. “He’s as old as me.”

“Fuck”, Zach said, grinning. “A place like this, a girl like you - what’s his secret?”

“Stocks”, Stephanie said, shrugging. “Let’s not talk about him. I’m gonna file for divorce, anyway. The market’s collapsed. I guess he’s gonna have to sell everything.”

Zach grinned. “I bet the cars alone a worth a fortune…”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “He would rather sell me than his cars… The Porsches, the Rolls, the Jags – they mean everything to him. Could we please not talk about him?”

Zach grinned and kissed her, reaching around her and starting to unzip her dress.

The black gown fell down, revealing Stephanie’s naked, perfectly tanned body. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, giggling as Zach took a step back and looked at her, chuckling.

“All those cars”, Zach said, “I bet he has a small dick…”

Stephanie grinned and lifted her hand, indicating the pathetic size of her hubby’s penis between her thumb and her forefinger.

Zach chuckled. “Poor girl”, he said.

Stephanie put on a pouting expression and nodded.

“Poor, poor girl”, Zach repeated, adjusting his crotch. “A woman like you needs a big, strong cock.”

The girl giggled and nodded again.

Zach grinned and put his hands on his hips, glancing down at his crotch.

Stephanie’s eyes widened with excitement and she got down on her knees in front of Zach. She opened his fly and yanked his jeans down. When she pulled down his underwear, Zach’s enormous cock swung upwards, smacking her in the chin with a resounding slap.

Zach’s dong was rock hard and shiny with precum.

“You want to suck it, huh?” Zach grinned, grabbing the base of his cock and slapping it onto Stephanie’s cheeks.

“Oh, yes”, the girl whispered.

“Have you ever sucked a cock like this?” Zach asked, rubbing the head of his cock in circles over her face, leaving a slimy trace of precum.

“Never”, Stephanie cooed.

Zach chuckled, looking down at her. “Open wide, bitch.”

Stephanie was startled. She looked up at Zach for a brief moment.

“I said open wide, bitch”, Zach grinned.

Stephanie giggled and opened her mouth.

As soon as her lips had parted, Zach shoved his gigantic cock between them, burying it all the way in her mouth until his dangling balls slapped against her chin.

Stephanie gagged.

Zach chuckled and pulled his cock out again. It was glistening with her spit.

Stephanie coughed and closed her eyes, a drop of spit hanging down her lip.

Zach grinned. “You need a bit of training…”

Stephanie cleared her throat and looked up at Zach.

“I’ll go gentle at first”, Zach continued. “You’ll see, you’ll love it…”

Stephanie opened her mouth tentatively and Zach nodded gently.

Soon, Stephanie’s head was bobbing back and forth, sucking happily on Zach’s fat cock.

“Yeah”, Zach moaned, “that’s right, bitch, suck on it.”

He shoved his cock all the way into her mouth, causing Stephanie to gurgle and gag. He started deep-throating her, making her moan in pleasure as the tip of Zach’s cock tickled her tonsils.

He grabbed her head and pulled her back and forth, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure. His balls slapped against her chin again and again. The room was filled with the sound of both of them moaning,
Stephanie slurping greedily, and Zach’s balls smacking against her face.

She had her eyes wide open, fixed on Zach’s neatly trimmed pubes.

Her hands were glued to his ass cheeks, pulling him towards her.

After a while, Zach withdrew his cock and smiled down at her. “I’m gonna fuck you, now…”

Stephanie giggled and got up, licking her lips and crawling onto the bed.

Zach took off his jeans and his boxer briefs. He grabbed his cock and slapped it against his abs a few times. His muscular body was glistening with sweat and he chuckled as he looked at Stephanie. She was lying on her bed, her legs spread wide, massaging her breast, waiting to mount him.

“Come on”, she whispered. “Fuck me, stud.”

Zach grinned and climbed onto the bed. Without any further ado, he rammed his dick into her pussy, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

He started fucking her hard, drilling his oversized cock into her hole at a wild pace.

After a few minutes, he stopped and pulled out his cock.

“Come on”, he said, panting heavily, and pulled her off the bed, turning her around and making her stand in front of the bed, her hands on the bed frame. “Now, I’m gonna fuck your ass…”

Stephanie giggled with excitement, turning her head to look at Zach. “Austin has never fucked me like that…”

“Austin is a loser”, Zach grunted and slapped Stephanie’s ass cheeks a couple of times.

Stephanie shrieked in pleasure.

“Okay”, Zach grinned. He spat down on his cock and spread Stephanie’s ass cheeks with his hands. “You’re in for a treat…”

Stephanie moaned as Zach’s cock entered her ass hole.

Zach was standing with his legs slightly apart to accommodate for the difference in height.

“Oh, fuck me!” Stephanie yelled.

Zach did as he was told, ramming his cock in and out of Stephanie’s needy hole, grunting and moaning, fondling her breasts that bobbed back and forth with every thrust.

His balls slapped against her body as he pounded her hard, causing her shrieks to increase in pitch and volume as his huge cock slammed into her at a rapid pace.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Oh, god, fuck me!”

“You like that, huh?” Zach grunted, stating the obvious, as the sound of his hips slapping against her ass cheeks echoed across the room. “I bet Austin never heard you beg for it like that…”

Stephanie shrieked and moaned, causing Zach to fuck her even harder. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled, holding on to the bed frame for dear life. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Suddenly, the door opened.

Zach and Stephanie couldn’t see it as they were facing the other way. But even if they had seen it, they wouldn’t have noticed, being entirely caught in sexual pleasure, grunting and shrieking, moaning and panting.

The young man who was standing in the door, wasn’t quite as happy with what he saw, though.
His mouth was hanging open as he stared at this muscular, over-endowed stud sinking his impressive rod into his young wife’s pussy.

Austin had short, curly black hair, and a deep tan. He was wearing a pinstriped suit, a white shirt, a discreetly colored tie and black leather shoes. He was significantly smaller than Zach, and considerably less muscular. In fact, he was rather skinny. Nevertheless, he had an attractive face with handsome features.

His attractiveness was badly diminished, though, by the look of hurt and anger on his face.

The copulating couple was completely unaware of Austin’s presence. Zach was grunting and panting, happily continuing to fuck Austin’s wife’s ass hole while Stephanie was shrieking in pleasure, urging him to fuck her harder.

“Tell Tiny Austin that’s what sex should feel like”, Zach grunted.

“Fuck, yeah!” Stephanie screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

”I’m gonna shoot my load to deep inside you that his cock won’t be able to reach it”, Zach growled. “He won’t notice a thing…”

“Oh, yes!” Shephanie panted.

Austin blinked.

“I’m gonna fill you up with my cum, bitch”, Zach muttered, breathing heavily.

Austin took a step towards Zach.

Zach’s balls were slapping against Stephanie’s body as he pounded her ass, his legs spread wide apart.

“Fill me up!” Stephanie shrieked.

“Oh, yes!” Zach screamed, throwing his head back. “Get ready, bitch! I’m---“

Austin let out an angry yell and launched a hard kick between Zach’s legs just as Zach’s balls started pumping his jizz into Stephanie’s hole. His shiny leather shoe connected with the two juicy, ripe orbs, ramming them into his pelvis and causing Zach’s cock to disappear all the way into Stephanie’s hole.

Both Zach and Stephanie screamed from the top of their lungs.

Austin grabbed Zach’s shoulder and pulled Zach away from his wife. Zach’s cock was yanked out of Stephanie’s body, swinging through the air, sending thick ropes of jizz flying everywhere, landing in thick drops on Stephanie’s back and on the carpet.

Austin turned the muscular frat boy around, causing Zach’s dick to shoot jet after jet of cum all over Austin’s suit.

Zach’s mouth was wide open as he was screaming in pain.

Austin gasped in shock as he saw the full size of Zach’s cock. He cried out, hurt and angry, and delivered another hard kick into Zach’s busy balls.

Zach’s body convulsed and he let out a high-pitched shriek as his babymakers were flattened between his body and Austin’s leather shoe.

His knees started trembling and he stared at Austin, his expression a painful mixture of disbelief and pain.

Austin clenched his teeth and threw a hard upper-cut at Zach’s face, sending Zach tumbling backwards, his cock spurting jet after jet of creamy jizz, drenching Austin’s suit.

Zach collided with Stephanie who was on her knees, panting, trying to catch her breath.

Zach stood, his face contorted in a mask of pain, his eyes wide open, his lips trembling, his nose twitching.

His body was wet with sweat, his busy balls continuing to pump fresh semen into his cock that released the sticky load in thick, white spurts.

Austin howled in anger and grabbed Zach’s neck, closing his finger’s around it, trying to strangle him.

Zach choked and coughed, grabbing Austin’s hands and pulling them away from his body.

Austin lifted his knee and slammed Zach’s oversized testicles into his body, making Zach wail in pain and his eyes lose focus.

“How dare you”, Austin cried, sending another knee crashing into Zach’s balls, crunching his nuts and sending Zach down to his knees. “How dare you fuck my wife!”

“Austin!” Stephanie screamed. “It’s not what it looks like…”

“And you didn’t even use a condom!” Austin screamed, bringing his leg back and sending another kick between Zach’s thighs, cracking his nuts and causing Zach to cough and gag.

Cum was dripping from Zach’s dick as he grabbed his balls and curled up in a ball, wailing in pain.

Austin turned to his wife, glaring at her.

Stephanie raised her hands, expecting him to slap her face.

Austin just stared at her.

Stephanie sobbed. “I’m sorry”, she whispered. “He---“

“Shut up”, Austin said in a toneless voice.


“Shut up!” Austin yelled.

Stephanie closed her eyes.

Austin turned to Zach. “Out”, he said, pointing at the door.

Zach groaned and crawled across the room to get his clothes. He got up, grimacing in pain, clutching his nuts.

He limped towards the door, stark naked, carrying his clothes, while Austin was watching him carefully.

He walked out the door and Austin turned to Stephanie. He sat down next to her.

“Steph”, he said in a low voice. “Why didn’t you---“

Zach appeared in the door frame, walking gingerly across the room, his soft cock swinging back and forth between his legs. He was grimacing in pain, clenching his teeth.

Austin watched him, his mouth hanging open. “What---“

“Sorry”, Zach croaked, “I just borrowed it.”

Austin raised his eyebrows.

“It’s not mine”, Zach added, reaching for the camera.

“What?!” Austin yelled, staring at the camera.

Zach hurried out of the room, carrying the camera with him, the sound of Austin’s screams dying in the distance.

I switched the tape off and turned to Zach.

Zach sat up straight, grimacing in pain, and looked at me.

I smiled sympathetically.

“Thank God I managed to bring the camera back”, he said.

I nodded. “You wouldn’t get the rest of the money without the tape.”

Zach groaned. “I ran as fast as I could. I heard Austin trip over something. Thank God he didn’t catch me. I bet he would have torn my nuts off…”

I nodded. “1000 dollars”, I said after a short pause.

Zach smiled weakly. “500 bucks for each nut.”

“Pricey”, I mused.

Zach sighed. “Fuck. They need some rest…”

I smiled sympathetically.

Zach grimaced, looking down at his crotch and carefully readjusting his package. “That bitch had a tight ass…”


Anonymous said...

Nice story Alex. When do we start to getting hints about Zach's secret benefactor? Keep up the good work, and thanks!

Alex said...

Thanks bbmal! I'll think about it... :-))

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Zach is the MAN!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like Zach and the stories he appears in. And I hope I'll be able to write another chapter for "Zach the cheater" soon...