Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zach the cheater: Zach and Maggie

Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: Leo and Zach (click for pictures)

This morning, I received a phone call from Zach.

“Can you talk?” he asked conspicuously.

“It’s Chad’s day off and Vince has found another part-time job at some sports equipment factory”, I said. “Apparently he is in charge of the cup testing department.”

“So you are alone?” Zach asked.

“Yes”, I said. “Would you like to come by?” I looked at my watch. “I have an appointment with Leo in two hours but I’m free now.”

An hour later, Zach was at the studio.

“Mission accomplished”, he said, smiling, when he entered the room.

The tall, 20 year old frat guy looked hot. His blond hair was cut short and he was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.

“I fucked her”, he grinned, waving the camera I had lent him. “And I got it on cam…”

I chuckled.

A few weeks ago, someone had sent me an anonymous letter, offering Zach money if he managed to fuck a girl and produce video evidence.

Zach had speculated on the identity of the writer, and he had concluded that it was a fan girl who had developed a crush on him and wanted to surprise her friend.

I wasn’t so sure about the writer’s motives. Something strange was going on, but who was I to tell Zach not to do it?

“Wanna have a look at it?” Zach grinned, adjusting his crotch.

I shrugged. “If you don’t mind?”

Zach laughed. “Hey, I jerked off to the video a couple of times. It’s prime porn material.” He looked at me and chuckled. “Even if you are not into girls.”

I took the camera and connected it to the computer.

It took a couple of minutes until I had figured it out.

Zach took a chair and sat down next to me. It was quite obvious that he was proud of his work…

While we were waiting for the video to appear on screen, I glanced down at Zach’s crotch.

When it came to his manhood, Zach was our best horse in the barn. He had an awe-inspiringly large, beautifully shaped cock and a matching set of fat, plump low-hangers that would make the proudest donkey blush with embarrassment. Right now, his dick was straining against the denim fabric of his jeans, looking like a hungry snake waiting to burst through.

“Look”, Zach grinned, staring at the screen, absent-mindedly running his fingertips over the length of his shaft.

I turned to the computer screen where the video had started running.

Zach was buck naked, looking at the camera.

“I placed it on a bookshelf”, Zach grinned.

He was in a girl’s bedroom, standing in front of the king size bed.

His king size schlong was fully hard, pointing at the ceiling and dripping with precum.

On the screen, Zac grinned into the camera and flexed his muscles.

He had a great body, muscular and tanned, with defined pecs and perfect six pack abs.

“Look at me”, on-screen-Zach said.

“Yeah”, off-screen-Zach chimed in. “Look at me.”

“I’m gonna fuck her”, on-screen-Zach continued, grinning happily. “I’m gonna fuck her, I’m gonna fuck her…” He grabbed his cock at the base and slapped it against his hard abs a couple of times, sending drops of pre-cum flying everywhere. “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie... It was so easy… We went to see ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ and now we are at her bedroom…” He jerked his cock a couple of times, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure. “I’m gonna fuck her, I’m gonna fuck her…”

I chuckled and said, “You saw ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’?!”

Zach shrugged, looking at his on-screen image and rubbing his cock through his jeans. “It was a crappy movie. But it worked…”

I grinned and turned to the screen again. Zach was looking down at his hard cock. “Yeah, big boy, you are gonna see Maggie’s insides in a few minutes…” He opened his mouth and spat down at his cock, coating it in saliva. “We’re gonna have fun tonight, big boy, we’re gonna make her happy, big b---“ Suddenly, Zach turned his head and smiled. “Hi, Maggie”, he grinned to the girl who was outside the frame. “I’m all ready…”

The girl giggled and replied, “I can see that…”

On and off screen, Zach chuckled.

The girl moved into the frame. She was naked except for a tiny black bikini slip and a see-through black bra. She was tall, with long, smooth legs and a perfect build, curvy, with big, natural, firm breasts. Her erect nipples were visible though the flimsy fabric of her bra. Her long hair was jet-black and curly. Her make-up was restraint and natural, bringing out her natural beauty.

Zach placed one hand on her hip, the other one on her neck and drew her close to him, wedging his cock between their bodies.

She whispered something unintelligible and they kissed passionately for more than a minute.

Next to me, Zach was starting to breathe harder, watching himself make out with that beautiful girl who looked to be in her early twenties.

Without breaking the kiss, Zach opened her bra and took it off. He moved down her body and started kissing her breasts while slipping down her panties, causing her to moan and writhe.

“I’m good at that, you know”, off-screen-Zach grinned, massaging the increasingly big bulge in his jeans. “Making the girl feel good is one of my specialties.” He squeezed his package as he watched himself and Maggie walk to the bed while kissing passionately. “And then, I’m gonna fuck her brains out…”

On screen, Zach threw Maggie onto the bed. She moaned and looked at him, resting her elbows on the bed, spreading her legs and giggling. Zach was standing in front of her, his cock dripping wet and throbbing in anticipation.

He crawled onto the bed on top of her. Both of them moaned as Zach inserted his cock into Maggie’s pussy.

I had the pleasure of hearing Zach moan in stereo as he echoed his own voice right next to me.

I looked at him and chuckled.

Zach’s eyes were fixed on the computer screen. He was rubbing his crotch with both of his hands. One hand ran along the shaft of his cock while the other one squeezed his fat gonads. He licked his lips and whispered, “And now, I’m gonna fuck you hard…”

On screen, Zach grunted, “And now, I’m gonna fuck you hard…”

Maggie moaned and threw her head back as Zach started pumping his meaty dong into her hole.

I chuckled and turned to Zach. “How often have you watched the video?”

Zach ignored me.

We watched the video for a while.

Zach knew his job. He banged her hard, thrusting his cock into her with wild abandon, making Maggie shriek and moan in pleasure.

Her hands were digging into his muscular back.

Zach’s body was glistening with sweat as he pounded his cock into her hole faster and faster, groaning and moaning louder and louder. The bedsprings were screeching in rhythm with their powerful fucking.

On the chair next to me, Zach shifted uncomfortably and cleared his throat.

I turned to look at him.

His eyes were glistening as he watched himself pleasure that beautiful girl.

“Alex”, Zach said hoarsely, “would you mind if I, you know…”

I raised my eyebrows.

Zach bit his lower lip. “You know, beat my meat?”

I chuckled. “I thought you don’t like jerking off…”

Zach was breathing heavily. “Well, it’s not jerking off”, he whispered. “It’s more like, well, reliving the experience, you know?” His fingers started nestling with the top button of his jeans.

I grinned.

“You can film me if you like”, he said quickly. “I really need to…” His voice trailed off. On the computer screen, Zach and Maggie changed their positions.

Zach turned Maggie around and started fucking her doggy style, leaving off-screen-Zach open mouthed and drooling.

I chuckled. “Feel free, Zach…”

Off-screen-Zach and on-screen-Zach moaned in unison while Maggie was shrieking her heart out.

I turned around and got another camera. There was no way I was gonna miss this…

When I returned, Zach was buck naked. He was standing up, his smooth, muscular body shiny with sweat. His right hand was feverishly stroking his oversized cock while his left hand was caressing his abs and his pecs.

I put the camera in a tripod and switched it on.

Then I sat down again and continued watching the video.

Suddenly, the door opened.

I looked at my watch. “It’s Leo”, I whispered. “He’s early.” I reached for the camera to switch the tape off.

“No”, Zach moaned.

I looked at him. “But we can’t tell him about---“

“Hey, guys”, Leo said, grinning.

The 19 year old skater was wearing his usual outfit, worn-out sneakers, baggy jeans and a wide black t-shirt on top of a white t-shirt with long sleeves. The baseball cap on top of his curly black hair was dark blue with some sports team’s logo on it. He was carrying his skateboard and put it on the ground when he saw that we were watching a video.

“What are you watching? Porn?” he grinned, giving Zach’s naked body an amused look-over.

Zach didn’t react. He was busy jerking his cock. His mouth was hanging open and he was panting heavily. His big cock was hard as a rock, with precum oozing out of its head and dropping onto the floor.

Leo turned to me and grinned.

I shrugged and chuckled.

Leo shook his head slowly.

“Take a chair”, I grinned. “It’s Zach’s private porn tape…”

Leo grabbed a chair and sat down, looking at the screen. “Oh, yeah, that’s him”, he grinned.

On the screen, Zach was pounding Maggie’s ass at a dizzying pace. His big, juicy balls slapped against her body as he sank his gigantic cock into her hole again and again and again.

“Fuck”, Leo grinned, adjusting his crotch. “You are fucking her like a pro…”

“That bitch needs it”, Zach moaned, stroking his hard, meaty dick. “She needs it as hard as possible…”

The room was filled with the noise of Zach and Maggie fucking on screen, moaning and groaning and shrieking in pleasure.

Leo grinned and looked up at the blond fratguy. “I bet you gave it to her a couple of times, huh?”

Zach was busy watching himself on the computer screen.

Leo chuckled and watched the screen again.

Now, Maggie and Zach changed positions again.

Zach lay down on his back and Maggie straddled him, reaching behind herself to insert Zach’s dripping cock. Then she started riding him, her eyes closed, her mouth opening and closing as Zach’s dick tickled every single one of her sweetest spots.

Leo’s eyes were fixed on the screen. His facial expression changed and his mouth dropped open.

I looked at him.

Zach was too busy to notice.

“Leo?” I said.

Leo stared at the screen.

I followed his eyes and sensed that he was looking at the girl’s face.

“Leo?” I said again.

Zach was jerking his cock, moaning in pleasure as, on the screen, Maggie was riding him like a mad cowgirl a bucking bull.

I stared at Leo. “Leo, what’s---“

“That’s Maggie!” Leo whispered.

Zach’s extralarge cock was shiny and dripping wet as he ran his hand up and down its shaft. His big, cum-filled balls were swinging back and forth between his legs. “You know her? I bet she gets around quite a lot”, Zach said hoarsely. “Man, we could tag-team her. I bet she’d love to have one cock in each of her---“

“Fuck you!” Suddenly, Leo jumped up. The chair toppled and fell to the ground. “Fuck you!” he screamed and turned around.

I stood. “What’s---“ Then it hit me. What a coincidence… There must be hundreds of Maggies in town, but somehow Zach managed to find---

“My sister!” Leo yelled. “She’s my fucking sister!” He drew his leg back and sent it flying into Zach’s groin. His sneaker-clad foot connected with Zach’s throbbing testicles, crunching them flat and ramming them into his pelvic bone with a sickening thud.

Zach froze.

His hands stopped moving. One hand was holding his cock, mid-shaft, while the other one was covering his left nipple.

A miserable, throaty whimper escaped his lips and his eyes opened as the pain started to register.

Leo glared at him. “How dare you fuck my sister, and, and---“ The skater was furious. “And videotape it. Did you want to put it on the web?!”

A drop of precum fell off the tip of Zach’s glistening cock and landed on the ground.

On the screen, the moaning got louder and louder as both Maggie and Zach obviously neared orgasm.

Leo growled and brought his leg back again.

I grimaced in sympathy as his foot collided with Zach’s babymakers, flattening the two juicy globes once again.

Zach’s eyes crossed slightly and he let out a hoarse moan.

“Did you want to sell the video?!” Leo screamed and delivered another nut-crunching kick to Zach’s poor, sperm-filled testicles.

Zach’s eyes started twitching and his lips trembled. His body was frozen, his right hand holding his cock that started quivering.

Leo turned to me. “Did he sell it to you?!?”

“Nonono”, I said quickly and held my hands in front of my groin protectively. “No, not at all.”

On the screen, Maggie was tweaking her nipples with both of her hands while riding Zach’s cock. She closed her eyes and started screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, while Zach’s body bucked and he let out a guttural groan.

“It’s just a private video, Leo”, I added quickly. “Believe me. He didn’t mean any harm! Just let it---“

Leo let out an angry growl and launched another kick at Zach’s tender family jewels.

Zach’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out an ear-piercing shriek. His cock exploded with what seemed like a gallon of cum in the first spurt that hit the computer screen with a wet splat.

At the same time, Maggie and Zach screamed in orgasmic bliss as Zach continued pounding Maggie’s hole.

Jet after jet of creamy juzz erupted from Zach’s dick, flying through the air landing on the screen and on the table.

Zach was screaming and shrieking, his eyes closed, his right hand clutching his throbbing cock.

On screen, Maggie was panting heavily. She climbed off Zach as a massive load of cum shot out of Zach’s dick.

“And you didn’t even use a condom, you fucking bastard!” Leo wailed and launched another hard kick at Zach’s valuables.

Zach retched and gag as Leo’s sneaker slammed his tender nuggets into his pelvis. His cock was shooting rope after rope of thick, creamy jizz.

Finally, Zach was able to move again and he cupped his balls with both of his hands while his cock continued mimicking a sperm fountain.

“Fuck”, Zach gurgled and sank to his knees. He collapsed on the ground, cupping his crotch, sobbing in pain.

Leo watched him, glaring.

I bit my lower lip and looked at the screen where Zach’s jizz was running down in thick drops.

Maggie was breathing heavily, her beautiful face red and hot, her breasts glistening with sweat, her hole dripping with Zach’s cum.

She turned to Zach who was lying on his back, his cum-covered cock sticking up like a sugar-coated popsicle. She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth, causing Zach to moan deeply. After sucking for a few seconds, she let it out of her mouth, licked her lips and looked at Zach. “Hey, stud”, she cooed. “Ready for round two?”

Zach chuckled. “Ready when you are, babe…”

Maggie giggled and touched her pussy. “I’m all lubed up…”

Leo winced and grimaced. “Damn slut!”

He turned to go.

“Leo”, I said. “I’m sorry. This isn’t---“

“Shut up”, Leo said slowly. “I’m going to have a word with my sister, that fucking slut…”

He walked out the door, leaving me alone with Zach.

I looked down at the naked frat guy. His body was glistening with sweat and cum.

I grimaced in sympathy.

“Zach”, I said slowly. “I don’t know if this is the right moment…”

Zach groaned.

“There was another letter”, I said gently. “And another girl. This time, you get 1000 bucks…”

“Fuck”, Zach sobbed, cradling his nuts.

On the screen, Maggie’s body was contorted like a pretzel and Zach started pounding her in what looked like a forgotten kamasutra position.

I sighed.

A few moments passed.

The moans and delighted yelps from the video filled the room.

Finally, Zach whimpered, “Is the girl pretty?”

I raised my eyebrows. “She looks like a model.”

“Fuck”, Zach groaned. “1000 bucks?”

I nodded.

“And she’s pretty?” he said in a low voice.

I nodded again.

Zach groaned and tentatively stroked his dick, which didn’t seem to be a very good idea. He winced and let go of his cock.

“Alright,” Zach moaned after a while. “I’ll do it. But not today. And not tomorrow.”

“Maybe next week?” I suggested.

“I don’t know”, Zach whispered. “Maybe next week.”


Anonymous said...

This is a great story Alex! On top of being interesting and hot, it had parts that made me laugh (you getting to hear Zach moan in stereo got me). I can't wait to see what you do with the next part. Thanks for all your hard work!

Alex said...

Thank you, bbmal! I'm glad you like it and I can't wait to start working on the next parts... :-))

Anonymous said...

very hot, loved it. Also, i assume that comment about Vince working as a cup tester is a set-up for Leo's "on the job" thing that was set up a while back.

Alex said...

Thank you! You're absolutely right about Leo's "On the job" story. I hope I'll get around to writing it soon...