Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer in the city 4: At the barbecue with Zach

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad and Zach (click for pictures)

“Where are we going?” I asked Zach.

The 20 year old blond smiled. He was wearing jeans that were cut at the knee, exposing his muscular calves and shins. The shirt he was wearing was unbuttoned, and his smooth, tanned chest and abs was glistening with sweat.

It was another hot summer day, at 90° Fahrenheit or more (32° Celcius). The air was sticky and humid, and the attractive frat guy ran his hand through his short blond hair and wiped drops of sweat from his neck.

“The barbecue”, Zach answered.

His feet were naked. He had taken off his sneakers right when he entered the studio.

A few weeks ago Zach had participated in the Ballbusting Olympics, taking part in two of the five competitions – and getting a caning both times, losing the contest, his dignity, and vast amounts of his sperm in the process…

Nevertheless, Zach had agreed to do an episode of our summer special with us. He knew that his balls – which were extraordinarily large, by the way – would get busted. But apparently he overestimated himself yet again, assuming that he would stand a chance at surviving this night unharmed.

I smiled.

“The barbecue”, I repeated.

“Yeah, my fraternity is having a barbecue”, Zach explained.

“Okay”, I shrugged. “We can go there.”

Zach smiled. “Great.”

I looked at the bulge in his jeans.

I had seen his oversized equipment a few times during the Olympics. His large dick and juicy eggs were unsurpassed, excelling in length, width and girth everything I had seen so far. All of our models were well-endowed, but Zach easily took the top prize, “horsehung” being an appropriate expression, no doubt.

The conspicuous bulge in his crotch revived my memory and I smiled at the prospect of seeing Zach’s package smashed tonight.

My cameraman Chad, looking exhausted and annoyed by the heat, was sitting on a chair, his eyes closed. He was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt with flip-flops.

Zach walked over to Chad and grinned at me. He balled his fist and smashed Chad’s nuts hard with a well-placed punch.

Chad groaned and opened his eyes. He grabbed his groin and frowned at Zach.

“We’re ready to go”, Zach grinned.

“Thanks for waking me”, Chad grunted, rubbing his groin.

Zach laughed. “Sure.”

We took the bus and arrived at the frat barbecue half an hour later.

The fraternity house had a large garden, in the middle of which a large barbecue grill was filled with various pieces of meat. Roughly two dozens of people, most of them shirtless and admirably tanned and muscular, were standing around it, laughing and talking.

Zach was greeted with cheers and hugs by some of his mates.

I looked around and spotted AJ and Reese, Zach’s team mates at the Olympics, standing nearby.

“Hi, how are you?” I said.

“Fine, thanks”, AJ smiled.

“Hi”, Reese said.

Both of them were 21 years old, black haired, bare-chested and barefoot. They were holding cans of beer in their hands.

“What are you up to?” Reese asked, taking a sip from his beer.

“Well”, I shrugged. “We’re doing a skit with Zach.”

AJ chuckled. “Busting his balls again?”

I grinned. “That’ll be your task for today.”

Reese and AJ laughed.

We walked over to Zach.

Chad started filming.

Reese and AJ gave Zach a quick buddy-hug.

“Good to see you, Zach,” Reese said.

Zach grinned. “Yeah, good to see you, too.”

AJ winked at me and said, “Let’s get down to brass tacks, okay?”

Zach blinked.

AJ turned to the crowd and shouted, “Hey, guys, Zach has brought some stuff to grill…”

The guys turned their heads and looked at Zach.

Zach blushed. “Well, I---“

He was interrupted by a solid kick in the groin, courtesy of AJ. His bare foot slammed into the soft, overdimensioned bulge in Zach’s crotch, crunching his delicate jumbo eggs and driving them into his crotch.

Zach yelled from the top of his lungs and doubled over, reaching for his hurt package and moaning in pain.

AJ grinned. “But his stuff needs a bit of treatment before…”

Some guys laughed.

Reese chuckled. He got down on his knees in front of Zach and grabbed the waistband of Zach’s jeans. He yanked down and exposed Zach’s privates.

His long, fat dick and low-hanging balls flopped into the open.

The crowd cheered and laughed, some of them pointing at Zach’s naked genitals and laughing their asses off, some of them chuckling while chewing on hot dogs and chicken wings, some of them toasting each other with their beer cans, all of them having a great time.

Zach groaned and cupped his naked possessions, unable to shield them completely with his hands. The tip of his dick and his large left nut slipped out of his grasp and dangled below his hands.

Reese let Zach’s jeans fall down to his ankles and took a step back. He brought his leg back and let his bare foot slam into Zach’s crotch, catching his left nut dead-on and ramming it into his hands, crunching his right nut inside, too.

Zach’s face turned pale and he shrieked in pain. He tried to get the whole length of his dick and both of his juicy testicles behind his hands to shield them from another attack, but failed. One of his balls of the tip of his oversized cock escaped his clutch and slipped away every time.

The rest of the guys watched Zach with fascination and amusement.

Zach’s size wasn’t new to them, I guessed. They had probably seen Zach in the shower a few times. But the frenzied movements of his hands – looking quite outlandish on its own – had a not especially surprising side effect that became painfully obvious when AJ kneeled in front of his buddy and pried his hands away from his genitals: Zach’s youthful cock had expanded, and he was sporting a massive boner, now.

“No wonder that you can’t hide all of that”, Reese laughed.

AJ grinned and held Zach’s hands in a tight grip, letting everyone catch a good look of Zach’s reddened testicles and his throbbing schlong.

Zach’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Reese”, AJ said.

Reese grinned and knelt next to AJ. He grabbed Zach’s ripe fruits in his hands, one plum in each palm, and squeezed hard.

Zach’s dick twitched involuntarily as he struggled against AJ’s hold and the agony that was radiating from his tender bits.

“Stop”, Zach whimpered, barely audible because of the noise the crowd was making.

They were cheering and laughing, clapping and urging Reese on.

Reese grinned and squeezed hard. His fingers kneaded Zach’s precious babymakers and dug their nails into the soft flesh.

Zach screamed in pain.

His rock-hard dick twitched again and a bit of pre-cum leaked out of its tip.

Reese let go of Zach’s balls.

Zach was panting, “Thanks”, he muttered.

Reese put his index finger on the tip of Zach’s dick, getting hold of a fat drop of precum.

Triumphantly, he held his sticky finger up into the air.

“Urgggh!” Most of the frat guys turned away in disgust.

“Anyone need some mayonnaise for their hot dog?” Reese shouted, grinning.

A couple of guys made fake retching noises, while others laughed and cheered.

“Make him eat his own mayonnaise!” someone shouted.

Reese grinned.

He raised his finger up to Zach’s mouth.

Zach looked at the sticky tip and clenched his lips shut.

“Hey”, Reese grinned. “Open your mouth.”

Zach shook his head violently.

Reese chuckled and looked down at AJ who was still holding Zach’s hands.

AJ grinned and let go of them. He quickly punched his low-hanging ball-sac, smashing his fist into Zach’s valuables with full force, making his gasp and open his mouth.

That was the moment Reese had been waiting for. He inserted his index finger into Zach’s mouth and wiped his cum onto his tongue.

Zach looked miserable, feeling the pain of his newly smashed babymakers, and tasting his salty cum in his mouth.

He grimaced in pain and nauseation and collapsed on the ground, spitting feverishly to get the taste of sperm off of his taste buds, writhing and rolling around, and cupping his injured genitals with his hands.

Reese and AJ watched him, chuckling.

One of their friends tapped AJ’s shoulder and gave him a steaming hot dog, wrapped in a bread roll.

“It could use some mayonnaise”, he grinned and winked.

Reese looked at him with amusement. “You gonna eat it?”

“No way”, the muscled frat guy shook his head. Then he pointed at Zach. “But he looks hungry, doesn’t he? After all that writhing and rolling around…”

The crowd cheered and laughed, some guys shaking their heads in disbelief.

Zach had curled up in a little ball, his jeans around his ankles, moaning softly and nursing his battered manhood. His hard, red cock was wedged against his muscular abs, oozing precum and leaving a sticky mess on Zach’s hands.

AJ shrugged and knelt next to him, the hot dog in his hand.

Reese joined him, kneeling in front of their buddy.

“Jerk him”, AJ grinned.

Reese shook his head in disgust. Then his face lit up. “There’s got to be another way”, he grinned and pulled Zach’s hands away from his groin. His large balls were swollen and red, looking like oversized plums below his hot, hard cock.

Reese grabbed Zach’s gonads.

“No”, Zach whimpered.

Reese ignored him and applied pressure. He had one of Zach’s big balls in each hand and dug his thumb into the soft globes.

“No”, Zach croaked again, to no avail.

Reese kneaded his testicles, squashing both of them in his fists and holding them in a vice-like grip.

Zach screamed and panted.

His cock twitched violently.

The crowd cheered for Reese to squeeze harder, and for Zach to come up with his custom made grill sauce.

Zach’s cock was close to bursting, the veins on the massive gadget pulsated, pumping blood and energy into Zach’s landmark dick.

“Fuck!” Zach panted. He was panting heavily, his facial color had changed from pale to fiery red. He was sweating and swearing.

Reese clenched his teeth, grinding Zach’s sperm containers between his fingers, and flattening them like pancakes.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach’s cock started spurting.

AJ quickly held the hot dog in front of Zach’s twitching monster.

The first jet of hot, white jizz flew through the air, missing the hot dog and the bun and landing on the ground a feet away.

The crowd laughed and cheered.

AJ grabbed Zach’s pulsating cock and aimed it at the hot dog. The next jets of cum landed on target, coating the meat and soaking the roll within seconds.

Reese grinned and continued squeezing Zach’s poor balls.

Three more jets of thick cream landed on the hot dog, flooding the roll and dropping down to the ground.

Reese quickly let go of Zach’s balls and threw a nice, hard uppercut into Zach’s busy balls.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as his dick erupted in more spurts of fresh spunk that landed on AJ’s hand.

Then he was done. Zach sobbed and curled up in a ball, covering his tender, broken meatballs and moaning miserably.

AJ held the cum-covered hot dog up into the air like a hard-earned trophy.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Zach sobbed softly.

AJ shifted his position and held the sticky hot dog in front of Zach’s face.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” the crowd chanted rhythmically.

Zach’s face was filled with humiliation and disgust.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!”

Zach shook his head and bit his lip, keeping his mouth shut.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!”

He cringed in pain and whimpered.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!”

“Come on”, AJ grinned. “Eat it like a man…”

“… or I will squeeze your balls some more”, Resse chimed in, grinning and reaching for Zach’s spent balls. “I bet they are nice and tender now. Perhaps I can pop them…”

One of Zach’s oversized nuts was showing between his legs, sticking out below his ass. Reese flicked it with his finger.

“No!” Zach squeaked.

He stared at his buddies.

“Give me the hot dog”, he whispered, defeated.

“What’s the magic word?” Reese grinned and slapped Zach’s exposed ball playfully with his palm.

Zach shrieked in pain. “Give me the hot dog, please”, he whimpered.

The crowd cheered.

AJ grinned and handed over the hot dog to Zach. It was covered in slimy, white cum, the roll soaked and squishy.

Zach held the hot dog in his hand.

The crowd was silent, watching Zach bring the slippery piece of nutrition to his lips.

Zach looked like he was about to puke. His eyes were filled with tears and his lips trembled. He was lying on the ground, his shirt at his wrists, his jeans at his ankles, naked and humiliated, his cock sticky and covered in goo, his balls swollen and red.

When he took his first bite, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Reese and AJ grinned as their 20 year old buddy swallowed and shivered with disgust. He decided to get things done with quickly, and gobbled the messy hot dog and the soaked roll within seconds, taking one bite after the other, grimacing with every bite, but finishing the whole thing within a minute.

He swallowed the last bite and looked at his buddies, his eyes twitching and filled with tears. Involuntarily, he licked his lips, getting the last drops of cum onto his tongue and into his mouth.

Some guys in the crowd chuckled.

Zach belched. He covered his mouth with his hand and blushed.

“That was disgusting”, AJ grinned.

“Yeah”, Reese said, laughing. “Give him a hand, guys!”

The rest of the frat guys cheered and clapped.

“Could someone get me a beer?” Zach said softly and got up. His shirt landed on the ground. His jeans were still hanging around his ankles.

AJ laughed. “Sure, someone get him a beer!”

One in the crowd got a can of beer from a cool bag and threw it at Zach. It landed perfectly on target, smashing Zach’s big, spent balls and sending him down to the ground again, screaming in pain and cupping his junk.

I looked at my watch and knelt next to Zach. “You wanna stay here?”

Zach moaned. “Yeah, the night is young…”

I chuckled.

Chad switched off his camera and we left the party.

When we were a couple of yards away, we heard the crowd erupt in cheers again.

Chad turned around and chuckled.

“They’re throwing beer cans at Zach’s balls”, he grinned. “It’s gonna be a rough night…”

I chuckled. “These guys know how to throw a barbecue…”


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Zach, can he please redeem himself one day?

Anonymous said...

AnonII-love to see the biggest balls get the most busting and bruising. He was a great sport. Hot. At some point maybe David can bust him wide open: long and hard.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm I love when Zach gets busted. And David busting Zach? Oh my God would that be hot! Id say some stomping would be great from David to Zach and maybe using his balls as a punching bag. So hot!

Anonymous said...

It would be awsome for Zach to redeem himself, he should do it by busting david GOOD in front of the jocks

Alex said...

Thank you for commenting!

@ anonymous (1) and (4):
I think Zach will redeem himself one day, but first he will have to get through a few other ballbusting adventures... :-)

@ anonymous (2) and (3)
Since so many people would like to see Zach get tortured by David I'm gonna publish a "One on one" story on the 6th of July.