Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chad on the warpath

Featured in this story: Chad and Alex (click for pictures)

I should have known something was wrong the minute I walked into the empty studio.

It was a hot, sunny summer day. Just nine o’clock in the morning and I felt I could use a cold shower – after having taken one less than an hour ago.

I had decided to wear as little clothing as possible. As a result I was wearing flip-flops, loose shorts and a sleeveless shirt – I wasn’t even wearing underwear. My freewheeling junk was dangling between my legs.

I put my bag into a corner and stood at kitchen door. A fresh breeze was blowing through the studio. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

I was transporting myself to a beautiful beach, scantily clad people all around me. I was standing with my back to the kitchen – mistake No. 1 -, my legs spread wide – mistake No. 2 –, my mind suspended in blissful laziness – mistake No. 3.

Had I been a little less lazy, I would have noticed that the breeze came because the windows were open. And the windows were open, because someone was at the studio. And that person happened to stand right behind me, sneaking up to me like a ninja warrior – Chad, my cameraman.

I wasn’t aware of his presence until his sneaker-clad foot connected with my dangling testicles.

He kicked me from behind, his shoe flattening my precious nuts into my body.

My stomach turned. I gagged and grabbed my junk. Before I had a chance to cup my aching balls, Chad launched another vicious kick into my baby-makers. My ears were ringing and my eyes lost focus. I held my balls in my hands and fell to my knees.

“Hey”, Chad walked around me and grinned. “Good morning.”

“Fuck”, I croaked. “What was that for?”

Chad chuckled. “Do I need a reason to kick your balls.”

I moaned in pain.

Chad held out a cup of coffee. “Here.”

I groaned and doubled over.

“Don’t you want your coffee?”

“Chad”, I whispered. Then I doubled over again, moaning in pain. Waves of unbearable agony swashed through my body.

Chad grinned and placed the cup on the ground in front of me.

“What’s gotten into you?” I whispered.

Chad shrugged. He sat down on the couch and watched me cupping my crotch and feeling sick.
After a few minutes I was able to get up. I grabbed the coffee and sat down next to Chad.

“Fuck!” I said and rubbed my genitals in my loose shorts. I put the coffee on the table and lifted the waistband of my shorts.

“Everything alright?” Chad grinned.

I frowned at him and looked at my balls. They were slightly reddened but seemed to be okay. I reached inside my shorts and caressed my aching nuts.

“What’s gotten into you?” I repeated.

“I talked to David”, Chad said matter-of-factly.

I stared at him.

Chad raised his eyebrows. “David? Danny’s brother? The dancer? The assh---“

“I know who David is”, I interrupted him impatiently. “Why did you talk to him?”

“You know, the other day, when Danny used my balls as stress balls…”

I nodded.

“I didn’t like it”, Chad said.

I grinned, “I know.”

Chad looked at me and slapped my junk with the back of his hand.

“Ow”, I yowled and doubled over again.

“Don’t mock me!” Chad said.

“Okay, okay”, I whispered, cupping my balls and experiencing a whole lot of fresh, new waves of pain.

“I didn’t like it”, Chad repeated. “But you did nothing to stop him. You even encouraged him…”

I groaned.

“David suggested I got back on you”, Chad said.

I grimaced. “You know that David is an asshole. Why do you---“

Chad slammed his fist into my crotch, nailing both of my balls and making me cry out in pain.

“Don’t distract! This has nothing to do with David”, Chad said while I was busy nursing my agonized testicles.

“Okay, okay”, I whispered. I was cupping my balls with my hands. “I’m sorry, okay?”

Chad smiled. “Okay. We’re even.”

I grinned weakly.

“Almost”, Chad continued. He reached inside my shorts and grabbed my jewels.

“No”, I croaked.

Chad held my balls in a vice-like grip. His large hands were wrapped around my tender package. He kneaded both of my tender nuggets in his fingers, squishing and squashing them while I was screaming in agony. He squeezed my balls only for a couple of seconds, but it felt like hours to me. Finally he let go.

I reached inside my shorts and cupped my testicles, whimpering in pain.

Chad grinned. “Apology accepted.”

“Thanks”, I whispered and rolled up on the couch.

He walked to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette.

While dealing with the pain, I thought of ways to get revenge…


Anonymous said...

awsome, i see this is going to a never-ending revenge spiral, nice. I suggest you get Phil to help you out.

Alex said...

For the time being, there will be six short stories within the next week or so. They're pretty much non-canon, i.e. they won't affect my interaction with Chad in the rest of the stories, at least not directly...

At the moment, I don't know whether I'm going to write more stories after those first six ones. Perhaps I will occasionally. The idea of getting other guys to "help" is a real good one, though. Thanks!

Carter said...

So due to some technical difficulties on my end, reviewing is a pain im the butt so I may not review every part of this story, but I really like it.
As I've said before, I get really embarassed when talking or writing about having my nads busted, so I find it impressive that you're able to do it so often in fiction.

Alex said...

Thanks, Carter! I'm glad you like the story!