Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #50

 Jimmy’s Found Video’s #50


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


I cannot believe that we got to 50 videos? So for the fiftieth I decided to put up 20 videos instead of the normal five. Some classics, and some I have never seen before. I hope that you all enjoy them!



1). Grab a good hand hold and hold on! Win's everytime.

2). Double punch! An exscuse me could have worked...

3). Nothing like a good kick to the goolies!

4). Kick

5). Suprise!

6). Baseball bat! Batter up!

7). Like he didn't know where his hand was going...

8). "Alight...go!" The sounds he made were the best part.

9). The suprise yelp!

10). "You got the balls! You got the balls!"


11). And... "Go!"

12).  The slow descent the floor. Classic!

13). Not a nice way to wake anyone up!

14). Seems like there was a ballbusting battle going on and I wish that we had gotten the whole thing!

15). "Fucking right one dude..."

16). How many kicks can he take?

17). You heard that impact!

18). Perfect swing!

19). He was right...that did hurt a lot!

20). Ready...set... cheap shot!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of videos! The first one is my favorite, that squeeze was soo lethal… I wish i knew what they were saying! Do you have the link?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree! The squeezes are my favorite. Hard to find good ones though. You can be sure that I will post every good one that I find!

I will try to get better at posting where I find them.


Kah Lee Ong said...

is it possible for me to get a download from you for video number 3? thanks