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Crushing Hard 3 written by Jimmy


Crushing Hard 3

By Jimmy



Ballbusting Boys: Crushing Hard written by Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Crushing Hard 2 written by Jimmy

Still in the mud puddle Max sits, playing on his phone and waiting for his brother. Twice now Ashley has gotten the better of him, and Max contemplates how to get her back but in reality he is still on focusing on one thing: how to get with Logan.

Max is still deep in thought, his clothes wet and clinging to him dirt all over when a familiar bike pulls up next to him.


“Jayden?” Max looks up, and grinning down at him is his friend and fellow swimmer Jayden Gomez. The two used to be on the same swim team member, in what seems to be ages and ages ago.

“What are you doing out here, sitting in a puddle?” Jayden asks, a hand held out to help him up.

Max takes it feeling a little dumb. He’s on his feet and standing next to the side of the road.

“Long story.”

“Hop on, I’ll take you home and you can tell it to me while we ride.”

“Rex is on his way, but I bet he’s on foot. We had our bikes taken away from us earlier in the week.”

Jayden smirks “Sounds like you have more than one tale to tell. Jump on, send Rex a text and we can meet him on the way.”

Max nods, climbing up, and putting his hands around Jayden’s waist. It’s late and Jayden spent far too long on the mats after practice going over drills after the meet. He’s still dressed in his red singlet and Max’s fingers glide around and hook around his waist. Max touches Jayden’s belly button, feeling the small indent in his skin and tight abs. Butterflies swoon in his stomach for a crush he had not too long ago and his voice is deep when he starts telling his story.

It does not take long before the pair run into Rex, and Max has to tell them both what had happened as they pedal home.

“I need a shower,” Max says, finally ending his story.

“Yeah, and you need to kick Ashley’s ass.” Rex slams his fist in his palm for added emphasis.

“I don’t think that is the solution,” Jayden says before turning to Max and offering his advice. “Logan is not…well, he’s not completely straight but he is committed to Ashley. You have feelings for Logan, just tell him.” Jayden gives Max a hug, clearly not caring about the mud and whispers in his friends ear “He would be lucky to be with you.”

When Jayden pulls back he is grinning, and ends with “Come to morning practice, Logan and I are supposed to have a one-on-one meeting but…I’ll be a little late instead and that can give you a chance to tell him how you feel. Ashley is not a morning person, so she won’t be there.”

Max beams “Thanks Jayden!”

Rex rolls his eyes and mutters “If you just punch her in the twat, she’ll know exactly why she shouldn’t hit your balls.”

Jayden laughs, and heads back to his bike. “Night guys!”

“Night!” Max and Rex say together.

As the pair head into the house, Rex tugs at Max’s shorts. “I did promise you something earlier…go get clean first cause you smell and I don’t want mud in my bunk. But I’ll be awake when you get out.”

Max’s cheeks blush and he hurries up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Rex feels his own erection, the little bump is sticking straight out and still he could barely find his own little lollipop. Sighing, he takes his hand away and Rex climbs the stairs. Max left the bathroom door ajar and through the steam and the glass Rex can see Max in all his naked glory. He’s facing him, eyes closed and his equipment is full on display. Max is hung, his full scrotum hangs low but looks a little worse for wear, thanks to Ashley but his testicles look meaty and full. Rex is going to enjoy empting those suckers.

A last minute decision has Rex following his brother into the shower, and Max turns as the glass door slides open and Rex enters pinning him against the wall his eyes hungry as his mouth opens and falls on his neck.

“Oh,” Max whimpers, turning hard instantly as Rex’s teeth slide along his skin, nibbling his neck.

“Rex!” Max exclaims as Rex presses his whole body against his twins, their dicks entangling and he gasps as Rex’s hand wraps around both penis’s, and is happily surprised to discover that his palm is coated in lube. Rex came prepared.

Max grunts, as his cock grows harder and Rex double fists both of their hardons and starts to jerk them off. Max bites his lip, his fingers wrapped around Rex’s waist pulling his twin closer and using his thigh to press up and into Rex’s groin, finding the little walnut sack and smooshing the tiny berries within.

Rex growls, and bites down harder and Max cries out at the sensation. Max is dizzy with feelings of desire, and he closes his eyes as his fingers dig into the soft skin of Rex’s hips delighting in holding and pulling their pelvises even closer. Max turns his head licking Rex’s earlobe as his thigh bumps up again striking Rex’s soft little lumps, bumping his naked sack with slippery force that earns him a groan from his twin. Delighting in this, Max thumps Rex again and he can feel Rex starting to lose steam, and sag so he grabs Rex’s thrusting hand that holds their hugely various lengthened cocks and squeezes his hand closed. The added friction of both brothers jerking their fully hardened cocks is addictive and Max finds himself slightly lightheaded. However he still craves move.

Shoving Rex, Max turns things around and Rex finds himself crushed up against the wall water spraying into his face. He closes his eyes, and that’s when Max rams his knee into his bulge again with a sickening SPLAT!

“Fucking hell, my nuuuuts!” Rex bellows but his voice is still in a whisper. Neither teen wishes to wake their parents.

Max plants a kiss along Rex’s jaw, as he furiously masturbates both of them his fist a blur of movement and friction. Max squeezes their cockheads making the two gasp, and it sounds the same. Grinning Max continues to press himself against Rex, who whimpers softly “My nuts, oooh fuuuck my nuts.” The complaints turn Max on more, and he murmurs against Rex’s jaw his lips tender with his kisses.

Max can feel the build-up, the need pulling at him and he wants one more solid strike at his brother, to feel Rex’s nuts squished and flattened. So he briefly let’s go of their hardened nails, that smack against each other, quivering, crossed, and ready to fight. Max grabs Rex under the armpits and heaves him up off the tiles. Rex glides up along the wall letting out a trembling breath as Max skates along with him a bit overbalanced.

“Wait…what are you…doing?” Rex giggles as Max’s fingers inevitable find his ticklish spots. It’s not until Max drops him on his knee that Rex figures it out. Rex’s thigh hug Max’s leg, as Rex lands with a faint thump. His testicles flattened along Max’s thigh and Rex’s amber eyes mirror his own widening but Rex’s takes on the look of a wounded animal and he keens low, and guttural a bit of spit drops from his lower wobbly pink lip.

Max’s heart soars and he shoves Rex off his knee where he lands with a splash in the basin of the tub. Max is on him, hormones completely taken over and he flicks the drain closed with his toes.

Rex’s eyes flutter, still assaulted with the overhead shower pelting him with fallen water. He moans and grunts, “Ugggggggggggghhhhhhh good god…Max you dick!” he tries to grab himself but his twin is faster scooping up each little wiggly tiny bird egg and closing his fist, locking them up in his tight embrace.

The water is filling up faster now, pooling around Rex’s face, as Max swoops in kissing him on his open moaning mouth, as he re-grabs their penises, Rex’s not surprisingly has not lost its rigidity. Rex moans again, a different kind as Max works on both of them below. Most of the lubricant is gone now, but that does not seem to matter. The twins are emitting their own wet pre-cum that Max uses as his thumb rolls around Rex’s, followed by his own flared head. Both cocks look the same, one is only much smaller.

Rex becomes insistent to get up, struggling below but Max has him pinned and is not letting up, as the water level rises.

Max hums into his brother’s mouth and Rex arches his back, his small steel nub curving slightly in his hand as he pleasures it with his quick moving fingers. Rex tries to move, but Max digs his thumb into the two trapped tiny testicles feeling the small orbs squish against his wall of fingers. There is nowhere for Rex’s nuts to escape.

Pulling his head back Max growls low “Cum with me Rex.” The command is mixed with need, and Rex has to lift his head now, so the water from the tub does not slide down his throat.

“You fucke—!” Rex growls back in the same tone, but Max silences him by locking his lips around his and keeps up the pace, he’s so close now. Max’s toes curl in, and he grunts into Rex as he hand grips the two appendages so hard as he fires. The warmth spreads through Max as he starts to jack the two quicker, pumping out more and more spouge all over his brother’s abs. His body is locked above, and his hazel eyes glaze over as he pulls off of Rex to delight in the moment.

Rex is coughing, cursing and spluttering as Max finishes his orgasm and has slowed down his moving hand. The latter, is still holding his trapped balls in hand and Rex fumes.

The aftershocks are running down Max’s spine, and he moans quietly, his smile wide as Rex grabs his brothers head and forces him down between his legs and shoves his little nail deep…well, as far as he can into Max’s mouth. Max splutters surprised, as Rex pulls himself up to a sitting position and tells him brother “Suck on that, just lick my…c… cock…oooo…oh… yeah…like that!”

Max slurps at the Rex’s penis, the tiny crayon barely goes past his tongue as he twirls his little head with his spit and sucks on it. Unlike anyone else, Max can actually suck him like a lollipop. The advantage is easy to see, and must be great to experience because of Rex’s size he easily overwhelms him with his tongue and heat from his mouth as his lips start to slide up and down him as he shoves his face deeper into Rex’s pubis.

Rex moans, a smile finally playing on his lips. “Yeeessss…Max make me…cum.”

Max sinks down further, feeling the rush of water but he is undispersed by the rise of the warmth around him, and the lull of the water falling above. Using his other hand clutching at Rex’s small walnut sack his fingers grows taut, and he squeezes down harder as he attempts to pull back Rex’s nuts from their nestled position from his sticking up and out cock.

“Noooooo!” Rex whines, his eyes crossing as he splashes. The water almost splashes up and over the rim of the tub.

Max is completely submerged now, his toes unable to find the plug to stop the water. He sucks the tip, swirling his tongue around Rex’s splayed out pink head before shoving it all the down against his tongue.

Rex stops moving, his body aching for release as his balls try to churn out their load but Max has such a firm grip on them that he is not sure if he can…if he can… “Oh god!” Rex covers his mouth to stop himself from screaming as he shoves one foot between Max’s legs and manages to strike one of his big hanging nuts causing Max to slacken his hold as his balls finally get a moment’s reprieve and he pulses in Max’s mouth.

The chain-reaction through his nervous system produced an explosion of sensation, almost too intense for Rex as his body convulsed, and he grinded his hips into Max’s face trying to get a bit further down his throat. Rex clawed at the tub, while one hand pressed Max’s head even further into his groin as his stiff penis fired shots down onto Max’s awaiting tongue which inevitably slid down his throat.

Rex’s orgasm was so intense that moments later he was balling his fists banging them into the sides of the tub and splashing in the water, as he weakly slowed and began to calm. Rex is gasping, as his small chest heaves as mind melting pleasure courses through him.

For one moment Rex thought he was done, but then his hips locked together and he surged his small frame up pushing Max out of the water as his body locked in a firm rigid board as Rex twists his hips as far extended as they will go. Chocking sounds come from Rex’s open mouth, as his fingers tremble in the water. Max is in awe as he grabs and holds his brother’s backside as another blast of semen sprout from his tip, as a powerful more explosive second orgasm rocks through him. Supporting his brother as best as he can Max slowly lowers him back to the tub feeling Rex’s erection slacken and slip from his mouth and onto his pelvis. The mighty little rod still pulses, as it lays against Rex’s bruised ballsack. Max smiles at his brother, as Rex closes his eyes.

Rex’s breathing quiets and he’s asleep almost instantly.

Max drains the tub and after drying himself off carries his naked brother to his bunk, drying him with a fresh towel as he walks.

Rex murmurs as Max lays him on his bed saying under his breath “Logan won’t know what hit him,” before he drifts off to sleep.

Max smiles warmly and leans over to kiss his brothers cheek, he does so softly as Rex slightly snores. Max pulls back rolling his eyes and reaches for the ladder, but Rex turns towards him and thrusts a knee right into his sweet spot. He was not prepared and Rex hits leftie so hard that he bounces against the wooden bedframe of the bunk beds, Rex’s knee dropping back to the mattress. A small smile creeping over his brother’s face before his face relaxes into sleep.

Collapsing next to Rex, Max curves into the fetal position moaning into his brother’s pillow next to him.

“Shit…my balls…”

Max decides not to climb the later after all, but goes to sleep next to his twin making sure to fall asleep holding his balls…just in case.




To be concluded...


Anonymous said...

I’m surprised no-one commented on this yet.
I always like stories with the twins. I hope this brotherly love will help Max in his quest.

Anonymous said...

This story was AWESOME, God, after being dragged through the mud (with him literally being in the mud at the end of the last story) is so fucking HOT to see Max FINALLY use his big balls for something and take charge, especially when it comes to busting his twin Rex, us Rex fans keep winning everytime we see those little peanuts getting turned into a spoonful peanut butter, and after how many times Rex had the excuse of "motivating his brother through busting his big boys", gosh was it satisfying to see his m&ms getting absolutely DESTROYED.

I don't think I have told you enough times how much I LOVE it when you write locker room/shower scenes and this was probably the best, was kinda hoping Max would use this opportunity to pay his brother back after their first time and have him bring the top, but I guess that's gonna have to wait for their next intimate encounter.

If Max ever gets the opportunity to have Logan in this position, God I hope he's as brutal, if not more, than he was with Rex in this story (maybe as payback for making him cum on their last match together, and knowing Logan, maybe have him bust him back to make things more interesting)

I cannot WAIT for the thrilling conclusion, c'mon, Max! I believe in you! Those blond balls are as good as yours!

-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Some people let me know with a 'like' instead. But I love readers thoughts, so please don't hold back!

I'm glad that you enjoyed another twin moment, I wanted to give Max and Rex an opportunity in this little series to bond. That was my goal, and thanks as always for writing in friend!



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anon 1!

It is so good to hear from you, it's been a long time!

I finally posted Crushed Part 4: The Conclusion, sadly a day late. Hopfully you and the rest of the readers enjoy it!

Thanks for writing in, I am so glad that you enjoyed the Rex and Max story. It's been a bit since I featured the two of them together and I waned to make this one a little special. I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

Shower scenes are some of my favorites to read, so I try to put those ones in every chance that I can get away with.

Glad to hear from you!