Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #49


Jimmy’s Found Video’s #49


1). Starting off with a nice, solid punch!

2). Held in place by four guys...not a willing participant!

3). If at first you don't succeed. Kick again!

4). A quick feel, and boom a devasating kick!

5). Punch...punch...


I put up an extra two video's this week, enjoy! Sometimes 5 is not enough.

6). Sock kicks

7). Blind folded and sack tapped! Pretty brutual too.


Anonymous said...

2 and 6 were my favourites

Anonymous said...

This video is very hot!
Guys, I'm an adult who likes kicking in the balls. If you like ballbusting, then write me an email . I wouldn't mind giving you a photo or video of me hurting my balls.