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The TikTok Challenege written by Jimmy


The TikTok Challenge

By Jimmy


“Hey Rex, I saw this cool challenge on TikTok. You’ve got to put your hands over head and look up between your fingers. Go on…”

“That sounds dumb, but okay.” Slowly rising from his stoop, Rex heads over eyeing Chase up and down before he proceeds hands over head and looks up.

As Rex’s hands go up they lift up the hem of his shirt follows, exposing a sliver of abdomen. Rex’s taut abs, are showing more and more definition Chase observes and now that he is staring up at the sky Chase can now see the feint outline of Rex’s two small plums.

Without hesitation Chase kicks his foot squarely into both of Rex’s nuts. The left one getting more pressure as it gets caught up with his toes.

“Hahaha you fell for it! Plus I got it all on camera!” Chase says, wiggling his iPhone.


“That was… a low blow bro…”

Rex falls onto the grass cupping his nuts.

Grabbing his phone Chase points the lens of the camera at Rex’s cupped balls. “Move your hands so they can see how swoll your nuts are.”

Coughing Rex peers up at him, his amber eyes narrowing as a lock of auburn hair eschews his view of his swim team captain. “Screw you bro. This…this was a dumb idea.”

“That’s why I knew you would fall for it. You’re so gullible. You didn’t even let me show you the rest of the TikTok challenge.” Chase says, his Cheshire cat grin carefully displayed.


“Oh come on, for real this time. Stand up and put your hands over your head and look through your fingers. I’ll do it for real this time. Promise.”

“Fine… don’t trick me again, though.” Rex says wanting to please Chase, and happy to have some one-on-one time with his friend. Carefully Rex gets back up and into the stance from earlier blocking out the raging sun overhead, the hot rays beating down on Rex’s palms.

“Like this?” Rex asks, carefully hoping that his brother Max stays inside finishing up his homework so that he alone can be with Chase.

“Okay so look through your fingers and only focus on how much you can see out of them,” Chase says his voice growing lighter. “Picture them like blinders on a window. And breathe…okay how do you feel?”

Rex shrugs. “The same.”

“Come on really focus on the space and nothing else.” Chase gives the idea a pregnant pause before he licks his lips and asks “How do you feel?”


“I think you’re feeling pretty focused. You haven’t even looked down once.”

“Look down?” asks Rex, confused as he concentrates on the task. Then he shifts and tilts his head to his chest noticing that his gym shorts and underwear are around his ankles, and have been for longer than he has realized.

“I told you, I needed to see how swoll your grapes got.”

At that precise moment, Chase lifts his knee and slams it hard in between Rex’s thighs easily hitting Rex’s fully exposed and starting to swell testicles. Rex’s nuts crunch against his taint, as he slumps to the grass holding his privates and moaning.

The screen door slams, and Max smirks staring at his twin brother on the ground. Rex is groaning, eyes widening still as the pain fully gets to him.

“Hey Max! Just ignore Rex on the floor, he’ll probably be there for a while now.”

“What happened to my brother?” Max asks, chuckling a little and gazing into Chase’s richly blue eyes.

“He put his hands above his head and looked through his fingers,” Chase says rather matter-of-factly.

“That…does not make a whole lot of sense.” Max says scratching at his head, looking perplexed.

Chase looks at Max rather dryly before saying “I don’t think you’ll be as dumb as he was and fall over. Do you, Max?”

Max shakes his head. “Obviously not,” he says cracking a smile. “So tell me what I need to do to win the challenge. I love beating my brother.”

The Cheshire cat grin that Chase is known for quickly spreads across his handsome face as he starts to explain to Max the rules and the challenge.

Max’s tongue sticks out a bit, the splash of pink between his lips as he considers Chase words, before shrugging. “Seems easy enough, it’s no wonder though that Rex messed up.”

“Fff…fuck you,” Rex curses, his voice raggedy and raw. He has not left his position curled up on the grass, but he has pulled his underwear and shorts up over his while lily ass.

Ignoring him, Max goes on “OK. I’m down for a challenge.”

Max gets into position, putting his hands above his head, his sleek bare underarms facing towards the bright light in the sky from his sleeveless t-shirt, hazel eyes squinting, and tongue still sticking out. “Heh, this is easy.”

“Well the trick is to keep your hands in that position,” Chase says, coming in from the side to stand next to Max.

Chase eyes the waistband of Max’s underwear and without a word he grabs it and pulls straight up. The pressure quickly builds, pulling Max’s balls up and into his groin.

“Oh shit!”

“Now how long can you keep your hands above your head?” Chase states. “That is the challenge.”

Max feels the pressure building in his balls as his underwear slices into his developing gonads. Clenching his teeth Max tries to maintain the hold and whimpering out “Knew…should have known…that there would be…a catch! Ahh! My nuuuuts.”

Chase enjoys watching Max’s tennis balls perfectly outlined in his underwear press more and more flat as Chase yanks and pulls, his hands gripping the sides of Max’s underwear in small handfuls tight in his fists.

“Give up yet?”


Chase lifts Max’s waistband higher and higher up Max’s sides getting closer to his small developing pecs. The greater Chase pulls the more pressure he increases on Max’s flattening balls, the fabric pulled unbelievably tight.

“You sure bro? I can see your nuts swelling up in the fabric.” Chase admires Max’s genitals, remarking on how Max’s boys never seem to stop growing. They aren’t as big as his own, or even his boyfriend Jayden whose balls are just a tad smaller than his own. Max’s walnut shape balls, remind Chase of molded mini footballs. Max’s nuts seem to have increased in both their respective size and weight. Chase knows these things, as he always keeps a close eye on his swim teams packed goods in their speedos and makes it a habit of feeling up his teammates. While Max’s keep increasing in size, poor Rex’s stay rigidly the same size. Stubborn to stay small, and kid like.

Max’s amber eyes, the color mixing with the sun looking greener start to cross as he groans. Chase can hear the pain growing with each gasp and moan in his voice.

With one last wobble, Max’s knees buckle and give out. Max drops to his knees. Chase does not stop pulling, and with one heaving yank his biceps strain, the blue veins standing out as he lifts poor Max off the grass completely. The new pull on Max’s nuts, with his full weight on his groin makes the move even more excruciating.

Trying to get Max to focus back in on him, Chase says “Don’t you want to know what happened to your brother Rex?”

“N-NO! MY GOD, my balls!” Max’s eyes crisscross again as if he is trying to find his nose.

Lifting him up ever higher, Chase says “But if you know that it will be over.”

“P-please let go, man!”

“So, you want to know?”


Chase sighs and repositions himself so that he can attack Max from the front. Holding onto the sides of Max’s undies leaves Max wide open at the front and Chase lifts his leg straight up into Max’s pressed flat tennis balls. Chase does not even need to aim at Max’s balls are so clearly defined from the wedgie Chase has applied. As Chase does this he lets go of Max’s underwear so that he drops straight down with the full force of gravity from Max’s weight crashing down onto Chase’s stretched out knee. For a few horrid seconds Max stays there, eyes bulging as he is held off the ground with Chase’s knee bouncing Max on his muscled thigh. The small collisions make Max gasp and he grabs onto Chase’s forearms eyes pleading for the move to end.

Mercilessly Chase finishes it with one more bounce and moves his knee back allowing Max to fall to the grass below.

“Sorry I thought you said ‘Yes!’” Chase shrugs, looking pleased with himself. “Well anyways, Rex’s on the floor because I kneed him in the balls. Thought you wanted to know.”

“Nnnnnghhhh mannnnnnnn!” Max says, his mouth gasping and he coughs a bit cupping his nuts.

“Bro, you gotta move your hands. I have to see swollen they are. That’s the whole point of this.”

“Bro…this hurts….” Rex says, his own tank top falling down a bit showing off his pink and his pink nipple points at Chase.

“You shouldn’t be complaining. Compared to Max, you got far less. Probably gotta even the swelling out to see if it’s the same or not.” Chase jollily bends down and pulls Rex’s hands away and shoves his hand down his pants.

“Wait…no!” Rex says, turning to see if Max can help.

Max’s eyes are closed and he seems to be dry heaving close to him, moaning low and not in any position to lend assistance.

“Huh…” Chase says thoughtfully his hand rolling Rex’s tender squishy nuts in one fist.

“What?” gulps Rex worriedly.

Chase starts to grin, and his blue eyes look dazzling down at Rex as he says “I thought me kneeing your bag would make them bigger. Guess not.”

Rex’s cheeks color but Chase goes on with, “No worries. I am sure that you will be growing…someday soon.” Although his words don’t seem to have the same impact and Rex can tell that Chase does not really mean them. Chase’s hollow words cut deep and Rex hates how small and unimpressive he is below the belt.

Taking his attention back to Max, he sees the boy on his hands in knees, forehead on the grass. No longer retching he is trying to stabilize his breathing with long full breathes and luckily his groin is wide open. Chase reaches across, spotting the hanging fruit, and snags both balls in hand after he shoves his sneaking fingers beneath the lip of Max’s underwear plundering for the goods hiding inside.

“N-no…don’t Chase,” Max croaks eyes opening wide.

Chase nods his head approvingly, not that Max can see but the conformation that Max has yet again grown down below is confirmed in his closed tight fist. “You’ve grown Max, and not only that your balls are swelling nicely. You have won this TikTok challenge.”

Having both twins testicles within his hands gives Chase an aura of power of both lads, and he gives them both a testing squeeze loving how they both react the same, the sharp intake of air, the clenching of their thighs along his wrists and the moan; so sweet and with the tinge of laced fear. Max and Rex shudder as Chase flexes his biceps and squeezes hard.

“This was fun right?” Chase asks meanly starting to stand up and forcing Max and Rex to gasp as he yanks both teens up so that they hang in the air by their balls, their ball cords stretching as he pulls them up.

“God!” Rex groans. “Let go!”

Max clings desperately to Chase’s bicep as Chase takes him off his feet and loses all color in his face as his feet leave the ground and moans “Uggggggggggggggh!” unable to even plead for his testes.

Rex in the same position, hangs rather limply his own balls are squished so hard in Chase’s hand that he feels the small organs flattening with the indentions of Chase’s fingers spearheading, and driving into his tiny acorns.

Chase toys with the two for a moment, shaking the twins up and down as if they were on a baby rollercoaster before releasing them so that they fall at his heap and curling into similar fetal positions moaning and gasping into the grass.

Taking a quick photo, Chase pockets his phone and lays back on the grass loving the sounds coming from the twins as he makes he finishes his post online.

“Thanks guys, this has been a great day!”




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