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Snapshot: Robin's Greatest Enemy written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Robin’s Greatest Enemy


By Jimmy

Warning: Contains bondage, violence, ballbusting, and superheroes. I did not make these amazing photos, and I don't know the artist if anyone does please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Also, I want to see more of their amazing work! 

Alone, in the hands of any Robin’s greatest enemy Tim Drake finds himself in a world of trouble.

Captured, Robin squirms in the binds as the Joker a killer clown, dressed smartly in a suit approached him. Robin gulps as a switch blade is loosened and the grin on the maniacs face grows impossibly wider.

“Scared? I can see you shaking in your boots!” Joker yells, followed by a cackle as he gets closer to Robin.

“I’m going to enjoy this…”

Robin hates that he is supposed to ask this, but he does knowing full well a talking distracted Joker is better that a stabby Joker. “What are you going to do, Joker?”

“Ain’t that kinda obvious?” Joker laughs, holding his middle and howling with laughter.


Robin glances around the room, trying to take in his surroundings rather quickly. Immediately Robin notices that his wrists are tied tightly with silver handcuffs to the metal pole running along an old, rusty bed devoid of a mattress. Robin rests on metal springs underneath. The room itself seems barren but as Joker comes closer in between his wide-splayed legs, his heart starts beating faster and he remembers the photo that Joker took of them with the sign before he knocked him out.

That photo was sent to someone.

Robin has to hope that whoever receives it knows where they are and are on their way: fast.

Joker gets up close to his face now, his breath hot and rancid as he speaks. “Can the little birdy come out to play?”

The switch blade glints in the light and taps slowly along the red pouch containing Robin’s precious nutsack and dick.

Robin’s mouth widens in alarm.


 Joker laughs. “Maybe I should feed you a little worm, baby chick.” Joker saying menacingly, his dark words implicitly clear.

“Stay away from there!” Robin shouts.

Laughter fills the dark room, and Joker carefully closes the blade, pocketing the tool and takes one of his bleached white hands instead and touches Robin instead his hand rubbing Robin’s pouch and slow, quick semicircles. Before he gives it a quick pat, pat.

Robin fails in holding back a groan, and he hates the sound as it leaves his lips.

Joker glances up in wonder, his green eyes like pools of acid dare Robin to go on. “Like that?”



Joker grabs Robin more firmly, targeting his nuts hanging just below easily scooping up the resting eggs.

“I’ve got the Robin’s nest!” Joker squeals, squeezing his findings once long and hard.

“Stop that!” Robin moans, not believing that this could be happening.

“I see, this over the clothes action is much too impersonal,” judges Joker incorrectly, as he sits up flicking the switch blade free and tapping at his temple cutting his own skin. A flash of red leaks down the side of his face and he grins an idea coming to him.

“I know how we can fix that!”

Joker points the blade at Robin’s crotch and Tim starts to shake his head as Joker slices deep into his red pouch cutting free his junk with one quick slice. Joker pockets the blade and grabs Robin’s remnants of his underwear and red tights ripping them free until a large whole appears with Robin’s dangling bits hanging free surprisingly not sliced from Jokers very sharp knife.

“There we go! So much better. You are a BIG boy, I see. Fully grown-up! Bigger than Batsy huh?” Joker says tauntingly with a wink as he re-grabs Robin’s hanging fruit. “Now where were we…oh yes, I was going to do thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Joker hisses as he squeezes Tim Drake’s bare balls in hand.

Robin gasps “Nooooo!”

The chains rattle as his hands try to get to his privates as Joker crushes his balls. Tim Drake’s eyes widen, the pain and humiliation of the Joker crushing his proud ballsack silences him and he opens his mouth to scream but finding that he can’t as Jokers rough, calloused fingers dig deeply into his smooth ballsack.

“Oh god,” Robin groans. His balls are being crushed and manhandled and he thinks back on all his training with Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing and how none of that matters as Joker savagely gropes at his nuts his balls nothing but playthings in between his fingers.

“I’ve got these little nuts, and I’m not going to let them go!” Joker laughs meanly, his thumbs jabbing in and out, as Robin’s legs dance on either side of him. Joker breathes deeply, and loudly. “I smell fear!” he shouts “And something…I have not put my finger on yet…could it be…desire?”

Joker stops squeezing leaning in close to Robin so that they are staring eye-to-eye. “Want me to lick it?” Joker asks.


“Just tell old Joker to ‘Suck my cock.’ Go on, I dare you.” His voice is rough, spittle flying into Robin’s face and he closes his eyes, turning his head away.

“Leave me.”

“So boring!” Joker yells, and he opens his mouth wide and dives on top of Robin’s thighs, lips covering his teeth as he presses his face into Robin’s groin and sucks in Tim Drake’s flaccid penis.

“Wait…no!” Robin shouts, glancing up not believing that this could be happening.

Joker hums as sucks on Robin’s dick, the dick is warm and he seems to love the taste as he sucks on Robin.

Robin’s face tilts to one side, and he moans. This moan is different than before and its easy to tell why.

He is getting an erection.

Joker is a master with using his mouth, and Tim Drake so unexperienced finds himself losing all inhibitions as he thrusts up, the urgency growing within him as Joker takes him all the way down to the root and back.

With Robin prone, Joker controls how he sucks on Robin’s cock and he dutifully does so with a bobbing sensation that pleases Robin in ways he did not think possible from the Crown Prince of Crime.

“So…nasty…you have to stop!” Robin says in between breathes. He is edging closer to a point that he wants to not get closer to. He cannot believe how fast Joker is bringing him to the edge of no return.

Joker hums again and Robin rattles his handcuffs, the metal clinking off the bars as Robin stares around the room looking for an escape route before it is too late.

Robin feels his throat getting dry, and he opens his mouth to plead again when an urgency fills him.

“I’m going to…” Robin groans and he feels Joker smile, and he pounds his fist into Robin’s now tight nutsack hanging just below his cock nestled, locked and ready to fire.

His blue eyes widen, and Robin screams as Joker pounds away at his balls, fist after fist slamming into his tightly wound ballsack. Joker never stops bobbing and Robin tenses, not believing that he is about to erupt.

“I…I….nnn….no!” Robin shouts, his back arching, toes curling in his black leather boots and his fingers grip the bars ready for release.

The door bangs open, and Joker turns “Oh shucks, I was so close!”

He jumps off the bed, leaving Robin hard and panting as Batman, followed by Nightwing attack him and battle the villain. Taking him down in two or three quick blows.

The sound of handcuffs on Jokers wrists, bring an unsatisfying end to the encounter and Nightwing approaches Robin and says “Should we have waited five minutes more?”

Robin glares at him, but he thinks ‘Kinda.’

“Next time Robin,” Joker says, as Batman hauls him to his feet, “You will be mine.”



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