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The Father's Bet written by Jimmy


The Father’s Bet


By Jimmy

NoteThis could have been two parts, there was a perfect spot to make it into two stories as you will see later...but I like the idea of finishing a story in one post. Hope you all enjoy!

Warning: Includes ballbusting, older dudes, gay undertones, and all characters are 18+. You have been warned. 

Bradley Kruger, Logan’s Dad is shuffling the cards at Gomez Family home preparing for the next round.

Around the table sits Marco Gomez, legs spread wide. Marco is dressed only in his skivvies. Gino and Jayden’s Dad is bare chested, and his big chest muscles, and large arms show off his buff Dad bod that he is always so proud to display. Unfortunately tonight, it was someone’s bright idea to play strip poker. Each time someone loses a piece of clothing they had to lose a garment, followed by a… low blow. The groin blow could be anything. No limit was put on this game. Marco seems nervous, and is biting his knuckle while he stares resolutely at his cards. The man seems to have no poker face.

Will Brady, Bill’s Dad sits cooly in all the clothes he came in with. He has a stack of poker chips in front of him including some of the other guys clothing from around the table each folded carefully and placed in a pile displaying his victories. He whistles, staring at his cards his piercing eyes staring at Marco’s worried expression and turning his attention back to Bradley. Bradley lost his shirt and shorts early. Marco is just in his white beater and yellow briefs one hand vaguely scratching at his balls.

The new addition to the table is Max and Rex’s Dad. The twin’s father seems tired, but he finally made it to the card table after dodging his friends many attempts. It’s no wonder why he seems to be tired as he has been talking all night long.

“You would not believe what my kids did this time!” says Lex Arnold (Max and Rex’s Dad). Lex Arnold is a business man and he bores the hell out of anyone if he gets going about work. He is away a lot on business, and every time he comes home his boys seem to be driving him wild. He may be a business man, but the man knows how to have fun. At 43, he is dressed casually in swim gear. He just came back from Hawaii and is sporting a great tan. His hair has all gone grey, but he wears it short, military perfect. Mr. Arnold is tall, thin and a little gangly. His belly puffs out a little but Lex still tries to get some gym time in when he can.

“What?” indulges Will Brady, giving Bradley a wink. “Tell us.”

“They started hanging each other up by their underpants on the back of their bathroom door. Broke the hook right off. It was quite a bang when one of them fell, I tell you. After that I had a sneaking suspicion and so I went through their underwear drawer and you should have--- ”

“Brave man to go through that drawer,” mumbles Bradley with a chuckle.

It’s as if Bradley didn’t even speak, Lex Arnold continues with “Holes everywhere in the backs of them! Plus one of my kids seems to still be wearing little kids undies. I talked to Rex that he needs to start wearing big boy’s pants---”

The room explodes with chuckles.

Still talking Lex concludes with “Rex was so red in the faced embarrassed. He told me that he is actually kind of small in the… you-know-what area and these are the only kind that fit him.” Lex whispers confidentially, while spilling the beans about his son’s tiny marbles. “I laughed at him, and said maybe he would get bigger soon…but he is already fourteen so…maybe not?” Lex shrugs ending his story and gripping his own, rather large bulge. “Too bad for him that he does not have a set like mine or apparently his brother. They are identical…well, not really where it counts.”

“My son has the same problem,” Will Brady says, jumping in “But before we go on let’s put Marco out of his misery. I call.”

Fuck,” Marco whispers under his breath and puts down a single pair.

The guys laugh, and everyone chants “Strip, strip!” as if they were still in college.

Marco stands up, and grabs the hem of his underwear and gulps. “I mean it’s kinda late…” he says nervously.

“If you don’t pull those down, and put them in my pile…” Will Brady says dropping four aces onto the table and winning the round. “I will make take them off of you myself.”

Marco gulps and slowly lowers his shorts, his dark treasure trail leading down to a rather unremarkable finish.

He is not a big man.

Marco’s root starts off impressive in width, but the length leaves much to be desired. Although, he can produce quite a load as the guys joked about earlier in the evening it is still impressive that he managed to produce two sons: Gino and Jayden.

The briefs are past his thighs, the dark hair on the tops eluding to the potency of his rather unremarkable small scrotum.

“Oh shit!” laughs Lex openly staring at Marco’s unimpressive equipment.  “That all you got?” he asks rather meanly. “Maybe you’re a grower?”

“I can confirm that is not true,” Will Brady smartly declares.

Quickly Marco sits back at the table moving to cover himself with his hands, Will knocks them aside.

“There will be none of that, you know the rules.”

“Fuck yeah, I guess I do,” his dark eyes are downcast and Will reaches in grabbing him by his vulnerable small pouch. Marco grips the table hard, his fingertips growing white as Will gives him a wicked squeeze.

“Someone count for me.”

Bradley takes out his phone and puts on a minute timer and turns it around so that they can all enjoy watching Marco see the numbers slowly tick by.

“Oh fuck,” Marco curses, his teeth clenching as he turns to look pleadingly at Will as he squishes the contents of Marco’s mediocre ballsack in his fist. Will’s fist makes a large squelching sound and all the guys not participating give sympatric noises of discomfort.

“How many hits has he taken now?” Lex asks the group.

“Three!” squeaks Marco as he starts moaning. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

With a twist Will Brady finishes and Marco half bends over as Will releases him and the man half lays prone on the table, slightly drooling.

“Man…I thought you were going to pop ‘em.”

“Naw, no fun in that. I still want to bust you a few more times.”

“Next round! I’m dealing,” Lex says happily taking the cards from Bradley and starting to shuffle giving Marco some time to try and recover.

“Hey Bradley, you ever get that photo back from Logan?” Will Brady asks curiously.

Bradley grins, “Why it so happens that I did. It helps to still have parental controls over his phone. Plus I got some fun photos that he won’t like me sharing. So now he’s been a good little boy and cleaning the house, mowing the lawn…it’s great.”

“What was on his phone?” Lex queries clearly interested as he passes out the cards. Even Marco glances up, a painful grimace still on his face.

Lex appears as though he is fully engrossed in the conversation as one hand sneakily reaches between Marco’s legs and grabs his chubby little pecker and gives him a little squeeze.

Marco gulps, his eyes growing wide as Lex slowly starts to rub the outline of his head, the exposed groin gives him easy to access. In addition, Lex’s gropes underneath the table are covered by the tablecloth which prevents the others from seeing.

“Well let’s just say,” says Bradley moving closer to the group and smiling “Some things are better left between fathers and their sons.”

“You old tease!” says Lex, his hand going a little faster until Marco puffs up under his hand strokes. Lex fully measures him and then turns to smile at Marco before he releases his now engorged cock. “Maybe after I take your undies we can trade info instead of me punting your balls into orbit. Show me your hands, boys.”

As usual, Will Brady has an impressive hand. A full house.

Bradley loses with three tens. Somehow Marco pulls off three aces. Lex barely escapes with three jacks.

Will places the winning hand down. “These queens want to see what you are packing.”

Bradley sighs and pulls off his tank top and tossing it to him.

Will’s foot slides in-between Bradley’s thighs, rustling up against his plums and rubbing tenderly.

“Oho! What are you doing down there!?” The distress in Bradley’s voice makes the other three laugh, even naked Marco who is kinda rubbing at his hardon now that he is fully erect, a dreamy expression on his face, as he eagerly awaits Bradley’s fate.

Taking Bradley’s ankles, Will spreads the man’s legs extra wide underneath the table and pronounces “This is the gaspedal” and starts stomping and crunching Bradley’s nuts against his pubic mound with wild, raw abandon. Bradley’s eyes go wide and he yells as Will crushes his genitals underfoot.

Will Brady starts the timer and looks over at Marco, “That could have been you.”

“I’m thankful that it’s not!” Marcos says.

The time goes slow, but Will makes the most out of it as he pounds away at Bradley’s balls until he pulls back on Bradley’s ankles and sinks his foot into his groin nailing Bradley’s balls against his pubic bone and squashes his nuts flat. The nutmeat squishes between his toes, with his foot being pressed so hard against poor Bradley’s body.

When the timer mercilessly goes off, Will hangs onto the move and twists his foot viciously feeling Bradley’s balls crunch with satisfyingly.

Finally Will takes his foot away leaving Bradley to cup his injured boys and glances up at Will Brady. “You…almost neutered me!” his voice is high pitched and wispy as he leans back in his chair in only his underwear, clutching himself protectively.

“I’m…going to need a minute…or twenty. Fuuuck!

The pain seems to hit him full force now, and Bradley’s eyes close dramatically as they start to roll back into his skull. “No more kids…maybe no more erections…”

The guys all laugh and Marco takes the cards and starts to shuffle.

Lex goes to get more beers and comes back to the table and belches loudly, and thumps his chest.

“Oh this is a good night!”

Will Brady agrees and nods his head. “Just wait until you lose to me.”

Lex glances at him and winks. “I never lose.”

Will Brady smiles “Neither do I. You may have noticed already,” he says gesturing to his returns.

The two square off in their intensity before Will says, “But first I need to take out Bradley.”

Bradley gives a grumbled moan. “I am not done, yet.”

Lex quips back, “You sure? Those balls looked pretty flat from where I was sitting.”

“Felt that way too. Like flying saucers,” Bradley jokes. One hand still cups his injured goods.

Bradley scoops up his cards and calls. “I’m winning this round.”

Marco gulps. “I should be okay…”

The calls go around the table and soon everyone is looking at Lex, he lost his first hand. Standing up, Lex takes off his swimmers tank top and he drops it neatly in front of Will, like the others did before him. He’s shirtless now, a fine layer of brown hairs are on his pecs and a dusting of hair around his belly button. He flexes for the group before he steps up to Will.

“Do your worse, I can take it.”

Will smiles slowly. “One of my kids says the same things. He claims his nuts are unbeatable.” Will shakes his head and stands up slamming his empty bottle down on the table. “I accidently nut checked him, and he went down…I bet you will too.”

“You busted your kid?” Lex says.

“Accidently… well…kinda. I wanted to see if his statement lived up. It does not. Although he put up a brave face. Curiosity got away from me, I admit.” Will Brady shrugs. Standing up, he steps back to get some room before he orders Lex to “Spread your legs, I am going to give you a nut kick you won’t soon forget.”

Lex sticks his hands down his pants and gives his balls a loving squeeze and pointedly looks down at his goods “Make Daddy proud.”

The others laugh, and he puts his hands behind his head ready for Will to do his worst.

The kick is savage, and terrible. The sound of Will Brady’s foot connecting to Lex’s ballsack leaves him breathless and he falls over landing on his face. Rolling around on the tiled floor Lex swears and groans, one hand already shoved deep into his shorts with no mistake of him clutching at his naked goods.

“You asshole!”

The others laugh and Will walks up to him and holds him down, with one foot on his chest. “Better get ready to lose the next hand.”

Five minutes later he did.

The second kick was from behind.

Lex is sweating, his heart racing as he stands in his jock strap and Will comments. “I didn’t expect to see your hidey hole today.”

“Just get it over with.”

Shrugging, Will takes aim and rears back a kick that many football players would admire as he kicks straight and true sending his barefoot crashing into Lex’s bulge so hard that his cock is shoved out one side, poking out. The loose firehose is still helmeted, and the dangling swinging extra skin from his knob trembles as Lex drops to his knees grabbing his nutsack in both hands, his face struck dumb as his mouth opens in a classic ‘O’ shape. Lex’s mouth hangs open a scream seemingly caught in his throat.

“Only one more hand to go and you or Bradley are going to be naked as the day you were born.”

Still fully clothed, Will plants his butt back into his chair and gently placed the shorts that he won from Lex on top of his large but neatly folded pile of clothing.

“Who is going to lose to me next,” Will Brady ponders smacking hands together rather excitedly.

As the next card hand is dealt and the results appear on the table the turning over of hands both delights and tickles Will. “Well now… looks like we have a tie loss. I get to claim both pairs of your skivvies.”

Lex and Bradley stand up, both looking rather dim as they come up to stand side-by-side in front of Will as he contemplates how to end the evening. He gives a hoot of joy, as an idea takes him and he bends down telling them “Get into position!”

Resignedly they both do looking at each other rather glumly.

Without further ado Will from his perched position he launches up two double uppercuts that slam resoundingly into their intended targets. Will’s upper biceps connect with the tightly packed undies of the two Dad’s in front of him and he feels their nuts first flatten, then smoosh against his hard muscles. Will gives a thunderous yell as he lifts both Dad’s off their feet leaving them hovering for a moment, toes barely scrapping the floor as their testicles pinch and press even flatter against Will’s biceps, which he curls closed pinching the nutsacks inside. Will Brady holds the position for as long as he can enjoying the sharp intakes of breathe before he can support them no longer. The two drop back down to the tile floor of the kitchen, on unstable legs.

Marco stands up, saying “Holy shit!”

Will nods his head approvingly and asks “How are they hanging guys?”

Lex lets out an “Ugghhh!” grunt and backs up until his back is against the wall clasping at his family jewels.

Bradley on the other hand sits quickly into the chair closest to him and holds his nuts in his hands his ass cheeks sticking to the cheap fake black leather seats cushion.

“That’s game night!” Will Brady says starting to collect his earning. The pile of money that the poker chips stood for is in the middle of the table and he takes to pot. “I win, again.”

Marco moves to grab his clothes but Will backhands him between his thighs, the cold hard slap of his knuckles hitting the ballbag echoes around the room and Marco sucks at his teeth as he cries out “Not again! Oh nooooo!”

“The clothes are my victory tokens, I will give you those next game night.”

Will Brady puts his winnings in a bag along with the poker chips and heads to the door, leaving all three Dad’s behind him holding tight to their injured gonads. Before he gets there, the door opens.

Standing before him is an old neighbor and Will says in complete surprise, “Old man Franklin?! I mean, Franklin…how are you?” Will Brady seems unsure if he should use the nickname or…not.

Old Man Franklin ignore Will Brady and says, “I’m here to see Mr. Gomez. Marco, you here?” he shouts as he invite himself in and steps instead. Franklin’s right hand is holding Gino Gomez’s left ear rather smartly in one wizened hand.

“What’s this about?” asks Marco’s Dad taking a tiny tea towel and placing it before his privates.

“That’s an awfully small towel!”

“Still works though,” jokes Will Brady in an undertone, his voice barely above a whisper but Gino seems to hear it and snickers.

Old Man Franklin gives his ear a tug, which removes the smile off of his face.

“This boy of yours was rudely parked on my street and getting into the funny business in his vehicle. Plus the music was so loud, at this time of night!”

“Oh?” Marco asks.

“That’s right, it’s passed curfew and the noise warning has taken affect! I had half a mind to call the police but I know that you are a good man and would set this whippersnapper on the straight and narrow without needing to inform the authorities. Keep this business in house is what I say.”

Gino is ragging underneath Old Man Franklin’s grip and he manages to pull away at last and he turns back angrily to the elderly man and shouts “You can’t stop me from playing loud music and fucking in my own truck!” His ear is a little red, but that’s nothing compared to his face as he screams at Franklin.

Several gasps around the kitchen table are heard as the naked man each grab towels from the oven and unsuccessfully try to hide their nakedness from the newly entered people.

Old Man Franklin smiles a half smile, his eyes alight and intelligent in the hall as he eyes Gino up and down. Gino is half dressed, still wearing his singlet one strap loop dangles from one shoulder leaving one pec out in the open. The nipple is hard and pointy. Gino is also half-hard, and still leaking apparently. He did not finish what he started with whomever he was with in his truck.

“Maybe I should start with a lesson of manners with how to talk to your elders!”

Gino laughs, holding his belly. “And how are you going to do that? Remember everyone calls you ‘Old man,’ for a reason;” scoffs Gino with a sneer spreading over his face. Gino dramatically steps right in close to Old Man Franklin and puffs up his chest a bit more. “You going to take a swing.”

His Dad comes forward, cheeks are blazing red and he puts one hand on Gino’s bare shoulder. “Now that’s enough. I want you to---ugh!”

Gino pounds a fist backwards, not even looking at his Dad but his hand connects with his Dad’s junk with a wicked crunch leaving him folded in half his bare ass sticking straight out as the tea towel drops to the floor leaving him naked.

“Gross Dad. Why are you naked?” Gino asks mockingly giving his hand a shake before he turns back to Old Man Franklin. “As I was saying, if you want to do something about it…I will give you the first swing.” Gino pats his left cheek, egging him on.

“Come on, take a swing. I dare you.”

Reluctantly Will Brady starts to pass out shorts to Bradley and Will, as he turns to head towards Gino to stop this foolishness.

Old Man Franklin looks down, and steps back and away from Gino.

“That’s what I thought!”

Then Old Man Franklin kicks out. Old Man Franklin wears heavy loafers, even in the midst of summer about to start and his swing while a bit slower than most is all the more poignant as the shoes that he wears seem to be laced with a heavy metal trim. Gino’s eyes widen in alarm as Franklin’s foot connects hitting him in his soft unprotected singlet pouch the spandex offering no protection as Franklin nails his balls between his ass cheeks.

Gino gasps and his cheeks puff out as he grabs his balls as Franklin’s foot returns to the wooden hall floor. Old Man Franklin is smiling now and says “Well, that’s a start. But I think he needs some more lessons in manners. Don’t you agree, Marco?”

Marco still on the floor nods, and slowly climbs to his feet.

“Fuck this,” Gino says and turns to hobble away, one hand holding onto his balls but Will grabs on of his arms and Bradley the other.

“I had to do this to my son Logan once*,” says Bradley rather grimly. “He needed to have his testicles cleared out…rather forcibly.”


“Like a dog!” Old Man Franklin echoes laughing.

“Something like that,” Bradley agrees.

“I don’t know…” Marco says pulling on just his underwear and stepping up to Gino as he struggles in the grip of the other two Dad’s.

Gino swings his foot up, the eighteen year old trying to clip his Dad again in the family jewels.

Marco leaps back in the nick of time before the Bradley tells him, “Slow him down. Hit him in the nuts!”

Gino turns to his Dad, “He wouldn’t know how! His balls are so small, he wouldn’t know how to handle a real man’s sack!”

The silence of the Gomez home seems absolute as Marco Gomez comes up to Gino his eldest son and grips him by the balls, finding that he needs both hands to grip such large testicles in his palms.

“I’ve had my hands on a lot of testicles my boy, and I am going to demonstrate for you now, what I can do with them.”

Gino is breathing fast, his chest heaving as he struggles in the hands of the Dad’s around him.

“Oh yeah, show me then Dad!” Gino says bravely.

Marco Gomez takes his hands off and grips his sons shoulders again, like he did a few minutes before but this time he does so tightly as he takes his thick knee and slams it up in between Gino’s forcibly wide spread knees, ankles kept in place by Bradley and Will’s feet around his ankles. Marco’s muscled thigh hits Gino hard, the thud makes Gino’s mouth snap shut like a deer trap and he mashes his teeth as the pain hits him.

“Damn Dad…not bad.”

“Thanks son.”

Marco Gomez knees Gino a second time, same spot. It’s hard to miss. Gino’s scrotum is so large, and the spandex outlines exactly where his gonads are located as anyone can see the outline of Gino’s impressive cock now starting to harden and lengthen as Gino grows firmer from his father’s busting knee. The knee cap hits Gino’s scrotum this time and the hardened bone hits like a freight truck driving into the wall, which is his pelvis with his nuts locked in between.

This second knee makes Gino gasp, and the fight that was in him starts to dwindle and he groans in the hands of all the men looking at his father.

“Damn…Dad, my nuts. No more.... I learned my lesson. Uh, uh, uh,” he grunts afterwards feeling the swelling pulsing in both his testicles now.

“See? All you needed to do was to rough him up a little,” Old Man Franklin says satisfied. “He will think twice before playing loud music again in my neighborhood or hitting his own father.”

“You promise to be good son?” Marco asks reaching up and grabbing Gino by his full balls, they feel heavy in his hands and gives the pair a squeeze. “I might need to clear your pipes. These feel awfully full.”

“Dad…no!” Gino says in genuine shock.

“You have to Marco, be strong,” Bradley encourages.

“Hit him a few more times and then we can bring him over the couch to finish him off,” Will Brady suggests.

Lex nods “Go on Marco, make him sing.”

Marco nods his head preparing himself.

“You can’t…Dad!” Gino shrieks at the determination in his father’s eyes.

Marco fires up a kick so hard that it smacks Gino’s balls with a thunderous colossus clunk as his nuts smack hard against his lower abs, but his dick stays rigid and pointing to the ceiling.

“Oh shit!” Gino yells. “You….my….oh god!”

Gino’s eyes cross, but Marco shows no mercy for his sons reproductive possibilities and nails his scrotum with another kick.

The slam of Marco’s heel fills the room, the thundering thud makes everyone clear that Marco knows how to bust balls.

Gino’s head hangs low and his hair falls over his forehead, covering his dark eyes as he trembles in agony in the held grip of the two Dads on either side of him. The two need to support Gino nod as he slumps in their grip.

“Good one, Marco. One more should do it.”

Raising his head Gino looks pleadingly at his Dad and says “No…more. My balls…I can’t…uh, uh, uh, uh…. uh…” Gino seems to be shaking slightly as he glances up making eye contact. “Uh,” biting his lip he finishes with “I can’t take anymore Dad.”

“Sorry son,” Marco says “But this is for your own good!”

Marco’s third kick hits him perfectly and Gino’s nuts crunch underneath his ass, his Dad managing to lodge his son’s scrotum between his buttcheeks with a powerful full blast kick.

“To the couch,” Will Brady orders.

Bradley and Will have carry, half drag him over but Gino looks so heavy and is dead on his feet so Marco and Lex each grab a leg and carry him over placing him on the couch and manhandling his singlet down, rolling the red spandex over his tightly packed abdomen.

Gino Gomez’s treasure trail leads from his belly button downward to his jockstrap which looks wet and glistening when it comes into view, the bright sharp whiteness against Gino’s naturally tanned skin stands out along with his thick pulsing rod standing straight up just below his belly button.

Gino is panting, and seething almost naked on the family coach.

“Do the honors, Marco.”

Marco grabs the lips of his son’s jockeys and Gino shakes his head.

“I’ll stop!” Gino yells out, not wanting to pants naked in front of all these Father’s.

“I know you will son, after this.” Marco pulls the jockey’s down exposing Gino’s cock which smacks against his lower abs, a small dark forest of pubes are visible below the stem of Gino Gomez’s masculine cock and his reddened tip leaks out a few small droplets onto his stomach.

Gino stares at his Dad and tries to pull free but everyone but Marco grabs a limb stretching Gino taut across the couch. Gino’s heart thunders in his chest and Marco sits in between his son’s thighs on the couch and reaches down to take hold of his son’s now naked wrinkly brown ballsack. A few sparse coarse hairs cover the brown bag. Gently Marco rolls the testicles in their protective silky ballsack, rolling the pair between both hands contemplating how he should finish off his son.

Gulping Gino gazes at his father, his warm brown eyes looking upwards at him. “Please, don’t,” he whispers.

Gino’s pleas’ seem to fall on deaf ears again, as his cock unable to finish earlier gets even firmer in anticipation of what is about to befall him. The quivering rod stands rigid and thick against his lower abs, his small bush is slightly fragrant and the smell of him wafts up from his earlier wrestling practices.

“See what I mean, Marco. Deep down… he wants this.”

Gino shakes his head, “No…I don’t!”

“That cock says otherwise,” Lex says.

Tentatively at first Marco gazes at his son, jealous of how much studlier he is than himself. Marco seizes Gino’s nads more firmly, feeling the dense orbs that weigh so much more than his own cause his wrists to sink further to the coach and he gets a little meaner and squeezes his own son’s balls.

Gino reacts if on cue, his body writhes on the couch and all the men’s hands keep him still. Twisting to the sides Gino attempts to escape trying to find one of the Dads weaker hands to pull a limb from, but each hold him steady.

“He’s moving too much, give him a few punches. That should wear him out!” Bradley suggests.

Marco does as he is told and grips Gino’s sack around the middle between cock and balls, pushing the testicles to one end so that they two stand out rather obscenely.

“Don’t Dad!” Gino pleads, his dark brown eyes a shade or two lighter than his youngest widen in alarm and fear.

“Sorry son, this is for your own good.”

Marco’s fist hits home, sinking deep into Gino’s nutmeat. He enjoys seeing his son’s balls smoosh underneath his hard fist the sound. A whooping sound echoes as his fist makes contact again.

“Uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” Gino groans, lurching up his chest rising off the coach muscles in his abdomen clenching hard.

Marco punches again.

And again.

The fourth hit brings Gino back down to the couch, his brown eyes rolling in their sockets as he gasps, and shudders his body tingling under his father’s destructive handling. Marco grows firmer in his own undies and is happy for once that his tiny erection will more than likely not be noticed.

“My nuts…I can’t take anymore…don’t hit them…again!”

Marco could not help himself and slams his fist home again, this time his son’s nuts squelch underneath, sound rips from his knuckles and he softly chuckles.

Will is rubbing one of Gino’s pecs absentmindedly. “You doing good son,” he says. “This is for the best.

Marco agrees, and rubs his knuckles against Gino’s swelling nutsack feeling and delighting in warping his balls under the intense pressure of his unforgiving well used paw.

Gino is panting, and more pre-cum leaks from his cock. The drippy tool begs for attention, but Marco ignores his firstborn’s mighty swelling member and separate’s his sons testicles. Closing his fingers around each far too large nuts he gets his sons attention when he drives his thumbs slowly in.

“You…sque…squee…oh don’t do that!”

Gino stares up at the ceiling, and clenches his jaw the feint stubble along his chin more vivid as his teeth click together. Forehead creasing, Gino tries to manage the new sensations as each digit in his Dad’s hands grip and claw their way into his sensitive and exposed outer ball exteriors going deep searching for the centers of his manhood.

“Won’t be long now,” Bradley says, picking up Gino’s dick for a moment in hand the appendage seeming so large and gives him a quick stroke as he inspects his rigidness. A squirt of clear goo is pumped from his cock and Gino writhes and moans, the desire for more clear as Gino turns to look at him.

“Keep going Marco.” Bradley says encouragingly as he squeezes Gino’s flared pink sensitive cockhead and wipes the sticky stuff on Gino’s pec making sure to squeeze one brown nipple as he does between his thumb and forefinger.

Marco works his hands, never slowing down on his rampant squeezing grip keeping his sons testicles inflexibly in hand. Gino’s balls seem to throb in his fists, and Marco delights in the sensations of his eldest son’s balls so vulnerable and under his complete and utter control. Marco has Gino by the balls, and there is nothing that he can do to escape or stop the inevitable ending that is quickly approaching.

“My nuts, my nuts, my nuuuuuts!” Gino squeals on a particularly harsh twist. “Oh Dad…those are my nuts…you can’t…can’t….keep squeezing them!” Gino tosses his head back, his dark hair twisting wildly with every turn of his head.

“Yes son, yes I can.” Marco answers him, delighting in his son’s pain.

Gino moans, losing himself in the pain and his cock jumps. All eyes turn from Gino’s nuts being squeezed to look at the 18 year olds swelling cock, its throbbing and pulsing all on its own along the outer edge of Gino’s taut stomach dribbling down small droplet of clear liquid gearing up for the epic finale.

Edging his son further, Marco slows down his wickedly tight grip and rolls his sons genitals ever so softly, taking a thumb and rubbing the small part between his eldest asshole and the spot where his sack begins. The gesture of kindness and the soothing pleasureful strokes along Gino’s taint bring him to awareness of how close he is getting and Gino opens his mouth to plead with his father.

“Don’t make me cum.” Gino seems to have lost all semblance of pride as he pleads with his Dad in front of everyone.

Marco Gomez looks down upon his son and comes in close to his sons genitalia, and the throbbing dick warmly blows hot air over his flourishing crown. Gino grunts, and rocks his hips. Gino gyrates into the air and seems to hum in pleasure.

“God don’t do it Dad.”

“Do what?” Marco asks, opening his lips and blowing air again.

“That!” Gino moans. He’s sweating now, part of his hair sticks to his temples and he can’t believe how close he is.

Marco chuckles “Alright if you would rather…” he grips Gino’s nuts tightly and Gino freezes looking up scared.

…. “I can do this!”

The fists clench and Gino’s brown eyes cross as his Dad’s hands turn white crushing his gonads. Gino bites back a scream and squeaks out instead “Not agaaaaaain!”

The Fathers all smile around the small group as Marco emasculates his son by putting on the finishing nutsqueeze.  The hold is golden, and always wins a playground battle. The men stare down at Gino waiting for him to submit his seed, the end is near and Gino seems to know it as his back arches, and his hips start to unwillingly start to thrust up and down his cock writhes up and down like a wave. Reluctantly Gino keeps thrusting, his glistening cock so brown but for his red almost purple tip glides in the air searching for purchase but finding none. The move is evolutionary, and the human need to plunge his sword into a hilt drives Gino’s hips grudgingly on their steady course waiting to find their outlet.

Old Man Franklin clears his throat. “Dig deep Marco, the boys refusing to finish this. You got his nards, do your worse with them.”

Bradley seems to agree. “Sometimes the stubbornness needs to be beaten out of him.”

Will Brady suggests after a pause “He might be all pent up, his stock might be a little stuck maybe he needs a little extra…stimulation.”

Marco considers all of his friends carefully before he makes a decision.

“I think boys in order for my son to cum like a man, he might need a little helping hand,” and he wiggles his eyebrows. “Any takers?”

“No I don’t want!” Gino starts to say as Old Man Franklin picks up his trembling erection.

“Not you!” he shouts, Gino looks desperate for anyone else to step in…to find mercy and end this.

“You sure about that son? You certainly look like you wanted to when I caught you in the truck with that boy,” muses Old Man Franklin just holding the appendage, not yet rubbing the quivering member.

Gino moans starring at the Old Man Franklin holding his precious throbbing tool, and he bites his lip.

“It was not…like that.” Gino says, his voice husky. “Stop touching…my cock,” he whispers.

“I may be old, but I know what sex looks like.”

“Who was the lucky guy?” Marco asks toying with his son’s balls now, as he squeezes and releases, squeezes and releases. For every squeeze he gives a bit of reprieve before he closes his fist again trying to time his crushing grip to be unpredictable. “You get back together with Francisco?”

“Not telling…”

This makes all the Dad’s laugh.

“They never do!” Will Brady says a chuckle resounding deep in his chest.

“Maybe your old man will go easier on you if you tell,” insists Old Man Franklin, the irony of calling Marco an old man seems lost on him as he eagerly awaits the youngster’s response.

“The kid could have been anyone. I swear my own boys seem to be in heat!” laughs Lex.

Old Man Franklin turns to look at him and squints his eyes, taking out his dirty glasses and putting them on before saying “Huh. The kid looked an awful lot like you that he was with…do you have boys?”


Everyone turns to look down at Gino and his cheeks redden as his Dad gropes his nuggets in his palms squeezing lightly at the orbs that seem to float sweating between his fingers in their silken wrinkled ballsack. The ballbag looks a lot redder than it is supposed to.

“Was it one of my boys? Max or Rex?” Lex asks, curiosity taking over as he places on hand on the boy’s chest pushing him firmly against the couch.

Gino gulps “Nnn….no,” he croaks his balls throbbing and his head seems to swell as Old Man Franklin gives him a little jerk with his wrinkly hand, his grip surprisingly firm.

“Hmmm,” states Bradley. “We might be on to something.”

“I’m not gonna…” Gino starts to say, but he violently thrusts up his whole body growing rigid as his cock pulses as Old Man Franklin pumps quicker.

“You sure you don’t want to tell…maybe I will let your Dad take over instead of me,” Old Man Franklin says, winking at Marco. “Want your Daddy to touch it?”

Fuck…. so gross, man.”

“He does not seem to be learning anything….a repeat of this lesson might be needed after,” Bradley says with a sigh as Gino is being edged closer to the point of no return. His face is flush, his brown eyes narrowing to slits as he moans continuously as his erection twists in Old Man Franklin’s hand. His pumping hand starts to meet and follow Gino’s hips to match the tempo the senior citizen uses on him. The concentration on his face as he gazes at his own massive stiffy sticking straight up, the eye facing towards his face beckons to him to finally let go. Gino of course, seems to be holding on dearly, and stubbornly not allowing himself to cum.

Marco can feel Gino’s balls in his scrotum rising to rest beneath his rigid, trembling tool and Marco says “Almost…come on now, Gino show your papa what you can do. I want to see what you can do now.”

Gino shakes his head, beads of sweat flying off.

“No!” he squeaks, a grunt coming soon after as Marco twists his balls trying to force the cum out of him. Gino gasps, and shudders trying to hold his breath now, his abdomen straining as his muscles tighten in his stomach.

“Come on son, cum.”

Gino can’t even move now, his concentration on not letting loose keeps him firmly strained, his back straight with fingers itching to get free.

“I’m tired of this,” crotchety Old Man Franklin announces to the room and balls up his fist and slams it home in the center of Gino’s abdomen, the squeezed tight muscles bounce the old man’s fist away as he were batting away a fly.

“Jesus! See that?”

Bradley grins, “You need more meaning behind it like this!” Bradley Kruger rears back his fist, tucking in each finger carefully in as he balls up his hand. Bradley takes careful aim at Gino’s abs, the clenching washboard abs seem hard and unyielding but that does not stop Bradley and the boy stares right back at him as he swings.

The room grows quiet, the only sound is repetitious steady stroking of Old Man Franklins fist, pumping away at Gino’s mighty rod. The pride and proud erection refuses to go down or end but at Bradley’s fist hits the small nub on Gino’s belly, his fist sinks inwards and Gino’s careful red face holding in his oxygen is forced out in one painful whoosh. Gino sucks in air, and as he does so his cock jumps and he gets a worried look of despair crossing over his features as he mouths “Oh, no!”

It’s too late to stop himself, Gino’s tightly wound balls pulse, his juices traveling upwards towards his stem and as much as Gino tries to hold back he cannot anymore.

Gino arches his back, his mouth opening and his eyes turn upwards as his busy cock throbs once, and he squeezes his eyes as he bellows out loud while his quivering penis unloads. Thick jets, so fast and furious fire straight up hitting him in the jaw, and then spews over his head. One hits Old Man Franklin’s knee, and slaps at it his hand coming back sticky and wet. Franklin still keeps Gino’s cock faced directly towards his own face afraid that if he let go semen would go flying in all directions as he pumps him furiously.

Grunting and rolling between the Dad’s Gino’s steady stream of white semen blasts and shoots from him and he writhes between them. Everyone keeps a steady hold on him, even his father Marco who keeps up a tight grip, loosening some to give his son’s working testicles time to eject every last drop.

Old Man Franklin works Gino’s cock, until he falls back onto the couch, spent and sucking in deep breaths his chest heaving with effort. Still Franklin jerks Gino’s cock, as his rigidness slowly lessens. He is still leaking so Franklin keeps up the pace, growing tired now and looking forward to his nap that was stolen from him. Franklin is just happy to steal something back from Gino.

Finally Gino seems to be done. Franklin drops the cock on Gino’s small black bush of pubes, where the seeping tip drips a few last drops from the orgasm.

“Well” Bradley says, looking around the room. “I guess we all best be going now. Mission accomplished.”

The other fathers agree, patting Marco on the back and starting to head out. Old Man Franklin stays behind, as the door to the house closes shut. Franklin grabs Gino’s spent scrotum in both hands and tells him “Remember this, I know how to get you keep that racket down.” Franklin squeezes him just a little making Gino sharply inhale through his flared nostrils his brown eyes looking onto the Old Man.

Satisfied Franklin makes his exit and Marco tells his son, “Clean this mess up. Your mother will be home soon…you won’t want her to see you like this.”

Marco hurries from the room on his bare feet, his excitement over what he has done makes him itch to be alone and have a good cum himself.

Gino agrees, but first he curls up into a ball on the couch, shame claiming in as he cradles his ballsack which seems both larger than ever and raw in his hands.

‘How will he ever face his father again?’




“Hey, you seem to be walking kinda funny.”

Jayden says staring at his brother as he walks passed his room dressed only in gym shorts.

“You’ll find out all about Jayden, when you’re older. At least that’s what Dad said.”

Puzzled, Jayden stares after his brother as he scratches at his bare chest wondering ‘What was that about?’ Jayden shrugs and turns over as his brothers retreating footsteps fade as his brother closes his bedroom door leaving Jayden to wonder what happened between his Dad and his brother the night before.





Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Bill's Dad stealing the show in these Dad stories? Man does he kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Old Man Franklin laying it down again! Glad you didn't NERF him when Gino wanted to fight. Only models I can see beat Franklin 1 on 1 are Logan and maybe Kev. Just cant see the others being able to handle his agressive yet cunning demeanor on their own.
The Dads in their late 30s early 40s could probably take him, I bet.

Awesome story! - J

Anonymous said...


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone!

Sorry it took me a while to respond.

First anonymous,

Will Brady (Bill's Dad) has been fun to write and I am looking forward to writing another story with him, his son, and two adoptive kids Sam Hell and Jake. It should be a ton of craziness.

Hope you like that one!

Dear J,

One should be wary of Old Man Franklin... although if he gets the hose turned on him (a great Alex story), then he goes down fast. Those hooligans! But yes, he is a great character. Thanks for writing in!



Dear Anonymous 2,

I don't have any planned at the moment but I will keep the request in mind! Thanks for writing in!