Monday, November 21, 2022

Snapshot: Batman's Red Hood's Revenge: A Batman Story written by Jimmy


Batman's Red Hood’s Revenge

By Jimmy


Warning: Contanins ballbusting, vigilianties, and artwork from other artists. None of the photos are mine. All found on the internet. They are pretty awesome.

“I hate you, Tim.”

Jason Todd, the second Robin watches Tim. Tim Drake, going by the new code name: Red Robin. It’s ridiculous.

Red Robin has been tailing this criminal all night, staying the shadows of the rooftops, always staying in the darkness. Batman taught him well.

Jason Todd knows all the tricks, after all Batman…Bruce, taught him too.

Shooting a grappling hook, Jason watches as the claw explodes quietly from its holster before it flashes silver and lightning fast forwards digging into a nearby rooftops ledge the metal claw spearing into the side of a building. Tugging once on the strumming black line, Jason launches himself into the air and swoops after the colorfully dressed Red Robin, the bright color sharp and easily targeted as Jason prepares his next grapple in pursuit of his prey.

The night air whooshes by Jason, and he slightly misses the coolness running through his black hair. The red helmet giving him none of the refreshing breeze. Tonight through, the air is frigid. A snow has fallen earlier in the day and the sting and bite of the night nips any exposed skin. On the Jason Todd, he has none but his leather jacket rides up every now and then and it pierces his bare abdomen reminding him of temperature.

Robin has stopped.

A shinning green question mark glows in his hand. Clearly Tim Drake is after one of Batman’s more legendary rogue villains: The Riddler.

Jason Todd gets closer, on his hands and knees on the fire escape above, his leather gloves ripping the chipping painted black railing as his eyes narrow. Breathing hard Jason observes Robin investigating close to the ground. He’s rubbing his fingers just beneath the clue.

“How long are you going to be following me, Todd?”

He spotted me. Fuck.

Jason leaps down so that he stands above Tim, who has not moved from his crotched over position about the seemingly floating green question mark clue. The eerily green light highlight’s the folds of Robin’s black cape. Robin keeps his back to him as he continues talking.

“Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”

The question has some bite to it, and Jason grits his teeth. Balling his fists at his side, he answers “I was seeing if you were any good. I am not impressed.”

Tim turns then, but barely a small smile on his angelic face. The black hair whips around his head the green domino mask clinging to his face hides his eyes but Jason can read his expression well enough without.

“You are not a very good liar, Todd.”

“I’m here to get my----.”

“Revenge?” Tim laughs now. “You sound like an 80’s bond villain. How’s the sack?”

The crudeness in his words surprises Jason, and he takes a step forward to crack him across the face but pauses.

“Didn’t hurt a bit. I was wearing protection.”

Tim Drake stands now, and his smile grows wider. “You weren’t then, and I can tell that you aren’t now. You learned nothing from our last encounter. Maybe you will after this one.”

Jason Todd, the Red Hood can’t take another moment without hitting him. He runs forward, battle cry in his throat ready to let out as soon as he hits---Robin slides away, his fading trick making Jason’s punch swing wildly hitting nothing but air. He only catches the slight hint of the smell him. Tim Drake is already behind Jason and with a flick of his hand a swing Bo that Jason never noticed him take out swings up and between his outstretched legs.

The dark black pants bulge hangs low dangling between Jason Todd’s legs and the crack of the wooden Bo cracks against his balls so hard that his teeth slam shut and the war cry that he has been holding careens out of him in a strangled gasping yell.


Jason Todd drops to his knees clutching at his balls, the fight instantly drained from him in one solid move that leaves his balls pulsing, and throbbing in his gloved hands. Jason swears that he can already feel his testicles swelling underneath his touch.

“Oh…fucking hell.”

“Like I said Todd, you really should come better prepared.”

Robin leans against his staff, and one hand slides down his red skin tight costumes his own black glove rolling down each outlined ab as he ends his movement below his yellow utility belt cupping his smooth hard outline of his cup.

“I seemed to have learned my lessons long before, maybe you will too.” Robin scoops up Riddler’s Question mark clue it glows slightly brighter before the light fades out. “Duty calls, try putting some ice on those.”

A pouch opens and ice pack hits Jason’s chest and falls to the snow between Jason Todd’s legs.

“Fucker…you will regret…going for my nuts again.”

“I sincerely doubt that.”

With a swish of his black cape Robin is gone in moments, leaving Jason Todd holding his achiness between his legs and keels over to the side.

“I’ll get you…Robin…shiiiit. My nuts, oh that hurts. He got me good…again.”





Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this story Jimmy! There's so much ballbusting potential with the Robins, they deserve a whole series

I would really like to see Tim finally get busted back though, it's what he deserves

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm planning on writing another Robin story for next Monday, nothings written yet but thats my plan! I am happy that you enjoyed this one!