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Snapshot: Club Night written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Club night

By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting. All characters are 18+ (strange I know?), lol.  You have been warned.


Gino pauses at the entrance of the club.

Parker invited him to his first ever 18+ night at G Bartlet, the local gay bar.

A man asks for his ID, and Gino hands it over after taking out his wallet. He’s dressed in faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt with his black Nike’s.

The bouncer, Gino assumes stares hard at the ID and then at him.

“Alright, you can go in.”

Gino thanks him, and heads inside.

The music is overwhelming. The pulsing pounding sound hits him first, and it’s all Gino can do to not cover his ears. Gino can feel the music through his feet, as the club literally seems to be moving because of the sound. The lights, multi-colored and spinning blinds him every few moments and Gino finds that he has to squint. Then it’s the smell, metallic and stale with swirling clouds of perfume. It’s all too much for his senses and he stumbles over to a wall, trying to catch his breath.

Pulling out his phone, Gino tries to distract himself and glances at the screen. He has a string of messages but only one that he pays any attention to:

            Jayden: ‘Where are you?’

                          ‘Logan says you went to a club, you okay?’

                          ‘Do you need me to come get you? Is it too soon after the break-up?’

                          ‘I’m worried. Call or text me.’


            Parker: ‘Where u at?’


Gino swipes the screen up and messages Parker:


            Gino: ‘Inside.’


An immediate ping back.

            Parker: ‘Come find me in the cage.’

“Cage?” Gino asks out loud. Even if anyone could hear him over the music, which they can’t. Gino looks up self-consciously and notices a few small groups eyeing him warily.

Self-consciously Gino runs a hand through his dark locks, his shirt riding up and the small stretch of navel seems to be like blood in the water, the nearby guys salivate at the sight of him. The sharks are out for prey.

What kind of club is this? Gino pounders as he slips his phone in his pocket and heads towards the next entrance keeping his eyes downcast.

There are two doors one marked above Nice in sparkling blue glitter, and the other marked Naughty. The words Naughty are spelled with bits of black leather with a slash cut straight through.

Gino takes a wild guess of where Parker is and heads through the Naughty door.

He is faced with another bouncer, and this one is only wearing a single piece of clothing: a black jockstrap. His hairy chest gleams in the darkened light. He’s covered in glitter and it seems to glint in the flashing lights. His grin makes Gino start to sweat.

“Clothes check.”

“Okay,” Gino says and starts to move past.

“Uhuh. Clothes off in this room.”


The man grins. “All but your undies.” The man grins hungrily at him. “Need help?”

“I think I got it, thanks.” Gino replies.

Gino gulps, and feels a tingle in his loins as he starts to undress in front of the man. The t-shirt is pulled off first overhead. The material stretches over each pec, and his shoulders and as the shirt drops from overhead the man watches him nodding in approval clearly impressed. The clink of his belt buckle, and snap of his jeans seem loud and distinctive, and the buttons along his crotch inseam each pop down and Gino thumbs the dark jeans around his waist and he briefly looks up meeting the man’s eyes and grins as they fall to the ground. He steps out of them in only his boxers. If he had known that he would be on display in this way he swears he would have worn a newer pair. This one, frayed and saggy hugs him tightly and cups his full groin easily.

The man whistles, and Gino gives him a wink. “I clean-up alright,” Gino says off-handedly.

“You’re a dream, they will love you.” The man answers quickly. “Have fun.”

He gives Gino a ticket as he folds and places the articles of clothing in a plastic bag, and Gino holds up both his phone, his keys, and his wallet.

“Where do I put these?” he asks.

The man indicates the bag.

Gino shrugs his shoulders and places those items carefully inside.

“Thanks,” Gino says.

His phone lights up again and the man holds it out to him. It’s Jayden again, his little brother. A few more texts stream across and he briefly sees part of the messages.

            Jayden: ‘18+ night…you—sure?’

                          ‘Gino…answer me—I…’

                          ‘If you don’t answer me…’

“You want to answer that?”

Gino shakes his head, “Naw, it’s cool.”

The man shrugs and closes his bag, motioning for the next guy to step up and undress. Gino moves around them. The man slaps his ass on the way in, and Gino yelps turning back. He winks back at Gino before turning away.

Rubbing his cheeks, Gino turns away wishing he asked for his name.

Entering the darker room, Gino sees bodies, so many bodies gyrating mostly naked and some that he swears are. Immediately, the aroma of men assaults his senses, the sweat and the lingering hint of semen…or maybe a hint urine, hard to tell. The odor perfumes the place and the lights briefly give small hints, glimmers of the action happening around him. Everyone is touching, rubbing, or groaning. Gino wets his lips, wanting to jump right in to find a boy. To forget Francisco, the desire to do so is almost a desperate desire.

That’s when he spots the cages. A pair of them side-by-side, swinging gently. One is empty and the other is filled with his new friend, and fellow ballbusting boy model: Parker.

The red haired, green eyes twink is dancing as he is being fucked from between the bars gyrating on the rigid dick that fills him and Gino stops to admire the action taken aback by the forwardness.

“Holy shit,” Gino whispers. He walks purposely towards them, a few hands jut out rubbing his arm, or his stomach and one smacking his ass. Gino turns to that one and the guys snuggles up to him but Gino nutchecks him once, and then twice his cocky grin never leaving his face. The guy bends down, looking winded and gasping.

“Ask next time.” Gino says, and winks before he moves on.

In front of the cage Parker’s eyes are closed and he is so rigid and leaking but no one is touching is cock. The only one that is, is the man fucking him. He’s wearing a mask and Gino can’t even see his eyes only his mouth and teeth that talk dirty to Parker.

Gino knocks at the cage door grinning, and Parkers eyes open at the sound. “You…came!” he grunts.

Smiling Gino nods. “I did. Need a hand, he asks?” reaching through the bars and touching the long trembling erection at the tip.

Parker moans. Nodding his head he says, “Yes. Touch me.”

Gino does, but maybe not in the way he expected, or desired. Gino rams a fist up between Parkers widely stretched thighs hitting his full ballsack in the dark pouch. Gino loves the whump his fist makes and the sway of the balls as they squish against Parkers pelvic bone.

Parker calls out, loud and echoing. He really is a screamer. Gino punches him again. This time it’s straight out, like a plunging sword striking the heavy sack and striking straight through. The balls bounce off of Parkers ass, silencing him as he gapes and his muscles tighten.

The man behind him grunts, the sudden clenching along his thrusting penis causes him to moan and he turns to look at Gino. “Whatever you did…do it again!” he pleads as he starts to thrust harder into Parker’s ass, hungry now for the feeling again.

Doing what’s right, he grabs Parker’s balls, making sure that they can’t get away and crunches the naked pair to the front. Parker whimpers “Shit…my balls, Gino…suck my…!” Parker’s voice level goes up as Gino punches into his palm, knuckles first. “Noooooooooo!”

Rubbing his knuckles along the indents that he made in Parker’s busy balls, Gino gorges his fist in deep feeling and seeing Parker’s nut bulge and stretch as he shoves his fist deep into his palm. Parker’s balls have tiny almost, invisible red hairs along his stark white skin but Gino pays no attention to these details as he twists his knuckles, keeping Parker’s testicles tightly bundled in his fist as he rams Parker’s balls cruelly.

Parker’s erection never falters, and if anything grows even firmer. The leaking reddened knob pulses dripping along the side and getting close to touching Gino’s fist.

“Thanks for inviting me, I’m having a lot of fun.”

Parker whines “You’re…fucker…welcome.”

He’s not really coherent but Gino did not expect him to be. At each punch the masked guy behind Parker moans, and stops his thrusting enough to ruminate in the feelings as his cock throbs in Parkers tightening, clenching hold.

“Please…I…I’m…shit, I’m gonna…gonna cum!”

Parker almost shouts, as he gyrates backwards. The man plunges once more with his dick all the way into Parkers ass and freezes as he leans his head back and jerks in and out. He pulls out a moment later, his cock dripping and very red before he shoves himself back in to the hilt.

“Good boy,” the masked man says encouragingly, slapping his ass as he pulls free.

Parkers emerald eyes alight, and twinkle and widen as Gino wracks him with another slamming fist and his cock sprays outward like a fire hose hitting a couple making out to Gino’s right. Upon feeling the jizz they turn affronted to look at Parker.

“No manners!”

“Let’s move over there…less bodily fluids.”

Gino laughs, and Parker reaches down to grab his own rod and pump out the rest, laying heavily against the side of the cage completely spent.

“Crazy scene,” Gino admits rolling the freshly churned nuggets in his hand.

“Yeah…” Parker gives him a weak smile and starts to climb out of the cage. Gino helps him down but a voice cuts through the music as Parker thanks him.

“What are you doing here, and with this riff raff scum?!”

The demanding voice belongs to David, one of the Ball Busting Boys members that Gino has yet to have the pleasure of meeting. Although, he is not so sure how pleasureful this is about to be.

“I was just…having fun.” Parker admits, saddling up to David.

David still in his latest dance costume. All black, tights that stretch over his long limber legs, and a leather jacket also black. His eyes have black eyeliner around them, and he looks a mixture of both anger and annoyance.

A firm hand shoots out quickly and grabs Parkers naked balls. Parker breathes in just as fast, as David examines the dangling bits belonging to his ex-boyfriend. He’s rather rough as he turns the nuggets over and around.

“I can see.” David gives Parker a wicked squeeze, and the redhead folds at the waist clutching his goods, with knees turning inwards.

“And who are you?” demands David.

Gino unsure how to handle the rude dancer pauses to think.

David harrumphs “Figures. He’s another meathead.” David kicks up and into Gino’s barely covered genitals, the instep surprisingly forceful nailing him with deadly precision and scrambling his nuts on either side of the dancers boot.

Gino gasps, grabbing himself and stumbling back and hits the cage as he cradles his balls as gently as he dares. Intense pain has captured him, and he moans “Fuck my balls, you piece of shit.”

David goes cross, and steps up, “How dare you!”

He’s indeed past angry and gets an evil little smile on his face as he looks at the cage behind Gino. “You want to have fun…I’ll show you fun!”

David whistles and two of the bouncers, come up to him and David stage whispers. “My friend wants to have some fun. Tie him up inside the cage please.” A bill is passed to the bouncers and they smile at the generous donation, and then at Gino.

“Ah…no, I don’t…” he starts to complain as he is roughly grabbed, and pulled up off the floor. The bouncers are strong. Before Gino knows what’s happening he is cuffed, hoisted and handing in the swinging cage and struggling at the binds.

David stops moving the cage, and leers against the bars.

“Parker is my ex-boyfriend, but I make sure he does not dwell with rough losers like yourself.”

Gino glares at him, his arms above him yank at the binds as he puffs out his chest to showcase his raw masculine energy. “For someone that claims to be an ex, you seem awfully possessive,” Gino says quietly but loud enough that David can hear.

David’s eyes narrow and he turns back to Parker, slapping him across the face quick and painfully.

Parker grabs his cheek looking hurt.

“Can’t believe you would go as low as this,” David jerks his thumb in Gino’s direction.

Shaking his head, Parker says “We are just getting to know each other. Come on, let’s not fight.”

“You want to fight me?” David laughs loudly, and Gino can’t wait to get free and take that smile off his face. “If I was to fight you, you know how it would end.” David shoves Parker back into the crowd and the pair move away leaving Gino alone.

In the cage, Gino struggles but looks around wondering how he is going to get out of this mess that he seems to have found himself into as a man in a mask comes upon him. Gino can’t see his eyes through the slited leather eyeholes but one thing is certain he is leering at Gino openly, and Gino gulps as the man gets right up to the cage.

When the lights hit him, Gino recognizes the tattoos along his upper body but can’t quite place him and it’s not until he hears his voice that he recognizes the stranger before him.

“You must be Jayden’s older brother. I notice a few similarities…”

A leather gloved hand reaches up, and runs a finger down Gino’s bare thigh and tickles his kneecap.

“You might not remember me, but your brother faced me in a championship match. I lost to him.”

The fingers roam back up and pause just below Gino’s heavy ballsack, covered only in his black thin underwear.

“My name is Keller, Zagan Keller. I am going to make your night memorable.”

Gino gulps, as the tattooed wrestler grabs his balls, and gives him a warning squeeze.

“This is going to be painful, and humiliating.”

Zagan gets even closer and smiles up at Gino as he smells the goods in his hand. “I am going to enjoy breaking you.”


To be continued…

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