Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Scaffies Shutting Down


It is with great sadness that I share this news. Scaffies is shutting down. I have been receiving emails all day long as members in our community are dealing with this new reality. There is talk about a Scaffies 2.0 and please feel free to join in on that converstation.

Please feel free to invite members to join here. We do not have many spaces and this is one of the cornerstones.

Hopefully enough dedicated people come to the rescue.

Have a good night everyone,



Anonymous said...

To be honest, Scaffies was horribly outdated and unfit for the modern internet. There's absolutely no reason such a niche forum needs a paywall to stay up and running in 2022, there is not a single thing that Scaffies could do that a single well-moderated subreddit or Discord server couldn't for free. I was grateful for the sheer amount of content of course, but I imagine it will be archived in the same way a lot of Kramtoad was. Can we be honest about how weird it was there too? At the end of the day this is a fetish, not a lifestyle. I've seen a lot of frustration in the community regarding the culture on that site and how the content got worse and worse over time

Mild venting aside, I acknowledge that it's still impressive it stayed up that long regardless, and my personal experience there wasn't all bad. The next big hub for this community should have a much easier time in theory, the priority should just be keeping it public as this experience proved exclusivity doesn't boost engagement.

Anonymous said...

They went sharply downhill after the first 2 years. The people running it were rude snobs

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi guys,

I have to say that many people in this small little community don't have the funds to pay for content. It's why I write for free. I am not paid a "paycheck". On the otherhand, I also understand that this can be a job for many and I respect them for charging. We need a good balance for both. When I was younger I could never have afforded the prices or have access to a credit card to make online purchases so I am very happy to continue with this site being free of charge.

There seems to be a lot of talk about a Scaffies 2.0. Hopefully that happens!

Have a great night,


Zeta said...

That's sad, but perhaps not unexpected. I felt they got a few things wrong. Social media sites are a numbers game, so the fact that they made you go through hoops to join was a big mistake. Then they went paid-for subscription, which didn't help. The site was also incredibly slow. Perhaps using Wordpress was a mistake, although a knowledgeable IT guy argued otherwise. The original Kramtoad was much lighter weight.

I hadn't been on Scaffies for some time, maybe two years or something.

People on there were quite sociable, and I often chatted to a guy who was really into subbing roleplay. I also met up with a guy in real life.

As a previous commenter noted, Reddit or Discord is likely the best place for this.

I do have a Reddit channel: Perhaps a way forward could be discussed there.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Zeta,

That is a great alternative, although it looks like a lot of people are trying to come together on the website to figure out alternatives.

Hopefully something positive can come out of this!



TwistedTricks said...

Hopefully a community without stories involving underage kids.

Anonymous said...

Well scaffies was pretty bad, the owners who were running it were arrogant teens, and I haven't visited the site for years. I met a few nice guys there, we had some chats, but that's about it. Meetfighters is much more fun, more usable, more friendly, and also free with most of it's funtions. That's the way to go if u want a living community.