Friday, September 20, 2019

Girly boy's wildest dream (Hubert meets Leo)

Special thanks to Hubert for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has a secret ballbusting fantasy!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

They were both 19 and skinny, but apart from that they didn’t have too much in common.

Leo was a textbook example of a skater, laid-back and relaxed, not averse to the casual consumption of illegal substances, with a full head of wild, curly black hair. He liked to wear baggy clothes, XXL shirts and sagging pants, and he didn’t go anywhere without his skateboard.

Hubert was petite and delicate, an archetypical girly boy, a little swishy, a little effeminate, with long, brown, messy hair. He was a fairy with a heart of gold, innocent and peaceful, friendly and polite. His clothes were skintight, and that was no coincidence: Hubert was girlish but he didn’t want to be mistaken for a girl. And there was one part of his body that was the opposite of feminine: his huge cock. Hubert made sure that his dick was properly displayed whatever he was wearing, and it worked: People didn’t mistake him for a girl any longer.

Some mutual friends had brought them together. They had suggested that Leo teach Hubert some skateboarding tricks – but now that turned out to be a setup.

“They told me that you’d like to start skateboarding”, Leo said, eyeing Hubert from head to toe with an amused expression on your face.

“They told me that you needed some fashion advice”, Hubert replied, an equally amused expression on his face as he gave Leo the once-over.

The unlikely couple had met in front of a garage at the far end of the skate park. Very few people came here, and they were alone.

Leo raised his eyebrows. “Well, I don’t think I’d take advice from you”, he chuckled.

Hubert blinked. “What do you mean?”

Leo shrugged his shoulders. “Well, for a start: I’m all about authenticity. And you--- well, you’re fake.”

Hubert’s face darkened. “What?! Why would you say such a thing?”

“Why would I say you’re fake?” Leo let out a laugh and pointed at the obscene bulge in Hubert’s crotch. “It looks like you stuffed a bag of groceries down your pants.”

Hubert snickered, shifting his weight so that his bulge was even more prominent. “Good luck finding these groceries in a shop”, he said with a cheeky smile. “They’re all real.”

Leo let out an incredulous laugh. “No way.”

Hubert smiled knowingly. “Wanna feel them?”

Leo stared at him.

A split second later, the back of Leo’s hand connected with Hubert’s oversized package.

Hubert let out a gasp of surprise and pain.

“I bet that wasn’t what you had in mind, huh?” Leo grinned.

“Not exactly”, Hubert croaked, doubling over, his hands on his knees. Then he looked up at Leo and smiled seductively. “But I liked it nonetheless”, he whispered with a wink.

Leo didn’t say a word. He didn’t need to, his body did all the talking that was necessary: His face spoke volumes, and his foot added the exclamation mark.

It flew up between Hubert’s thighs and crashed into his crotch, painfully re-arranging the contents of his obscene bulge and making Hubert let out a choked scream as the pain exploded in his loins.

“Pervert”, Leo mumbled before grabbing Hubert’s shoulders and sending his knee up between Hubert’s legs, driving it into his groin and flattening his nuts like pancakes.

When he took a step back, he noticed that Hubert’s bulge had grown considerably, crossing the line from merely obscene to totally pornographic. Apparently, Hubert got off on pain, and his rock hard dick was pointing north like a needle on a naughty compass.

Leo looked at Hubert’s raging erection with undisguised disgust, and he articulated said disgust with a nut-crunching kick to Hubert’s valuables, making Hubert wail in agony.

Another kick found Hubert’s crotch, eliciting a girlish shriek as Hubert’s rock hard cock throbbed and twitched inside his pants.

“Damn, you are really getting off on this”, Leo mumbled incredulously before delivering another hard kick to Hubert’s package.

“Oh god!” Hubert shrieked in a comically high-pitched voice. “Oh my fucking god!”

Again and again, Leo kicked Hubert’s nuts, and Hubert enjoyed it so much that he didn’t even try to cover himself up. His huge dick was rock hard inside his tight pants as his balls were bashed mercilessly by Leo’s relentless kicks.

Suddenly, after about a dozen hard kicks to Hubert’s precious jewels, Hubert’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body was shaken by an orgasm that was much more intense than anything Hubert had ever experienced.

His dick pumped out his precious jizz and a wet patch was forming at the front of his bulge.

“Ugh”, Leo grimaced and kicked Hubert’s busy balls with all the force he could muster.

Hubert let out a gurgling grunt followed by a coughing fit as if he was choking on his own cum. The wet patch in his pants grew and grew as he shot a huge load of girly boy spunk in his pants.

“Pathetic”, Leo muttered before crunching Hubert’s battered, pumping balls once again with a hard kick that hit both of his sperm tanks dead-on, coaxing out another jet of jizz from his almost empty babymakers.

His nuts drained dry and ridiculously swollen, his big dick shriveling and his pants soaked with his spunk, Hubert passed out, sinking down to the floor.

When he came to, they were inside the garage. Hubert was tied up in a neat little package, unable to move his limbs, hanging from the ceiling, his arms tied behind his back, his shins tied to his thighs, naked, his spent cock and battered balls dangling vulnerably between his legs.

Hubert looked down at his crotch, his eyes wide open, as Leo was tying a rope around his sack with an empty bucket attached to it.

“What are you doing?” Hubert whispered, horrified and turned on at the same time. His dick started to harden instantly as Leo tugged on the rope, treating Hubert to a fresh wave of pain.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Leo said with a grin. “A huge dick like that and an average sack – that doesn’t work too well, does it? I think your nuts need some stretching to match that monster cock of yours…”

Hubert gulped. “You think so?” he said softly.

Leo smirked at him. Then he took a step back and kicked Hubert’s tied up balls as hard as he could. “Yeah, I do.”

Hubert screamed in agony as he swung back and forth, the bucket attached to his nuts swinging wildly in the opposite direction.

It was a funny sight, and Leo decided to make it even more hilarious by throwing stuff into the bucket: a heavy brick, an old boot that he found in a corner of the garage, a few metal tools – whatever he could find that was small enough to fit into the bucket and heavy enough to cause some pain.

Very soon, Hubert’s nuts were stretched down between his thighs, with the bucket swinging between his legs. His balls were pulled down to the bottom of his sack, the skin taut and shiny.

Hubert was whimpering in agony as Leo started kicking at the bucket, making it swing wildly and causing Hubert’s nuts to hurt like hell. Despite the fact that he had just shot an enormous load, Hubert’s dick was rock-hard again, throbbing and twitching and leaking precum that dripped down onto the floor, sprinkling the ground as Hubert swung back and forth, unable to do anything about it.

He was shrieking and squealing in agony as Leo tortured his tender testicles, stretching them to the absolute limit of his sack, sending waves of pain through the slender young man’s body.

Now and then, Leo threw a kick at Hubert’s bound balls, making them bounce comically and eliciting shrill squeals from Hubert’s mouth.

It was after one of such kicks that Hubert lost his second load. He was screaming from the top of his lungs, swinging back and forth as his dick let go of his spunk like a fire hose. Several aggressive spurts landed on the wall of the garage, others rained down to the ground, and a few batches of Hubert’s spunky sauce dribbled onto the bucket, ironically adding to the weight that was hanging from Hubert’s busy balls.

Leo was amused by Hubert’s copious orgasm, and he was a little impressed as well.

“You might look like a girl but you got the seed of a stallion”, Leo quipped before grabbing a two-by-four that was leaning against the wall of the garage.

Hubert was lost in the final waves of his painful, blissful orgasm, so he was completely unaware of what Leo was doing.

The two-by-four hit Hubert’s nuts when cum was still dripping out of his dick. It was a solid hit, right on target, a mean, hard bash to his sore, emptied, bound balls.

Hubert screamed like a banshee.

“I thought you loved this”, Leo said with a mean grin as he smashed the two-by-four into Hubert’s nuts once again.

Hubert was wailing and screaming in agony, but dick told an entirely different story. Even though it had been through two extraordinary orgasms it refused to go down, quivering and throbbing hard as a rock, twitching with every blow from Leo.

Again and again Leo crushed Hubert’s nuts, throwing in a couple of hard kicks for good measure, until Hubert’s body was rocked by a third orgasm that was even more explosive than the previous two. His beet red balls were pulsing and pumping as Hubert’s massive monster spat out his potent love juice in all directions.

“My kiwis! My kiwis!” Hubert shrieked in a comically high-pitched voice as spurt after spurt of spunk shot out of his dick.

Leo burst out laughing. “You’re calling them kiwis?!”

Hubert was in too much pain to pay any attention. His nuts were hurting and his dick was spurting and every fiber in his body was on fire. “My kiwis! My kiwis! My kiwis!”

Leo chuckled and let go of the two-by-four. He took a step closer and fondled Hubert’s battered balls. The rope was tight around the neck of his sack, and the bucket was pulling his nuts down. Hubert’s balls were swollen and bruised, two huge meatballs, fiercely red, a horrible sight.

Cum was dripping down from Hubert’s spent dick.

Leo took Hubert’s face into his hands and looked at him. “You know, you’re pretty cute”, he said softly as he looked deep into Hubert’s eyes.

Hubert looked at him, teary-eyed, his face red and hot, his hair wet with sweat. “You think so?”

Leo smiled. “Do you think there’s a fourth load hiding inside those bottomless balls of yours?” he asked as he squeezed Hubert’s tender testicles.

Hubert let out a moan. “Maybe”, he whispered softly. “Why don’t you try to get it out?”

Leo grinned. His dick was growing hard inside his pants and he was in the mood for a good fuck after all this hard work.

He untied Hubert but he left his nuts tied up, grabbing the rope and using it like a leash, yanking on it now and then while he fucked him in the ass, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Hubert.

He did get out another load from Hubert. In fact, he managed to coax out two more loads by fucking Hubert good and hard and manipulating his tender balls while he pounded his hole.

Leo planted a copious load of skater spunk deep inside Hubert’s hole, squeezing Hubert’s swollen nuts as hard as he could while he was emptying his own babymakers.

Hubert was moaning and groaning, whimpering and gasping as his nuts were squeezed in Leo’s vise-like grip.

Leo was biting Hubert’s neck, his dick buried deep inside him, filling him up with his salty jizz as he crushed Hubert’s nuts with his hands.

Hubert was like putty in Leo’s hands, moaning with pleasure and pain, his body quivering as he was bred by the skater.

“That was fun”, Leo said when they put their clothes back on.

“Yeah”, Hubert said, grimacing as he squeezed his abused genitalia into his skintight pants. His balls were ridiculously swollen, they were huge now – but fortunately his fat, meaty dick had shriveled considerably, making room for the nuts. He looked down and grimaced, carefully adjusting his crotch. “Do you think this is okay?” he mumbled, looking at Leo.

“Are you asking for fashion advice from me?” Leo chuckled.

Hubert grinned cheekily, shifting his stance so that his crotch was on full dispay.

Leo chuckled. “You can’t get enough, can you?”

Hubert winked at him. “Go for it.”

Leo grinned. Then he delivered a hard, well-placed kick to Hubert’s nuts, re-arranging his package and making it bounce almost comically.

Hubert screamed from the top of his lungs.

“There you go, my friend”, Leo grinned. “You’re welcome.”


shrews12001 said...

I have never been so jealous. Fucking tasty.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, shrews12001! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Nud said...

This story is so fucking hot, Alex. You should do this dynamic more often. Still hoping for more story with Ben or Logan as a buster as well. I want to get busted and fucked by those two studs.

Great work as always


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Vili! :-))

Anonymous said...

You know I actually think he'd fit with the main cast, a sweet gay guy that actually loves to get his jewels abused. Would be a lovely contrast with the rest of the team.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you like Hubert and his story! :-))

Moshadron said...

I demand a sequel!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Moshadron! You know how much I love your writing so I'm gonna be bold and counter with a demand of my own: You write it! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Hubert! :) Sorry for leaving the comment after such a long time, I genuinely enjoyed this story so so much that I couldn't even be bothered to leave a comment... ;)

By the way, I demand a sequel tooooo! Looks like my kiwis recovered and want more! ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Hubert! I'm glad you enjoyed your story! :-))

Ayazz said...

So very hot! My humble opinion: you should use bucket-thing(like the Erik's artwork) more cause honestly I'm a big fan of that stuff.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Ayazz! I'll think about your suggestion! :-))