Sunday, October 28, 2018

Paul's video links: Passed out and in pain

This collection of clips has been curated and edited by our reader Paul. Thank you so much, Paul!

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Now it's time for Paul's video clips of guys getting hit in the nuts while passed out.


This guy is soon to learn that there is one thing worse than a bad hangover - and that is a hangover in the groin.  Tomorrow morning he will be wondering why his precious jewels are screaming for paracetamol!

Here is a guy fast asleep when his friend spots he has a sleeping erection. So his friend decides to put that wood down the quickest and most effective way he can with an almight wack to his tender sack. He soon shifts his sleeping position into a tight ball protecting himself from another attack to his nuts. Judging from all the laughter in the background his intense pain and humiliation isn't receiving much sympathy!

None of us like being woken by an alarm clock, but this guy really be having nightmares about them in the future. He was woken with his friend's foot in his nuts full force. It will be quite a while until he is brave enough to fall asleep with his buddies in the same room again. When will guys ever learn that sleeping with your legs wide apart is an open invitation for your friends to give your nuts a pretty hard cracking!

Here is another poor guy in dreamland very quickly awakened with his friends fist in his sack. He soon shifts from his bed to being on the floor in a praying position and amazingly with his legs still apart. This would have been the time for another guy to be stood ready behind him to give him a follow up kick!  That really would be a sleep-over his dangly bits wouldn't forget!

Here is a sleeping guy rudely wakened by his buddy!  A good strong swift wack is all thats needed for him to be cupping his balls wondering how to stop the pain quickly as possible!

Notice his dirty white socks,  maybe in the future when he's sleeping at a friends house he should keep his socks clean!

This guys nuts have learnt how it feels to be the mouse. I think this is an important reminder to him that no matter how cute and how many muscles  you have there will always be the soft tender nuts dangling between your legs that your girlfriend will aim for every time! All girlfriends should have a mouse trap to hand for each time their boyfriend disrespects them! The pain should last until he thanks his girlfriend for the important reminder she just gave him!


Again, thank you so much, Paul! You are amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome videos! :-)))

Paul said...

Hey Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed them, there are plenty more to follow very soon. ��

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, I can't wait to see them. :-)

Paul said...

Sure, I've a collection soon with all the guys being busted are in their white socks. Look out for it!

Jules said...

Here is another wonderful video of a young guy waken up by a mousetrap on his balls :

paul said...

great video, he's a lucky guy! ��