Friday, October 19, 2018

Art by Champ: Under the hammer

Artwork created by Champ
I have been waiting for this moment, a long, long, long, LONG time, and when it was within reach something unexpected happened but now it's finally here: All four variations of the "poll results" portrait are posted. My friend Champ has created an awesome series of portraits for me, and I love them all very much, so here's a little story inspired by Champ's great art. :-))

Featured in this story: Cal, Danny, Kev, and Zach (click for pictures)

The four studs looked at me, and I couldn't help but chuckle.

It was an awesome sight, four formidable hunks lined up, bare naked from the waist down, wearing nothing but tight-fitting tank tops that showed off their muscular upper bodies.

I had positioned them behind a table, their nuts places on small plates, with little cards placed in front of them.

New poll - artwork created by Champ
Zach was option A. The 20 year old stud was blessed with an enormous set of balls, and a thick, meaty dick to match. It was hard as a rock in anticipation of the fun little game that we were about to play.

Option B, Kev, was just as hard. He was as old as Zach, a handsome jock with a massive dick and a fat pair of juicy plums. Ever the cocky show-off, he was flexing his muscles for the camera.

Cute redhead Danny had the letter C placed in front of him. He was 21, with a boyish smile and and an athletic if not too muscular body. His dick wasn't as big as the other guys', and his balls didn't match the size of his buddies' - but he made up for it with an adventurous, up-for-anything attitude. He looked positively giddy to get his nuts smashed by the big, heavy mallet that was lying on the table right in front of him.

The letter D was sitting in front of Cal. The tall, muscular swimmer's genitals rivaled Zach's enormous tools. His dick was fat and meaty and hard as steel, pointing to the side. He looked relaxed and confident, the polar opposite of Zach.

"Ready, guys?" I asked, glancing at the computer screen where the result of the online vote would pop up in just a few seconds. 

"Fuck yeah!" Danny grinned. "Let's do this!" He was giddy and excited, showing a two thumbs up gesture, a huge smile on his face.

"Bring it on", Cal said with a low chuckle.

"You can't wait to get your nuts crushed, huh?" Zach mumbled, looking a little nervous.

"Do you fear for your big, fat nuts?" Kev teased him. "Those suckers break pretty easily, huh?"

"Shut up", Zach mumbled.

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

I looked at the computer screen. "Ten seconds left", I said with a grin, taking them hammer into my hand. "Who will it be?"

There was a moment of tense silence as we waited for the results.

Then they arrived, and I couldn't help but smile. "Looks like we have a winner", I said.

Danny let out a laugh. "Alright, crush those fucking nuts!"

Cal chuckled. "Come on, do it."

Kev flexed his biceps. "The people have spoken. Democracy rules, man!"

Zach stared at the camera mumbling, "Please no, please no, please no, please no..."

I raised the mallet and smiled. "Who will it be?"


Poll results (version 1) - artwork created by Champ
Ending #1: Option D

Without a warning, I slammed the mallet down on Cal's nuts, crunching his fat, heavy balls flat as pancakes. I got both of them dead on, and a very satisfying SPLAT! echoed through the studio, followed by a deep, low grunt from Cal and riotous laughter from the other guys.

A thick, creamy spurt of cum sputtered out of Cal's dick as his faces turned into a mask of pain.

"Oh god", he grunted through his teeth. "My fucking nuts!"

His left eye flickered before he clenched it shut, his right eye losing focus.

"Fuck yeah!" Kev roared, turning to Zach. "Fuck yeah!"

"Better him than us, huh?" Zach laughed in relief, his palm meeting Kev's. "Look at that fucking load! What a sucker!"

Cal's hands cramped as his jet after creamy jet of salty spunk came out of his dick, his bruised, busy balls letting go fo their precious, potent cargo in a futile attempt to lessen the pain.

"Oh man", Danny chuckled, putting his arm around Cal. "That fucking sucks, huh?" His empathy rang a little hollow as he smiled brightly and gave a thumbs up gesture to the camera.

Cal was in too much pain to notice. He let out a grunt, his body frozen in pain as he covered the table with his load.

I chuckled and pointed at the mallet.

"Would you like another hit?" I asked with an innocent smile. "Maybe there's some spunk left inside your nuts? I'm sure I can pound it out..."

Kev, Zach and Danny laughed as Cal let out a miserable groan.

"No, thanks", he said in a strained voice, his face contorted in pain. "I think I'm fine..."


Poll results (version 2) - artwork created by Champ
Ending #2: Option C

Without a warning, I slammed the mallet down on Danny's nuts, crunching his poor, plump balls flat as pancakes. I got both of them dead on, and a very satisfying SPLAT! echoed through the studio, followed by a strangled yelp from Danny and relieved laughter from the other guys.

"My nuts!" Danny whimpered in a slightly high pitched voice as his eyes crossed and a huge rope of cum came out of his dick, flying high up into the air and hitting Kev right in the face, cutting his laughter short as he gasped for breath.

"What the---" Kev's eyes opened wide as he tasted Danny's spunky jizz on his tongue.

"Damn good shot! What a sucker!" Zach laughed. "And that load, right in the face! That's gotta sting!"

Cal winked at the camera. "That's what I call a cum shower..."

Danny was panting heavily, his hands cramping in mid-air as he was caught in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Another spurt landed in Kev's face, hitting him straight in the left eye.

"Fuck!" Kev grunted.

"Sorry", Danny squeaked, mind-numbing pain radiating from his balls.

The third spurt finished the job, hitting Kev's right eye, shutting down Kev's vision completely.

"Fuck!" Kev yelled, frantically blinking through the cum veil as he felt his eyes starting to burn.

"Sorry", Danny squeaked again.

His dick was still shooting and it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

"Damn, who knew there was so much cum in those little things", Cal chuckled.

Zach and Cal laughed as Kev was swearing and cursing, his eyes burning from Danny's cum.

"Point that fucking hose in another direction", Kev yelled, blindly reaching for Danny's dick and smacking Danny in the busy balls instead.

Danny yelped as a series of violent spurts of cum shot out of his dick, raining down on the boys.

When Danny was done shooting, everybody was covered in spunk.

"I don't think I like this game", Danny whimpered.

"Yeah", Kev grunted, rubbing his sore eyes. "Me neither..."

Poll results (version 3) - artwork created by Champ
Ending #3: Option B

Without a warning, I slammed the mallet down on Kev's nuts, crunching his studly, cum-filled balls flat as pancakes. I got both of them dead on, and a very satisfying SPLAT! echoed through the studio, followed by an anguished groan from Kev and cheerful laughter from the other guys.

Kev was panting and grunting through his gritted teeth as a geyser of spunk erupted from his fat, hard boner, giving up a precious load that probably had some hot girl's name on it - until now...

"Heh!" Zach laughed, looking straight into the camera and addressing the audience as he gave a thumbs up gesture. "Good choice, people! That fucking sack had it coming!" He and Kev were friends, but you wouldn't have guessed it from Zach's reaction.

"Fucking asshole", Kev moaned as spurt after creamy spurt of salty semen shot out of his dick.

Zach shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, it's every man for himself, you know?" He looked down at Kev's pulsating balls and laughed. "And it looks like your nuts are just too weak for this game..."

Kev groaned, clenching his eyes shut as his aching balls pumped out his precious load.

"Yeah, those nuts gave up pretty easily", Cal quipped.

"Looks like those muscles aren't worth shit when you'r hit in the nuts, huh?" Danny added with a laugh.

Zach, Cal and Danny roared with laughter as Kev grunted and groaned in pain.

"What a sucker", Zach chuckled. "How pathetic..."

Poll results (version 3) - artwork created by Champ
Ending #4: Option A

"Come on, guys, take a guess", I said. "Who will it be?"

"Zach", Cal said with a shrug. "Everybody wants to see those huge fucking nuts get crunched!"

"Yup, Zach", Danny chimed in. "Those fat nuts deserve it."

Kev chuckled and turned to Zach. "You're my buddy - but they are right. You and your fat fucking nuts totally deserve it..."

I looked at Zach. His voice was almost inaudible. "Me?"

"Yup", I said. "It's you!"

With that, I slammed the mallet down on Zach's nuts, crunching his huge, fat balls flat as pancakes. I got both of them dead on, and a very satisfying SPLAT! echoed through the studio, followed by a deep, low grunt from Zach and blithe laughter from the other guys.

Zach's nuts didn't crack but apparently they felt the need to relieve themselves of their precious load, and a huge jet of cum shot up, hitting Zach in the chin.

"Urgh!" Zach groaned as jet after jet of cum hit him from below. "Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!"

His buddies were roaring with laughter.

Zach's orgasm seemed to last an eternity.

"That's a pretty big load", Cal commented, looking impressed.

"Those a pretty big balls", Danny chimed in, looking like he wanted to get down on Zach and slurp up all that tasty cream.

Kev just chuckled, flexing his muscles, enjoying the sight of a big-dicked stud losing his alpha status by getting his nuts crushed.

"Urgh!" Zach grunted, his nuts aching, his dick spitting out his male essence. "Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!"
"Let me know if you have any dates lined up today or tomorrow", Kev chuckled even before Zach's orgasm had subsided. "I could fill in for you, you know? That's what buddies are for."

"Urgh!" Zach grunted, his bottomless balls battered and busy as spurt after spur of spunk sputtered out of his dick. "Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!"

Kev chuckled. "What a sucker..."


Champ, my friend, you are awesome!


volpesco said...

Wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Zach, frightened before and littarally unable to say a word and grunting after...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, volpesco volpesco! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))