Friday, October 12, 2018

Boys will be girls (Ewan meets Kev and Ben)

Special thanks to Ewan for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has a thing for ballbusting drag queens!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“I’d fuck you”, Kev said bluntly. “If I didn’t know you were a guy I’d definitely fuck you.”

“Why, thank you, sir”, Ewan replied in his best Marilyn Monroe voice. His Scottish accent got in the way, though, making him sound less than the legendary movie star and more like a highly motivated yet utterly untalented drag queen.

Which was exactly what he was, at least tonight.

Ewan was a stud, slim but muscular, with a handsome face, dark brown curly hair and brown eyes, but today he was dressed up in a skintight silver sequin dress with a silk pantyhose, showing off his muscular if slightly unfeminine legs. A big blond wig, a generously stuffed bra and some skillfully applied make-up made him look like a perfect sex goddess – if it weren’t for those legs, and the sneakers on his feet that didn’t quite fit the picture. They were comfortable, though, and that’s what mattered.

“You are very welcome, young lady”, Kev smiled, batting his lashes. Like Ewan, the muscular hunk was dressed in drag, wearing a little black dress and a flaming red feather boa that matched the artful red streaks in his voluminous black wig. The hemline of his dress was dangerously close to his crotch, but the fishnet stockings on his long, muscular legs distracted from the conspicuous bulge between his thighs. Like Ewan, Kev had opted against high heels and for the comfort of sneakers.

After all, the night was long, and they didn’t plan on cutting it short just because their feet got tired. It was Ewan’s last night here before he went back home to Scotland, and they had engaged the services of a couple of helpful members of the neighboring sorority to dress them up as hot women. The girls had done a great job, and they had been rewarded for their efforts with a good, hard fuck that would leave them satisfied for days.

The sound of wolf-whistles and some lewd yells marked the return of the third boy-turned-bombshell from the ladies’ room.

Ben was the only one who was wearing high heels, and they were pretty amazing, fiery red varnish stilettos matching the color of his awesome wig and the cross on his spectacular white lacquer dress that hugged his body, emphasizing his huge fake bosom.

If Ewan was the stereotypical dumb sexy blonde, and Kev was the poised and fancy lady in black, Ben eclipsed them all as the slutty nurse, the racy, hot-blooded redhead, turning heads wherever she went, and driving the men insane with lust.

Ben enjoyed his role, sashaying through the pub as if he had been born with high heels, licking his red lips and winking at the men as he passed them, playfully running his hands over their muscular chests or grabbing their crotches when he felt like it.

He had a couple of come-on lines whenever he grabbed a guy’s crotch: “Ooh, you gotta do something about your blood-pressure, honey!” or “Do you want to give me a shot of that hot, salty medicine you got in that big syringe of yours?” or “God, your thermometer is huge! You can take my temperature anytime!”

His buddies watched Ben make his way through the pub, flirting with the guys.

“Oh, I’d definitely fuck her”, Ewan mumbled, squirming as he tried to re-adjust his growing boner that was threatening to burst through his pantyhose.

Kev nodded. “Fuck yeah. I’d fuck her so good…”

Ben smiled at them, cocking his head as he stood in front of them. “What do you say, ladies – who is up for some hot girl-on-girl action?”

Kev and Ewan laughed.

“Let’s give these guys something to look at!” Ben yelled, shaking his hips.

The guys in the pub cheered and laughed as the DJ turned up the volume and the room was filled with the thumping sound of some chart-topping R&B song.

Kev, Ewan and Ben gave them a show, cheering and laughing, showing off their dance moves. Ben even started twerking, lifting his dress and exposing his cheeks. He was wearing a pantyhose and a thong, making his ass look perfect. He bent over and shook his booty as Kev and Ben stood on either side, lasciviously slapping his butt.

Unfortunately, bending over caused Ben’s carefully tucked-in wedding tackle to come loose, and his fat left nut dropped out of his thong, bulging obscenely, only held in place by the thong and the pantyhose.

Ben was completely oblivious to the danger his tender nugget was in, but the audience noticed it, of course.

The cheers were deafening, and Kev took advantage of the situation by aiming a hard smack right at Ben’s exposed nut.

Ben’s elegant twerking turned into a slightly less elegant dance of agony as the pain exploded in his nutsack.

The crowd roared with laughter as Ben howled in pain, jumping up and down in his high heels, very unladylike, clutching his crotch and cursing like a sailor.

“Oh no!” Kev yelled. “It’s an emergency!”

“Somebody call a nurse!” Ewan chimed in to riotous laughter.

“Fuck you”, Ben grunted in a decidedly manly voice. Despite the pain he was in, he was laughing. “Damn, you got me good…”

He reached over and into Kev’s wig, messing up his carefully styled hair.

Kev gasped in shock and instinctively brought up his knee like any girl would do.

Much to Ben’s dismay, he caught the right nut dead-on.

“Oh god!” Ben croaked as he doubled over, grasping his crotch.

Ewan thought seeing the slutty nurse in testicular agony was just hilarious, and he burst out laughing heartily, which earned him a quick, hard sacktap from Ben.

Now it was Kev’s turn to laugh out loud as both of his buddies were in pain, doubled over and groaning.

The crowd was roaring with laughter, and Kev showed off a victory dance, smiling brightly as he flirted with the audience.

The victory dance was cut painfully short when both Ewan and Ben punched Kev in the nuts at the same time, making the hot hunk’s eyes cross comically as he doubled over.

The DJ changed the music, switching right to the falsetto chorus of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river”, adding insult to injury as the three drag queens howled in agony.

Some of the guys in the crowd turned away, but the hilarious show wasn’t over yet.

“My nuts!” Kev croaked, his face contorted in pain.

Ewan had recovered from the sack tap and laughed. “Anybody got some nuts for the lady?” he yelled, snapping his fingers, eliciting chuckles and laughter.

“What about these?” Ben said, causing Ewan to turn around, only to be kicked in the crotch with a resounding thud.

Ewan had endured a couple of kicks in his life, some friendly and playful, some nasty and vicious, but nothing could have prepared him for the sheer agony that was a stiletto kick to the bean bag, executed by a strong, muscular, athletic jock.

Ben’s foot connected with Ewan’s nutsack perfectly, the pointy tip squishing Ewan’s right nuts, almost puncturing it, before it made way for the instep that crushed both of Ewan’s nuts flat as pancakes.

A high-pitched squeal escaped Ewan’s mouth and he dropped to his knees, his mascaraed eyes crossing, his jaw dropping as he gasped for air.

“Ooops”, Ben said in a faux-innocent voice, covering his mouth as Ewan’s face turned into a mask of pain.

He didn’t look very sorry, though, because he followed up the devastating stiletto kick with another devastating stiletto kick to Ewan’s poor nuts.

The crowd cringed in sympathy as Ewan screamed in a perfect falsetto that made Justin Timberlake look like an amateur.

Ben sashayed back and forth, his hands on his hips, before gently tipping his foot against Ewan’s chest and making him fall onto his back.

“Oh no!” Ben gasped in a comically exaggerated breathless voice. “I think he’s out! Does anybody know some CPR?”

Before anybody had a chance to answer, Ben’s face lit up. “Wait. I’m a nurse! Step back, everybody!”

With that, he stomped down on Ewan’s crotch, driving his stiletto into his groin again and again and again, eliciting riotous laughter from the crowd and anguished wails from Ewan.

Finally, with one last stomp and grind that crunched Ewan’s nuts, Ben stopped, a satisfied smile on his flaming red lips. “You’re welcome”, he quipped as Ewan curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

Kev was standing behind Ben, raising his eyebrows. He batted his lashes and sighed. “Hey, bitch!” he said softly, prompting Ben to turn around.

Ben’s lips curled and he let out a breathless gasp as Kev’s knee connected with his nuts.

“That’s your own medicine”, Kev smiled coldly. “How does it taste?”

“Eeeep!” was Ben’s high-pitched reply. Before he had a chance to slide to the ground, Kev grabbed him by the shoulders and kneed him in the nuts again.

“I didn’t hear you, sweety”, Kev whispered.

“Eeeep!” Ben repeated in an even more high-pitched and slightly more desperate voice.

Kev’s knee found the naughty nurse’s groin once again, ramming the two tender testicles into Ben’s body, crushing them flat.

“What was that?” Kev repeated with an amused grin.

This time, Ben didn’t reply. His eyes rolled back into his head and he slid to the ground, barely conscious.

By now, Ewan was able to get up again. His face was contorted in pain and his silver sequin dress was torn in several places, exposing parts of his chest and his crotch that looked like it was bulging with what had to be a pair of severely swollen and aching balls.

Ewan looked down at Ben, his eyes filled with the lust for revenge.

He decided to take advantage of Ben’s position and stomped down on Ben’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

“Ouch”, Kev said dryly as Ewan’s sneaker-clad foot flattened the naughty nurse’s plump package.

The first stomp didn’t evoke any reaction, and neither did the second and the third one.

“Looks like he is out of it”, Kev said with a smile.

“Wakey, wakey”, Ewan sing-songed with a mean smile as he stomped down on Ben’s nuts once again.

It was the fifth stomp did the trick. It crushed Ben’s precious nuts flat, making the crowd cringe in sympathy.

Suddenly, Ben’s eyes opened wide and he bobbed up before screaming from the top of his lungs.

“She’s awake”, Kev dead-panned.

But Ewan wasn’t done, yet. He grabbed Ben’s head and pulled off his wig, throwing it to the bar, eliciting riotous laughter and cheers from the audience and causing Ben to gasp and lift his hands to his head.

That’s when Ewan’s foot connected with Ben’s nuts.

“Ooooooh”, Kev mumbled, grimacing in sympathy. “I think that’s enough, sister.”

Ewan ignored him.

Again and again he kicked Ben’s nuts, causing his own sequin dress to rip further and further apart until it was just a couple of shreds hanging from his body.

By now, Ben had slipped into unconsciousness again.

“That’s enough, sweety!” Kev said more forcefully.

When Ewan didn’t listen, Kev let out a sigh and stepped forward, reaching inside Ewan’s pants and grabbing hold of his nuts.

Ewan stopped dean in his tracks.

“Sister?” he whispered weakly.

“Don’t ‘sister’ me, sister”, Kev said sternly before twisting his hand sharply, causing Ewan’s eyes to grow as wide as saucers. He maintained the vise-like grip on Ewan’s nuts as he whispered into his ear. “That’s no way to behave for a lady. Got it?” He crushed Ewan’s nuts hard with his hand.

“Got it”, Ewan said in a toneless voice.

“I don’t think you got it, sweety”, Kev said slowly, squeezing Ewan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His fake, extralong fingernails dug deep into the tender flesh of Ewan’s nuggets.

“I got it!” Ewan screamed.

Kev nodded at Ben who was on the ground, out cold. “Look at her. I think you owe her an apology.” He squished and squashed Ewan’s nuts with his hand, eliciting all kinds of funny noises.

Ewan shrieked like a banshee. “I’m sorry, sister!”

Kev let out a sigh and pulled his hand out of Ewan’s pants.

“Good girl”, he said with a sweet smile. “Well done.”

Unfortunately for Ewan, Ben had just regained consciousness, and he it looked like he didn’t accept Ewan’s heartfelt and high-pitched apology.

“You bitch!” Ben hissed before sending his foot up between Ewan’s thighs, driving the pointy tip of his shoe right into Ewan’s swollen, aching babymakers.

Ewan let out an anguished howl that was drowned out by the crowd’s cheers and laughter.

The audience was loving every minute of this extraordinary spectacle, and they clapped their hands wildly, egging Ben on.

By now, the three unladylike ladies’ costumes had all but come apart.

Their once perfectly made-up faces were smudgy, mascara running and lipstick smeared, there were countless runs in their pantyhoses, and their dresses were torn in various places. Ben had lost his wig, and Kev’s and Ewan’s hair was rumpled and tousled.

The irony of the situation was not lost on the guys in the audience: These three lads had started the night looking like women – now they were trying to turn each other into women permanently…

“Oh god!” Ewan shrieked when Ben’s foot connected with his nuts, squishing the two tender orbs into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Kev grimaced. “I think you deserved that, sweety”, he said with a shrug.

Ewan was frozen in pain, his mouth gaping open, his eyes slightly crossed, as Ben was lying on the ground, stomping upwards again and crunching Ewan’s nuts hard.

The audience roared with laughter as Kev cringed in sympathy.

Again and again, Ben kicked Ewan’s nuts with his high heels, viciously squashing his rapidly swelling balls into his body.

At some point after more than a dozen hard kicks, Ewan passed out and sank to the ground, wrecked and ruined just like his party dress. His balls had slipped out of his pants, bright red and ridiculously swollen, a painful contrast to his white girly panties.

Kev helped Ben get up and they looked down at Ewan.

“He’ll definitely remember this party”, Kev dead-panned.

“Who says we are done?” Ben said with a grin, turning to the crowd. “Who wants to help turn this gentleman into a lady?”

The crowd roared with cheers and applause.

Ben looked at Kev and they burst out laughing.

Together they helped Ewan up and put his arms on their shoulders, propping him up. He was barely conscious, his face a mask of pain, his beet red balls shining brightly, making a perfect target.

One by one, the guys in the club kicked Ewan in the nuts as Kev and Ben held Ewan in place.

Every kick was met with a sassy one-liner, from “That was a good one, you should be a soccer player!” to “Oh dear, that one cracked her ovaries!”

When they were done, Ewan was a wreck.

Kev and Ben helped him to a barstool and ordered a bag of ice.

Ewan looked down at his swollen, bruised balls, an incredulous expression on his face.

“I hope you liked your farewell party”, Ben said with a chuckle and handed Ewan a drink.

“Thanks”, Ewan croaked in a toneless voice.

“Oh, and don’t worry about the flight home tomorrow”, Kev grinned as he grabbed the ice bag and slammed it into Ewan’s crotch, crushing his nuts once again and eliciting an anguished wail. “We’ve called the airport. They’ll have a wheelchair ready for you…”


Anonymous said...

Incredible story! Ben and Kev are my favourite characters. It was great that Ben somehow managed to get revenge, even after passing out in ovarian agony! So hot!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))