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Boys will be boys: Blue balls and empty nuts

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Additional warning: Contains f/m ballbusting and sexy girls.

Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

Zach let out a deep sigh. It had been a rough night. The 20 year old stud had woken up several times, and he didn’t get more than one hour’s sleep at a time. His short blond hair stood on ends, there were dark circles around his blue eyes, and he had a sullen expression on his handsome face. He stretched his limbs and yawned before scratching his pubes that peeked out above the waistband of his grey sweat pants.

He was horny as hell. His big, juicy cock was locked in a chastity cage and his balls were churning with cum, aching for release. It wasn’t unusual that Zach thought about sex. Not unusual at all. But now that his dick was locked up, he couldn’t think of anything else. His mind was filled with images of hot, naked girls in acrobatic positions inviting his mammoth cock to slide into one of their waiting orifices. Sex, sex, sex. Boobs, boobs, boobs. Girls, girls, girls.

Zach groaned.

He looked at his crotch where his dick was pressing against the steel bars of his cock cage inside his pants.

“Fuck”, Zach muttered and made himself a coffee.

He sat in the kitchen, grumbling and muttering obscenities.

A little later, Cal joined him.

He came down the stairs, walking slightly bow-legged, and grimacing with every step. The 22 year old swimmer was wearing a pair of loose white boxers that contrasted with his ebony skin. The fat head of his big, limp dick peeked out of one of the leg openings.

“Morning”, he grunted.

“Morning”, Zach replied grumpily.

Cal poured himself a coffee and gingerly climbed onto a stool. He let out a yelp when he accidentally sat on his genitals.

Zach looked up.

Cal groaned, cupped his crotch, and sat down again, sighing in relief.

“What’s up with you?” Zach mumbled.

Cal took a sip from his coffee mug. “I don’t know”, he moaned. “When I woke up I was all sore and shit.” He sighed. “My nuts feel like they’ve been run over by a steam roller.” He gingerly grabbed his crotch. “And my dick---“ He sighed again. “It’s fucking sore as hell!” He leaned over to Zach and whispered, “I must have cum in my sleep. Hasn’t happened to me in since puberty.” He scratched his head. “Seriously, I must have shot a gallon of cum. The mattress is soaked!”

“Lucky you”, Zach grunted, glancing down at his locked dick in his sweat pants.

“I dunno”, Cal groaned. “The cheerleaders are coming today, right?” He pulled down his boxers, exposing his floppy cock and swollen balls that hung very loose in their sack. “I don’t think I’ll be of much use…”

Zach shrugged. He followed Cal’s lead and pulled down the waistband of his sweat pants, revealing his locked cock and his huge pair of balls. He squinted. Were they literally turning blue?!

The two horse hung studs looked up when they heard someone come down the stairs.

Logan was walking even more bow-legged than Zach. He was grunting and groaning with every step, holding on to the handrail as he made his way down. His face was contorted in pain.

The 18 year old high school wrestler hadn’t even bothered to put on any clothes. His fat balls were colored in various shades of red, black and blue, and his dick was fiery red.

Cal and Zach stared at his groin, their mouths hanging open.

Logan looked at them, his face contorted in pain.

“What happened to you?” Cal whispered.

Logan let out an angry grunt.

Before he could answer, Brandon came running down the stairs.

He passed Logan and poured himself a cup of coffee. “Good morning”, he said cheerfully.

The 21 year old Asian-American smiled and sat down between Zach and Cal.

He knew what had happened last night. In fact, it was him who had come up with the plan.

They were on vacation for a couple of days, and they were looking forward to meeting a hot group of cheerleaders. To level the playing field and increase their chances to get one of the girls, Brandon and Sammy had decided to sabotage Zach, Cal and Logan by locking Zach in chastity and drain Cal and Logan of their loads.

Brandon had milked several juicy loads out of Cal in his sleep, and Sammy had taken care of Logan.

Now, with the cheerleaders coming round in just a few hours, Brandon and Sammy were the only guys in the house with working equipment.

Brandon took a big gulp of coffee to hide his satisfied smile.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Cal repeated, staring at Logan’s bruised and battered manhood.

“I’ll tell you what happened to me”, Logan grunted, groaning as he sat on a stool, closing his eyes. “I woke up in the middle of the night, tied up and naked.” He looked at Zach, Cal and Brandon. “And Sammy was kneeling between my thighs, squeezing my nuts and rubbing Icy Hot all over my cock and balls.”

“No”, Cal whispered.

“Yes!” Logan groaned. “He busted a huge load out of my balls. I swear, my fucking nuts are completely empty. Not a drop left in them.”

Cal and Zach stared at him.

“No”, Cal repeated incredulously.

“Are you sure that it wasn’t a dream?” Brandon said, barely managing to keep a straight face.

“Do you think I dream of having some guy torture me and drain my fucking balls?” Logan snapped.

Brandon shrugged.

“No, it wasn’t a dream”, Logan said sternly. “It was real. And this---“ He grabbed his bruised balls. “This is real, too.”

Brandon bit his lower lip to keep himself from laughing.

“Why should Sammy do something like that?” Zach asked.

“Maybe he wants all the girls for himself?” Logan suggested. “I mean, I won’t be able to fuck anything, that’s for sure.” He looked down at his crotch with a sad expression on his face.

Brandon gulped. Logan had hit the nail on the head. Only it wasn’t Sammy on his own who had come up with this evil plan…

“It all makes sense now”, Logan continued slowly. He pointed at Zach. “Your big fucking monster is locked away, so you’re out of business, too.”

Zach let out a grunt.

Logan looked at Cal. “Well, I’m sure he has something planned for you, too. He can’t compete with that horse cock of yours.”

Cal inhaled deeply. “He doesn’t have to”, he mumbled, looking down at his long, limp schlong and his empty balls.

“He got to you, too?” Logan said.

Cal nodded slowly. “I can’t prove it – but I shot at least one big fucking load last night, and my nuts are hurting like hell. It can’t be a coincidence.”

“He must have snaked into your room and milked you in your sleep”, Logan said. He shook his head slowly before turning to Brandon. “What about you?”

Brandon blinked. If he was the only one who hadn’t been sabotaged by Sammy, he’d look suspicious.

Cal chuckled. “I don’t think Sammy has anything to fear from Brandon.” He made a gesture with his thumb and index finger, leaving only about an inch of space between them.

Logan and Zach laughed.

“Hey! Hey! Stop it! I’m not that small!” Brandon protested. “That’s just a very mean cliché!”

He was right. Even though Brandon’s dick wasn’t as gargantuan as the two massive cocks that swung between Zach’s and Cal’s thighs, it was clearly above average. It was a large, meaty piece of meat, a little smaller than Logan’s but bigger than Sammy’s.

“And I was milked, too!” Brandon added defiantly. “Just like poor Cal, I woke up in a huge puddle of my own jizz! He milked me in my sleep!”

“That fucking bastard”, Logan mumbled. “We’re going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”


Sammy woke up, feeling awesome.

The 18 year old redhead yawned and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He had slept like a baby after forcefully relieving Logan of a giant load. It had been hard work, quite literally, and Sammy had been exhausted when he finally went to bed and closed his eyes, instantly falling asleep.

The sun was shining brightly through his bedroom window.

The white bed sheet was tented by a glorious piece of morning wood.

Sammy glanced at his erection with a smile and playfully poked it’s head, causing the hard, rigid pole to sway back and forth.

On any other day, Sammy would have grabbed his boner and jerked off until he shot a nice, juicy load all over the sheets.

But today was different. Today was Cheerleader Day.

He yawned again, got out of bed and walked over to the window that allowed him to look over the fence and into the neighbor’s garden.

A group of cheerleaders was living next door, and a couple of them were sunbathing on the lawn chairs.

Sammy’s dick made a little jump.

“Damn”, he mumbled, staring at the big-boobed beauties.

The girls were going to come over today. And after last night’s events, Brandon and Sammy were the only guys in the house who were able to satisfy their needs.

Sammy’s dick made another jump and a bit of precum leaked out of its tip, running down in a tiny thread that reflected the sunlight.

“Careful”, Sammy mumbled to himself. He couldn’t risk blowing his load right now – he had to make sure that his balls were nice and full when the girls arrived…

Sammy slipped into a tight pair of speedos, struggling to stuff his hard cock into them without causing an accidental eruption...

He managed to stow away his leaking tool without too much spillage. Licking the sticky juice off his slender fingers, Sammy headed downstairs. The taste of his sweet precum on his tongue made him eager and excited. He couldn’t wait for the girls to arrive!


Cal, Logan, Zach and Brandon were sitting around the kitchen counter. It hadn’t taken long to come up with a plan. The plan wasn’t very elaborate – but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that Sammy would get his just deserts for messing with his buddies’ sex lives.

Brandon was shifting uncomfortably on his stool. He felt like a traitor. He didn’t like turning on Sammy – but what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t just stand up and say, ‘Hey, guys, I lied to you. Sammy didn’t do it alone, I helped him. Oh, and Cal, my best friend: It was me who milked your balls dry. Four loads. Sorry. No hard feelings, okay?’

Brandon shuddered. His unborn children flashed before his eyes. No way. There was no way back.

Suddenly, they heard Sammy briskly coming down the stairs, whistling a happy tune.

“Good morning, guys!” Sammy said cheerfully, completely oblivious to the tense atmosphere in the kitchen. “How are y---“ He stopped dead in his tracks.

Three angry, determined faces stared at him. Brandon’s face looked more awkward than determined.

“Ummm”, Sammy scratched his head, smiling sheepishly. “Anything the matter?”

The guys lunged at him.

Sammy’s eyes widened and he made a run for the door, but Zach and Cal grabbed hold of him.

Together with Brandon, they dragged Sammy back into the kitchen.

Sammy was kicking and screaming but the three muscular studs pinned his arms behind his back, and spread his legs apart.

Logan knelt in front of him and yanked his speedos down.

Sammy’s erection smacked against his belly.

“Logan!” Sammy yelled. “What the fu---“

Logan looked up. His face spread into a mean grin.

Sammy’s heart sank.

Logan’s fist crashed into Sammy’s nuts, hitting both of his precious jewels dead-on and ramming them into his body.

Sammy screamed from the top of his lungs.

Again and again, Logan pounded Sammy’s balls with his bare fist, crunching his tender testicles with all the force he could muster.

Suddenly, Sammy’s rigid dick erupted with a thick spurt of cum that shot high up into the air, splattering against his chin.

Jet after jet of creamy white spunk shot out of Sammy’s dick as the cure redhead was wailing in agony, his face a mask of pain.

Logan grabbed Sammy’s balls with both of his hands and squeezed hard, squishing every last drop of cum out of Sammy’s pumping, hurting seedbags.

“My turn”, Zach announced grimly.

Logan took over Zach’s position, and Zach stood in front of Sammy.

“Oh god, no”, Sammy whimpered.

Zach brought his knee up between Sammy’s thighs, ramming it into Sammy’s precious jewels and eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

Zach took a step back and sent his bare foot into Sammy’s groin, flattening the cure skater’s balls like pancakes.

A gurgling shriek escaped Sammy’s lips as Zach followed up with another kick that caught both of Sammy’s tender organ’s dead-on.

Cal and Logan were egging Zach on as kick after nut-crunching kick found the target, the two rapidly swelling meatballs that were dangling low in Sammy’s scrotum.

Sammy was in a world of pain, shrieking, squealing and screaming as wave after wave of pain washed through his body.

Zach’s kicks hit their mark every single time. Inbetween kicks, Zach allowed Sammy to catch his breath, before punting his balls once more.


In the garden next door, Megan looked at her watch. The pretty cheerleader ran her hand through her long blond hair and smiled. “Get ready, girls! We have a date in an hour!”

The rest of the girls cheered and laughed as they walked inside to put on some clothes – or at least put on some makeup.

Megan licked her lips. The boys next door were in for a treat. She and her friends hadn’t seen any action for weeks. The town was filled with boring old geezers, that’s why they were all very excited about the group of hot young guys next door.

And when they saw the boys at the public pool, their excitement had reached hysteric proportions.

Megan’s mouth watered as she remembered the sight of the boys’ tightly packed speedos.

The girls had debated about size a lot in the past couple of days. Could a dick be “too big”? Two of the guys seemed to be sporting almost ridiculously huge schlongs. Then there was the hot blond with the handsome face. What was his name again? London? Loman? Whatever. His dick looked big but not monstrous. And the other two, the Asian and the redhead - well they were cute as well.

Megan pinched her erect nipple and let out a moan.

Logan, that was his name.

Megan bit her lower lip and got up. Time to get dressed. She was going to put on her tiniest bikini…


Sammy struggled as best he could, but Cal, Logan and Brandon were far too strong for the lanky skater, and they subdued him with ease.

Half an hour after his first orgasm, Sammy came again.

His nuts contracted just as a particularly hard kick hit them, and Zach made sure to pick up the pace and smash his babymakers with a barrage of kicks while his dick spat out what seemed like a gallon of creamy jizz.

“Who’s next?” Zach said casually.

Sammy’s body was covered in sweat, and his face was beet red and contorted in pain. He was panting heavily, his eyes filled with tears. Cum was dripping from his dick and his swollen, bruised balls were taking up almost all the room in his nutsack.

Logan looked at his watch. “The girls will be here soon.” He patted Sammy’s back. “But don’t worry, we have enough time to coax another load out of your balls before they arrive…”

Sammy let out a groan as Logan, Cal and Brandon erupted in laughter.”

Cal smiled and stepped up to the plate as Zach went back to helping Logan and Brandon keep Sammy in place.

Cal got down on one knee and grabbed Sammy’s swollen and bruised balls. His strong fingers closed tightly around Sammy’s sore testicles.

Watching Sammy’s face twist with pain, Cal squeezed as hard as he could.

He kneaded and twisted Sammy’s balls as if he was juicing a lemon.

Sammy’s voice reached new heights in pitch and volume as Cal squished and squashed his balls.

Occasionally, Cal let go and smacked Sammy’s balls with the palm of his hand, or yanked his sack down, eliciting all kinds of funny noises.


Next door, the cheerleaders were in the middle of a heated argument.

“Quiet, girls, don’t be so selfish!” Megan shouted. She rolled her eyes. “Listen, there are enough cocks for everybody. These guys are young, hung and full of cum – and they are waiting for us. I’m sure they’ll be able to please every one of us.” She adjusted her big, firm breasts. Her bikini consisted of three tiny triangles of yellow fabric that contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. “We can take turns, alright?”

The girls nodded.

“But keep your hands off Logan”, Megan added, licking her lips. “He’s mine.”

The girls erupted in loud protests.

Megan sighed. Why was everyone so selfish?


Cal was wringing Sammy’s nuts with both of his hands, making him shriek like a banshee.

Cal’s strong, big fingertips dug deep into the tender flesh of Sammy’s nuts, squishing the sore, swollen orbs flat.

Sammy let out an ear-piercing squeal and his eyes started fluttering as his dick erupted like a lazy volcano. His creamy spunk poured out of his dick and ran down  his shaft like lava.

Cal squeezed harder, a huge grin on his face, making sure to squeeze out every last drop of juice.

Finally, Cal got up and wiped his hands on Sammy’s head, smearing his hair with cum.

“That nuts are completely empty”, Cal announced. “Sorry, Brandon, but there’s nothing left for you…”

“No problem”, Brandon said. “I’ll squeeze another load out of him.”

Cal laughed. “I doubt it.”

Brandon shrugged. “Last night I got four loads out of you, so---“ He stopped mid-sentence, realizing what he had just said.

“What?!” Cal said sharply.

Brandon closed his mouth, trying to think of a way out.

“What did you just say?” Logan said slowly.

Brandon let out a nervous laugh. “I meant to say that---“

“You said you got four loads out of Cal last night”, Logan said sharply. “That’s what you said.” He stared at Brandon. “Right?”

“I--- Actually, I--- You know, it’s--- What I was trying to--- I just---“ Brandon stammered.

“It was you?!” Cal mumbled. “You milked me dry in my sleep?!”

Brandon gulped. “Sorry”, he whispered.

“Oh, you’ll be sorry!” Cal said. “You’ll be very sorry!”

Brandon’s eyes widened.

Logan and Zach let go of Sammy, allowing him to collapse on the floor and curl up in a ball. They grabbed Brandon and wrestled him to the ground. Logan sat on his chest and Zach sat on his ankles, pinning him to the floor.

“You go first”, Logan nodded at Cal.

Cal yanked down Brandon’s shorts exposing his hard dick and a big, juicy pair of balls that was filled with pent-up sperm.

“Nooooooo!” Brandon yelled.


Megan knocked on the door, the rest of the scantily-clad cheerleaders assembled behind her, smiling brightly in anticipation of a steamy, sweaty day filled with summer sex.

There was no answer.

Megan knocked again.

And again.

And again.

By now, the smiles on the girls’ faces had faded.

Megan turned around and stormed back to their house, her cheerleader friends following her.

“Men”, Megan growled. “I hate men.”

The girls spent the rest of the day in the house, releasing their pent-up sexual energy in pairs or with the help of a few toys that they shared between them.

A few hours later, with a vibrator plugged deep inside her, Megan looked out the window and spotted Logan in the garden of the house next door, dozing on a lawn chair as the sun bronzed the skin of his muscular body.

“What the fuck?!” Megan hissed.

She pulled out her toy, threw it to the ground and rushed downstairs, her face red with anger.


Draining Brandon’s balls had taken longer than expected. The handsome Asian-American’s balls were bottomless.

Cal, Zach and Logan had taken turns squeezing, punching and kicking Brandon’s nuts, coaxing out seven loads of diminishing quantity and quality.

By the time they were finished, the kitchen was covered in sticky spunk.

“Fuck”, Logan mumbled, wiping his hands on his thighs. “I think we’re done.”

Brandon let out a long, wheezing groan as he sank to the ground.

The boys looked at each other.

Sammy had slightly recovered, leaning against the wall, spent and exhausted.

The boys’ balls were shining in all the colors of the rainbows. Zach’s nuts were the only ones that had not been emptied, and the two plump orbs looked even fatter and fuller than usual, probably because of the cage that his chubby dick was locked in.

Suddenly, Logan burst out laughing. “Look at us!”

Cal and Zach exploded with laughter, and even despite the pain they were in even Brandon and Sammy started laughing uncontrollably.

“Fucking look at us!” Logan cried with laughter. “Look at out nuts, look at our dicks!”

The boys were consumed by fits of laughter.

“No sex for any of us!” Zach snorted.

Logan’s eyes were filled with tears of laughter as he gasped for breath. His eyes fell on the clock on the wall. “Shit! We--- we--- we missed the girls anyway!” he laughed, gasping for breath, eliciting another round of roaring laughter from his friends.

“It’s our last day, and we completely fucked up our chance at an awesome orgy!” Cal hooted with laughter.

A little later, when they had calmed down, they went outside, all of them walking gingerly and bow-legged.

“Damn”, Logan chuckled, putting on his sun-glasses as he sat down on the lawn chair, spreading his legs and arms. “What a vacation…”

There was a long stretch of silence. One by one, the boys dozed off. It had been an exhausting day after all.

Logan sighed. He would have loved to fuck Megan. It wasn’t often that his girlfriend Ashley gave him permission to have a little something on the side. Oh well. Apparently, it wasn’t meant to be.

His eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply.

They were going back tomorrow. His dick and balls would probably require at least a few days of healing. Ashley wouldn’t be happy about that…

He felt the sun burning on his skin.

Logan let out a sleepy grunt.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow on his face.

He opened his eyes just in time to see Megan tower over him.

The first thing Logan noticed was the Megan’s erect nipples that were outlined in her skimpy yellow bikini top.

The second thing was her gigantic boobs that were dangling right in front of his face.

The third thing was the anger that contorted the cheerleader’s pretty face.

Logan blinked.

“You promised me a fuck!” Megan hissed. “And I’m gonna get it!”

Logan sighed and pulled down his loose pants, revealing his fiery red dick and his rainbow-colored balls. He shrugged his shoulders, an apologetic smile on his face. “Not from me, I’m afraid…”

Megan stared at Logan’s demolished manhood.

“Sorry”, Logan said, showing off his perfect white teeth in his trademark smile. “No stud service today.” He shrugged. “Damaged goods.”

The other boys had woken up, watching the scene unfold, chuckling.

Megan let out a furious growl and grabbed Logan’s junk with both of her hands. The slender, fingers of her left hand closed around Logan’s soft, meaty dick as her right hand squeezed Logan’s nuts.

Logan let out a cough. “Be careful”, he whispered in a toneless voice. “Careful, please! Everything’s very tender down there…”

“You promised me a fuck”, Megan repeated menacingly.

“I know, and I’m sorry”, Logan coughed. “Believe me, I would have loved to fuck you but---“

“This is for standing me up!” Megan interrupted him, twisting Logan’s balls and squashing the two tender orbs in her hand.

Logan let out a shrill squeal.

The rest of the boys shuddered and covered their own groins in sympathy.

Megan tried jerking Logan’s sore, aching dick a couple of times, but there was no chance she would get it hard, so she concentrated on Logan’s fat plums. She took each of the two bruised and swollen jewels in one hand and squashed them flat, pressing her thumbs into the delicate flesh.

Logan was squealing like a pig in a slaughterhouse, writhing and squirming on the lawn chair, the fate of his manhood entirely in the furious cheerleader’s neatly manicured hands.

She twisted her thumbs, driving her long fingernails deep into the tender meat of Logan’s testicles.

Logan gagged.

“Oh shit”, Zach mumbled, cupping his blue balls and locked dick in sympathy.

Megan continued squishing and squashing poor Logan’s precious genitals with both of her hands, making Logan groan and moan and scream and cry in utter agony.

Suddenly, without Logan’s dick ever getting hard, a little batch of watery cum spattered onto Logan’s taut abs as Logan let out a blood-curdling squeal.

Megan raised her eyebrow and let go of Logan’s nuts.

Logan let out a scream of relief and curled up in a ball, cupping his groin and whimpering in pain.

“How pathetic”, Megan said, adjusting her breasts, before turning around and leaving the premises with her head held high.

Logan was groaning in pain.

The rest of the boys assembled around him, grimacing in sympathy.

“Look on the bright side”, Zach said slowly. “At least you got a girl to touch you on our vacation…”


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I wish you could have another story with Kev, Ben AND Colin. Colin was hot af

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nik! I have to admit that I hardly remember Colin... I'll re-read my old stories and I'll think about it! :-))