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Boys will be boys: Winners and losers

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

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Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

“Damn, my nuts are killing me”, Cal mumbled.

The handsome black swimmer was lying in the sun, a rapidly melting icepack on his bulging crotch. Yesterday, the muscular 22 year old stud had been caught in an embarrassing situation at the public pool that had resulted in a pair of aching African-American balls, a huge load of sperm floating in the pool, and a lifetime ban from the public pool for Cal and his friends.

Cal lifted the icepack and looked at his swollen testicles inside his swimming trunks, grimacing at the sight. “They look like grapefruits”, he moaned.

His friends chuckled.

They were spending a few days at Sammy’s uncle’s house. It was extremely hot, and the sun was blazing.

18 year old redhead Sammy had found a sunshade in the garage. His pale, sensitive skin was prone to sunburn, and he tried to avoid the open sun whenever possible. He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts.

Logan, Brandon and Zach were spread out in the sun.

Logan’s eyes were closed behind his sunglasses. The handsome 18 year old high school wrestler already had a nice tan, and his blond hair was bleached by the sun. He was wearing blue swimming trunks that hugged his nice, big dick and his fat, juicy balls.

Cal’s swim team mate Brandon lazily ran his hand over his glistening six pack abs. There was not an ounce of fat on the 21 year old Asian-American’s body, and he had the perfect swimmer’s body.

Zach was wearing a tiny white thong that left nothing to the imagination. The blond 20 year old stud’s massive equipment was bulging in the skimpy fabric and filled it to capacity. It looked as if he had crammed a big cucumber and a pair of kiwis into the pouch.

“Your balls always look like grapefruits”, Brandon grinned, eliciting a round of roaring laughter from his friends.

Cal grimaced. Brandon was right, he had a phenomenally huge pair of testicles, and a big, meaty dick to match. But this was different. They were even bigger than usual, swollen considerably. And they were aching.

Granted, all the boys had received their fair share of nut pain. No testicle in the house had been spared in the playful rough-housing that was unavoidable when five hormone-driven studs spent some time together – but Cal felt like he had gotten it the worst.

“I’m bored”, Zach mumbled, his eyes closed, running his hand through his hair that was dripping wet with sweat.

“We could go to the public pool”, Logan said. “Oh, no, we can’t. Thanks to a certain someone who had to squeeze a fucking load out of poor Cal’s nuts.”

“He’s talking about you”, Sammy muttered, glancing at Brandon.

“I don’t care”, Brandon grinned. “It was so worth it. The look on his face was great. It’s not my fault that that tiny-dicked lifeguard doesn’t have a sense of humor.”

They were silent for a while, enjoying the heat of the blazing sun on their skin.

“I’m bored”, Zach repeated.

“We could invite the cheerleaders from next door to come over”, Logan said. “Oh, no, we can’t. They are at the public pool. And we can’t go there, thanks to a certain someone who---“

Brandon casually reached over and smacked Logan’s nuts hard with the back of his hand.

Logan let out a surprised, high-pitched yelp that elicited roaring laughter from his friends. Even Cal chuckled.

“Ow”, Logan groaned, rubbing his sore testicles.

“How do you know the cheerleaders are at the public pool today?” Sammy asked.

Logan grimaced in pain. “Megan told me when I saw her this morning.” He let out a soft moan. “Fuck, my nuts.” He reached inside his trunk and cupped his balls. “But I’ve good news. Megan's coming over tomorrow, and she’s gonna bring a couple of her friends.”

The rest of the guys erupted in cheers.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow”, Zach said, smiling at the thought of the big-boobed cheerleaders they had met the other day.

There was another pause.

“But what are we going to do today?” Zach sighed. “I’m so bo---“

“Fucking hell”, Brandon mumbled and reached to the other side, balling his fist and smashing it down onto the big bulge in Zach’s thong.

Zach grunted in pain as Brandon’s fist flattened his package. The flimsy strings of the thong couldn’t handle the additional pressure. There was loud “SNAP!” as they ripped apart, causing the tiny triangular piece of fabric that was holding Zach’s junk to slip off, exposing his fat schlong and his almost ridiculously oversized balls.

The rest of the guys laughed their asses off as Zach doubled over, clutching his bare manhood. It was more than a handful, and they guys roared with laughter as they watched him try and hide his ample equipment.

Eventually, he gave up, leaning back and spreading his legs, causing his junk to tumble between his thighs. He grimaced as dull waves of testicular pain were radiating through his body.

The five boys sunbathed in silence for a while.

“I’m bored”, Zach repeated eventually, making sure to shield his bare balls just in case.

The rest of the boys sighed.

“I think we’re all bored”, Logan said.

“I have an idea for how we could spend the day”, Sammy said.

The rest of the guys looked at him.

“What about a game of dare?” Sammy grinned.

Brandon looked at him, a knowing smile on his face. The two boys were worried that they couldn’t compete with Zach, Cal and Logan who had everything a girl could possibly want: great looks, big cocks, and fantastic bodies. It was not that Sammy and Brandon were ugly, they were both cute and hot and handsome. But they feared that they might draw the short stick when push came to shove. And they had agreed to team up to “level the playing” field by busting the three hot hunks’ balls.

Clearly, Sammy had come up with an idea that served their plan.

Brandon smiled. “Oh yeah! Great idea!”

“I don’t know”, Cal mumbled, pressing the icepack against his bulging crotch.

“I’m not really in the mood for playing”, Logan said.

Sammy looked at Zach. “What about you?”

Zach shrugged. “I’m bored. So I’m in.”

A couple of minutes later, they had managed to convince Cal and Logan as well, and they had agreed on the ground rules.

Every round, someone was going suggest a dare and name another guy to perform it. If he didn’t complete his task, he’d get punished. If he did complete it, the guy who suggested it was going to get punished.

The first couple of rounds were rather tame.

Logan dared Brandon to lick his armpits. Brandon protested at first, but he did it, and Logan was punished by having to bare his butt and allow each of the boys to spank it three times with their bare hands.

Zach dared Cal to suck on Brandon’s toes. Cal acted as if that was a completely normal thing to do, wrapping his lips around Brandon’s big toe and sucking like a hoover. For the punishment, Zach had to drink a shot of Tabasco that they had found in the kitchen, leaving Zach red-faced and retching.

Sammy dared Zach to run up and down the street naked, and Zach didn’t even pretend that he didn’t love it. He took his time and leisurely walked up and down the street, enjoying the attention and waving his huge dick at every house as the other boys watched him, laughing their asses off. Sammy was punished by having to pluck out three nose hairs.

Cal dared Sammy to take a picture of his dick and send it to his uncle. Knowing that his uncle had a sense of humor, Sammy did as he was told, and Cal was punished by having to lick Brandon’s nutsack clean after he had dipped it in honey.

The hours flew by, and the guys were having a great time coming up with hilarious tasks and equally hilarious punishments. Of course, there was a lot of sacktapping going on as well. The boys’ sweaty balls were smacked again whenever one of them made the mistake of leaving his family jewels unprotected, usually followed by roaring laughter and nut-crunching retaliation.

Finally it was Cal’s turn to come up with a dare for Brandon. He had been waiting for this moment all day. His nuts were still throbbing from the mean treatment he had gotten from Brandon the day before at the public pool, and he wanted to make him hurt.

“Brandon”, Cal announced with a vicious grin. “I dare you to take Zach’s junk into your mouth. His dick and both of his balls. Everything.”

Brandon stared at him. “What?! But that’s impossible! Zach is huge! I’ll never be able to---”

“And for the punishment”, Cal continued, unimpressed by Brandon’s protests, “the loser will get down on all fours, spread his legs, and take five kicks to the bare balls from the winner.” He grinned at Brandon.

Brandon looked mortified. “But---“

“No chickening out!” Cal grinned.

“Come on, give it a try”, Sammy said. “You can do it.”

Brandon looked at Zach’s mammoth dick and his extralarge eggs. There was no way he could fit all that meat into his mouth. No way.

“Come on”, Sammy repeated. “If you do it, you’ll be able to punt Cal’s nuts.”

Cal chuckled. “Yeah, but only if you get it all in. Every little bit. I want to see your nose in his pubes!” There was no way Brandon could do it. And he was looking forward to kicking his nuts into next week.

Brandon gulped and got down on his knees. He looked up at Zach.

Zach looked down at him and scratched his head. “Teeth”, he mumbled. “All I can see is teeth.” He turned to Cal. “Do I have a say in this?”

“Of course not”, Cal grinned. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I once had a girl swallow all of me – it was awesome. Trust me, it’ll feel good.”

Zach groaned. “Yeah, but she didn’t do it because of a dare, did she?”

Cal chuckled.

Brandon grabbed Zach’s junk and looked at it for a moment as if to come up with a plan on how to fit his massive equipment into his mouth. Then he sighed and opened his mouth as wide as he could.

The other guys cheered and clapped their hands as Brandon started stuffing Zach’s oversized organs into his mouth. First, in went his right testicle. Then, Brandon slurped in Zach’s left nut and jammed it in with his fingers so that it touched the roof of his mouth. Zach’s nuts were warm, almost hot, and the hair on his sack tickled his tonsils. Brandon felt nausea rise in his stomach.

Zach winced. “Fuck”, he groaned. “This isn’t feeling good at all!”

Brandon held his breath. His jaw was starting to hurt. He closed his eyes and grabbed Zach’s limp, fat dick. He pushed the head between his lips and stuffed it into the small space that was left in his mouth. The sensitive tip of Zach’s dick scratched against Brandon’s incisors. He jammed it in before pushing the shaft in, too. Bit by bit, Zach’s floppy cock disappeared in Brandon’s mouth.

“Holy fuck!” Sammy laughed.

Logan cheered and clapped his hands.

Zach was grunting and groaning.

And Cal was starting to worry.

Brandon was retching and gagging. His mouth was filled to capacity, and there was one more inch to go. The root. The fattest part of Zach’s huge cock.

Brandon’s face was beet red. He couldn’t hold his breath much longer. Letting out a guttural grunt, he went for it, shoving his head forward and pushing his nose into Zach’s pubic hair.

Zach let out a scream as his dick was compressed inside Brandon’s warm mouth.

“Yay!” Sammy and Logan cheered wildly.

Cal looked mortified.

Brandon pulled away, letting Zach’s meaty dick and fat balls tumble out of his mouth. He was panting heavily, spitting out a couple of hairs.

Zach grabbed his junk that was glistening with Brandon’s spit. He examined his dick and balls, grimacing when he spotted a few teeth marks and scratches.

Brandon had a triumphant expression on his face. “Yes!” he exclaimed.

“Well done!” Sammy grinned and high-fived his buddy.

“Good work”, Logan agreed and patted Brandon’s shoulder.

“Down on your knees”, Brandon smiled at Cal.

“Oh, fuck”, Cal groaned. But there was nothing he could do. It had been his idea. Grimacing in anticipation, Cal stripped off his swimming trunks and got down on all fours.

His huge, meaty balls were dangling invitingly between his muscular thighs. After yesterday’s brutal treatment, they were especially tender and swollen.

“Five kicks”, Sammy grinned. “Make them count.”

“Oh, I will”, Brandon grinned. He brought his leg back and sent it crashing into Cal’s nuts, crunching them hard and ramming them into his body.

Cal let out a tortured squeal as he collapsed on the ground.

It took a while until he was able to assume the position again.

Brandon’s second kick lifted him off the ground. Brandon’s instep collided with his precious babymakers dead-on, flattening Cal’s aching testicles like pancakes.

Again, he needed a moment to recover.

Like the second one, Brandon’s third kick was right on target, smashing Cal’s meaty eggs with a loud, wet “SPLAT!” that had Logan, Zach and Sammy cringing in sympathy.

Cal screamed from the top of his lungs, an almost surreal, high-pitched screeching shriek that would have made seagull cover its ears. He curled up in a ball, wailing in agony.

Brandon waited patiently until Cal was able to continue, and planted a fourth vicious kick into Cal’s swollen, bruised balls.

Zach and Logan winced as Brandon’s foot connected with Cal’s bare balls, smashing the swollen plums into his body.

“Oh, fuck”, Logan mumbled.

Zach nodded gravely. “No kids for him, I’m afraid.”

Sammy was laughing and cheering and clapping his hands.

After the fourth kick, Cal was down for a long time.

After watching Cal writhe on the ground for almost five minutes, Zach took a toilet break. When he came back, they had to wait for another five minutes until Cal was able to take the final kick.

The final kick was the hardest. With a running start, Brandon smashed his foot into Cal’s nuts like a soccer player trying to score a penalty shot.

Cal’s eyes bulged. His jaw dropped, and drool dripped down onto the hot paving stones. A pitiful, hoarse, wheezing moan escaped his lips before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground.

Sammy cheered and patted Brandon’s shoulders. “Well done!”

Brandon had a proud grin on his face.

Zach and Logan looked at Cal.

Logan scratched his head. “I don’t think he’s going to have much fun with the girls tomorrow”, he mumbled.

Zach shrugged. “Maybe he’ll recover?” He didn’t sound very convincing.

Sammy winked at Brandon.

“Okay, now I have a dare for Logan”, Brandon said. “Write ‘I have a jealous girlfriend’ on your dick with permanent marker.” He chuckled.

Logan blinked. He understood the implications right away.

Zach needed a little more time. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. “That’s hilarious! That’s fucking hilarious!” he laughed. “’I have a jealous girlfriend’! You’ll never get one of the cheerleaders to let her fuck you with your dick saying ‘I have a jealous girlfriend’!”

Logan swallowed. “That’s just mean”, he said. “I have Ashley’s permission! She even gave me condoms!”

Brandon shrugged. “It’s what it is.”

Zach was roaring with laughter.

Logan thought for a moment. “Okay, what’s the punishment if I don’t do it?”

Brandon grinned. “Punch yourself in the nuts a dozen times.”

Logan groaned.

Zach was laughing even harder. “This is priceless! Whatever you do, you’re fucked!”

Logan shot Zach a mean look. “Stop laughing.”

Zach’s eyes were filled with tears of laughter. “Sorry, this is just so fucking hilarious!”

Logan rolled his eyes and punched Zach’s bare balls hard, causing him to choke on his laughter and drop to his knees, groaning in pain and clutching his balls.

Sammy and Brandon grinned.

“So what will it be?” Brandon grinned.

Logan thought for a moment. Zach was right. There was no chance he would fuck a girl with that inscription on his dick. On the other hand, his nuts were pretty durable. Maybe they could take a dozen punches and be ready for action tomorrow.

“What will it be?” Brandon asked again.

“Oh, fuck you”, Logan muttered and reached inside his swimming trunks. He pulled out his nuts and held them in his palm. They looked so beautiful. Big, fat and just perfect. They were a little red from the nutshots Logan had received the past couple of days, but they were just awesome.

Logan sighed and balled his fist.

He looked at Brandon and Sammy who grinned back at him.

“Don’t hold back or we’ll have to finish the job”, Sammy said with a smile.

Logan cleared his throat. He had seen Brandon squish the cum out of Cal’s nuts the day before, and he didn’t want to see a re-enactment with his beautiful balls in the starring role. And Logan knew from experience Sammy was a mean, vicious ballbuster. He had no choice. He had to do it himself.

Logan gritted his teeth. He balled his fist and closed his eyes. Then he sent it crashing into his nuts, flattening the two beautiful orbs against the palm of his hand.

He let out an anguished grunt through his teeth.

“That’s gotta hurt!” Sammy chuckled.

Zach was roaring with laughter.

Again, Logan punched his nuts, driving his knuckles deep into the tender flesh of his meaty gonads, grunting in pain.

“Owwww!” Brandon cringed in mock-sympathy.

Again and again, Logan pounded his beautiful balls with all the force he could muster.

By the sixth blow, tears started welling in Logan’s eyes.

By the eighth blow, Logan’s guttural grunts had turned into agonized screams.

By the tenth blow, Logan felt like he was going to throw up.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his nuts. Through a veil of tears, he spotted his balls, swollen, red and bruised.

The eleventh punch met his tender testicles, and Logan screamed from the top of his lungs. He felt dizzy. His knees were shaking.

Brandon and Sammy were cheering wildly.

When Logan punched his balls for the twelfth time, he hit them right on target. He crushed both of his fat testicles flat with his fist, letting out n ear-piercing scream before collapsing on the ground.

“Wow”, Zach chuckled, staring at Logan. “That. Was. Awesome! He fucking ruined his own nuts!”

Sammy and Brandon grinned at each other.

With Cal and Logan writhing on the ground, clutching their crotches, only Sammy, Brandon and Zach were left standing.

“Alright, my turn”, Sammy announced. “I have a dare for Zach. It’s a simple one. Drink a cup of your own pee.”

Zach stared at him. “What?!”

Sammy shrugged. “There’s nothing gross about it.”

“No? I beg to differ”, Zach mumbled.

“People have been drinking their urine for centuries to self-medicate”, Sammy said casually.

“He’s right”, Brandon said with a smile. “I mean, I’d never do it, but my grandfather does it every morning, and he’s never been sick in his life.”

Sammy smiled at Zach. “But that’s beside the point - there’s nothing you can do about it, anyway. That’s the dare. And as a punishment the loser will wear this for the rest of our vacation.” He reached into the pocket of his shorts and produced a mean-looking chastity device. “We’ll lock his dick away for the rest of the vacation.”

“WHAT?!” Zach yelled. “You can’t be serious!”

Sammy grinned. “But I am! But don’t worry, just drink a cup of your own pee and you won’t have to do it!”

Zach inhaled sharply. “Okay, I’ll do it” Then he went pale. “But--- But I just went.” He bit his lower lip, looking helplessly from Brandon to Sammy and back again. “I can’t…“

Sammy grinned. “Oops. I guess you lose.”

Zach’s eyes opened wide and he gasped for breath. “But--- No, you can’t--- But the girls--- Tomorrow--- The cheerleaders--- No!” Zach’s face was filled with panic and he looked around, trying to find a way to escape.

Sammy looked at Brandon, and they lunged at Zach.

Zach tried fighting them off, but together Sammy and Brandon managed to subdue him.

Brandon held his nuts in a vise-like grip as Sammy locked his dick up in the chastity device.

“Noooooo!” Zach screamed. “Noooooo!”

A moment later, Sammy withdrew the key.

Zach looked at his monster, securely locked away in a cage. “The cheerleaders”, he whispered incredulously. “Those boobs!”

A couple of hours later, the boys were eating pizza in the living room.

Cal and Logan were holding icepacks against their crotches.

“Are you alright?” Sammy chuckled. “I hope our little game hasn’t ruined your sex life…”

Cal and Logan chuckled.

“I hope you’ll have recovered in time to fuck the cheerleaders”, Brandon grinned. “It would be a pity if you couldn’t step up to the plate…”

Logan laughed. “Don’t worry. You were pretty mean – but there’s no way a little pain is going to stop me from bonking Megan!”

Cal didn’t look quite as confident.

Zach was sitting in a corner, sulking. “It’s not fair”, he mumbled, staring at his caged cock..

The rest of the boys turned their heads and laughed.

“You lost fair and square, buddy”, Logan grinned.

“Thank god I just had to take those kicks”, Cal chimed in. “Having your dick locked up – that’s a bummer!”

The boys roared with laughter.

Sammy leaned over to Brandon. “Okay, we have taken care of Zach. He won’t get in our way”, Sammy said in a low voice. He nodded his head at Cal and Logan who were sharing a laugh at Zach’s expense. “I don’t know about these two, though.”

“You think they’ll have recovered by tomorrow?” Brandon whispered.

“I don’t know”, Sammy said slowly. “They’re pretty tough.”

Brandon thought for a moment. “I think I have an idea. Come by my room tonight and we’ll deal with them…”


Gayballbustinwolf said...

Omg Alex this story is awesome I love it, I wonder what there going to do? Keep up the good work

Alex said...

Thanks, Orion! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! The next part is coming tomorrow.

Gayballbustinwolf said...

That's awesome can't wait

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy stories that include games of dare, it's so hot! I hope in the future you can incorporate it more!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! What kind of dares would you like to see?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the dares I'm this story stuff like fitting all if his junk in his mouth is so hot! Also it would be really cool if you did a story like the one you did a while ago where the boys played a game of "saw"

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll think about it! :-))