Friday, January 2, 2015

From stud to dud: Meet the characters

Tomorrow, we'll start a new series of stories that might be a bit different from the stories I have written so far. The title is From stud to dud, and it's basically a spin-off from the popular Diagnosis Softballs stories (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5). The main character, eponymous stud Rocco, has been introduced in the story House Call. As you can probably guess from the title, Rocco's days as a stud are numbered, and I hope you are as excited about his journey as I am...

Our loyal reader Chad Fan came up with the idea for the story, and we have been working closely together to create a wild ride full of new, thrilling characters and brutal nut-crunching action.

Before publishing the first part of the series tomorrow we want to introduce the principal characters to you. Some of them will be in every part of the story, some won't have major roles in the plot until later on...


Name: Rocco
Occupation: Plumber
Age: 31
Greatest pleasures: jerking off, being naked
Greatest fear: losing his junk

Rocco is a big, muscular stud with an oversized manhood, and an equally oversized libido. He isn’t very bright but he’s a nice guy to be around. He has a garage in the building where he lives with his friends Bucky and Shawn.

This is what Rocco might look like:


Name: Bucky
Occupation: Veterinarian
Age: 30
Greatest pleasures: being high, having sex
Greatest fear: running out of dope

Bucky is Rocco’s best friend and works in his practice right next door to Rocco’s garage. He’s muscular (in a scrappy way) and intelligent, and he’s fairly capable as a vet – but his drug habits sometimes get in the way…

This is what Bucky might look like:

Bucky is the one at the bottom.
He doesn't remember the name of the other guy...

Name: Shawn
Occupation: Tattoo artist
Age: 31
Greatest pleasures: playing pranks, inflicting pain
Greatest fear: being ridiculed about the size of his dick

Shawn is Rocco’s and Bucky’s roommate. He owns “Shawn’s Tattoo Temple” right next to Bucky’s practice and Rocco’s garage. He’s a prankster, and he tends to drink way too much alcohol which sometimes leads to erratic behavior…

This is what Shawn might look like:


Name: Captain Crunch
Occupation: guard dog
Age: unknown
Greatest pleasures: barking, crunching nuts
Greatest fear: none

Captain Crunch is Rocco’s Rottweiler. He looks like a dangerous animal. And he is.

This is what Captain Crunch might look like:


Name: Troy
Occupation: Security guard
Age: 26
Greatest pleasure: humiliating idiots
Greatest fear: being humiliated

Troy plays baseball with Rocco. He is jealous of Rocco’s enormous genitalia, and he harbors deep, dark fantasies that usually involve the destruction of Rocco’s junk.

This is what Troy might look like:

The tattoo on Troy's chest

Name: Quint
Occupation: Ranch hand
Age: 25
Greatest pleasure: being with Troy
Greatest fear: not being with Troy

Quint is Troy’s best friend. He doesn’t say much, and he doesn’t think much. He doesn’t have to because usually Troy does the thinking.

This is what Quint might look like:


Check back tomorrow to read the first chapter of From stud to dud: CRUNCH!


Carter said...

Sooo Shaw fears ridicule of his genitals
That fear justified or just him being a worrywart

Alex said...

Well, Carter, I guess it's fair to say that Shawn's fear is more than justified... ;-)

Noah said...

I was so hoping that Rocco would show up again sometime in the future, and here we are! This should be a real "ball buster" ;-)

MxMachoNuts said...

Looking forward to this series! Looks like a winner!

Carter said...

Does he have any nicknames?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! The first part of the story is online now... I hope you like it! :-))

I'm really glad you like Rocco - and I hope you'll like his story...

I'm sure his friends have a couple of nicknames for him... We'll probably find out as the story unfolds... :-))