Saturday, January 3, 2015

From stud to dud: CRUNCH!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This story is a spin-off of sorts to "Diagnosis Softballs" (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5). The main character, eponymous stud Rocco, has been introduced in the story House Call. Click here to meet all the characters (incl. pictures)

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. And maybe a little more brutality than usual.

Chad got out of his car and adjusted his crotch. He grinned. It was great to feel his equipment again…

Only a few weeks earlier, the handsome 30 year old had suffered from a terrible, terrifying condition that nearly ruined his sex life. Only hours and hours of painful, very painful ball busting therapy had helped.

And now he was almost back to normal. Almost.

Chad ran his hand through his brown hair and looked around.

He was standing in front of a yard that was surrounded by grey, run-down buildings and cluttered with tires, pipes, bricks and other junk. Some of the windows were smashed, but some of the buildings seemed inhabited. There was an unmarked garage on the left, connected to a large two-story house. From inside came the bustling noises of a machine shop. Directly ahead there was another building, some kind of office maybe. In front of it there was a huge, filthy statue of a cartoon cat locked in the arms of a cartoon dog.

To the right was Chad's destination, a small one story building, “Shawn’s Tattoo Temple.” To his surprise, Chad felt his dick harden at the sight of the dingy shop. A tattoo... that's what he needed.

Chad rubbed his three day stubble, looking at the building complex in front of him. There was probably a picture of it when you looked up “shabby” in the dictionary... Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

He saw a sign for a strip joint down the road, and for a moment he thought about changing his plans. Chad glanced at his boner and fondled it in his pants. Little Chad was feeling frisky. Chad chuckled. This was just like the old times: Little Chad leading the way… Okay, why not spend a little time at the strip club before getting the tattoo?

Chad squeezed his erection with a grin, rubbed his hands with excitement and walked down the road, heading for the club.

After a couple of steps, he got a funny feeling. He stopped and looked at his crotch, a flabbergasted expression on his face. Little Chad had gone to sleep again.

“You fucking idiot!” Chad screamed at his groin. He was on the verge of punching Little Chad right in the head. He inhaled deeply. He had to stay calm. Everything was going to be alright. Little Chad probably just needed a little time to remember how these things worked.

At least Chad was getting the occasional boner now... even if they were at the most seemingly random moments. Last night his dick refused to work for that sexy Italian stewardess. He wound up having to microwave a cucumber for her to use, while Little Chad was chilling out, dangling between his thighs as if he didn’t care.

After the stewardess had left, Chad ruefully chopped up his last cucumber to make a salad, moping and fretting all night. Then, that morning, he had had an epiphany. He needed a token, something that symbolized his new chance, his new life, his re-captured freedom, his return to the world of parties, fun and sex.

Chad sighed, turned around, and made his way over the yard towards the tattoo studio. A tattoo. Something tasteful, like “Superstud” or “Hung like a horse”, something that symbolized confidence and creativity, prowess and playfulness.

He had searched the internet for tattoo parlors, and he had found this one. The closer he got though, the less it looked like a temple... The lights were off. The door was locked. He glanced through the dirty window. There was nobody in there.

Chad looked at his watch and scratched his chin. He didn’t want to waste any more time. He needed this. Little Chad needed this. He had to get that tattoo now. Right now.

He looked over to the garage. Maybe the owner of the tattoo studio was in there.

He quickly crossed the yard, heading for the open door of the garage.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, something huge jumped at him.

Chad let out a yelp as he was thrown to the ground. He looked up and stared into the face of a huge Rottweiler who was baring his teeth and growling.

Chad’s eyes widened.

The Rottweiler barked in his face before orientating himself further south. His tongue slobbered along his sharp teeth as the dog zeroed in on Chad’s crotch.

“Oh no!” Chad whispered, graphically picturing the outcome of a clash between the big dog and Little Chad: Chunks of shredded meat hanging from the Rottweiler’s snout.

“No!” Chad yelled, crawling backwards on his ass.

The Rottweiler let out a low growl and made a start towards Chad’s groin.

Suddenly, there was a loud yell. “Captain Crunch! Heel!”

Captain Crunch ignored the voice, his eyes focusing on Chad’s groin. He let out a growl, his flews dripping with saliva.

At the other end of the yard, the man standing in front of the garage scratched his head. That damn dog. “Captain Crunch! Heel!” Rocco shouted again. The muscular 31 year old plumber was wearing nothing but a denim bib-and-brace overall, as usual. His big, hard uncut dick was poking against the fabric from the inside.

“I said heel!” Rocco shouted. His naked, hairy chest was glistening with sweat.

He heard Captain Crunch bark.

Rocco sighed and wiped his forehead with the back of his dirty hand, leaving an oily stain on his sweaty skin.

“Captain Crunch!” Rocco yelled.

There was another bark followed by an anguished, frightened yell when the dog’s snout disappeared between the stranger’s legs.

Rocco rolled his eyes. Dogs and their toys…

He stomped across the yard, his heavy black boots raising dust with every step.

When he reached the dog, the man’s screams had turned into high-pitched wails. Rocco grabbed Captain Crunch’s collar and yanked him off, throwing the huge, heavy dog a couple of feet through the air before he landed on the ground with a whimper.

“Bad dog!” Rocco shouted. “Bad dog!”

Captain Crunch toddled off, growling.

Rocco turned to the man who was cupping his crotch, his eyes clenched shut.

“Sorry”, Rocco said with a gawky grin. “You know how dogs are.”

The man let out a groan.

“He’s really fond of bones”, Rocco added, chuckling. “Hope he didn’t do any damage to yours…” Rocco looked at the man. “Hey! I know you!”

Chad opened his eyes and stared at Rocco, his face contorted in pain.

“You’re that guy with the tiny dick!” Rocco exclaimed. “Nice to see you again!” He glanced at Chad’s crotch. “Well, then I guess everything is alright, huh? I mean, there’s not much for Captain Crunch to chew on, right?”

“Chad. Hi”, Chad groaned.

Rocco helped him up and patted his Chad’s dusty jeans with his big, dirty hands. When he smacked Chad’s bulge, Chad let out a yelp.

Rocco stopped. He looked at Chad and pointed at the garage. “Why don’t you come inside and get a glass of water?”

Chad nodded and followed the muscular man to the garage.

The garage was filled with tools and pipes, sheets of iron and all kinds of unrecognizable things. A workbench and a couple of large shelves above it were cluttered with more tools. Two motorcycles were propped up in the middle of the room.

In the corner, a red-haired man in his early thirties was lying passed-out and snoring on a pile of rags and old blankets, an empty bottle of whiskey in his left hand. He was wearing a dirty white tank-top and a pair of jeans that were so tight that they left nothing to the imagination. You could see the outline of his junk that looked like someone had stuffed two oranges into his pants.

“That’s Shawn”, Rocco said casually before pointing at a wooden chair next to the workbench.

Chad sat down, groaning.

Rocco poured some water into a plastic cup and handed it to Chad.

“Thanks”, Chad said. He looked into the cup. Apparently the cup had been dusty… He saved a little ant from drowning and placed the cup on the ground.

“So, how are you?” Rocco said.

“Well, I was fine before your dog attacked me,” Chad grimaced, rubbing his junk.

Rocco chuckled. “Yeah, sorry about that.” He raised his eyebrows. “You know, I thought a lot about you. How’s your junk doing these days?”

Chad cleared his throat. “Fine. Excellent, actually,” he lied. “Everything’s back to normal. I’m better than before, if you know what I mean…”

Rocco nodded slowly. “Nice. I hope Captain Crunch didn’t, you know…” He nodded at Chad’s crotch.

Chad looked down at his lap and rubbed the bulge in his pants. “I guess everything's alright”, he said.

Rocco nodded. He pointed at something on the workbench. “Listen, I need to finish this if you don’t mind. When you showed up, I was just about to take a break and rub out a quick one.”

Chad got up. “Sure, of course, you want me to leave?”

“Oh, no, please stay!” Rocco said, fumbling with his overall. His eyes settled on Chad's crotch. “Let’s talk, you know, about how everything turned out fine. You mind if I ask you a couple questions?”

Chad sat back down. “Okay, sure. Basically, I---“ He stopped and stared at Rocco who casually stripped off his overall, revealing his muscular, hairy body.

Rocco’s huge, rock-hard cock swung lazily from side to side. Facing the workbench, Rocco absent-mindedly stroked his dick a couple of times. Below his dick, a set of massive balls swung heavily in a sack covered with short, thick, dark hair.

He noticed that Chad was silent and looked at him. He followed Chad’s gaze to his fat, thick boner, and chuckled. “Piece of beauty, huh?” He jerked it with one hand while grabbing a handsaw with his other hand. “A big, hard piece of beauty,” Rocco chuckled.

Chad cleared his throat. “You, umm, always work in the nude?”

Rocco turned to him, his erection slapping against his thigh, sending a small shower of precum flying through the air. “Yeah”, he said with a big grin. “I don’t like feeling constricted, you know? Don’t like underwear either.” He playfully ran his hand up and down his thick shaft. “It’s just too big for underwear.”

Rocco rolled his muscled shoulders, and turned towards the workbench again. “And it’s always hard. Like, always.” He put the handsaw down and leaned forward, standing on his tip-toes to reach the top shelf.

Chad watched his big, hard dick swing over the bench, barely avoiding getting speared by a rusty nail that was sticking up from a piece of wood. Chad winced and raised his hand. “You---“

“I mean, always”, Rocco continued, completely oblivious to the danger his mighty dick was in, grabbing a little flat hand file and placing it on the workbench.

His uncut dick slapped down heavily on the wooden surface of the workbench, missing the rusty nail by the skin of his teeth.

Chad was staring at Rocco’s huge dick that was lifted again when Rocco reached for the blowtorch on the shelf.

“I jerk off, like, two or three times a day”, Rocco said, his dick moving sideways and barely making it over the rusty nail without getting scratched by its shiny, sharp tip.

Chad inhaled sharply.

“And as soon as I shoot my load, it’s hard again”, Rocco carried on, lighting the blowtorch and putting it on the shelf. His fat, meaty erection smacked onto the workbench again, this time on the other side of the rusty nail.

Rocco reached to the side and switched on the belt sander.  He took a step back and grabbed a metal pipe before putting into a large vise that was attached to the bench and screwing it shut. He grabbed the handsaw and started sawing the pipe in two. “You know that feeling, right?”

Chad blinked. “Umm, pardon?”

Rocco stopped what he was doing and looked at Chad. “Permanent boner. You know that feeling, right?” He let his hand sink carelessly, almost driving the sharp teeth of the saw into his thick shaft. His cock twitched at the right moment, avoiding any saw-to-dick contact at the last second.

Chad winced.

Rocco looked at him expectantly, casually jerking his huge monster cock.

Chad looked up. “Oh, I--- Yeah, sure”, he mumbled. “Permanent boner. Sure. What a bummer.”

Rocco chuckled “Nah, actually I enjoy it!” He continued sawing until the end of the pipe landed on the floor with a loud clunk.

He grabbed the hand wheel of the vise and tried to open it.

“Damn”, he mumbled, his muscles tensing as he was jolting the hand wheel. “It’s stuck again. Rusty old thing.” Finally he managed to open the vise and take out the pipe.

He turned to the belt sander and straightened the edge of the pipe. He looked up at the bench, searching for something. He stood on his tip-toes again and leaned forward.

His dick swung forward, coming dangerously close to the running belt sander.

Chad’s eyes widened.

“Ah!” Rocco exclaimed triumphantly, grabbing a little piece of plastic and lowering his body. His dick lowered, too, coming closer and closer to the sander.

Chad opened his mouth. “Wa---“

“Damn”, Rocco mumbled and got on his tip-toes again, his big, fat dick moving up with him. He placed the plastic piece onto the shelf again and grabbed another. “Now we’re talking!” he said with a grin, moving down again. His cock sank lower and lower.

Chad jumped up and switched of the belt sander right before Rocco’s meaty cock hit abrasive surface of the sander.

Rocco looked at Chad’ face, then at his meaty uncut boner lying flat on the belt sander, then at Chad’s face again.

Chad let out a sigh of relief. “That was close…”

Rocco chuckled. “That would have made a pretty big mess…”

Chad stared at him.

“Get it?” Rocco grinned. “Big? Big mess?” He burst out laughing.

Chad smiled weakly. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Rocco casually stroked his fat dick and played with his foreskin, looking at the sander. “I wonder what that’d look like…”

Chad grimaced.

“I mean, like whoosh, splat, gone in a second”, Rocco chuckled. “Right?”

Chad shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, probably.”

Rocco looked around, slowly jerking his fat erection. “My cock would be all over the place, huh?” He let out a laugh and turned to Chad. “You ever wonder what your dick would look like if you blew it up?”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “Actually”, he said, “I’m pretty happy that it’s back to normal again, you know?”

Rocco grunted an approval, turning towards the workbench and grabbed the blowtorch. He heated the end of the pipe with the flame and placed the burning torch on the bench again before attaching the plastic piece to the pipe. Rocco nodded, unwinding the vise before walking to the far end of the garage with the pipe. He placed it on the ground and returned, his majestic erection swinging from side to side. He stopped right next to the burning blowtorch, leaning against the workbench, his dick coming dangerously close to the blowtorch’s flame.

Chad watched in horror as the fat, dripping dick was heading for a future as a big, fat piece of charcoal.

He jumped up and grabbed the blowtorch, turning the flame off.

Rocco looked at him and burst out laughing. “Oh man, that was close, huh?” He leisurely stroked his dick and shook his head, chuckling.

“Again”, Chad mumbled. “You had some questions... and wanted to jerk off... or something?”

Rocco grinned. “Oh right.” Rocco tugged at his dick. “I can jerk off anytime, but while you're here, I've got some questions.” Rocco gestured to Chad's crotch. “So, what happened to your junk, anyhow? Last time I saw you, your balls were all messed up, and your cock looked like a scared turtle.”

Chad frowned. “They're better now, like I said. Usually my dick... well, no one complains.”

Rocco chuckled. “Right, but how did you get that way... and then get better?”

Chad leaned back in his chair. “The place where I work... can be a little hazardous. I took a lot of hits to the nuts. I took so many hits, in fact, that I got left with a condition.”

Rocco furrowed his brow. “Okay... but when we met, you wanted me to hit you in the nuts some more... that doesn't make any sense.”

Chad waived his hand dismissively. “That's because you don't know anything about the male anatomy. Your balls need to be worked out just like any other muscle. I mean, you work out, right?”

Rocco flexed an arm and smiled. “Sure, I hit the gym, and play baseball, remember?”

Chad winced. “Yeah. I remember. So think of your balls like a muscle. You've got to work them over, or they get soft. So when I got my condition, the guys at work helped me set up some physical therapy to get my balls back in shape. Getting hit in the nuts can take down any guy. That's nature. But if you condition them- busting your nuts daily on a routine, they only get stronger.”

Rocco laughed. “But these nuts are indestructible. They're so big, I can't keep them from getting hit. At baseball practice... By Shawn when I'm sleeping... When I'm swimming at the beach... by Shawn when I'm in the shower... When I'm on the job... by Shawn when I'm mowing the lawn...”

Chad rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but Rocco, if you're getting socked in the balls all them time- then your balls are in danger... All of the time.”

Rocco stood in silence for a minute. His hands on his hips. He'd never looked at it that way before. Finally he spoke. “Well, what do you think about these?” He lifted his dick with one hand, and wrapped his other around the neck of his nutsack, presenting his gargantuan, furry balls to Chad.

Chad shifted in his seat, trying not to stare too hard. “They're... they're pretty big.”

Rocco frowned, looking serious for a moment. “Well thanks, but I mean- do you think I need to work them out? Give them a squeeze!” He waved his balls with some urgency in Chad's face.

Chad hesitantly reached a hand out, and then the other. He needed both to heft Rocco's big nuts. They were warm, and surprisingly heavy. He gripped them like two baseballs, and gave them a gentle squeeze. Under that coarse hair and leathery sack, they were dense... meaty. They probably could take a real pounding.

Chad felt a stirring in his pants. Little Chad was waking up, slowly stretching and expanding to his full length. There was something about Rocco that fascinated Chad. Obviously, Rocco was not the sharpest tool in the box – especially when he was handling sharp tools… But he seemed to be nice. And it wouldn’t hurt to know someone with a garage if Chad ever followed through on his dream of getting a motorcycle.

And then there was Rocco’s cock. What a huge, fascinating thing! Big and hard and fat and powerful – it was everything that Chad wanted Little Chad to be. Maybe he could learn something from Rocco?

“Well, maybe---” Chad stopped mid-sentence, shaking his head.

Rocco looked at him. “What?”

Chad chuckled, shaking his head. “Really, it’s ridiculous.”

“What do you mean? Tell me!” Rocco insisted.

“You know, I was thinking, maybe you could try some preventative therapy?” Chad shrugged.

Rocco squinted, trying to follow Chad's train of thought. “Preventative what?”

Chad shrugged, rolling Rocco's big nuts in his hands. “You know, we could toughen up your balls now... before something happens.”

Rocco stroked his dick absent-mindedly. After a moment of deep and thorough thinking, he said, “Sounds reasonable. I mean, as long as it doesn't take too long. Like I said, I want to blow my wad later.”

“What’s up, dude?” came a voice from the door.

Chad turned his head, and realized he was still holding Rocco's massive nuts.

“Hey, Bucky”, Rocco grinned without letting go of his dick. “What’s up?”

Chad looked at the young man who seemed to be as old as him. He wasn’t very tall, with ruffled brown hair and sleepy eyes. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed after sleeping in his clothes.

“Not much, dude”, Bucky said slowly. He had a joint in his hand and blew at it before taking a deep hit. “Not much”, he repeated in a strained voice, smoke coming out of his mouth.

Bucky didn’t seem to be the least bit surprised to see Rocco stark naked, while a stranger cupped his nuts.

“Listen, dude, there’s a patient coming,” Bucky said, swaying back and forth, his eyes closed. “If you see her, tell her I’ll be with her in a sec.”

“Sure,” Rocco said.

“Later, dude,” Bucky said before strolling away.

Chad looked at Rocco.

“That’s Bucky,” Rocco said. “He owns the place. Well, his father does. He’s a doctor.”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “You mean the father, right?”

“Yeah, him too,” Rocco said.

“That guy is a doctor?” Chad asked, an incredulous expression on his face.

Rocco nodded. “And a good one. His practice is right next door.”

Chad remembered the statue in the yard. “You mean the vet?”

Rocco nodded again. “Captain Crunch is very happy with him. And  I am, too.”

Chad nodded. “Well, as long as he isn’t high when he’s on the job.”

Rocco chuckled. “Bucky’s high all the time.”

Chad cleared his throat, and hefted Rocco's balls once more. “Okay, so…”

There was a moment of awkward silence.

“Want another cup of water?” Rocco asked.

“Sure”, Chad said. Dropping Rocco's balls, he turned around, grabbed the cup, grimaced, and gulped down the sludge. “Thanks”, he said hoarsely, trying to suppress his urge to gag.

Rocco filled the glass with water, gave it to Chad and leaned against the bench.

Rocco looked up. “What do you suggest?”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “I don’t know. Maybe some kicks to sorta kick things off?”

“Kick things off?” Rocco chuckled. “You’re not talking about my things, right?”

Chad let out a laugh. “We’ll see…”

Rocco laughed and spread his legs. His huge, heavy balls were dangling low in their leathery sac, like ripe fruit waiting to get picked. His massive tree trunk of a dick was swaying from side to side, dripping precum.

Chad looked at his feet. He was wearing boots. Perfect for the job. He brought his leg back and sent it between Rocco’s thighs. It connected with Rocco’s enormous nuts and drove them into his body.

Rocco let out a grunt. He felt a bit of pain but it was nothing he hadn’t felt before. He looked at Chad expectantly.

“Okay”, Chad mumbled. Apparently he needed to go a little harder. Sure, he could do that. He kicked Rocco’s nuts with all the force he could muster, crunching his balls with a dull thud, flattening the two juicy orbs like pancakes.

“Ooof”, Rocco doubled over and put his hands on his knees. That was more like it. He felt a deep throbbing. He jumped up and down a couple of times, trying to shake off the pain, his dick slapping against his hairy body.

Chad smiled. “Okay, ready for another one?”

Rocco grinned. “Sure. It doesn’t work if you don’t feel it, right?”

“Right”, Chad smiled. He took a couple of steps back and threw a devastating, nut-crushing kick between Rocco’s thighs. His instep collided with both of Rocco’s testicles, hitting them hard and causing Rocco to let out an anguished grunt. “I bet you felt that one…”

Rocco doubled over, cupping his nuts, groaning in pain. “Yeah, a bit”, Rocco said in a strained voice.

Chad waited until Rocco had straightened. Then he brought his leg back again and launched another hard, powerful kick at Rocco’s big, cum-filled babymakers. The tip of his shoe rammed Rocco’s huge globes into his pelvis, making Rocco howl in pain.

Chad grimaced and looked down at his boot. He should have worn steel-toed. That guy’s nuts were tough. Maybe he should come back, better prepared.

Rocco was bouncing on his heels, massaging his balls. He saw Chad’s reaction and his face broke into a grin. He spread his legs, gently stroking his fat hard-on. “Come on, you tired?”

Chad shook his head. “Listen, I gotta get going. Do you know when the tattoo place is open?”

Rocco massaged his sore balls, and nodded at the sleeping red-head. “When Shawn’s sober again.”

Chad stared at the snoring guy. “Okay”, he said slowly. “Maybe I’ll go someplace else…”

Rocco raised his eyebrows. “You in a hurry? We can wake him up and he’ll give you a tattoo right away!”

“Nonono”, Chad said quickly, “I don’t think I want a drunk to go near my ass with a needle…”

Rocco laughed. “One time there was a guy who wanted a rose. He came out with something that looked like this.” He wiggled his hard dick. “No idea what was on Shawn’s mind…”

Rocco looked at Chad for some lead on what to do next. On the one hand, Rocco desperately needed to jerk off. Even with a pair of aching balls, Rocco felt the urge to cum. Even if Shawn was lying on top of his cum rags, he’d probably be able to rub one out and dump it in the pile without leaving a mess on his clothes. And even if Shawn was hit by a ricochet, he probably wouldn’t notice judging from the state of his tank top. Rocco chuckled, wondering how many stains on Shawn’s top were keepsakes of Rocco’s unshakeable libido…

On the other hand... Rocco really hoped Chad would stick around, and give him a few more pointers on how to work out his balls... The notion that his balls might secretly be weak troubled Rocco deeply.

Rocco tugged his nuts in frustration. He hated making decisions. “You want to go a few more rounds? Maybe Shawn will be up by then?”

Chad couldn't believe this guy. A few more rounds? Chad looked around in the garage. He didn’t intend to break his toes. Nuts as though as Rocco’s needed something more solid.

His eyes fell onto an old crowbar, a long, massive piece of iron. That should do. He took the heavy thing and weighed it in his hand.

Rocco watched Chad with a smile. A crowbar? This could get interesting. He had never been hit in the nuts with a crowbar. He spread his legs wider. “Alright, make sure you hit them both.” Rocco grinned wider.

Chad took aim. He looked at Rocco’s heavy, low-hanging nuts. They were perfect targets. He raised the crowbar high.

“Excuse me?” a female voice interrupted them.

Chad turned around and saw a young woman with huge tits, wearing a tight top, hot pants and high heels. She was carrying a Chihuahua in a bag.

“Hi. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything. Hi, I’m Pepper. I’m looking for Bucky. Do you know where he is?” she said in a squeaky voice. She glanced at Rocco’s huge erection. “Nice piece.”

Rocco smiled as his dick twitched happily. “Hi, Pepper. He’ll be with you in a minute. Just wait for him in the practice.”

“Okay, thanks. Great. Yeah. Bye”, Pepper said and sashayed away.

Chad let the crowbar sink. “Who was that?” he asked.

Rocco looked at him. “One of Bucky’s patients”, he said.

“Wow”, Chad said.

Rocco tapped his feet. “Are you going to bash my nuts or not? I gotta load to blow, remember?”

“Sure”, Chad mumbled. He raised the crowbar and swung it into Rocco’s balls as hard as he could.

The rusty iron bar connected with Rocco’s meaty nuts with a dull thud. Rocco’s eyes bulged and he let out a throaty groan. Instead of letting the crowbar lower, Chad yanked it up for good measure, grinding Rocco's nuts.

Chad watched him with a satisfied grin. Time to go home. His dick was straining against his jeans. Maybe he'd go rub one out himself... since it seemed like Rocco wouldn't be doing that any time soon. Not with a pair of scrambled eggs.

“That hurt”, Rocco blurted out, doubling over and clutching his gonads below his huge, throbbing erection.

Chad nodded and let the crowbar fall to the floor. He rubbed his hands and said, “You know, I think my job here is done. I guess---“

“You’re sure that was enough?” Rocco groaned, grimacing and rubbing his sore balls.

“What do you mean?” Chad asked, completely staggered. Did this guy really want more?! After getting hit in the nuts with a fucking crowbar?!?

“I dunno,” Rocco mumbled. “It’s just--- I really, really want to strengthen my nuts, you know? So – are you sure that was enough?”

Chad scratched his head. He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t an expert. He didn’t even know if this preventative stuff worked. For the first time in his life, he wished Sammy was there to help.

Rocco looked at Chad expectantly, cradling his aching balls, and stroking his hard dick at the same time.

Suddenly, Chad remembered the most important part of the therapy. Maybe this would work as a preventative measure, too? It had to. Why wouldn’t it?

“Listen,” Chad said. “One of the most important things I learned is that you have to bust your own balls a couple of times a day.”

Rocco nodded slowly. “Okay. Got it.”

Chad smiled. “From my experience, punching them is pretty effective.”

Rocco nodded again. “Punching. Okay. Like this?” He lifted his huge testicles in his palm and slammed his fist into them, crunching them flat with a dull thud. He let out a groan.

“Yeah, probably,” Chad said. He adjusted his crotch. Little Chad was sure acting funny today. He hadn’t reacted at all at the sight of hot little Pepper. But now, when Chad watched Rocco pummel his big, juicy nuts, Little Chad was getting excited all of a sudden.

“Okay,” Rocco said, punching his nuts again. His knuckles dug deep into the soft tissue of his testicles. Rocco grunted. This was painful. But it had to be done. He’s do everything to save his awesome cock. He hit his balls once more, as hard as he could. Little shiny stars appeared in front of his eyes. That was probably a good sign. He drove his knuckles into his meaty gonads again. More stars. Great.

Chad watched him, noticing a funny feeling rising in his loins. Apparently Little Chad was busy. He felt his underwear dampen with precum. Funny.

After a while, Rocco got tired of punching his nuts. He looked at Chad. “You think that’s enough?” he asked, his face contorted in pain.

“I have no idea,” Chad confessed. It was the truth. He had no idea. But there was a little voice inside his ear, probably Little Chad’s voice, that whispered: “It’s not enough.”

Chad cleared his throat. “Maybe another round?”

Rocco sighed. He looked down at his extra large, rock-hard dick. It had to be done. He glanced at Chad. “Do I have to punch them?”

Chad shrugged. “Well, we could think of something else instead.” He looked around the garage. His eyes fell on the blowtorch.

Rocco followed his gaze. “You think…?”

Chad grimaced. “Maybe not.”

Rocco nodded, his eyes wandering. His face lit up as he spotted the belt sander. He pointed at it, jerking his fat, thick erection.

Chad winced. “I don’t think so.”

Rocco nodded again. “Maybe you’re right.”

Simultaneously, their eyes fell on the large vise that was attached to the workbench. It was just the right height. It was perfect.

A huge grin spread on Rocco’s face.

Little Chad made a little jump.

Rocco stood in front of the workbench and carefully dropped his balls between the massive jaws of the vise and turned the hand wheel that operated the jaws until the cold, hard steel touched his meaty balls.

“I think this’ll work,” Rocco grinned, looking down at his balls. He ran a finger over the two fat, plump orbs that were stuck in the vise. Big and round. He chuckled, wondering how flat they’d get. They were very tough and meaty after all. He had to be careful not to break the vise…

Chad felt his face heat up and his mouth water. He felt his heartbeat in his ears and in his dick. His balls were tingling. He hadn’t felt them tingle for a long, long time!

Rocco turned the wheel slowly, watching the jaws of the vise gradually compress his balls. They weren’t exactly flat now, but they weren’t round any more, either, he noticed with a chuckle.

Chad watched him, shifting nervously, his hands in his pockets, touching his painfully hard erection through the fabric of his trousers. How he had missed that feeling!

Rocco turned the wheel around one more time. He looked down at his balls. Their shape was changing. He chuckled. They sure looked funny, trapped like that… He felt a constant, throbbing pain in his balls that radiated into his stomach. His dick was hard as a rock and twitching excitedly.

“What’s up, dude?” a voice called from the garage door.

Chad and Rocco turned their heads.

Bucky looked at them, a curious grin on his face. “What are you doing?”

Chad blushed.

Rocco shrugged his shoulders. “Just stuff, you know.”

Bucky nodded slowly. “Cool.” He smiled at Chad. “Hi.”

Chad cleared his throat. “Hi.”

Bucky nodded.

There was a moment of silence.

Bucky drifted into the garage until he stood between Rocco and Chad, looking down at Rocco’s compressed balls, a blank expression on his face. “Cool”, he mumbled.

“Wanna watch?” Rocco asked.

Bucky shrugged. “Sure, why not.”

Rocco grabbed the handwheel again. “Oh, by the way – Pepper is waiting for you.”

Bucky’s eyes lit up. “Oh, right, okay, cool. See you later, dude.” He turned around and walked out the garage at a quick pace, whistling happily.

Rocco looked down at his balls again. Another turn of the wheel made his balls look even funnier. And it was more painful, too. He wondered how much more painful it was going to get… His dick was twitching violently. Man, he was gonna blow the biggest load of his life after this. He could feel it.

Chad watched him, breathing heavily. Little Chad was dancing inside his underwear, constantly leaking precum. Chad felt the moisture on his balls. He bit his lower lip and suppressed a moan.

Rocco turned the wheel again. A guttural groan escaped his lips. Maybe this was enough. His balls looked pretty flat, compressed to maybe half their original girth. Rocco let out a grunt. Maybe just another turn. Rocco’s huge, fat dick was pointing at the ceiling, precum running down its throbbing shaft.

Another turn.

Chad inhaled sharply. He was so close to orgasm. So damn close.

Rocco’s eyes started twitching. He let out a another throaty grunt. His balls were crushed ridiculously flat. This was definitely enough. Was it? One more turn maybe? A half-turn? A quarter-turn? Or another full-turn.? Yeah, another full-turn. That would make his balls look really, really flat.

Rocco licked his lips. His dick was twitching and throbbing. He could feel his aching, trapped balls boil with cum. As soon as he was alone he’d rub out a huge, creamy load. The load of the century.

Chad swallowed hard.

Rocco looked at him, his face contorted in pain. “One more turn?” he grunted hoarsely.

Chad’s throat was dry. He couldn’t speak. He just nodded.

A huge grin spread on Rocco’s pain-contorted face. “Okay”, he groaned. “Here we go…”

He tried turning the wheel one more time. It was stuck. “Damn thing”, Rocco mumbled. “Damn, rusty thing.”

Chad shifted nervously, his fingers touching his throbbing boner.

Rocco looked at him and nodded at the hand wheel. “Could you give me a hand?”

Chad gulped and nodded quickly.

Together, the jiggled the hand wheel, sending vibrations through Rocco’s balls and making him groan and moan.

That damn thing didn’t move! Rocco let out a grunt. That damn rusty old thing. Then he felt it. “Ah, here we---“


Chad’s vision blurred and fireworks went off in his brain as he experienced the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. His hips bucked and all the muscles in his body contracted as Little Chad spat out load after load of jizz, drenching his underwear with thick, sticky cream.

In the corner, Shawn the tattoo artist was rudely raised out of his drunken, dreamless sleep. He opened his eyes. Had he heard a noise? He couldn’t quite fathom it. It had sounded sharp and dull and somehow very final. He looked around, his eyes bleary, and saw his buddy Rocco standing at the work bench with a stranger who looked like he had an epileptic seizure. His eyes slowly focused on Rocco who seemed to have his huge, fat nuts trapped in his vise! What a sight! Shawn burst out laughing.

Rocco looked down at his trapped nuts. He had heard a noise. Something was wrong. In the corner of his eyes he noticed Chad’s body convulsing in slow motion, but his eyes were focused on his flat, very flat balls. They looked funny. Like they weren't “balls” any more. In the faint distance, far, far away, he heard laughter. It sounded strange, like someone had turned the speed down. Like one of those super slo mos on TV. His ears were ringing. He stared at his balls. Not balls. Funny. Very suddenly, but very slowly at the same time, something else came into his narrowed field of view.

A shadow fell on his balls. A shadow of something huge, something very huge. The shadow grew bigger and bigger until his flat, trapped balls were completely covered in the shadow. Funny.

The shadow was followed by a large object that slowly came down on his balls.

Wait. Stop. Don’t block the view. No. Stop. Don’t.

The object was gigantic, truly huge, and somehow familiar.

No. Go away. Don’t block the view.

What was that? It was enormous. Big and wet and very familiar.

Stop it. No. That’s not right. Stay up. Don’t go down.

The laughter got louder. Was this a dream? If it was dream, was it a good one? Rocco didn’t understand.

Chad and Shawn watched Rocco. He was staring down in silence for more than five minutes now.

Chad’s orgasm had subsided and he felt somehow dirty.

Shawn was still laughing his ass off. “Look at that cocking thing! It’s like watching an airship go down!” He slapped his knees. “Look at that thing!”

Chad stared at Rocco’s dick. That big, beautiful tower had turned into a soft, floppy snake. Now it was lying on top of the vise like a big, fat, squishy pillow.

“Looks like Rocco’s sturdy soldier has finally quit the service!” Shawn roared with laughter. “His rigid rocket has come down!” He cried tears of laughter. “His vigilant warrior has finally gone to sleep!” He turned his head and screamed. “Buckyyyyy! Quick! You gotta see this!”

Chad shifted uncomfortably. His underwear was sticky. He felt like Little Chad was drowning in his own juice.

A second later, Bucky entered the garage, stuffing his shirt into his jeans and closing his fly. “What’s up, dude? I heard a noise!”

“You gotta see this!” Shawn cried out, pointing at the vise, gasping for breath before having another fit of laughter.

Bucky grinned and walked up to the group. When his eyes fell on the vise and its contents, his grin vanished. “Oh”, he mumbled. “Oh.”

Shawn held his belly, unable to stop laughing.

Chad bit his lower lip.

Rocco stared at his dick. The laughter was really loud now. Painfully loud. He didn’t understand. What was happening? A heard a voice very deep inside him. Not good. Not good. Not good. Like a mantra. Not good. Not good.

The picture got foggy. Clouds of fog. Getting thicker and thicker.

The laughter.

The voice.

The fog.

The voice.

The laughter.

The voice.

The fog.

His dick?!



Carter said...

I think I'm gonna like the dog
Great start

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Anonymous said...

So it looks like Chad is really into extreme ball busting... This could get interesting.

BBcrusher said...

Wow Alex really hot good story and Chad Fun nice idea and created such a colorful characters. I bet Capten Crunch also has big balls lol. Rocco ball might popped but vet fix that Rocco's big tough nut and he gets bust again and again. I really looking forward to read Vet and Tatoo artist's story with Chad and Rocco, can't wait.

Thank you again, hot story ;-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you like the story! Btw, part two is now online. :-)