Friday, July 19, 2013

On the job: Zach, lifeguard

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Warning: Contains f/m ballbusting.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

Zach looked into the camera and smiled. “Hey there”, he said. “I’m here with my young friend Logan.”

“Hi”, Logan said from behind the camera. He turned the camera around and waved at it. The 18 year old high school wrestler was shirtless, wearing only boxer shorts. His blond hair was sun-bleached and scrubby, and he looked like he had spent a lot of time at the beach.

“I’m gonna show him what being a lifeguard means”, Zach explained, grinning. He looked absolutely stunning. The 20 year old’s body was tanned and muscular, with trained arms and legs and ripped abs. His blond hair was cut short and it contrasted nicely with the bronzed color of his face. He was wearing red speedos that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Zach was a big boy, sporting a big, fat cock and a healthy set of two juicy, extralarge plums. His speedos were bulging with his massive manhood, and his genitalia looked like it was about to burst through the flimsy fabric. Three distinct mounds were clearly visible, and it looked like he had stuffed a banana and two hen’s eggs into his trunks…

“You look great”, Logan chuckled.

“Yeah”, Zach grinned and ran his hand over his perfect six-pack.

“No, I mean further down”, Logan said.

Zach looked down his body and shrugged. “The goods are on display, huh?”

Logan laughed. “Yeah, you could say that…”

“That’s lesson one, kid”, Zach smiled. “Never hide what you’re packing. The girls love it. And it makes them show off their tits.” He winked at the camera. “You have no idea how often I’ve played ‘Show me yours, I show you mine’…”

Logan chuckled.

“Seriously, this job is getting me more ass than one can wish for”, Zach adjusted his crotch. “Little Big Zach is quite busy when he has lifeguard duty…”

Logan threw a playful kick at Zach’s groin that connected a little bit harder than he had intended. “Owww”, he moaned in sympathy.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he doubled over, grabbing his crotch. “Easy, kid”, he grunted. “Don’t put me out of commission!”

Logan laughed. “Little Big Zach has plans for tonight?”

Zach looked up, grimacing in pain. “Damn right he does!” He slipped his hand inside his speedos and massaged his genitals. “There’s a big-titted bimbo who’s been ogling my cock for a couple of days. And today’s the day! She’s here every afternoon” Zach grinned. “I’m gonna fuck her so hard that her pussy will catch fire.”

“Be careful or you’ll end up with a pair of roasted nuts”, Logan mused.

Zach chuckled. “Nah”, he said, pulling down the waistband of his trunks and letting his ample genitalia dangle freely. His cock was limp and heavy, and his oversized balls were hanging low in their sac. “I’m gonna keep an eye on those cream-filled puppies… Seriously, they are so full of juice that it’s coming out of my ears…”

“When’s the last time you got laid?” Logan asked.

Zach thought for a moment. “Last week”, he said finally. “Damn! Last week! Can you believe that?!” He looked down at his naked gonads and grimaced. “They look even bigger than usual, right.”

“Yeah, they do”, Logan said, sounding amused.

“Fuck, they feel so heavy and full”, Zach groaned, unconsciously rubbing his cock.

“Careful”, Logan laughed, focusing the camera on Zach’s growing erection. “If that thing unloads it’ll flood the beach! Save it for the bimbo!”

Zach bit his lower lip and reluctantly stopped stroking his impressive member. He stuffed his genitalia back into his trunks. Due to the considerable swelling of his massive joystick, his speedos bulged obscenely and his pubic hair was visible above the waistline.

“You don’t seem to fit into the trunks”, Logan said observantly. “Want me to help you?”

Zach smirked. “Sorry, kid, I’m not into stuff like that. I appreciate the offer, though. Trust me, if I’d let guys suck my cock you’d be my first choice.”

“I didn’t mean it like that”, Logan said sharply. “I meant it like this!” With that, he threw a precise, powerful kick into Zach’s manhood, catching both of Zach’s fat danglers dead-on and rearranging the position of his huge schlong in the process.

Zach let out a miserable groan as the pain washed through his body. He sank to his knees, his face a mask of pain, and cupped his gonads. “Fuck!” he croaked.

Logan laughed. “See? You’re welcome…”

“I guess I would have preferred a blowjob”, Zach mumbled, grimacing in agony, rubbing his sore gonads.

Logan chuckled. “So this is what you do all day long? Getting kicked in the nuts and touching your junk?”

Zach slowly got up and turned around. He walked slightly bow-legged as Logan followed him through the sand until they reached the lifeguard tower. It was a simple wooden structure that looked like it had been built in the fifties. A long ladder led up to a chair. A couple of helpful utensils were fixed at the top: two life preservers, a little red buoy, a whistle and some rope.

“This is it”, Zach said, turning towards the camera and smiling brightly. “This is where I spend my time.”

He grabbed a rung of the ladder and deftly climbed up.

“That’s a pretty good position to look into the girls’ bikinis”, Logan observed.

Zach turned around, one foot on the sixth or seventh rung, casually holding on to the ladder with one hand. “Great position”, he grinned. “And the girls get a great look at Little Big Zach, too…” He adjusted his bulging crotch, winked at the camera and swung his body back into position to climb further up.

Apparently, the ladder didn’t take to Zach’s shot at looking cool. Or maybe it was just the aging material deciding now was the right time to stop working. Whatever the reason, the rung under Zach’s right foot broke with a loud crunch.

The look on Zach’s face was priceless as his body whooshed down the ladder. Of course, he straddled the rungs and landed crotch-first on the next one. His well-filled basket hit the rung and broke it with an even louder crunch and a cute little yelp from Zach.

The next rung broke, too, when it made contact with Zach’s mammoth manhood, and Zach wailed in agony.

There were two more rungs on his way down before his feet would hit the ground. But he didn’t make it that far. The next rung broke with a sickening crunch and Zach’s wail grew louder. The spontaneous journey down the ladder ended abruptly when Zach landed on the next rung. This time, the crunch that was heard didn’t originate from the disruption of the rung but from the disruption of his nuts that landed hard on the surprisingly solid rung, leaving Zach suspended in mid-air, his feet only inches from the ground.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs, his eyes wide open and slightly crossed, his lips trembling, his legs kicking and trying to reach the safe ground.

Logan chuckled as he zoomed in on Zach’s comically flattened balls that were trying to get out of their miserable position. They were wedged between Zach’s thighs and the wooden rung, bulging obscenely. Meanwhile, his cock had freed himself from the constraints of his trunks. Its head was peeking out near his navel, looking like it was gasping for air.

“Fuck!” Zach shrieked, his body balancing on the rung. Finally, his left foot found the first rung and he lifted himself up, only to fall down hard once again when that rung broke, too.

Logan was laughing his ass off.

By now, the ladder seemed to consist only of one rung, exactly the one that Zach’s nuts had chosen as their last resting-place.

Zach was in agony, screaming from the top of his lungs, cross-eyed and sweaty, and desperate to get out of this uncomfortable position.

Instead of helping his friend out, Logan continued filming, along with making fun of him and laughing heartily at his misery.

At this point, mercifully, the ladder collapsed. The vertical bars tilted to the side, causing Zach to crash to the ground where he lay on his back on top of broken wood. He groaned miserably, arching his back. With his crotch exposed, his meaty nuggets were a perfect target for the two top rungs that came tumbling down. They landed hard, the pointy ends first, on Zach’s groin. The first one hit Zach’s huge left nut, the second one chose Zach’s right ball.

Zach screamed in agony and rolled to his side, clutching his crotch.

Logan couldn’t stop laughing at this absurd, cartoonish series of events.

“Fuck”, Zach croaked, clutching his aching gonads.

“That was fucking awesome!” Logan roared with laughter. “You should have seen your face!”

Zach groaned. Carefully, he lifted the waistband of his trunks to sneak a peek at his goods. Whatever he saw, it didn’t lift his spirits. His face paled and he gulped hard.

“What is it?” Logan chuckled. “Are they mush?”

Zach let out a desperate moan.

“Let me have a look”, Logan offered.

Zach sighed and pulled the waistband down so that the camera could get a good visual of his genitalia.

Logan took a step forward and zoomed in on Zach’s bloated balls until they filled the entire frame.

“Ugh”, Logan shuddered.

Zach’s humongous balls were swollen and red, and there were dark bruises all over the skin.

“Ugh”, Logan repeated. “Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to provide stud service for a while…”

Zach whimpered. He tentatively grabbed his sore left nut and winced in pain. “I guess you are right”, he said in a pathetically whiny voice, looking down at his crotch.

Logan sighed. “Bad luck for that girl you were going to meet…”

“The big-titted bimbo!” Zach cried out. “Motherfucking shit!”

Logan chuckled. “I’m so sorry, man. By the way, what’s her name?”

Zach closed his eyes. “I have no idea. All I know is that that fucking bimbo has fantastic tits. Damn, I’m sure I would have had a shot at that slut’s ass!”

“Vicki”, said a female voice. “My name’s Vicki.”

Zach froze. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared at the beautiful girl who was standing in front of him.

She looked like she was 18 or 19 years old, a stunningly gorgeous blonde with long hair and a supermodel’s body. Her skin was perfectly tanned and contrasted nicely with the yellow color of her skimpy bikini. Indeed, her breasts were very impressive, and the bikini top barely covered her nipples. The bikini bottom was basically a set of strings. All the fabric stitched together would probably cover the size of a stamp.

“What did you just call me?” the gorgeous girl asked, smiling icily.

Zach cleared his throat. He was sitting on his ass, his legs spread apart, with his cockhead peeking out over the waistband of his speedos. “Vicky?” he said without much aplomb.

“What did he call me?” Vicki turned to Logan who panned up and down her sexy body with the camera.

“What do you mean – big-titted bimbo or slut?” Logan asked innocently.

Zach groaned as Vicki took a step forward, standing between his spread legs, dangerously close to his huge, swollen nuts and his half-exposed dick. Zach’s eyes were at Vicki’s hip-level and he couldn’t help but stare at her crotch, unconsciously licking his lips.

“You fucking pervert!” Vicki screamed, lifted her bare foot and stomped down hard on Zach’s poor, sore balls.

Zach let out an ear-piercing scream as his big, bloated balls were flattened underneath Vicki’s soles.

Vicki turned on her heel, her blond hair whirling elegantly through the air.

Zach’s screams rose an octave as his nuts were brutally twisted underneath Vicki’s heel.

Vicki changed her position and stood on top of Zach’s nuts, each of her heels flattening one of Zach’s two most prized possessions.

Zach’s voice cracked and his face shot forward, colliding with Vicki’s tanned ass. His cock rose to the occasion, soaring above his aching babymakers like it wanted to touch the sky.

“You wanted a shot at my ass, you got it!” Vicki snapped, joyfully bouncing up and down on Zach’s poor, swollen globes. Her tight ass rubbed against Zach’s nose, and his cock reacted accordingly. Its head was oozing sticky juice from his oversized testicles that were filled to the brim with his hot, spunky stud-sauce.

Zach was blabbering incoherently, his face touching Vicki’s ass, his cock jerking excitedly, and his balls flattening like meaty pancakes with every bounce of Vicki’s body.

Suddenly, Zach’s cock erupted with a big, creamy fountain of pent-up jizz that splattered against Zach’s face and Vicki’s ass. Jet after jet of high-protein spunk sailed through the air, covering Vicki’s legs and Zach’s upper body in a glistening coating of sticky semen.

Zach was screaming like a banshee, his eyes bulging, his pupils dilated, his lips trembling and his forehead dripping with sweat.

Vicki was acting completely oblivious to this gruesome genocide of Zach’s unborn children. It seemed as if she didn’t even notice the thick streams of potentially life-giving juice that ran down her legs.

Finally, Zach’s orgasm ended.

Vicki made sure to milk every last drop of cum out of Zach’s fragile babymakers, twisting her heels in opposite directions, making Zach’s eyes roll back into his head with a shrill scream, and causing one last, impressive batch of batter to sputter out of Zach’s cock.

A satisfied smile on her pretty face, Vicki stepped off of Zach’s bloated nuts, allowing the two deformed nuggets to resume their original shape. With a hoarse groan, Zach doubled over and rolled to side, sobbing softly as he mourned the violent loss of his precious juice and the potentially long-lasting intermission of his sex life.

Vicki rubbed her hands, bent over and slowly massaged Zach’s sperm into her calves. She looked at Logan and shrugged. “Can’t be bad for your skin, can it?”

Logan cleared his throat. “Your skin is perfect”, he said huskily. “In fact, your whole body is perfect.”

Vicki looked at him and thought for a moment. “You know”, she said slowly. “I had plans for today, but the jerk who wanted to take me out spilled his milk all over me. So I guess I’m free…” She smiled seductively.

Logan gulped. “Zach”, he said quickly, looking at his broken, humiliated buddy. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Zach just whimpered in pain.

Logan chuckled. “Well, whether you mind or not – I guess you are in no position to object…” He took a look at Zach's bruised genitalia and shuddered. “Man, you better give that stuff a rest...” He turned to Vicki. “Wanna go for a drink?”

“Sure.” Vicki turned away from Logan, bent over and rearranged her bikini bottom, letting Logan catch a glimpse of her hole. “How do I look?”

Logan licked her lips. “Awesome”, Logan said hoarsely.

Vicki giggled. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun…”

Logan adjusted his crotch and chuckled. “I can’t wait.” He pointed the camera at Zach. “Say bye-bye, Zach.”

Zach groaned and rolled to his other side, clutching his aching testicles.

“Okay, babe, let’s go”, Logan said and turned the camera off.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Keep them coming !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Very hot!! Loved it!

Alex said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I really like Logan and Zach together. They should get their own series. Like, Zach gets a job subbing as Logan's wrestling coach, presumably by sleeping with the female principal. I could only imagine the hot scenarios you could come up with with Logan and Zach in the lockeroom! Or during wrestling class. Or just the two of them hanging out around school. Or even Zach asking if Logan is "willing to do anything for an A." ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! That's a pretty hot scenario - but what is in it for Zach? And how does the ballbusting happen?

What about this: Logan tricks Zach into coaching the wrestling team by flattering him and telling him that Zach is his idol. But Logan just wants Zach's huge nuts for his team to play with. I can see two or three nice little stories in that scenario...

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

That sounds hot! I was just throwing ideas around.

Alex said...

Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to knock your idea down... I really like the premise, I'm just trying to find a way to work some BB into it... :-))

I'm very grateful for your input and I'm sorry if I sounded rude...