Monday, July 19, 2010


The first finished product was ready for preview by the actors and executives over at Ballbusting Boys Buffalo.

Alex looked over at Jimmy. “From what I know of this project, I am not sure if the old title Zach the Cheater will be enough to cover the wider concept.”

Zach, sitting in the corner chair, looked up, “I don’t think it is enough for my ego.”

Alex smiled, “Thanks, Zach.” Looking at Jimmy, he continued, “Anyway, do you have a new title or a working title?”


“What is it?”

Zach the Man.”

Somewhat surprised, Alex repeated, “Zach the Man?”

“Yes. I think it fits the bill.”

“Or man whore?”


“Are you sure?”


Sighing, Alex said, “I love how you guys just come up with all this shit and leave me out of it.”

“We’re not.”

“If that was so, why, then, wasn’t I kept in the loop about new names and that for these series? After all, they were, originally, my concepts.”

“I didn’t know you were offended.”

“Jesus H. Christ, what the hell? I know I am only an underling here, but, shit, this is still my studio also. You build a music studio here without telling me --"

Bobby interjected from over by the viewing screen, “I told you so.” Jimmy grimaced.

Looking around Jimmy at Bobby, Alex said, “You knew about this?”

Bobby shrugged, “Yeah.”

Looking back at Jimmy angrily, “Look, I know music is very important to this, but, damn it all, you…you --"

Jimmy responded matter-of-factly, “Look, Mr. Mallone directed that the music studio be built here.” Jimmy picked up Alex’s phone and held it out to him, “If you have any issues with the music studio, then you dial him.” Alex was quiet. “Also, the last I knew, Mr. Mallone put me in charge.”

Alex sat back in his chair thinking, Eggs or not, I’d like to bust his balls black and blue…but he’s right. “Jimmy, I thought the music thing was your idea. I am sorry I lost my temper.”

“Your apology’s accepted. Don’t let it happen again. I have to get something from the booth. Don’t start the movie without me.”

As Jimmy walked by, Bobby called out, “Movie’s ready.”

Zach looked up beaming, “Now you’ll know why they call me the Doctor of Love.” Alex shook his head in agreement. Zach got up and started thrusting his hips. “Oh, yeah, I am the Doctor of Fuck, too.”

Alex responded, “We’ll see.”

Sandy walked in wearing a short black skirt and tee-shirt.

Winking, Zach said, “Hey, baby.”

“Hi, Zach.”


“Well, what?”

“Am I a stud or what?”

“I guess.”

Sammy looked up from his magazine, “Ouch. Mr. Stud Man is almost a stud.”

Zach turned around, “Fuck you.”

Sandy responded, “Well, if you two want to fuck each other, that’s fine by me.”

“God!” exclaimed Zach. “You’re a ballbuster without actually nutting a guy.”

Sandy shrugged, “Does that turn you on?”

Without hesitation, Zach replied, “Yes.”

Sandy smiled, “If you’re a good boy, I’ll ride you later.” Sammy’s mouth dropped open. Bobby’s eyes got big as he looked at her. Zach’s eyes got big; and his mouth dropped open. “Does that sound good?”

“Yes. It does.”

“Good, now go over there and sit down next to my seat.”

“OK,” and, like an obedient puppy, Zach went over and sat down.

Sammy looked up at Bobby, “What the hell is the matter with him?”

“I think he’s in love.”

“He’s a horn-dog. I think he’s just posturing to be laid.”

“Sammy, I tell you, sure as shit, he’s falling in love.”

Sammy looked over at Zach. True, he thought, I have never seen Zach act like that. He was just with a girl last night.

Sandy walked over to her seat and sat down. She turned to Zach, “Are you here because of me or because you want to get some?”

“Well, you are a fine fuck.”

“That’s what I thought. Guys like you disgust me. Let me tell you --"

“No, no, Sandy. Please, I think you’re really pretty. When we were fucking, I felt chemistry.”

“You don’t know what chemistry is. I have had that with guys. The only thing you’re worried about is where the next pussy comes from.”

“That’s not true!”

“Then, prove it. The only thing I have heard about Zach the Great is about your big dick and how you like to take it out wherever and whenever you can. Zach, I like you. You may like me, too. But, Jesus Christ, Zachary, grow a pair of balls where it counts…in that mind and heart of yours…to match the ones between your legs. I’ll go steady with you, Zach, if you want to.”

“I do, Sandy. I have never felt this way about any girl.”

“Or guy?”

“No, definitely not.”

“OK, Zach.” Sandy smiled. “Just one thing, I know you have to fuck girls for your new series. The only conditions are that I get to watch and you don’t cum in them.”


“Outside of this, anything else is cheating. If you cheat, I will make it so you can’t even get it up. Got it?”


“Good boy. Now, let’s watch the movie.”

As she said that, Jimmy walked back in the office, and sat by Alex’s desk. “Roll!”

The theme began; and Zach turned to Sandy, “That’s me playing on the maracas.”

“You play very well.”

“Thanks,” he said as he put his arm around her.

On the screen, Sandy is lying on the beach in a bikini. Zach, clad in a black speedo, stands over her a few moments later. “Get the hell out of the sun, asshole.”

“Hey, baby, I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Go blow.”

“Wow! You’re tough.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m Zach; and…I’m horny. Do you want to fuck?”

“Boy, take your mini-pecker and get the hell out of here.”

“Oh, it’s not little.”

“If it’s big, I’ll fuck you.”

Zach smiled and pulled the speedo half-way down his thighs. He began jerking. As it got bigger, Sandy took off her sunglasses. When he was finished, Sandy said, “That’s like ten inches or so.”

“Yeah. Ten-and-a-half.”

”My boyfriend isn’t home yet, so we can go there.”

“When do you expect him?”

“Six. We’ve got three hours.”

“Cool. Let’s go.”

Zach picked Sandy up and walked off.

Filming picked up in Sandy’s kitchen. Zach was sitting at Sandy’s table with an empty plate in front of him. Sitting on the counter, Sandy said, “Hope you ate well. Now, it’s time for dessert.”

Zach got up and headed over to Sandy. In transit, he began to pull down the speedo. Sandy sharply told him, “No. Now, you’re going to please me. Don’t you dare touch your dick. That’s my job provided you do a good one on me.”

Zach smiled and knelt before her. He took down her bikini bottoms; and she spread her legs. “Go to it, boy.”

Pretty soon the office was listening to Sandy moan in pleasure in surround sound. Timing it, Sammy noted to himself that he licked her for fifteen minutes without coming up for air. Sammy also noticed the personal jive they both had. Looking over at Zach getting into himself on the TV, he thought, Maybe…maybe she’s the one that will straighten him out. Even for me, his best bud, he can be too much.

Meanwhile, on the screen, Zach got up and sat on the island in the kitchen. Sandy kissed him passionately, then down his chest and over his abs. She pulled the speedo down and got hit in the chin with Zach’s big dick. Smiling, she licked it up and down and began to suck it. “Don’t forget my balls,” Zach said. Looking up at him, she smiled.

After sucking Zach’s dick and balls for roughly fifteen minutes of filming, Zach picks her up off her knees and says, “Got a bed?”


“Well, let’s spring some springs.”

“You know, my boyfriend will be home.”

“I’ll try to hurry.”

“No more than a half-hour.”


She took Zach’s dick in her hand and led him toward the staircase. The shot resumes in the bedroom. Zach lays Sandy on her back and kisses her passionately. Looking at him with lust, she said, “Come on, stud.”

Zach gently glided it in and began to pump her pussy hard. Sandy was screaming and shouting and yelling in surround sound. Zach asked Bobby to turn up the volume on this part. Everyone in the office could not miss the fact that Zach could fuck really well.

The shot cut to the kitchen. Sandy’s boyfriend, played by Joey the drummer, came in and found the speedo and bikini on the floor. Developing a scowl, he heard the bed squeaking and the torrent of pleasure coming from the bedroom. Joey started up the stairs.

He opened the bedroom door and beheld Zach fucking Sandy. Zach’s body began to twitch; and Joey recognized this is the prelude to orgasm. Seeing Zach’s humungous orbs swinging back and forth, Joey planted his foot right into them, literally mashing them against the guy’s perineum. Zach shrieked as Sandy screamed with pleasure. Too little, too late. Zach began to cum inside Sandy. Joey stepped into Zach’s balls and mashed them into Sandy’s ass crack. Zach shrieked again. Realizing something was the matter, Sandy went to push Zach off of her. Joey grabbed Zach by his shoulders and pulled him off of Sandy with his dick still shooting a record load of cum.

Cum shot all over Sandy, on the dresser, on the rug, and even on Joey, which enraged him further. Zach hit the wall and slid down. “You cocksucker --"

“Joseph!” shouted Sandy.

“Shut up, you whore!”

“Don’t you hurt him! He’s a better lay than you are.”

Looking at Sandy, “What do you mean?”

“At least he’s not the Chairman of the Small Weenie Board.”


“Never mind, you piece of shit. Get out of here!”

“Fine. But I am taking him with me.” Joey walked over to Zach and stomped his dick and balls into the rug. Sandy looked away with horror. Zach’s eyes crossed; and he screamed. Joey picked Zach up by his ear. Zach could barely walk.

The scene cut to the parlor, where Joey led him. He laid Zach under the baby grand piano and tied his legs spread wide to the legs of the piano with rope. The pedals were pressing against Zach’s lumbar, but Zach was too woozy to notice. When he finished tying the stud to the piano, he whispered, “You can thank the whore for this.”

Coming down the stairs in her high-heels, Sandy called, “Joseph! What are you doing to him?” Looking at Zach tied up, she saw his sack…it was swollen to the size of a pear or a medium-sized potato. “Joseph!”

Turning to her, he said, “This one’s for you, baby.” Then, he slammed his foot into Zach’s naked nutsack. Zach squealed and tried desperately to close his legs. “No, no, stallion. You are going to pay for fucking my girl.”

He looked down at his handy work and said, “This one’s for me.” He again slammed his foot into Zach’s junk; and the stud’s eyes fully crossed as he screeched.

“And…this one…buds for you.” He mercilessly slammed his foot on target again. Zach’s eyes rolled back and he passed out.

“Joseph, I think you have done enough.”

“Do you love me, Sandra?”

“I shouldn’t but…yes.”

Looking at her breast, “Your nipples are hard.”

Sandy blushed, “Well…”

“Did you like it when I cut this stud down a few notches?”

“It did turn me on, big man.”

“Want to kick him?”


Meanwhile, Zach woke up in agony. They heard his legs pull against the restraints. Joey turned around. “I have a present for you, big boy.”

Sandy walked over and stood between the stud’s legs. With a scowl, she said, “You didn’t even wear a condom!” She slammed her pointy-toed shoe directly into Zach’s scrotum. Zach screamed and cried. “Just wait! You have two more coming.”

He looked at her with his big eyes. “Don’t try to stop me, stallion! It won’t work. You couldn’t even treat me remotely like a lady!” She aimed for and squashed his left nut into his ass cheek. He let out a blood-curdling scream and began to pull against the restraints with some force.

“Don’t waste your energy, dude. Or you won’t be able to get the fuck out of here. And, lastly, you couldn’t follow simple directions.” With that, that pointy shoe squished Zach’s right nut into his other ass cheek. He let out a shriek that shattered the wine glass on top of the piano. Wine came down onto the keys and then began to drip on to Zach.

Looking at Joey, Sandy said, “I think he’s had it. He won’t fuck with us anymore.”

“Now, get him the fuck out of here.”

Sandy untied Zach’s legs and helped him to his feet. “Now, get out,” she said leading him to the door, “and never come back! You got that, you fucker?” Zach whimpered as she threw him out the door. Joey threw his speedo out behind him.


After the credits, Bobby went to stop the DVD, but Jimmy said, “Wait.”

Then came Zach’s voice. “The Mallone Corporation is proud to present Miss Sandra Lee Wesolowski’s first CD single, My One and Only Jimmy Boy with Angel On My Shoulder. From Producer Jimmy Dean and his Buffalo Wrecking Crew comes this first release from a young lady of considerable talent. Check for her single wherever popular music is sold. Mallone Issue No. 100.”

Sammy looked up at Bobby, “That must have been after his balls recovered.”

Bobby chuckled as he stopped the DVD.

Alex looked over at Zach, “Good job, Zach.” Everyone joined in praising him.

Jimmy said, “Sandra Lee, you did very well.”

Smiling at Jimmy, she said, “Thanks.” Everyone cheered her on; and Zach kissed her on the cheek.

Jimmy continued, “Now, there is a lot of work to do. What we have is good, but can be better. But, what the hell? You all deserve a night off. Now, go out and celebrate.”

A big cheer was let out in the office as everyone filed out, leaving Jimmy and Alex still sitting there.

Alex looked up, “You know, that movie was incredibly hot.”

“I know.”

“Jimmy, I came.”

“I’m sure you did. So, when are you going to put together your ballbusting miniseries with substance?”

“I am not sure. I haven’t come upon the right idea.”

“Well, you better get going. Mr. Mallone is waiting for your series story line.”

“He is?”

“He has asked me for it. He’s squeezing my balls for this!”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

“Well, he is.”

“Can I pay homage to a great producer?”

”Phil Spector lives in California.”

“No, I mean, of ballbusting.”

“I am sure the Fetish Channel has someone.”

“No.” Alex got up and knelt in front of Jimmy. Undoing his pants, Alex said, “You. You are the great producer.”

“I am not sure --"

“Oh, just enjoy this.” Alex took Jimmy’s throbbing member into his mouth.

Sammy came back to the studio to ask Alex a question. Upon seeing Alex, Sammy decided to watch for a while. He said to himself, “Jimmy is the new boss.” Then, he walked away into the night.


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I love the fresh new start to the site. It's great to see some new characters developping and I like the way you are slowly bringing the new and old characters together. Keep up the good work !

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Wow. New level of hotness. Thanks.