Saturday, July 3, 2010


Rolling his eyes in frustration as the time ticks away, Jimmy looked over at Bobby. “I’m going to go out and get some fresh air. Call me when the guy is ready.”

“Alright, man,” Bobby said while reading Newsweek.

Walking outside, Jimmy looked to his left and saw a guy sitting outside an office building down the block. Wearing a shirt and jeans? Outside an office building? In Buffalo? It’s a wonder Security hasn’t run him off. He figured, what the hell?

Approaching him, he is not sure if he should. Too late! “Hey, man, how are you?”

Looking surprised, he said, “I’m doing well. You?”

“I am well. You’re kind of underdressed for this section of the city.”

“I don’t see you wearing a three-piece suit. Anyway, my name is Alex.” He extended his hand.

“Jimmy,” he said as he shook his hand. “So, what brings you down here?”

“Long version or short version?”

Jimmy shrugged.

“Short version: I’m looking for a job.”

“Well, that’s easy.”

Alex shrugged. “That’s why there’s a long version… I was born in Germany but I came to the States a few years ago to do…films…”

“What kind of films?”



“Yes. It’s fetish porn. There’s good money in it. And it’s fun, sometimes… Anyway, I did that for a couple of years, then I went back to Germany. And now I think I wanna come back.”

“To your old place?”

“No. There are three guys running the studio and I don’t want to interfere… I was thinking about opening a new studio here in Buffalo.”


“You think so?” Alex smiled. “Well, it’s an adventure… I don’t think I’d like to do it alone, though… It’s pretty exhausting…” Alex paused and looked at Jimmy.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Well, to begin with, something to eat. Do you know anywhere to go for a good steak?”

“Yeah, just wait here. Do you mind if my cousin comes along?”

“No problem, man. Ummmm…but don’t you have business there at the bank?”

“Nothing that can’t wait. I’ll be back in a sec.” Jimmy ran back to the bank excitedly. Bobby looked up. “Fuck this place. We’ve waited an hour. People who came in after us were already called; and we’re sitting here with our thumbs up our ass. Come on, let’s go to lunch. I met this guy; and I think you might like him.”

Walking out behind him, Bobby asked, “Who is this guy? And why are we going to lunch with him?”

“His name is Alex. He does ballbusting porn.”

“Ballbusting is porn?”

“It’s a fetish.”

“I didn’t know that.”

Approaching the bench, Jimmy said, “Alex, this is Bobby, my cousin.”

He extended his hand and said, “Hey, Bobby. What’s up?”

Shaking his hand, Bobby responded, “Nothing. I hear you do ballbusting porn.”

Laughing, he said, “Yes, I do. All I know is that, right now, I’m hungry.”

“Hey,” Jimmy said, “Let’s go over to Morty’s.” Bobby rolled his eyes. “What, you fuckface?”

“Steak? For lunch?”

“Would you rather I put your dick on the grill and serve it with ketchup, mustard, relish and potato salad?” Pausing for an answer, one was not forthcoming. “I didn’t think so.”

Laughing, Alex said, “You’re mean!”

“I know. I’ll treat you to a steak. Let me go get the air conditioning on in the car. I’ll see yous at the car.” Jimmy departed leaving Bobby and Alex walking and talking.

“He seems to be the one in charge.”

Bobby glanced at Alex, “He is.”

“Ah. It is good to have someone in charge.”

“So, what kind of porn is ballbusting?”

“Fetish, generally.”

“Obviously, it involves boys. Any girls?”

“Nope. Boys busting boys.”

“How many sex lives went on hold? Hundreds?”

“No. Not hundreds. But, double digits definitely.”

“How long have you been in business?”

“Since 2007. Then, in February of this year, I moved to Germany. I already miss all of our models. Hell, I even miss Chad, the son-of-a-bitch.”


“Yes, the cameraman.”

Pointing ahead, Bobby said, “Jimmy’s car is the tan Merc.”

“It looks like a luxury car.”

“It is.”

Getting in, Alex said, “Nice and cool in here.”

Jimmy looked in the rear view mirror. “Sure is. It’s got to be 90 out there. Shit, my balls are floating.”

Smirking, Bobby said, “Don’t let them float away.”

Giving him the finger, Jimmy said, “Don’t push it, or you’ll be walking to Morty’s.”

Driving down Main St., the discussion once again centered on Alex.

Looking in the rear view mirror, Jimmy said, “OK. Again, as I said before, tell me what you want.”

“Well, I have a refreshed vision for the site. I even have a dream of…of making a movie with our models that has a theme to it…maybe a miniseries…Yes, there will be ballbusting, but with substance. I could get our models from the main studio to come here and film with us. And maybe you have some input, too?”

“I hear you, man. I’d like to help. We can discuss this at the steakhouse.” As he said this, the Crystals came on the radio. “Cool, it’s Uncle Phil.”

“Who?” Alex asked, bewildered.

“Uncle Phil.”

“Whose Uncle Phil? Your Uncle Phil?”

Laughing, Jimmy said, “No, it’s Phil Spector. I have been a Spectorphile musically for years.”

“Is that even a word?”

“Now it is. I coined it.”

“Ah-hah. This is not a bad song. I can tell it’s a little old, but, nice. So, how does a guy like you end up being a…a…Spectorphile?”

“Long story.”

“I am sure.”

The brakes squealed; and the horn blew. “What the fuck? You know, if these fucking people would learn how to drive…”

Laughing, Bobby said, “Cool it. We have a guest.”

“Well, I have a guy I just met who probably doesn’t want to be in an accident. And we almost got hit on his side.”

“Just calm down, dude.”

Alex sat back, thinking: If these guys do ballbusting, they’d be perfect for my site. But how to get them…One thing at a time, Alex, one thing at a time. Lost in thought, he did not notice the car came to a stop.

Jimmy poked him; and Bobby said, “Come on, dude. We’re here.”

Sitting at the table across from Alex and Bobby, Jimmy said, “Once again, for the third time, Alex, tell me what you want.”

“Well, I’d like to set up Ballbusting Boys Buffalo. Kind of like a franchise. Films and stuff.”

“I see.” Jimmy looked down for a moment. Looking up brightly, he said, “We can help.” Jimmy wrote something on the inside of a matchbook lid and slid it across the table to Alex. “Now, let’s get something to eat.”

Alex put the matchbook in his pocket. During lunch, he wondered: Who is this guy? I though he was just a kid? Or is he more than that? What can he do to help me? Shit, I just met the guy.

Jimmy went up to pay the bill. Alex looked at Bobby, “Just what kind of dude is he?”

“He can be your best friend. If you fuck him over, he can be your worst nightmare.”


“He’s the kind of guy that gets things done. He has many friends and a lot of connections for a guy his age. Just watch what you do.”

When Jimmy was walking back to the table, Alex caught an eyeful of Jimmy’s massive bulge. Looking up at him, Alex asked, “Excited?”

Smiling, Jimmy said, “It’s a monster.”

“It looks like it.”

Walking out, Alex thought, What kind of dude is this? Have I just eaten with the Devil himself? Powerful guy…monster cock…gets things done…He could be the key to my new beginning, or the bearer of my ultimate nightmare. The stakes are high. Again, his thought was interrupted by Jimmy, “Are you getting in or what?”

“Yeah, man.” Getting in, Alex again saw that massive bulge.

“What’s your number?”

“I’m staying at the Hotel at the Lake. Room 415.”

“OK. How long will you be around?”

“For the next week.”

“Give me three days.”


“I have a friend who will help as well.”


“Going to go back to your room and jerk off?”

“No, sleep. I am stuffed.”

Pulling up to the front door, Jimmy said, “Here you are.”

Getting out, Alex said, “Thanks, guys, for an…interesting day.” That night, as he stood in the window overlooking Lake Erie, he opened the matchbook and read what Jimmy wrote. Closing it, he closed his eyes, dreaming…

That night, Jimmy went over to Sally’s house. He found the door unlocked. Entering the parlor, Jimmy found Sally was sprawled out on the couch in his briefs.

“Whities again?” Jimmy asked.

“Shut up.”

Walking over by the couch, “What are you watching anyway?”

“Just this stupid movie about some guy who got his balls fed into a meat grinder.”


“I know. So, what’s up?”

“Well, is your Dad around? I have a business thing for him.”

“For Dad?”


“He’s in his study.”

“Thanks. I know it’s late. I’ll be out. Just give me an half-hour.”


Approaching the huge walnut doors of the study, Jimmy breathed then knocked.

“Who is it?”

“Jimmy. I have a business thing.”

“Well, come in.”

Pushing the door open, Jimmy said, “Good evening, Mr. Mallone.”

“Jesus Christmas Trees, what are you? A client? Come on, now.”

“There is nothing wrong with a bit of respect, is there? I am here to ask you a favor.”


“Well, there is a guy named Alex. He wants to do…films.”

“I don’t like that Hollywood crowd…”

“It’s not Hollywood exactly. It’s for a website. And he needs funding.”

“So, you want me to set up a company and put this Alex in charge.” He thought for a moment. “Do you trust him?”

“I do.”

“Do you trust him to do this film stuff as a professional?”

“I do.”

“Do you think I should trust him?”

“I do.”

“What is the name of his site?”


“What the hell kind of site is that?”


“But that’s fetish stuff. I can’t invest in that.”

“Then…invest in me. I’ll buy it.”

“How much do you think you’ll need?”

“One hundred grand.”

“To run a film company and site?”

“How much do you think it needs?”

“Alright, alright,” he took off his glasses and put them on his pad. “I’ll buy it. You supervise it. I’ll have my attorney obtain the information on the site. I’ll help your friend. Now, go out there and tell him to put some clothes on.”

Shooting to his feet with a big smile, Jimmy took his hand and shook it. “Thank you, Mr. Mallone.”


Darting out the door, Jimmy said, “Sally, your father says to put on some clothes;” only to find him asleep. He covered Sally up with his robe. He went to leave, but decided he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

He opened Sally’s legs exposing the tender white of his briefs. He reached out and took Sally's cock in his hand and gently stroked it. He lifted it, seeing his balls adjust in his underwear. With the other hand, he gently lifted his balls and said softly, "My, what a prize." Ever so carefully, he took Sally's legs in his hands and bought him toward the edge of the couch. When he saw his balls hang over the edge, swinging his foot back, he whispered, “Hey, Sally.” His bulge grew quickly as his foot slammed into Sally’s plums. Sally’s eyes shot open with his eyes somewhat crossed and a shriek came deep within himself…or maybe just from his balls. He slid off the couch onto the floor hitting it with a thud.

“Y-y-you s-s-son-s-son-of-a-bitch.”

From down the hall came a stern voice, “Play nice, boys.”


Anonymous said...

Nice setup! Will the models be in your stories, too? (esp. Zach, the twins, and Logan)?

Jimmy said...

Zach is definitely on tap to be included in forthcoming stories.