Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey all!

I hope you are enjoying the musical journey unfolding in "Music School." Do not worry, there will be more ballbusting amid the music.

Every five posts, I shall post a discography. The music selected is primarily from the catalogue of my favorite rock 'n roll record producer, Phil Spector.

The Conception

The record Jimmy was listening to was:
You Came, You Saw, You Conquered! The Ronettes (1969)

Jimmy and Alex Meet….Per Chance

The record on the radio was:
Uptown The Crystals (1962)

Pianos and Pink Briefs

The record Sally was referring to:
Lord, If You’re a Woman Darlene Love (Released 1977)

A New Beginning at a New Studio
The record which would have described Sally’s feelings for Alex:
Born to be Together The Ronettes (1965)

Zach, Sammy and a Swollen Sack

The record played at the beginning of the story:
It’s Too Late to Say You’re Sorry Darlene Love

The record on which the hook was based:
Run, Run, Runaway Darlene Love (Album Release from 1976)

Sandy’s two records:
He’s a Doll The Honeys (1964)
Walking in the Rain The Ronettes (1964)

The song on the radio in the kitchen:
Spanish Harlem Ben E. King (1961)

I hope you enjoy the tunes! JD


Anonymous said...

The new stories and new characters are promising but I really hope we will see more of the old models...especially Ben, David, Parker and the guys form the rival site. Ballbusting is not just about size but also toughness and it would be great for the old models to show these hopefuls just how much weaker their big balls are. Can't wait for Jimmy to gat a kick in the he as tough as he seems? can he handle a kick in those big eggs?

Anonymous said...

and it would be cool if Ben learns the hard way that he doesn't have the "biggest balls in the room" ;-)...another request : can we see Dima again? The big russian can surely match some of the new characters in size.

Jimmy said...

We're going to be bringing in some models from the rival site as the series progresses. For right now, BBB Buffalo has to get off the ground as a studio with new series and material and actors as well as a movie production unit.