Friday, September 5, 2008

Memory Lane 5

I’m taking a break for a couple of days, going on a much-needed vacation... No internet, no email, no TV, nothing but laziness. And instead of deserting this blog and posting nothing for nine days, I’ll try to direct your attention to a couple of older stories that I posted a while ago on this blog (and blogspot's scheduling function will help me with that...). You might have missed one or two of those, so I hope you like the idea. The first new story will be posted when I'm back, on September 10th…

The workshop
This story introduces the character of George, although it took some time for him to make his second appearance. I always liked him, and initially I thought about making him a recurring guest. But since nobody reacted to him, I didn’t pursue that thought. Then, a couple of months later, a reader suggested to have him come back.
The story features a couple of props that are used to bust some balls. I’m not entirely happy with it, because there are a few things I should have written another way. But I still like the premise…

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