Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Auditions: First batch of candidates

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Placing the ad

Note: There's very litte actual ballbusting going on in this story. It's more like a prologue where the first batch of candidates gets introduced.

We were in the studio.

Eight guys standing in front of us, while my cameraman Chad and I were sitting at the desk.
A month ago, we had placed an ad in the local newspapers. We were searching for young men who were willing to model for our site. But they didn’t know what our site was about. In fact, they didn’t even know that it had sexual content. But I guessed they had a certain hunch since Chad had asked them about their measurements when he spoke to them on the telephone…

I had a list with the guys’ data on it.

I looked at the list. “Alright. Nestor?”

A Latino guy raised his hand. He was 23 years old, with shoulder-length black hair and a ponytail. He had deep brown eyes and a smooth, young face. He looked innocent, but a small scar on his forehead and another, bigger one on his left cheek indicated that he might not be that innocent at all… Nestor was wearing blue jeans and a denim jacket, both of which looked old and dirty. The red t-shirt he was wearing had a black-and-white picture on it, depicting a menacing looking guy I didn’t recognize.

“You’re 23 years old?” I asked, looking at his resume.

Nestor nodded.

“Okay. Why don’t you undress”, I said matter-of-factly.

Nestor stared at me. “What?” he said after a long pause.

“Erm, I asked you to undress”, I repeated, trying to smile.

He gave a bitter laugh, then he put his hands on his hips and shook his head. “No way, man.”

I rolled my eyes. “Nestor.”

“Yeah?” he said with a challenging glare.

“You’re auditioning as a model, right?” I said slowly.

“Yeah”, Nestor said.

“Alright. So would you please undress?”

Nestor looked at the other guys who either stared at their feet or shrugged. He shook his head. “No way.”

“This isn’t going to work”, I sighed. “Either you undress or you leave.”

Nestor gritted his teeth. After a couple of seconds, he reached for his belt. He stripped down to his boxers and looked at me, cocky and confident. He had a smooth, muscular body with six pack abs and a defined pecs. A large tattoo, surrounding his navel, was going down, disappearing inside his boxers.

“Completely, please”, I said without looking at him.

Nestor grunted. “No way, man.”

I stood. “Okay. Either you undress or you leave, Nestor.”

Nestor gritted his teeth. His eyes narrowed. With an angry grunt he pulled his boxers down, exposing his equipment. He was completely shaven. The tattoo that started at his navel covered almost half of his fat cock. Two large nuts were dangling below in their shaven sac.

“Happy?” Nestor snapped.

“Very”, I mumbled and turned to the list again. “Francis?”

A cheerful blond took a step forward. “Alive and kicking”, he grinned.

He was not very tall, with a lean body and a handsome face.

“You’re 21?”

Francis nodded. “Yep.”

Before I could tell him to strip, Francis was taking off his clothes. He put on a show, making sure everybody was watching him. When he took off his briefs, his hard cock sprang up and slapped against his abs with a wet smack.

“Oops”, Francis grinned.

Some of the other guys chuckled.

Francis’ large dick and his hefty balls looked perfect and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. He obviously loved his equipment.

The blond boy ran his hand over his lean, smooth chest and turned to Nestor, who stared at the cock that was pointing at him.

Francis made a point of eyeing Nestor’s body and comparing it with his own. Finally, he grabbed the base of his cock and wiggled it at the Latino boy. “I guess my cock is bigger, huh, tough guy?” Francis grinned.

Nestor growled.

“Alright”, I said quickly.

Nestor looked like he was ready to kill Francis to defend his honor.

“Next one”, I said. “Max.”

A black-haired boy raised his hand. “Here.”

I looked at the list. “You’re German?”

Max nodded. He had a cute face with brown eyes and a snub nose.

“Ich auch”, I said. „Wo kommst Du her?“

“Berlin“, Max said. “Ich bin erst seit ein paar Monaten hier.“

“Cool“, I said. “Ich komm aus Köln. Gehst Du wieder zurück oder bleibst Du erstmal?“

Max shrugged. „Weiß ich noch nicht. Mal sehen. Kommt drauf an, ob---„

One of the other guys, a bored looking bespectacled guy with dark blond hair, interrupted us. “English, please? Or is this going to be a private party?”

“Oh”, I grinned. “I’m sorry. He’s from Berlin and came here a couple of months ago. He doesn’t know if he’s going to stay here, so---“ I looked at Max and smiled. “Strip down, please.”

Max blushed.

“Come on”, Francis grinned, stroking his fat cock.

Max grinned nervously and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body. When he pulled down his jeans, Francis whistled.

Max stopped and looked at him.

“No, no, go on”, Francis grinned.

Max blinked and pulled down his boxer briefs. He had a beautiful pair of fat, low-hanging balls and a nice-sized cock that was semi-hard.

Max cleared his throat and opened his mouth. Then he closed it again without saying a word.

He took a step back, standing next to Francis and Nestor, all of them stark naked.

Francis was slowly jerking his cock. He had the largest equipment among the three guys, and he grinned with satisfaction.

Max covered his manhood with his hands.

“Thanks”, I said. “Now, Terry?”

The bespectacled guy who had interrupted the conversation between Max and me nodded. “That’s me.”

“You 25 years old?”

Terry shrugged. “It says so on the paper, doesn’t it?”

I stared at him. “Yeah.”

“I told your buddy on the phone”, Terry said.

“I know.”

“Then why do you ask me?”

“Well, maybe Chad got it wrong”, I said, raising my eyebrows.

Terry shrugged. “He didn’t.”

“Okay”, I sighed. “Strip, please.”

Terry shrugged and took off his clothes. He took his time unbuttoning his shirt and put it on top of his shoes, along with his trousers and his socks, all folded neatly.

When he pulled down his briefs, I raised my eyebrows.

I let him put his underwear on the pile, then I looked at his resume. “It says here that your cock is 9 inches.”

Terry shook his head. “Your buddy must have gotten it wrong.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“It’s 6 inches”, Terry said.

“Well, Chad?” I looked at my cameraman.

Chad shook his head. “He said 9.”

I looked at Terry.

“I didn’t”, he said. “He got it wrong.”

“Be that as it may - that’s not 6 inches”, I said, looking at Terry’s limp dick.

He had a couple of decent-sized balls, but his dick seemed rather small, especially in comparison to Francis’ oversized schlong.

The other guys stared at Terry’s crotch.

“It’s 6 inches”, Terry said.

“No, it’s not”, Francis said, taking a step towards Terry.

“Believe me, it is”, Terry insisted.

Francis grabbed Terry’s cock and looked him in the eyes. “It’s not”, he smiled and squeezed Terry’s limp dick.

“It is when it’s hard”, Terry said, visibly annoyed.

Francis chuckled and let go of Terry’s cock. “I doubt that. When it’s hard, it’ll look exactly as pathetic as it does, now.”

Nestor nodded and grinned. “It’s tiny. And his nuts are tiny, too.”

“No, his nuts are okay. But they look a bit funny, dangling below such a pathetic dicky”, Francis grinned. He bent down to get a closer look at Terry’s equipment. “Actually”, he said, standing straight again. “You are right, Nestor, his nuts are pathetic, too…”

The four clothed guys looked at Terry’s naked crotch, smirking.

“Tiny”, one of them said.

The others nodded.

“Stop it”, Terry said in a low voice.

I cleared my throat. “I’m sorry, Terry, but we don’t need small dicks.”

“It’s 6 inches”, Terry repeated. “When it’s hard.”

I sighed. “Alright, show us.”

Terry gulped and looked at the seven guys who were surrounding him, watching his cock. He stroked his limp member a couple of times, but it didn’t get hard. “I can’t”, he whispered.

Francis laughed.

Terry turned to him and hissed, “Stop it!”

“Oooohh”, Francis grinned. “The little man is getting angry…”

Terry glared at him.

“Terry”, I said. “Show us your cock really is 6 inches or go home.”

Terry’s mouth opened. Before he could say anything, Francis chuckled, “Come on, little man, show us what you got…”

Terry took a step forward and kneed Francis in the groin. His kneecap collided with the two large plums that were dangling vulnerably below Francis’ rock hard cock and rammed them into his pelvis.

Francis coughed and doubled over. “You bastard”, he growled and lunged at Terry.

“Hey, hey, hey”, I shouted and rushed between the two naked guys. I turned to Terry and looked at his groin expectantly.

Terry blushed and stroked his cock.

It took a couple of minutes for him to get hard.

The rest of the boys were starting to get bored.

“Hurry up”, Nestor said. “We don’t have all day…”

“You’re pathetic”, Francis chimed in, nursing his balls while standing slightly bow-legged. “That tiny cock of yours is a disgrace for mankind.”

Nestor laughed. “Yeah, right, man.”

Terry’s face was beet red. Finally, his cock was hard.

I grabbed a tape measure. “6 inches”, I read.

Terry grinned. “See?”

“It doesn’t look like 6 inches”, Nestor said, staring at Terry’s groin.

I sighed. “Alright, this is ridiculous. Terry, you can go.”

Terry stared at me.

I shrugged. “Your cock is 6 inches. So what? It’s not like that’s a fantastic number. And your dick looks pathetic, even when hard. We have no need for pathetic looking cocks. I’m sorry.”

I turned around and sat down at the desk again.

Terry was standing still, his mouth hanging open.

“Thank you, Terry”, I said, balled up his resume and threw it into the wastebasket. “Next one. Dean?”

“Yeah, I’m Dean”, an attractive black haired guy raised his hand.

Terry shook his head slowly and grabbed his shirt.

“Actually”, I said without looking up. “Why don’t you dress outside so we can carry on?”

Terry gasped.

Francis chuckled.

“Goodbye, Terry”, I smiled.

Terry walked to the door, stark naked, carrying his clothing. He closed the door behind him.

“Okay”, I said when he had gone. “Has anyone of you lied about your cock size?”

The four clothed guys shook their heads.

“Good. To cut things short, why don’t you undress now and show us your cocks? I don’t want to waste my time on tiny dicks as Terry’s. I hope you understand that”, I smiled. “We have a certain standard at our website.”

The guys nodded and quickly took off their clothes.

They were standing in line, four naked guys, their cocks and balls fully exposed.

Max, Nestor and Francis were standing behind me.

Francis was stroking his cock. The blow to his balls apparently hadn’t affected his hardon. I was looking forward to seeing him fight…

I looked at the four sets of genitals in front of me.

“Well, you’re all in the big league”, I smiled. “No problems here…”

The guys grinned.

I grabbed the list. “Len?”

A cute blond guy nodded.

“You’re 20 years old?” I smiled.

Len nodded. He was not very tall and had a pale, lanky body. His big nuggets were held tight by his shaven sac and his impressive dick was semi-hard. He had a serious expression on his face and didn’t return my smile. In fact, I hadn’t seen him smile at all while he was here.

“Len?” I said.

Len looked at me.

“The data on my list says that you have no experience with modelling.”

I looked at him.

His face was blank.

I cleared my throat. “What made you answer our ad?”

Len didn’t reply.

“Why are you here?” I said.

Len shrugged.

I waited, looking at him expectantly.

“I don’t know”, he said matter-of-factly. “A friend old me about it. Then I wrote my application.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I turned to the next guy. “Robin?”

“Yes.” Robin was a young man with boyish features and a soft voice. “I’m 22.” He had blond hair and a stylish haircut. His skin was milky-white and he was not very muscular. He had clear blue eyes and long eyelashes.

“Have you ever done any modelling?” I said, smiling at him.

Robin’s cock was semi-hard, and his balls hung low in their sac. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his sac was as smooth as his face.

“Now and then”, he smiled. “For some gay mags. I’ve even been on the cover of one of them.”

“Great”, I said. “Nude?”

Robin nodded. “Sure”, he smiled. “I like my body.”

I grinned. “I’m sure you do.” I looked at my list. “Ian?”

Ian was a blond surfer type. He had curly, sun-bleached, blond hair. His skin was tanned, but his crotch and his ass where white. He had a thick, long cock and a nice pair of low-hanging balls, but what was most impressive about him was his massive feet and his large hands.

“I’m 24”, he grinned and fondled his dangling gonads with his large fingers.

“You are a surfer, Ian?” I said.

“Yeah”, Ian said, running his hand over his smooth chest. “Riding the waves, you know…”

I nodded. “Great.”

“I love the sea, you know. The waves and the surfing and stuff”, Ian grinned.

I nodded. “Okay”, I said and turned to the last guy. “And you are Dean. You’re 24, too, right?”

Dean, a tall, black haired guy, nodded. He had strong legs and arms and defined abs with black hair on his chest. He looked at Ian’s feet with fascination while he was playing with his nipples. His cock and balls were very impressive. His fat cock probably was even bigger than Francis’.

“Alright, guys. We only need one model”, I said, smiling. “We’ll have a look at some more candidates, tomorrow. Then, you’ll fight against each other to determine who’s going to be the one to join our team.”

“Fight?” Max said.

I nodded.

“I thought you were searching for a model?” Max said.

“Sure, we--- oh”, I smiled. “I haven’t told you, yet? We’re a ballbusting website. Anyone familiar with ballbusting?”

The guys stared at me.

Suddenly Francis laughed. “Tell me it’s not what I think it is.”

I grinned.

Francis shook his head slowly, grinning. He grabbed his junk and wiggled it at the other guys.

Max gulped. “Oh.”

“Yeah”, I nodded. “You’re going to try and crack the other guys’ nuts.” I looked at the boys who looked slightly uncomfortable.

The only one who didn’t seem to be intimidated was Dean, the attractive guy with the hairy chest. His nipples were rock hard and his dick showed the first signs of a growing erection.

“Alright”, I smiled. “That’s it for today. I’ll call you.”


Anonymous said...

Nice intro to the series. So far I like Nestor (tattoo is cool), Max, Francis and Ian. I like the fact that Max is really shy.
So far I expect Max to be weak and Nestor to be tough, but with ballbusting you just can't be sure ! Will be a great series.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I guess you are right about Max and Nestor - although maybe Max will be a lot tougher than he lets on...

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex - Can't wait to see Dean get his nips twisted off while getting kneed in the balls bad!

Alex said...

You'll get your wish... :-))

Anonymous said...

I love Len!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of him!!! He's my favorite out of thoose 8. (I haven't seen the others)
Terry was diffrent, a good change of pace, I just hope it dosen't become regular. Altough everyone was a bit harsh to him, might be nice for him to come out of the blue and get revenge on Alex. (as a ONE-TIME thing)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I don't think Terry will come back. I guess that this humiliation was enough for him... :-) But you never know...

Anonymous said...

ya, Len was awsome