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Cool intentions

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Today I was cleaning up the studio. It was painfully necessary because I hadn’t done much for the last weeks during the Ballbusting Olympics which had occupied most of my time.

I was in the middle of vacuum-cleaning the floor, and the noise of the machine was filling the room, when suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder. I was startled and turned around, just to see a smiling man whom I recognized from films like “Cruel Intentions”, “Crash”, “Igby Goes Down”, and “Gosford Park”.

I was speechless.

The blond actor was smaller than I had expected, about 5’8” or 5’9”. He was smiling at me, showing his white teeth. He was wearing jeans and a tight-fitting shirt that showed off his body.

A fashionably simple satchel was hanging over his shoulder.

The sound of the vacuum cleaner seemed to eliminate every coherent thought in my brain and I just stood and stared.

His blue eyes looked me over, amused and friendly.

I was frozen.

The monotone sound of the vacuum cleaner stopped, when my vis-à-vis bent down and pressed the button.


“Hi. I’m Ryan Phillipe”, the blond guy grinned and extended his hand.


Ryan raised his eyebrows and smiled, obviously amused with my lack of composure. He waited.


His hand didn’t move. I tried to get my brain to get my hand to touch his – but I couldn’t.

“I… know…” I said finally, the most appropriate thing to say, obviously.

Ryan chuckled. “Okay.” He looked around the studio. “Nice place. Danny has told me you’d like to book me for a show.”

I stared at him and managed to nod.

Ryan chuckled again. He looked me over from head to toe, stopping his gaze at my nether regions.

I blushed. As I mentioned earlier I am not exactly Oscar material when it comes to the size of my package, but I’m not tiny, either. Today I was wearing tight jeans that brought out the best in me, so to speak, making my bulge look pretty big.

Ryan grinned, still looking at my genitals. “So…”

I gulped.

He shifted his gaze and looked me in the eyes. “May I?”

I stared at him.

The handsome actor chuckled. “I take that as a yes…”

He brought his leg back and sent it smashing into my crotch, catching both of my balls dead-on. His size 10 sneakers crunched them good, and Ryan watched my face, waiting for a reaction.

I blinked. Then the pain hit me. It came crawling up from my testicles, making its way to my abdomen, and nesting there with dull, throbbing intensity.

I groaned and doubled over slightly, unable to move my hands to cup my aching balls.

Ryan chuckled. He looked at my crotch again and said in a serious voice, “I missed, didn’t I? I better try again…”

My mouth opened to protest but I wasn’t quick enough.

Ryan’s sneaker attacked my babymakers again, digging into my pouch and smashing my traumatized nuts once more with thundering force.

This time the pain arrived at my abdomen immediately, adding to the agony that was already there and combining to an unbearable sensation. I managed to move hands to cover my package.

I grabbed my throbbing nuts and doubled over.

Ryan looked at me expectantly.

“You… are a natural”, I croaked.

Ryan grinned. “Thanks.”

He reached into the satchel and presented an unmarked DVD.

I moaned.

Ryan looked around, walked to the desk and put the DVD on top of a pile of papers.

“I’ll leave it here”, he said.

I moaned and nodded.

“There are some videos on it you might be interested in”, he smiled and winked.

I nodded again. My hand were clutching my aching testicles.

Ryan walked over to me, patted my back, and made for the door.

Halfway out, he turned around and smiled, “Nice talking to you…”

I nodded and collapsed on the floor.

He laughed and left the room.

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