Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating the twins


Featured in this story: Sammy and the twins (click for pictures)

Sammy was standing in the hallway talking to the twins Will and Michael.

I nudged my cameraman Chad’s shoulder and grinned: “He really does look like a doctor, doesn’t he?”

Chad stopped fumbling with the camera and shrugged. “I don’t know. He’s wearing a white coat and he has a stethoscope. But he’s at least 15 or 20 years younger than any real doctor I’ve ever met…”

“You’re still resentful cause Sammy did quite a good job treating your nuts, right?”

Chad shrugged again and returned to fumbling with the camera.

I chuckled and looked at the three models again.

Sammy, the tall 18 year old red-haired skaterboy, laughed and playfully slapped Will’s groin.

Will did a comical reaction, opening his mouth wide, crossing his eyes, grabbing his crotch, and bringing his knees together.

Sammy and Michael laughed out loud.

Chad looked up from the camera and nodded at me.

“Okay, let’s go”, I said and walked over to the guys.

This was going to be our third instalment in the series of “Sammy the ball doctor”. We were at a doctor friend’s practice. It was ten o’clock at night, and the staff had gone home. We had the place all to ourselves.

“We’re ready to start”, I told Sammy and the twins.

Sammy grinned and nodded.

I reached into the back pocket of my jeans and grabbed three envelopes. In every envelope there was a ‘diagnosis’ which would be the start of our improvisational skit. I held them out to the twins and told them to draw one of them.

The two 22 year old brothers looked at each other. They looked almost exactly alike. I had gotten to know them a few months ago and I was just beginning to be able to tell them apart. It wasn’t the looks, though. Both of them were blond, they had the same haircut, the same deep blue eyes, they were both tall, 6’2” to be exact, they shared a passion for gymnastics which explained their muscular bodies, their arms, chests and legs had muscles in all the right places. And they usually dressed in the same style. And if they had doffed their clothes, even their genitals looked alike. They both had impressively large cocks and a pair of extraordinarily sized testicles. These guys were blessed in every department.

The way to tell them apart was their behaviour. Will was the older one of the two – by a very tiny margin, of course. Usually he was the more cheerful one. He was fun-loving and open for anything, always eager to try something new. But he also was the more bossy one, sometimes ordering his brother around just as he pleased.

Michael, on the other hand, tended to get moody. More often than not, he exhibited a pessimistic attitude, and he wasn’t as easily thrilled as his twin brother was. But besides that, he could be funny and bright, helpful and caring. And he usually – after a bit of bickering – did what his brother told him to.

Both of them were fun to be around and I was looking forward to the skit.

In the meantime, Will had drawn an envelope. He opened it and read it. When Michael tried to get a glance at it, Will quickly hid the envelope and grinned at his brother.

Michael raised his eyebrows. “Will, I---“

His brother interrupted him. “I’m gonna tell you.”

“Could you tell me now, please?”

Will said nothing and grinned.

“The most important thing: Stay in character”, I said.

Will nodded and walked out the door.

Michael sighed, followed him, and closed the door behind them.

Sammy was standing in the middle of the room. Around him were white cabinets and cheap, framed prints of modern art hanging on the walls.

Usually, we had a gynaecological chair for these skits, but Chad had forgotten to bring it, so we decided to go without it for once.

I stood next to Chad who was looking through the camera.

“Okay”, I shouted, making sure that the twins behind the door would hear me, too. “Let’s go!”

The twins knocked on the door.

“Come in”, Sammy shouted.

Will and Michael entered the room and stood in front of Doctor Sammy.

“Hello, doctor”, Will said. “I’m Will and this is my brother Michael.”

“Hi”, Sammy answered and shook their hands.

“We’re here for a routine genital check-up”, Will said.

“Ahh, okay”, Sammy said and smiled at the blond brothers.

“Actually”, Will continued. “I had my check-up a few weeks ago.”

Michael stared at his brother.

“I’m just here to keep him company.” Will lowered his voice. “You know, Doctor, he’s a bit afraid of the procedure. I told him it would be alright, but he seems to have this irrational fear of doctors…”

Michael’s eyes widened, realizing what his brother was setting him up for. “Will, you---“

“It’s alright, Mikey”, Will interrupted him. “The doctor is gonna have a look at your junk and I’ll be here for you.”

Michael shook his head. “That’s not what---“

“Doctor”, Will turned to Sammy, “perhaps it would be best if we started right away, before he has second thoughts. I had a tough time getting him to come here, you know. But prevention is better than cure, so I figured…”

Sammy smiled. “You’re absolutely right.” He turned to Michael. “Why don’t you take off your clothes?”

Michael rolled his eyes and stripped, taking off his blue jacket, the white shirt, his sneakers, socks and his jeans. He stood in the middle of the room, wearing just his dark blue boxer briefs. The impressive contents of his underwear were clearly outlined. His briefs looked like he had stuffed two eggs and a sausage in there.

Sammy looked at him and smiled indulgently. “Underwear, too. It is a genital check-up, after all…”

Michael frowned and took off his boxer briefs. The ample set of groceries flopped out into the open, and Michael blushed.

“Good”, Sammy nodded and turned to Will. “Why don’t you strip down, too, so your brother is more comfortable?”

Will grinned and shook his head slowly. “If you say so, doctor.”

Sammy winked at Michael, who grinned with schadenfreude.

Will laughed and shrugged. Then he quickly stripped down, putting his clothes on a pile with his sneakers on top of them. He was stark naked within seconds, and stood next to his brother, his hands on his hips, obviously pretty proud of his oversized equipment.

“Now”, Sammy said. “Is there anything special you want me to have a look at?”Will grabbed Michael’s ballsac roughly, squeezing the tender testicles and making Michael wince in pain.

“I think”, Will said. “those nuggets used to be able to take a lot more pain. Now even if I just twist his nuts a bit”, Will demonstrated, causing Michael to yelp and cringe. “Well, you see. I don’t know. Just have a look…”

Will let go of his brother’s balls, and Michael doubled over and cupped his gonads.

Sammy grinned. Then he cleared his throat and put on a serious expression. He bend over to get a closer look at Michael’s testicles.

Michael let go of his crotch and groaned.

Gently, Sammy held Michael’s lower hanging left nut between his thumb and index finger. He squeezed lightly and looked up at Michael.

Michael shrugged.

Sammy squeezed harder and the juicy nut slipped out between his fingers.


Sammy noddedand repeated the procedure with Michael’s left ball, with the same reaction.

Sammy straightened. “They seem to be okay.”

“That’s what I told you”, Michael frowned at Will.

“Let’s see if there is any difference between the two of you”, Sammy said and got on his knees between the two brothers. Their low-hanging balls were dangling between their thighs.

Sammy grabbed Michael’s balls with his left hand, and Will’s with his right.

He had a contemplative expression on his face when he added pressure, squeezing the twin pairs of testicles in his hands.

Michael and Will both held their breath while Sammy was squeezing the life out of their nuts, kneading them in his palm and twisting them gentle with his fingers.

After squishing the four hefty plums for a few seconds, Sammy let go and got up again.

Michael panted heavily and doubled over, grabbing his balls, and looking sick.

Will doubled over, too, his hands on his knees, his face beet red.

“I don’t think that Michael’s nuts are any more sensitive than yours”, Sammy diagnosed.

Will coughed. “Perhaps you have to run a few more tests, doctor?”

Michael moaned.

Sammy shrugged and stepped behind Will. He gently brought his sneaker-clad foot up against Will’s nuts, lifting them with the tip of his foot, and figuring out the best way to hurt them. Then he brought his leg back, and kicked Will’s danglers from behind with all the force he could muster.

Will groaned loudly and brought his knees together. He cupped his throbbing testicles with his hands and collapsed on the ground.

“I think I got him good”, Sammy deadpanned and stood behind Michael, who grimaced in anticipation.

“Spread your legs a bit more”, Sammy told Michael.

“Yes, doctor”, Michael muttered and did as he was told. His nuts were swinging between his thighs, allowing Sammy to bring a crushing kick up between Michael’s legs, crunching his baby makers and making Michael yodel in pain. Sammy’s foot had hit his nuts dead on. The two juicy orbs were flattened between Sammy’s shoe and Michael’s body.

Michael clutched his agonized gonads and doubled, moaning in pain.

Sammy looked at Will, who was still lying on the ground, and then at Michael who was standing doubled over.

“Well”, he said, chuckling. “I think you both have pretty sensitive nuts.”

“No”, Will croaked. “My nuts are tougher.”

“He has tough little soldiers”, Michael said, rolling his eyes.

“Well”, Sammy grinned. “Let’s see.”

He helped Will up and stood in front of him.

“Hands away”, he ordered.

”Yes, doctor”, Will groaned and let go of his balls.

Sammy took a step towards Will and brought his knee up into his balls, crunching his tender testicles between his bony kneecap and Will’s pelvis.

Will let out a croaky yelp, and Michael grinned.

Sammy kneed Will again, once more catching both nuts dead-on and flattening them against Will’s body.

Will coughed. His face was red and he was sweating. He grabbed his balls and moaned loudly.

“I can help you”, Michael suggested.

Sammy raised his eyebrows.

Michael grinned and got behind his brother. He grabbed Will’s arms and held them behind his back.

“Mikey, you---“

Will was interrupted by another hard knee that connected perfectly with his throbbing babymakers.

Sammy smiled and took a step back. Then, with a running start, he kicked Will’s nuts hard.

Will yelped and struggled.

Michael chuckled. “One more and he’s done.”

Sammy grinned and nodded.

Again he took a few steps back He ran towards Will, and powered his foot between the poor guy’s legs, flattening his balls, and making Will’s eyes cross.

The handsome gymnast coughed dryly, blinked a few times, and collapsed on the ground.

Michael was standing naked behind him.

Sammy stood next to Michael and both of them looked down at Will who was curled up in a little ball, moaning and whimpering.

“I’m no expert”, Sammy grinned. “But I don’t think his soldiers have seen many wars…”

Michael laughed.

His laugh was cut short, though, when Sammy clenched his fist and slammed it into Michael’s crotch, catching the two precious balls with his knuckles and sending them bouncing back between his ass cheeks.

Michael shrieked and collapsed next to his brother.

“Anyway”, Sammy grinned, watching the two twin brother writhe on the ground. “Michael, as a doctor I have to tell you, your nuts probably are more sensitive than your brother’s…” He chuckled. “I’ll leave you to it, boys.”

Grinning and shaking his head, Sammy left the room.

I made sure Chad was filming some good close-ups of the twins before I yelled: “Cut!”

Sammy entered the room again and smiled at me.

“Great!” I told him.

He beamed with pride.

Then I turned my attention to the twins.

“Everything okay?” I asked them.

Will moaned something unintelligible and Michael didn’t seem to have heard me.

I repeated my question.

“Well”, Will whispered. “It didn’t go as I thought it would…”

I chuckled. “Probably. But it was great, anyway.”

“Then… well, it’s okay, then…”

“Thanks, guys”, I said, patting the twin’s naked backs. “You did a great job!”

Will and Michael moaned in unison.


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This is actually a pretty fun series.

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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!